Another dead group
Army Brat 12/20/08
Thought A&M fans were better than this.
Army Brat 11/15/08
Guess not
Army Brat 11/13/08
Anyone still alive out there besides me ??
Army Brat 11/08/08
Where all the Aggie Fans at ??
Great win at CU !!
Army Brat 11/02/08
Why did the Aggies sandbag the 2nd halfs of their games? go to http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/248975 to find out.
InkDemon 09/09/08
AggieCoach.ocm, a pro-Aggie website, will link to any blog posted on Fannation. Come on Aggies! Let's show we can blog, too!
InkDemon 09/09/08
Coaches Hot Seat .com dropped Coach Sherman from 2nd to 12th after the New Mexico game.
InkDemon 09/09/08
OK...SI has us ranked 51, Coaches at 48, with Rivals in the 60s...Who is right?
Wally92 08/07/08
A little late in responding, but fall practice starts August 4th.
Does anyone know when fall camp starts?
Trav23 06/06/08
Its not like we had a plethora of LBs anyway, switching from a 4-2-5 to a 4-3 hybrid 3-4, and losing Dodge and Tupe as seniors...but losing Stephens hurts...
Wally92 05/29/08
At least we got some guys drafted this year...I can only hope that our talent (via recruiting) increases to the point that we can stop being happy with Holiday Bowl and Alamo Bowl invites and expect to contend for a BCS berth...
Wally92 04/29/08
Did you hear the Aggie joke where the head coach hired a safety/DB to run our offense...?
Wally92 01/07/08
With the loss of TE Bennett, it looks like Sherman will have to run his pro style offense without the aid of the TE position...
Wally92 01/06/08
Fan of Aggie Basketball?.......join The NEW Aggie Hoops group ..... http://www.fannation.com/groups/show/25928
The12thMan 11/27/07
Sherman will be a better fit then most are thinking...just wait...Any questions just look at Bill Byrnes track record in hiring coaches....speaks for its self...
The12thMan 11/27/07
Spurrier is a great coach and would bring the recruits flocking to A&M. If that happens, Mack will be looking for work in less than 5 years from now. 10 games a year will mean nothing is the 2 losses are to OU and A&M.
Boy that would be something else....Steve at A&M.....
The12thMan 11/23/07
Rumor mill from a guy "that knows a guy" around here, Spurrier has agreed in principle, and will formally sign after A&M vs tu and USC vs Clemson.
Wally92 11/16/07
I am going to do a little research and talk to a few guys that know a few guys, and publish a post on our NFL prospects later this week...
Wally92 11/06/07
Does anyone think that we have a legit chance of winning in Norman this week?
Wally92 10/31/07
We are home 'dogs to freakin' Kansas, folks. Both KU and tu are winnable games, but if we are the program all of us want to be, should we EVER be a home 'dog to KANSAS!!!
Wally92 10/25/07
KRB, I will argue you on the merits of the 4-2-5, but the way it has been implemented by Darnell, that should be outlawed...
Wally92 10/19/07
The season is over. Maybe if we lose out, they will make some changes at the coaching level. The 4-2-5 should be outlawed. I think I'll write my congressman.
Tech has to be the second worst fans in college, right behind LSU. Maybe tied after this stunt.

Question to the group...did Gundy owe Fran a favor, and paid it back calling the punt block late in the 4th? Or is he just a "40 year old man", and made another questionable decision? I wonder if he reads "the garbage" this week...
Wally92 10/09/07
I wish A&M could get a coach like Spurrier. He has proven this year he can beat teams in the "best conference".
"According to the San Antonio Express-News, Coach Fran had "about a dozen subscribers, each of whom had to sign a letter of confidentiality to receive the newsletter." The money from the emails was used to fund his personal website, coachfran.com.

Coach Fran is not the only one offering members-only access to the head coach. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, Texas coach Mack Brown, and Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer also have "members-only" areas available on their websites. "

Big win for A&M, Coming back from 17-0 at half, didnt know if they had it in them....Gig"em looking forward to Texas Tech game
The12thMan 10/07/07
I dont really see him getting booted out, but you never know stranger things have happened.....I hope the texans lose every game from here on out. lol
The12thMan 10/04/07
And now Stewart Mandel threw out Bill Cowher...? Even if I am not on the Fran bandwagon right now, there are still 7 games plus a possible bowl game left before we pick his replacements. This makes as much sense as Fran declaring in his weekly news conference that he is NOT resigning. And all of the players showing up in support of him. If the players really supported him, maybe they should have played harder/better against UM...it is partially their fault that Fran is in the position that he is in...
Wally92 10/03/07
Has anyone heard of Steve Spurrier rumors to A&M? An Aggie co-worker asked me today if I heard the latest on the Ol Ball Coach, and I was stunned.
Wally92 10/01/07
COLLEGE STATION, Texas ??? Baylor coaches worked on a fake punt with backup quarterback Michael Machen all week long. They probably never thought to check the opposing team's roster.

Machen and Texas A&M's Marquis Carpenter played junior college football together in Coffeyville, Kan., in 2004. Carpenter said once he saw Machen line up as the punter on fourth-and-6 in the first quarter, he knew it was a fake.

Carpenter broke on the ball and intercepted Machen's pass at the A&M 36-yard line. Carpenter went 9 yards the other way, and the Bears were deflated.

"He was our quarterback in junior college, so I knew something was up," Carpenter said. "I just made a good play on the ball."
The12thMan 09/29/07
UT's losing to KSU and Colorado beat OU. Gig em Aggies....
MetalliRaider 09/29/07
COLLEGE STATION, Texas- Texas A&M wide receiver Howard Morrow will miss the 2007 football season after undergoing season-ending wrist surgery, Aggie head football coach Dennis Franchione said on Friday.

Morrow, a junior from Fossil Ridge High School in Keller, Texas, originally hurt his right wrist during a fall camp scrimmage at Kyle Field.

He underwent conservative treatment on the wrist, but the wrist did not respond, and, therefore, a surgical approach was needed.

Morrow, who did not redshirt his first season at A&M, has four career starts and has made 13 catches for 176 yards during his career. Morrow will have two years of eligibility remaining.
The12thMan 09/28/07
B.T.H.O.B. !
Come on Ags...we need this one...1130 AM on the might Versus Network...
Wally92 09/28/07
What the Hell happend? Why did they not run LANE AT ALL???? Where was our secondary? And WOW how about jerod Johnson???? And that TD pass at the end? Well boys we need to regroup and come at baylor, OK state, and Then take it to TECH, if we can manage that I will feel good about NEB, OU, MIZZ, and UT.....well keep your head up boys we got a lot of work to do but we are AGGIES and we will push forward.
The12thMan 09/20/07
Texas welcomed back some suspended players this week, and celebrated with new uniforms for the team.


I agree, and here is an example. Stewart Mandel jumped Kentucky from unranked to #20, and lowered A&M from 26 to 27.

The Fresno game hurt us in the AP, but we have bounced back a little. A&M will have to win out, and take the Big 12 to get any respect in the polls.
Yeah Wally I agree with you on the media not giving A&M credit where credit is due.....Even now, even when we blew out L Monroe they had no highlights just nothing, I think if may be a blessing in desgiuse, if no one hears about us they wont see us coming either.
The12thMan 09/18/07
Add another sip to the list...

As the article says, the 6th since June...
Wally92 09/18/07
I have slept on this one...
You know what's sad? If we go into Miami and thump the 'canes...I honestly believe that the national media will credit the 'canes for being bad, and not for the Ags to be legit. It is just a feeling...
Wally92 09/18/07
Well we went from 25 to 16 in the Coaches Poll, keep up the good work boys. Gig'em
The12thMan 09/16/07
Well now I think we know we can move the ball in the air if need be. I think we sent a statement also, just hope Miami dosent hear it.
The12thMan 09/15/07
Its a big day for Texas A&M, we really need to show the Big 12 and the nation for that matter that we deserve a spot in the top 25. A&M has seemed to fall out of the national scene in the past decade, its time we bring back the power that is A&M Football. And it starts Today! Gig'em Aggies! Lets go get a big Win to get us ready for Maimi and show those okies how its done!
The12thMan 09/15/07
Chalk up 2 more tsips and their run in with "Johnny Law"...

Wally92 09/13/07
Triple overtime! By 2pts! Wow maybe we have learned how to close out the close ones, in our house! GIG"EM AGGIES WHOOOP! 2-0 BABY!!!
The12thMan 09/08/07
We've gotta improve the passing game... OU threw for 6 TDs and 295 yards against Miami today. And the kicking still sucks. Two more missed FGs already today.
Aggieband 09/08/07
The12thMan 09/04/07
Congrats on the Aggies first win!! Trust me when I tell all of you that A & M is a game that none of us here in HuskerVille want to play. What in the world happened to UT last night? The game was not on here so we could not see them almost pull a Michigan...how cool would that have been. Good luck the rest of the year...know that A & M is probably the only team in Texas that we have respect for.

Drop a line whenever you want...
HuskerRob 09/02/07
the best newcomer will be Sam Bradford at OU
JT izzle 09/02/07
Well were 1-0 kinda slow start though.....at least we didnt pull a michagian lol Wish I would have seen more production out of the J-Train and Mike.......Stephen was his usual awsome self.
The12thMan 09/01/07
Single-game tickets for the 2007 Aggie football season are now on sale. Click here to order online. (NOTE: Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma tickets are not available.)
The12thMan 08/03/07
I month to go to first game. Can't wait for kickoff.
New uniforms check out www.aggieathletics.com they switched from Nike to Adidas
The12thMan 07/31/07
Oh No problem Krobe its my way of passing the time untill football season. I am ready for kick off thats for sure.
The12thMan 07/31/07
TOPCOP , I'm really enjoying your blogs ,very informative . The Wrecking Crew has been lots of fun so far . Thank you for the time and effort your taking on this .
Krobe 09* 07/31/07

I got challenged to an A&M one come check it out.
The12thMan 07/31/07
its not my TD by I need yall to go check this one out its about A&M http://www.fannation.com/throwdowns/show/39398
The12thMan 07/29/07
I tried finding the transcript, no dice ...the whole show was double speak. Whichever team was the focus, nothing but good things to say. If you listened to them analyze the teams, every team this year would be undefeated. But when they played the game out with their video game, I think the score was 27-13...
Wally92 07/27/07
http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid823433113/bctid1119155261 This is a good video feed about Texas A&M media days.
The12thMan 07/27/07
I dont really know Wally but I heard that they ragged on us pretty bad,....I hope they keep on because it only seems to make us better and other teams may take us forgranted. We have alot to prove this year...but so does miami and that makes me a little afraid of them. I still see us coming away with the W.
The12thMan 07/27/07

Was there an article or transcript on their site. I missed the show, but I agree about the scoring. I think if Miami does win it will be by a TD or less.
Did anyone watch the College Football "Gameday" kickoff show Wednesday night on ESPN? I got a few minutes, long enough for them to explain, they played this year's A&M-Miami game on NCAA Football 08, and we lost by 2 touchdowns...
I am sorry but I have trouble believing that UM will score 4 touchdowns against us...
Wally92 07/26/07
Yeah I have a good feeling about this year.......Even with as tough of a road as we have, I see a very productive season.
The12thMan 07/26/07
I think we'll have a decent season with a bowl win!! The MIami game should dictate what kind of team we are.
GOTEXANS 07/25/07
Yeah I like what Fran Had to say for the media days. I sure hope Mcgee adds the Air element to his aready great ground game. If we can start getting some big plays in the air it going to be hard to stop us because D's are going to have to show us so much respect up front it will leave our recivers in pretty good position for big plays. Mabey a couple more pitches out to Lane and let him throw it down field......did yall know he was a qb in highshcool...I am pretty sure he was.
The12thMan 07/24/07
Big 12 Media Days transcript

The Miami game should be the first big test, and tell us if we are ready for conference play. I will be greatly disappointed if any of the 1st 3 games are won by less than 4 TD's. We should be rolling by game 4, and this should also be a great opportunity to play lots of people in the backup positions.

I think they can win every game on the schedule. We were 6 points away from winning last it all last year. They need to be playing at the point where they don't have to worry about the other team winning in the final minute.
So what kind of season do yall think we will have this year? Its an awfuly tough road sched. but last year we were pretty gritty on the road. What to yall think of the Miami game?
The12thMan 07/23/07
damn I like that reporter lol got texas ranked a little too high but dont they always? oh well they will figure it out when mccoy gets hit acouple times this year and it rattles him
The12thMan 07/21/07
CBS-CSTV reporter has TAMU at #13 preseason.

I have read some reports that had him listed at 6'10" and some say 7'. Looks like he is getting some good experience in the U19 tourney.
If any of yall follow tamu basketball have yall see this DeAndre Jordan guy he is a true 7footer!
The12thMan 07/21/07
I agree with the Goodson take...he is a stud and will be earning NFL paychecks...
Wally92 07/20/07
Wally, I am not sure if you are going to be seeing 1st rounders this season or next but as A team our D is going (fingers crossed) to be tough, During the off season Darnell has been coaching more complex schemes and the players are eating it up, they say they have the fire in them now, that hard core spirit that it requires to tear into opposing teams. Look forward to this season. And I cant wait to see Goodson this season, he may be a darkhorse for heisman if not this year maybe next , I doubt that we have him for a senior season though.
The12thMan 07/20/07
I have a question. Year 2 of the Darnell D. Will our guys know the defense better...and will it show on the field. The Wrecking Crew used to be a blitz happy, national leader type of D. Last year, when we blitzed, we rarely got to the QB, and we were better, but not up to standards. To my fellow faithful, should I have hope? Or should I be apprehensive and wait and see? I long for the days of 1st Rd Draft picks on our D...
Wally92 07/19/07
oh ok now I know.
The12thMan 07/19/07
you could keep it located on this page, just click the blog post+ button on the Texas A&M Wrecking Crew's Blog
JAubin 07/16/07
kinda thought about it but does it go out over the community or does it just stay within this group?
The12thMan 07/16/07
you could have just put that on a blog
JAubin 07/16/07

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