Pre's People

Is this group still alive? And who all is running XC this year?
G.O.A.T. 08/06/09
I run track, GOAT.
So why are you in this group, Fausto?
G.O.A.T. 08/30/08
I don't do cross country. I'm a golf man.
First meet was today and it was a big one with 29 schools competing.
G.O.A.T. 08/30/08
Just started cross "officially" sucked today.
Cheezhead 08/12/08
If it includes basketball.
Cheezhead 07/24/08
No, the one we have right now is just right.

Also, does anyone else think we should do something for the Olympics maybe?
G.O.A.T. 07/19/08
I am officially training for a triathlon. It is a swim through a lake from an island to a beach (about 400 yards). Then its a 4.4 mile bike ride, and a 2.2 mile run. I'll post updates on my training here.
Oh, well I don't know these names.

Does anyone else think our name would be cool if we were "Bannister's Boys?"
Cheezhead 06/19/08
Steve Prefontaine. He's one of the greatest American runners ever.
G.O.A.T. 06/19/08
Well, who is he?
Cheezhead 06/19/08
What do you mean whats up with him?
justrun7 06/18/08
What's up with the Pre anyway?
Cheezhead 06/17/08
Thanks for telling me about the name change...I couldn't find the group.
Cheezhead 06/17/08
G.O.A.T. 06/14/08

Decent race.
DJTG_2010 06/06/08
5K today!
DJTG_2010 06/01/08
Damn, I can't even run with a broken ankle. I wanna be in this one 5K in early June but it's not going to happen.
G.O.A.T. 05/24/08
I start running again on Saturday to get ready for a 5K on June 1. Then XC training starts.
DJTG_2010 05/22/08
I don't even want to talk about the district meet. I'll just say it was the worst race in my entire life, I came in 2nd, and I'll leave it at that.
G.O.A.T. 05/21/08
Well, track is officially over for the season, so I'll probably be inactive on the group for a while. I'll be back once triathlon training starts.
And the seasons over....just one little pointless practice left. ***Begins to hang up cleats***
Yeah. I tore 3 ligaments too. I'm **** up.
DJTG_2010 05/10/08
I'm back!!!

But I can't run because I broke my foot and ankle.
2:26. New PR. Moving up there...
DJTG_2010 05/10/08
...and it's going to be our toughest meet yet.
G.O.A.T. 05/09/08
6-0 with one meet left until districts...
G.O.A.T. 05/09/08
We finished fourth in championships. My 4x800 posted third and in the open 800 i finished fifth in my heat.
DJTG_2010 05/04/08
We're 4-0 now. Today we posted shutouts against both teams we raced against.
G.O.A.T. 05/02/08
We lost again today. Still don't have a win....
We are 2-0 right now, but anything short of a league championship is a huge disappointment since we're stacked this year. We have EIGHT very good runners that could all end up finishing in the Top 25 at districts.
G.O.A.T. 04/30/08
We're 8-2 going into championships tomorrow. I PRd with a 2:29 in the 800 on Saturday.
DJTG_2010 04/29/08
Well, I was pole vaulting in my meet Wednesday, and, well, I fell on the bar. I might have separated my shoulder, or maybe not. But it really hurts. Damn it!
First meet is finally done. Glad to get it out of the way. Results are posted on the message board.
G.O.A.T. 04/24/08
My first cross country meet is Thursday. It will be a tough run since I've been battling a bruised hip and the fact that "supposed" second-best runner in the district will be running against me. I'll keep you guys updated. My advantage is that the race is at my home course.
G.O.A.T. 04/19/08
Big rivalry meet tomorrow. I'm feeling a good day coming.
We're losing our first league meet in two years tomorrow..
DJTG_2010 04/15/08
We're 6-0 now. I PRd in the 800 last night with a 2:33.
DJTG_2010 04/12/08
Had my first meet last week.
Didn't clear the bar in pole vault.
1.09 in my first 400.
We lost badly.

Relay meet today, so i'm not competing.

Ran a 6:03 mile and a 2:50 800.

Otherwise known as crap.
DJTG_2010 04/04/08
My first meet is tommorow.
(Cincy) 04/03/08
Just had our first dual meet 2 days ago. I got 1st in the 3200 with a time of 10:27. I am so out of shape from not running in 6 weeks from my injury.
justrun7 04/03/08
My first cross country meet is April 22nd or 24th. I'm not quite sure.
G.O.A.T. 04/03/08
Sorry I haven't been around lately. Had the first meet today. We beat one school 111-12, another 73-63, and another didn't show up. So we're 3-0. I ran a 2:40 800 in the 4x8 and a 13:38 3200. Wasn't exactly happy. I scored 8 points against the first team and 4 against the second so I'm cool with that.
DJTG_2010 03/26/08
Holy crap, we had an awful conditioning practice today. My ankles have never hurt so bad. But the season is underway!
Whoohoo! Made the cuts... I'm a thrower and mid-distance now... dammit.
Training for Football tryouts. Even though they don't start until August I still like to start extremly early because it gives me an advantage. Ran a lot and felt great!
Dylan623 03/11/08
I went for my first run today. I felt pretty good out there. I tweaked my big toe and had a minor cramp but other than that it was a good run.
G.O.A.T. 03/11/08
First day of track practice was today!
(Cincy) 03/10/08
DJTG_2010 03/09/08
I'm doing both running and throwing and my body hurts like... indescribable pain. My right arm and shoulder hurts the most, though. I'm stiff but I took like, 2 acetamenophen and 2 naproxen this morning.
My ankles are hurting....ow.
I ran some today. I'm still in pretty good shape, so it wasn't very hard.
Still out a week...
DJTG_2010 02/29/08
Track sign ups are up in my school.
(Cincy) 02/27/08
I have to start training soon...very soon...I'm procrastinating...and I don't know why...
G.O.A.T. 02/26/08
Outdoor hasn't started yet, but I have open gyms! WOOO!

Sry, I'm just a bit excited. Been sittin' on my butt all year. I didn't even do indoor. :( I screwed up this year.
Outdoor starts tomorrow. But I got sick and it made my asthma act up, so I'm out at least a week, maybe two.
DJTG_2010 02/25/08
Boy, don't I know it? Had to lead a couple of 'em. I hated blowing that whistle...
Indian runs. Haha, those are intense.
G.O.A.T. 02/23/08
I had the Bull Run accident. That had to have been the worst. I've missed one race due to sickness, but that's it.
DJTG_2010 02/22/08
Worst injury-

When we were doing Indian runs around the school, I was breathing so deeply that I inhaled a bug. My nose hasn't been quite the same since...
I've never had a serious injury when running. Lot's of pulled muscles though...
The only injury that I've really had when running is a stress fracture in my foot. That put me out for two weeks.
G.O.A.T. 02/22/08
Hip bursitis
justrun7 02/22/08
Cool. What was your injury?
I can't wait until March 6th, I'll hopefully be cleared to run after 6 weeks of none due to injury.
justrun7 02/21/08
Cincy and Dawgee---Welcome to the group!
I wanna get back to running soon, but it's snowing where I live, and I HATE running in the cold.
I'm gonna try to enter more 5K's then I did last year...
I think I'm going back full time on Monday. It felt good to get out there.
DJTG_2010 02/21/08
Haha, justrun. I just barely got in there. Mine is 20:07 but I know I can do a lot better. Truth is, I'm not in that many 5Ks.
G.O.A.T. 02/21/08
I un track
(Cincy) 02/20/08
And, welcome to the group!
Wow. Nice job justrun.
Didn't know this group existed. :)
I ran that back in October at one of my xc meets.
justrun7 02/20/08
DJ, how was the run?
When did you run that time, justrun?
I was the other, what is your time? Mine is 16:23.
justrun7 02/20/08
I think I am one of two people in the group who voted 15-20 minutes as fastest 5K time. Who was the other?
G.O.A.T. 02/19/08
I'm not. lol
I'm going out tomorrow on a training run.
DJTG_2010 02/18/08
And it's mostly cold where I live
I'm gonna start training soon, but most days when it's nice, I play football with friends. lol
Yep. All three of you have helped keep the group active, so you all deserve privleges.
Thanks man
justrun7 02/16/08
DJ, G.O.A.T, and justrun7 are all admins in this group now.
Thanks Krobe.
Ok, this group is now headed by ravensfan*. I want to express to everyone that ravensfan* has put a great deal of effort into getting this group active again. On behalf of all 17 members, I'd like to say thank you ravensfan* for all you've done.
Krobe 09* 02/15/08
I would have started yesterday if I didn't get sick.
G.O.A.T. 02/13/08
I think outdoor starts in a week or two.
DJTG_2010 02/12/08
Nice. I have to start training soon. I'll probably start when the weather clears up.
G.O.A.T. 02/10/08
GOAT, DJ, justrun7, and I will be the people with privleges probably. Once I get them of course...
I will once I get the powers. I haven't got them yet...
Cool. Could you make me an admin and super-member too?
G.O.A.T. 02/10/08
Krobe put in a request so I can be creator. He said it should happen in the next few days...
I train in Asics most of the time. I have some Saucony flats that were pretty comfortable.
DJTG_2010 02/09/08
I can't do cross country this year. I'm playing football and for my school, cross country is fall only. I can't do both. I'll just do track in the spring I guess... =/
I ended up getting Mizuno's. They're very comfortable and have great stability.
G.O.A.T. 02/05/08
I don't care what shoes I wear. I just run. (Not in my white skate shoes though)
My favorite running trainers are Mizuno's and spikes/flats are Nikes
justrun7 02/04/08
I have to buy running shoes this week. Any suggestions?
G.O.A.T. 02/04/08
I could probably run in the 22s consistently right now. Next fall I want to be able to break 20 consistently. I've got a 5Ks at the beginning of May and June that I want to break 21 or 22 at. If I train.
DJTG_2010 01/29/08
DJ, my fastest 5K is 20:07 but I didn't train nearly as hard as I should have for it.
G.O.A.T. 01/29/08
Goat, I'm still younger...
Ha thanks guys but right now I cant run until March 6th cause of hip bursitis. I'm going crazy sitting around for 6 weeks. I would post all my PRs too if you made that blog.
justrun7 01/27/08
Fastest mile is 5:57.
DJTG_2010 01/27/08
My fastest 3-mile/5K is 21:36.
DJTG_2010 01/27/08
You're in my grade, Ravensfan.
G.O.A.T. 01/27/08
Lol, yeah it would. And I'm the youngest, so I bet your time's will beat mine... But, I guess so.
It would all be justrun7 lol.
DJTG_2010 01/26/08
Hey, I have an idea come spring to make the group more active.

We could post a blog that has the best times ever ran by someone in this group (see Race Log) for different distances. It'd be interesting. What do you think?
G.O.A.T. 01/26/08
That's what she said.
DJTG_2010 01/25/08
Our time will come.
G.O.A.T. 01/24/08
I don't know. Running season will start soon though....
Can't think of how to keep this active
DJTG_2010 01/23/08
Krobe is working on it. He said it may take a day or two...
Por favor y gracias, Senor Ravensfan.
G.O.A.T. 01/19/08
I'm gonna ask for some privleges now... If I get them, I'll give privleges to you guys too.
It's just really hard to run in the cold. I hate it. Our track is near a pond so we get all kinds of wind.
DJTG_2010 01/18/08
I have no idea when I'll start...
My running will start up soon. I'm planning on starting my training sometime in February.
G.O.A.T. 01/16/08
I'm taking this week off, so yeahh...
DJTG_2010 01/16/08
This group somewhat dies in the winter however. We don't have many southern runners in the group, if any.
G.O.A.T. 01/15/08
Yeah, we should.
We could.
G.O.A.T. 01/10/08
Should we ask the moderators to give us privileges in here?
DJTG_2010 01/07/08
Actually, I have no idea what I run in the mile. I ran a 6:30 when I was at the end of 5th grade. I'm in 8th grade now so...
G.O.A.T. 01/06/08
I ran a 5:58 last night. The kid in front of me ran a 5:43 so I was all alone until some kid tried to outkick me.
DJTG_2010 01/05/08
I had to run the 500 at our last meet. That was hell.
DJTG_2010 01/03/08
That sucks, DJ.

And, Justrun, I would kill to be running a 4:54 mile! haha. I think I'm either high 5s or low 6s (more likely it's low 6s).
G.O.A.T. 01/03/08
We were doing a hard workout and we stopped and then started and when we started back up i just started hurting. So I sat out a day and have just been going easy and taking ibuprofen. Feels a lot better. I'll see how it goes today and then try to give it a go at the meet tomorrow.
DJTG_2010 01/03/08
Hips are a problem, mines been bothering me since August and it has held me back. Mine is hip bursitis and IT Band and I might have to get a cortizone shot. Oh well I just run too much I guess haha. By the way last weekend I ran super slow and ran 4:54 in the mile and 2:13 in the 800 (the hip). My hip only feels good in the 2 mile.
justrun7 01/02/08
What happened?
G.O.A.T. 01/02/08
Hip injury!
DJTG_2010 01/02/08
G.O.A.T. 12/28/07
5:57 in the mile. New PR.
DJTG_2010 12/27/07
Not a good idea...
G.O.A.T. 12/26/07
Going into the race tomorrow without having run in 6 days. Sweet.
DJTG_2010 12/26/07
lol I ran a 12:47 in my 3200. I'm in the 1600 on the 27th. Ugh. Have to break 6 in the mile (yes, I sound so slow).
DJTG_2010 12/23/07
Ran my first face of the indoor season yesterday. It was our conference meet and I got 2nd in the 3200. I ran a 10:16. I was very happy with my time.
justrun7 12/23/07
I don't even know who started this group. Whomever it was, he/she isn't that active anymore.
G.O.A.T. 12/22/07
If I can get privleges, I'll invite more people and help to get it active. Us three should ask for privleges to get this group going...
Yeah I guess. We need more people...
DJTG_2010 12/18/07
This group is starting to die. It's only myself, DJ, and Ravensfan talking. Kind of sad.
G.O.A.T. 12/16/07
Ran the two mile instead. Hit 6:07 in the first mile
DJTG_2010 12/15/07
Good luck with that...
G.O.A.T. 12/09/07
Breaking 6 next week...
DJTG_2010 12/08/07
G.O.A.T. 12/08/07
6:06 mile. PR!
DJTG_2010 12/07/07
G.O.A.T. 12/02/07
2:52 in the JV 4x800. We got last place.

2:55 in the open 800.


There really is a 400 meter wall.
DJTG_2010 12/01/07
How'd you do?
G.O.A.T. 12/01/07
DJTG_2010 11/30/07
Just the 4x8...
DJTG_2010 11/29/07
Running in the 800 and 4x8.
DJTG_2010 11/28/07
G.O.A.T. 11/27/07
I've got my first track meet Friday. I haven't run in a while.
DJTG_2010 11/26/07
I hate expectations though and there are a lot this year.
G.O.A.T. 11/24/07
By the end of my season last year, there were zero girls and zero boys that were faster than me. Hehe : - )
G.O.A.T. 11/24/07
By the end of the season, there were only three or four girls on the girls team that were faster than me. lol.
DJTG_2010 11/24/07
It really pi.sses me off when girls get better times than I. That doesn't happen very often though. :)
G.O.A.T. 11/23/07
I'm probably going to end in the mile and two mile and maybe a relay. But yeah, I can't sprint for two miles. lol. I did beat some of the best girl XC runners in the state. Boosted some self esteem.
DJTG_2010 11/22/07
Man I hate the 800, its basically a half mile sprint. Our coach is gonna make me run it more now even though I'm more of a 2 miler since he wants to get our 4x800 team into Penn Relays.
justrun7 11/20/07
800m time trail today. Track is a lot more intense than XC, that's all I will say.
DJTG_2010 11/19/07
"I'm not fast enough to go."

Well, that killed the semi-good moment you were having. Haha.
G.O.A.T. 11/16/07
I just won the JV Outstanding Achievement Award for Cross Country.

DJTG_2010 11/14/07
Our team is racing at the Foot Locker Northeast Championships next week in New York. I'm not fast enough to go.
DJTG_2010 11/14/07
I had never heard of the Track & Field Hall Of Fame. I knew there was one, I just didn't know where.
Its pretty fun except for the long bus rides. The best is the Hispanic Games up at the New York City armory on the fastest track in the country. It also has the Track & Field Hall of Fame and its fun walking around Harlem. I had someone challenge to race me and my teammates, it was funny.
justrun7 11/12/07
I would never want to do indoor track.
G.O.A.T. 11/11/07
Indoor doesnt start until the 26th for us
justrun7 11/11/07
Indoor track?

G.O.A.T. 11/11/07
Indoor track starts tomorrow.

DJTG_2010 11/11/07
Well XC is over today. Closed it down by running a 23:02 at States. I fell in the first 200m. Didn't get spiked this time though.
DJTG_2010 11/10/07
That stinks...
My God it was cold today. Championships were horrible.
DJTG_2010 11/07/07
I'm running another 5K soon. It's gonna be cold out though. =/
Good luck.
G.O.A.T. 11/07/07
I've got league championships tomorrow and state on Saturday...

DJTG_2010 11/06/07
I was thinking that too, DJ. I'm hoping to make varsity as a freshman but my chances are probably slim because the school I'm going to is the favorites to take the state title next year.
G.O.A.T. 11/04/07
Yeah, that would be good for you. I can't do cross country until my Sophmore year in High School... =(
That should actually work out well for you GOAT. You'll probably be in the best shape of your life.
DJTG_2010 11/04/07
I have cross country in the spring and then I'll be going to high school and have it in the fall of the same year. Short offseason, huh?
G.O.A.T. 11/04/07
It's tough. You'll get used to it.

My school's girls XC team lost yesterday. Ouch.
DJTG_2010 11/02/07
It's hard to run where I live now. It's getting cold and after a long run, I cough a lot because of the cold air... I HATE IT!!!!
Killer workout today. 6 miles with two of our top four varsity runners in the rain. Really made me feel the burn.
DJTG_2010 10/26/07
You'll get 'em next time... =)
And we lose, 21-34. Tough course.
DJTG_2010 10/23/07
Good luck.
G.O.A.T. 10/22/07
Got my last regular season league meet tomorrow...
DJTG_2010 10/22/07
Haha yeah. I got beat by two guys on my team who were our last two runners going into the race, so I'm the #3 now.
DJTG_2010 10/17/07
G.O.A.T. 10/16/07
Well, there's always next time. =)
And we fall flat on our faces...
DJTG_2010 10/16/07
Good luck DJ.
I have the most important race of my young life tomorrow. We're going for our first conference win EVER. This is going to be tough.
DJTG_2010 10/15/07
Our varsity are, in order, junior, sophomore, junior, sophomore, junior (failed off), freshman, senior.

Senior year, I just want to be on varsity.
DJTG_2010 10/15/07
Yea I'm a senior & I'm trying to break 16 this year. I get one more shot at it since I get to run that course again. All our other courses are too hilly to break 16.
justrun7 10/15/07
By the time I'm a senior in high school (4 years from now) I'm hoping that I'll be running right around 16:30 to 17:00 for a 5K.
G.O.A.T. 10/15/07
Wow, those girls are good.
Our top two girls runners came in yesterday 1-2 (again). They came in at 18:44 and 18:56 and then third place was at 19:31. Those two girls are beasts.
DJTG_2010 10/14/07
That's awesome justrun.

I ran my PR wearing my one friends socks (knee high white tube socks, I forgot my running socks) and my other teammate's shoes. The shoes made it so much easier, even though they were about a half-size too big. I gotta get me some of them.
DJTG_2010 10/14/07
New PR yesterday for 5k 16:23. I was so excited after the race.
justrun7 10/14/07
My best in a 5K was this past summer- 20:07. I only trained three days for it though. I could have broke 20.
G.O.A.T. 10/13/07
I PR'd today! 21:36. WHOOOOOOOOOO!
DJTG_2010 10/13/07
Yeah just work up distance. Stick with 5Ks through high school and bump it up little by little.
DJTG_2010 10/13/07
Me too Goat.
13.1 miles is the longest I'm ever gonna go. The farthest so far has been a 5K but I'm still young.
G.O.A.T. 10/10/07
G.O.A.T. 10/10/07
Don't stay up til 12 on the nights before races...
DJTG_2010 10/09/07
It most definitely is.
I hear ya. Schoolwork this time of year is usually brutal.
G.O.A.T. 10/07/07
Didn't feel like missing school.
DJTG_2010 10/07/07
Why aren't you?
G.O.A.T. 10/06/07
I could be in Disney with the team right now...
DJTG_2010 10/05/07
Thats awesome DJ.
The team we just lost to is Mark Teixiera's alma mater, Mt. St. Joseph. He played my school in baseball. I probably saw him play when I was little.
DJTG_2010 10/03/07
Good luck.
Good luck playangry!

I've got a league meet tomorrow...ugh.
DJTG_2010 10/01/07
G.O.A.T. 10/01/07
Well the time is nearly here for me. I'm ready to run my marathon this Sunday in Chitown. I've ran more than I could possibly imagined. 2 weeks ago I ran 21 miles in just over 3 hours. Hopefully I can break 4 hours on Sunday. I'm sure to have the "runner's high" in the latter part of the race and will be relieved when I finish. Wish me luck runners!
I can't wait for cross country to start. I'm ready to defend my crown already. Too bad I have to wait till April. Haha. Gawd!!!
G.O.A.T. 10/01/07
My God, that was a horrible race. I'll blog it in a while.
DJTG_2010 09/29/07
I didn't know any of the teams but that was a ginormous meet!
G.O.A.T. 09/29/07

That's the roster for all of them right there.
DJTG_2010 09/28/07
If you can, try to remember the teams from PA. There are 2 or 3 VERY GOOD cross country teams near Scranton.
G.O.A.T. 09/28/07
Our bus leaves our school at 645 tomorrow for Bull Run. There's going to be teams from NJ, PA, DE, VA, and even NY. Wow.
DJTG_2010 09/28/07
Ah one is returning, one is definitely gone, and I don't know about the other.
DJTG_2010 09/26/07
I'm doing a 5K this weekend. It's more of a walk though.
Haha. Just remember. The mentality you go in to a race with will either help you or hurt you.
G.O.A.T. 09/26/07
I say Good Riddance. And I will prop the window open. lol.
DJTG_2010 09/25/07
Sucks for them.

But it just opened the window for you. The window of opportunity that is.
G.O.A.T. 09/25/07
I might get bumped up to varsity. Three kids are getting kicked off.
DJTG_2010 09/25/07
Oh jeez. We lost today....
DJTG_2010 09/25/07
G.O.A.T. 09/25/07
Yeah that picture was from 2003 after Isabel. They had to cancel the first race halfway through because no one could get up it.
DJTG_2010 09/24/07
It doesn't even look possible to run up or down it. More of a mountain than a hill. You'd almost have to climb up it.
G.O.A.T. 09/24/07
Yeahhh. I'm shaking in my Asics. I'm prepared to run a horrible time. That and we're in for an a** whupping on Tuesday against a top three and a top 20 team in the state....ugh...
DJTG_2010 09/23/07
DJ, because of "The Dip" alone, I am scared for you. Matresses? Terrifying...
G.O.A.T. 09/23/07

Video tour of the course.
DJTG_2010 09/23/07
I don't know GOAT. This might be myth, but that's what I know by word of mouth.

That is a picture of the hill on the course. It's called "The Dip." You have to run up it and down it. They have mattresses tied to trees for when you run down...
DJTG_2010 09/23/07
Is there a website I can go to for those rankings or something DJ?
G.O.A.T. 09/23/07
This Saturday we're racing the 5th hardest course in the country.
DJTG_2010 09/23/07
Yeah we've got two of the top three teams in the state in our conference.
DJTG_2010 09/22/07
Private schools (for some unknown reason) are always better than public schools at cross country as a whole.
G.O.A.T. 09/22/07
lol. We haven't run a meet since we left the county league and joined the private schools league.
DJTG_2010 09/21/07
Why? Cause we're good? Don't hate the player, hate the game, DJ.
G.O.A.T. 09/20/07
DJTG_2010 09/20/07
That's a shutout, right?

Last year, our cross country team was 7-1 in the league (second place) and we had 5 shutouts.
G.O.A.T. 09/19/07
We lost 15-50 to the number one team in the state...
DJTG_2010 09/19/07
Spanked? Ouch.
G.O.A.T. 09/19/07
Today we got spanked in our first league meet...
DJTG_2010 09/18/07
That sucks. Lately, I haven't been doing much long-distance running. I'm more getting ready for basketaball season.
G.O.A.T. 09/18/07
Man, I paid the price. I've got calf and hamstring tightness.
DJTG_2010 09/16/07
Uphill finish? That would be crazy. Good job though, DJ. A 5K is only one tenth of a mile longer so you probably still would have shaved at least a minute off your other time.
G.O.A.T. 09/15/07
I PRd today! 22:44! Beat my former by almost two minutes. The course was only three miles instead of a 5K, but I'll take it. It was pretty hill-y. I got outkicked at the end though. Who the hell makes an uphill finish?
DJTG_2010 09/14/07
running is one of the hardest sports. all you do is run, then run faster
Lol, thats true GOAT.
Hahaha I've got a big race tomorrow. Coach wants me to better my PR by 30 seconds.
DJTG_2010 09/13/07
Then baseball isn't a sport either. Look at Babe Ruth. Smoking and drinking was the only thing he did more than play baseball. Haha.
G.O.A.T. 09/13/07
He's wrong GOAT. Golf isn't a sport. You can smoke and drink a ton yet still play easily. (John Daly.) You don't have to be in shape like you do with running.
My brother is ignorant towards running. He says it's not a real sport and golf is. I think he's got it backwards.
G.O.A.T. 09/12/07
I think we need to educate more people on running (aka Ben). Many people see it as not being a "real sport" when in reality, it is.
DJTG_2010 09/12/07
Yeah, I thought the same thing. But, now my mind changed.
I thought this group was going to be a boring, inactive group when I joined. But I was wrong. This group is pretty cool.
G.O.A.T. 09/08/07
My four mile is pretty slow. Up in the 30s.

I finished 73rd today and ran 2507. It was hot.
DJTG_2010 09/08/07
I've ran 4 miles before but it wasn't timed.
G.O.A.T. 09/07/07
I've never ran 4 miles straight...
whats ur 4 mile time????, mines 27:56, fanmail me
We had another time trial today. I shaved two minutes off of my first time. There were eight of us running for seven varisty spots for a race Saturday. I finished in 8th. I was on the seventh place runner's tail the first two miles then finished 1:20 behind him. Felt good.
DJTG_2010 09/04/07
Or however you spell it. =)
I'm running a 5K in about a month. I'm looking forward to it. Its for alzheimers.
It's alright.
G.O.A.T. 09/03/07
The skill part is the part I have trouble with...
DJTG_2010 09/03/07
Running is 30% skill and 70% mental. It's all about will and desire in your head.
G.O.A.T. 09/02/07
I still have to break 24...ugh.
DJTG_2010 09/02/07
The closest I ever came was last race (20:07).
G.O.A.T. 08/31/07
I'm in the Race for the Cure next weekend. I'm trying to break 20 minutes for the first time ever (I'm only 14).
G.O.A.T. 08/31/07
Nice justrun. After that, I'm not even going to say my time trial time.
DJTG_2010 08/31/07
Very good time, justrun.
G.O.A.T. 08/26/07
Just ran a 3 mile time trial with xc team on thursday. I ran a 16:45 and was pretty happy for this early in the season.
justrun7 08/26/07
ALL RUNNER GO TO NIKEPLUS.COM. It's a great site to challenge yourself when you run.
G.O.A.T. 08/25/07
Two mile time trial tomorrow night...
DJTG_2010 08/23/07
I finished up my second to last long run before the marathon in October (18 miles). I'm getting the itch for it to be over, just another 6 weeks. Blogging on our running experiences is not a bad idea, except i don't have a lot of time for it. Feel free!
Yeah, if I have privileges then I'll blog in here and stuff....
Hey playangry, want to share some privileges? Maybe we can blog about our runing experiences.
DJTG_2010 08/21/07
Intervals are rough.

We need a new poll though.
G.O.A.T. 08/19/07
Intervals on the fourth day of practice...
DJTG_2010 08/16/07
I've never been so sore in my life...
DJTG_2010 08/14/07
First day of practice tonight!
DJTG_2010 08/13/07
I don't run until the spring so I'm fine right now.
G.O.A.T. 08/08/07
Well I'm actually running competitvely, and I've barely ran.
DJTG_2010 08/07/07
I did run for most of the summer but now with football practice and the summer heat, Its too much.
I don't even try.
DJTG_2010 08/07/07
Yeah, around here the humidity is so bad...It is impossible to run in the summer...
Practice starts in one week....ugh.
DJTG_2010 08/06/07
I haven't run a lot non-stop in forever. It's impossible to run in the heat and humidity on some days though.
DJTG_2010 08/05/07
I just ran 16 miles today. It was a lot easier than the 15 benchmark run a few weeks ago, so that's an encouraging sign. I'm glad everyone is enjoying this group...keep it up! What kind of stunt Ruby? Do you kick *** or what?
I think in all of the state it's a fall sport. I'm at a private school, and it's fall.
DJTG_2010 08/02/07
Lucky, I don't even have it. Lol.
Yeah, that's how it is in the public schools. In the diocese though, we have it in the spring.
G.O.A.T. 08/01/07
Your guys' schools have cross country in the spring? I'm in MD and it's a fall sport.
DJTG_2010 08/01/07
Next year I'm going to play baseball in the spring I hope. :)
Heres my seasons:
Spring-Running (5k's, etc. My school doesn't have a cross country team but it will next year. :) )
Summer-Train for football by running and working out. Then, in late summer begin football.
Fall-Football. Finish season. And still run to stay in shape.
Winter-Not much really. I can't run too much because of the cold. Just laying low. :)
Nice job, justrun. I didn't even know they had winter track. Anyways, my season goes like so:
Summer- Basketball Training
Fall- Conditioning for Basketball
Winter- Basketball
Spring- Cross Country & AAU Basketball
G.O.A.T. 07/31/07
I run cross country, winter & spring track. You can say I'm a runner I guess haha. Or team was average last year but I had a good season making 1st team all-conference & 2nd team group IV south (any people from NJ out there?)
justrun7 07/31/07
Don't worry, playangry, I know another guy who's older than you and running is his life. He does marathons as well.
G.O.A.T. 07/31/07
I would like to say my team kicks butt in track or cross country but I'm a 35 year old who's crazy enough to train and run a marathon!
In our league they give out 8 trophies. Last year, we took 6 of them and the year before we took 7. haha (Cross Country, I mean)
G.O.A.T. 07/29/07
Our track team is back-to-back conference champions. Girls cross country is back to back conference champions. Guys can't get anything going.
DJTG_2010 07/29/07
I go to a private school as well. Cross country's a lot bigger than track and we're kind of a powerhouse. haha
G.O.A.T. 07/27/07
My conference (I go to private school) is really stupid because JV runners only run two miles in conference meets. I was stuck on JV last year and there are so many kids that can just sprint two miles. I think I'm on JV again this year...
DJTG_2010 07/27/07
DJ, I run for my school too. I only run 5Ks and I don't run track. Only cross country.

Cool group by the way.
G.O.A.T. 07/27/07
Nope, no marathons. When I'm older, maybe....
Haha no I'm 15 and run for my high school. The most I've ever done continuously is 8 or 10.
DJTG_2010 07/24/07
Nice. i didn't realize this many people would join. i just ran 15 miles on Saturday and am still sore! this high mileage runs are taking a toll. have any of you ran a marathon before?
Yeah, theres always got to be hope....
Lol maybe not. We're in the highest conference of our league. So I'm doubting it. There's always hope.
DJTG_2010 07/23/07
Yeah, maybe...Lol...
You're telling me. Maybe this year....
DJTG_2010 07/23/07
Lol, That sucks for your team.
Hahaha lol. Well my XC team is on a 60-some race losing streak, if that makes you feel any better. lol.
DJTG_2010 07/21/07
Now I'm mad!!!! Lol, just kidding.
Aww man, you just beat me!!! Ugh!!!!!!!
lol ravensfan. I ran a 24:40 last fall in 90 degree weather. I'm getting better. I think. lol.
DJTG_2010 07/21/07
I run about 1 or 2 miles a day to get in shape for my football season. I ran a 5k earlier this year and I got 25:20. I beat you DJTG_2010. Lol.
I'm supposed to be training for this season...last night I walked about 3 miles during our practice. hahaha.
DJTG_2010 07/19/07
is it bad if you haven't run since high school even though your in shape bc your lazy? haha
Uofmrules* BS 07/19/07
The thing that got me into running was when I finished in third place in a charity 5k. My time was 45:49 lol. I walked the first two miles and ran the last 1.1. I was really slow then too. That was 3 years ago.
DJTG_2010 07/19/07
I run about 5 or 6 5Ks a year. Basically to make sure that im staying in shape.
Sportshac* 07/19/07
ruby you are crazy...get some medicine
Uofmrules* BS 07/19/07
Yess. Finally a runner's group. So are we going to just talk about races we've done and our times and such?
DJTG_2010 07/18/07

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