Xbox 360 & xbox live

Left 4 Dead RULES!!!!!!!!!!
NEWYORKFAN17 12/02/08
COD4. Hit me up.
my games crackdown-COD4-Halo3-GH3-GH2-R6V2
New member of FanNation, joined up yesterday. Last night when I went home, my 360 experienced the Flashing Red Lights of DEATH! Awesome.
smudgers 05/01/08
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEWYORKFAN17 04/28/08
Hey everyone main game I play is Halo 3 on Live. Commander, Grade 1. 423EXP 38 highest skill. Gamertag NoMeRcY1992. I'm up for a match any weekend.
JetsSuck 04/25/08
Call of Duty 4 RULES
NEWYORKFAN17 02/06/08
Just got live and the main game I play is Halo 3. Hit me up if ya wanna play anytime.
Hey has anyone beaten Halo 3 yet, I've beaten it already on normal only. If you don't have it it's an awsome game you should try it. System links are amazingly sweet too, me and my have friends have had an awsome time together.
Try Madden `08 it rules
Cubbies 10/14/07
i would say that nhl 07 for that price is good because it is a great game for someone who is into hockey
lucfries12 07/29/07
I don't have the game but i have heard that both the Hockey games are I would say that for that price it is worth it.
Uofmrules* BS 07/27/07
yeah thats whats great about xbox live. in the begging of the season jake plummer was a 91 or something then i got the update and he became like a 85 and Jay culter became like an 86 or something. i wonder if jake will be on the bucs roster.
Elway4Prez 07/27/07
Question for everyone. Does anyone have NHL 07 and is it any good I seen it for $29.99 used at eb games I was wondering if it is worth picking up. THanks
yea they don't change the game...trades or signings happen all the time but are not put into the game if it's already been made...they will come out with and update online, and he gets cut then he wont be on the falcons when you play online. and Pac man won't be on it for the Titans
Uofmrules* BS 07/25/07
yes they already had madden made two months ago but it would probably be easy for them to take them out but they would lose too much money to reproduct the game all over again
so you think theyll put vick and pacman in the new madden?
Elway4Prez 07/23/07
i like ncaa football 08 it is pretty good
lucfries12 07/20/07
Hitman blood money is the boss!!!! NBA Live 07 does suck. Cant wait for Halo3 and Madden 08 though!
Sportshac* 07/19/07
any of you guys buy allpro football yet?
Elway4Prez 07/19/07
espn 2k7 is the much better basketball game check it out
CDH 07/19/07
NBA live 07 is to easy
MalibuKid8841 07/19/07
yea i agree hawk gets real boring after awhile...not one of his better ones
Uofmrules* BS 07/19/07
Yes first one to post

Well i just got xbox 360 2 weeks ago
and I want to say NBA LIVE 07 is one of the worst basketball games I have ever played

I also have Hitman Blood Money which is the real deal. And Tony Hawk Project 8 which is good but gets boring after a while.

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