Could not agre more!

Everyone Join!!!!
Right now, McCain has to do something to gain the Conservative vote, be it flipping on stem-cells or appointing a true Conservative/Constitutionalist to the position of V.P. before it is too late.
JAubin 07/09/08
Happy 4th of July.
JAubin 07/03/08
Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS and the Dept of Education among others. He will govern according to the constitution. How much more conservative can you get?!!
I'm voting Nader!!
V What he said. Right now we're in a middle of a big war and we don't wanna lose it or get it screwed up by Hillary or Obama. How in the hell is Ron Paul a conservative? He even ran as a freakin' liberatarian years ago when he didn't get the Republican nomination. He's a Liberatarian, not a core conservative.

I disagree with Trent's statement about Guilliani tho'... he was a social liberal, specially on abortion. He wasn't conservative at all, except on foreign policy.

But seriously, if McCain doesn't win, the country may be facing a huge socialist makeover by either Obama or Hillary. God, if Obama wins, then he doesn't even have experience! He wasn't a super celebrity senator nor was he ANYBODY. He didn't do ANYTHING as a senator. Do you want someone inexperienced running your country? Next thing you know, the gov't is taking half of your taxes for universal health care as well as a change from a capitalist economy into a social one! So, Hawkeye, you decide. Decide which one will help the country the most. Decide carefully. Don't waste your vote.

Vote for McCain.
McCain is also soft of illigal immagration and on spending money on unneded things, but he will be phenominal in the crisis against the war
hawkeye vote for McCain. Trust me, i may not be old enough to vote yet but i follow politics like nobody's buisness. I am a huge conservative and i think Romney and Giuliani were the ones who should be there, but i'd rather have a republican than a Librel, think whats best for the country
I hear what you're saying. But, I want a conservative in the whitehouse. Bush is not:spends money like crazy. McCain is not: soft on illegal immigration.
Please, Hawkeye... every vote counts. We want a Republican in the White House so that the Dems will not all out screw up our country. McCain is our best shot. Please vote for him.
who is ron paul?

google him
platinumpat 02/22/08
Ron Paul has no chance of winning. We are stuck with McCain because Romney dropped out, and McCain is a LOT better than Hilary or Barack
Ron Paul rules
I just don't think i can vote for McCain. Looks like I'm staying home on election night.

every one should check this out
geo 02/17/08
how can trent think barrak will be better than ron paul? at least ron paul wants to end the IRS cut federal spending and protect your right to bear arms. the only thing ron paul differs majorly from his republican collegues is the war
geo 02/17/08
were doomed. McCain is our representitive. Romney will hopefully pull it out next year.
1) Mitt Romney
2) John McCain
3) Mike Huckabee (though i don't like him that much)
4) Barrack Obama(he'd be better than paul)
5) Ron Paul
6) Hilary Clinton (hildog)
Ron Paul is an idiot, Mitt Romeny, the only conservative left in this thing, will win
Ron Paul 4 President
platinumpat 01/27/08
LMAO, Bulls. Agreed 100%
Timmy2000 01/18/08
Romney 4 president
Timmy2000 01/13/08
*When you told me you were a lawyer

When I get excited, I tend to fly over the keyboard...
HA! I KNEW IT!!! When you told me a lawyer, I had an inkling that you were a Constitutional one. :D
I'm a lawyer and do Constitutional work, you idiot. I'm an avid reader of not only Supreme Court opinions, but I read books on the Supreme Court all the time, most recently "Men in Black" by Mark Levine. You just proved your ignorance on this as well. Exactly how did I make it obvious that I know nothing about it?
No, i've read plenty about the supreme court, but you've just made it obvious that YOU know nothing about it. I doubt you even know what branch of government the supreme court is, buffoon. Give ya a hint. It has to do with judges.
LMAO!!!! You're kidding me?!?! You've NEVER read a Supreme Court opinion have you?? I haven't laughed so hard in a while, thanks!:)
he could have made better appointments. Roberts has no spine. He's just a political puppet
How can the President overturn Roe v. Wade? He has no authority to do so.
Obama is not an abortionist, dork. He is against abortion. It's your dipshtt republican Bush that can't even get the damn law changed.
Paul didn't even get 2%. He got less than Kucinich. Haha
Go away Ruby, Obama is an abortionist.
vote Huckabee - he wants to send Hillary to Mars
JAubin 12/29/07
Obama in '08!!
republicans are great...i mean the only 3 words that democrats know are "its bush's fault" i mean come on people.......and global warming its all the peoples fault...ummmm nooooo we have had ice ages people its normal for the earth to have different temp. periods... duh
I'm voting Ron Paul!!!!!

Romney/Thompson. But National Review already endorsed Romney, so that gives him lots of props.
dont understand why that is a swear word, he is a historical figure (as bad as he was)
i love how the liberals want to talk to our enemies (Iran, terrorists) - we have tried that- before WWII with ****. That went well didnt it?
one of the few that speaks there mind. God bless you McGahee
JAubin 08/30/07
This was posted on espn in response to this liberal d-bag saying bush was the devil. i wrote this to him:

wah wah !!!!

okay mr. liberal, i'm sure that al gore or john kerry really would have done a better job in the white house. real intimidating pair those two, wow !!!

i'm sure after 911 they would have "talked" and "negotiated" with the terrorists, meanwhile, a good friend of mine, his siblings and mother lost their father in the 1st tower that was hit.

but, the liberals want to "talk" everything out and lower ourselves to negotiating w/ terrorists. grow a sack !!!!!

what we do and when we do it makes us the most powerful country on earth, why should we change ? so we can comply w/ what France & the other **** countries want us to do ? everyone hates us anyway because we have to do all the dirty work of all the other countries that they won't do!!!

in the words of the cabbie from "half-baked" they should be "kiss(ing) our ****(es)"

yea, go tell all those people who lost their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. in 911 that we should sit put and "negotiate" w/ these people...what u don't realize is that these people don't understand negotiations, they understand death to every single "infidel" (US) as their SOLE purpose in life. and u want to "negotiate" w/ them you frickin' liberals ? give me a break, u don't like it, go put all liberals in the white house and everyone else just like what's happening all over MD and many other states and see how crappy things get, then you'll see.

you ever hear of the saying: "people are all democrats, until they move out of their parents houses, work for a living, and pay bills and taxes, then they become republicans..."

...that's no coincidence, it's the god-honest truth...

Double J. 08/27/07
RUSH for nobel!
vote Rudy/Romney 08
JAubin 08/18/07
Agreed HCW.
Romney Huckabee 08.
I'm was big Bush fan until his stance on illegal immigration. He needs to toughen up! I just hope whoever wins in 08 will help fix this problem.

Romney in 08
GoatHCW 08/13/07
the president is the hardest job. no matter what u do, half the country hates you
J-rod5 08/12/07
No, A shizzle, you're brainwashed by the liberal media. Do you even realize how much the liberals spin stories their way and lie?
TheNest6827 08/11/07
I voted for Bush in my 6th grade school election. I was an Anybody but Bush, but not Kerry (I liked Bush Better, Kerry was a bore).
you guys are brain washed just like an kidnapped child
grow up and realize that our country is run by an idiot
A* shizzle* BS 08/08/07
i think he did a pretty good job. since 9/11 there have no attacks on US soil. gore and kerry could have done as well but they couldnt do better.
J-rod5 08/02/07
I agree 100% with BarryBeatHank756, I also agree with Tim Chodzin. I would much rather have bush as president then kerry or gore.
McFadden4Heisman 08/02/07
This group is for Republicans period, you dont have to support Bush in everything. I dont agree with everything he has done (see immigration bill) but I would rather have him as president than most other people (especially Kerry or Gore)
Sorry if youve been trying to get a hold of me- I was at youth conference from the 21st to the 28th. Love the new pic!- new logo would be nice too
Nice pic
TheNest6827 07/25/07
how bout instead of the flag we use this eagle picture:

talk about badass !!!
our motto could be: "Why do we have to press 1 for English" or "Welcome to America, now speak English!!!"
Double J. 07/24/07
ok people, i am one of the strongest republicans here and i can say that with pride but im not a big fan of some things george bush has done. He is caring way to much about ehat the public thinks and he is forgetting about the war we are having in iraq, we need to spend time getting more troops over there, not trying to get Lil Bush cancelled
MalibuKid8841 07/23/07
that didn't show up right. look at the message section.
JAubin 07/22/07
check out this photo @
JAubin 07/22/07
I got a motto for the group. "In God We Trust".
JAubin 07/22/07
If you want to see what some of the idiots/communists on this web site have to say about Bush, read this. Note: May make you extremely mad.
hey Tim, what do you mean by liberal? Thats being nice, just call them what they are, communist
JAubin 07/19/07
Vote Rudy/Romney 08
JAubin 07/19/07
God, I really hope a Republican wins in 08. I can't stand the Democrats and media BS.
TheNest6827 07/19/07
I created this group because I noticed there was a Bush hater group, so I decided to set one up for those of us who arent liberal.

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