Tournament Greats Central (TGC)

This group is DEAD!
jbfpack 11/26/08
due to the inactivity of the group I have decided to leave. If it does become active again please FM me. heres the OFTG a very active tournament group
this group used to be great, what happened to it?
im gone...
Da Masta 02/13/08
I'm leaving this group due to inactivity.
anyone here?
Da Masta 02/06/08

Me vs. Duquesne Cap
Denis24 01/21/08
Why should the next tourney be football when the season is almost over, do another sport. Or you can do another all sports tourney. That would be cool, hopefully the next time we do that my computer won't crash.
Keeper 12/31/07
Tourney 7 Champeenship
7#bag _ Com 12/12/07

Me vs. Ed Reed
Denis24 11/29/07
Yeah, i put you as the winner
For the TD me vs. jeevs BS, he told me he didn't want to participate. Does that mean I win?
Denis24 11/28/07

me and Brewers
7#bag _ Com 11/26/07
7#bag _ Com 11/26/07

Tourney 8 Round 1

ramdrumaster vs dyhardbasbalfan
The Ram 11/22/07

Tourney 7 Round 1.

ramdrumaster vs terminater50
The Ram 11/21/07

Here is my link.

Me vs. jeevs BS.
Denis24 11/20/07
Darn. 101.
Escobar Caesar 11/19/07
EF your the 100th member!!!!!!! Congrats
100. Read it and weep!
The next member is the 100th and will be able to get in the next tourney as the #1 seed.
oh my bad
phillyman, Cassidy v. dyhard is a semi, not the championship...check your previous blog...
Super Squirrel 11/13/07
Hey Cassidy I thought you said you were going to crush me in the football bracket ? What happened ?

Double J. 11/13/07
I beat jetstolehome
can i join Tourney numero 7?
Gone. 10/30/07
Here is the ship link:
I want in the basketball bracket!!!
PeavyFan's back? 10/25/07
Best name for the group is Throwdown Legends.
i rule, good luck mcdadmccall, i have a friend with the last name mccall.

thats crazy
Nomarfan5 10/14/07
where do we post the results? I beat Ed Reed 11-10
Nomarfan5 10/11/07
actually my group is Throwdown Tournaments

so I got them
7#bag _ Com 10/11/07
8 inn 0 runs 13 ks
oh, how did that work out?
Nomarfan5 10/05/07
lol....... no it was cole
must have missed it... Was it Omar Daal?
Nomarfan5 10/02/07
u see that game who pitched Friday
in what sick reality?
Nomarfan5 09/30/07
i know you like lohse but cole is better
why is Cole Hammels our picture? Shouldn't it be someone awesome, like nomar, or Kyle Lohse?
Nomarfan5 09/29/07
my new TD league!
AWHIT10 09/26/07
I said yes, but only during the playoffs
am i in?
LanaLikesBrady 09/25/07
best division in NFL
mcdadmcall 09/25/07
I need Name suggestions please
I said yes. But only half-heartedly. I did not follow a single game or team last year. I'm as disaffected about the NHL as I am about the MLB. Still, I love the Stars and Flyers. I used to be a huge fan...and not weight wise either. LOL
Oso Famoso 09/24/07
Who said yes and who said no in the poll?

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