The Big XII Conference

Check out how pathetic Texas Longhorns have become
I love Football!! Go OU!
#4 ranked w/e we will be on top b4 to long!! boomer Sooner baby!
Aggies18 12/23/07

Good Call
Hank Hill 07/26/08
STEEVO12THMAN 12/23/07
Texas is going to kill ASU.
MGislonghornfan 12/23/07
right...i know utes aren't big pepsquad cheer was not meant to be a non sequitur.
so..whenever Big 12 teams start play, then Go big 12 Go big 12
MasTemprano 12/21/07
Bowls have officially started...Utes sqeak out win with a last minute interception...Go Big 12 Go Big 12.
Ok, I'm very excited it's Friday. Dec. 21. Vacaciones
MasTemprano 12/21/07
So what do yall think of the Alamo bowl?
The12thMan 12/14/07
Do I realy need to say anything?

SoonerMagic08 12/03/07
OU reigns supreme again!
You can go ahead and send by UPS or DHS the 2008 Big 12 trophy to Norman as well with Bradford, Demarco Murray, Chris Brown back again
I should just keep my mouth shut about OU vs OSU. I mean the Cowbells never win. :o
Rematch... time for OU to beat Mizzou again
While I've been cheering on OU to get to the championship game, especially after the loss to the desert aggies, I'm predicting 31-35 OSU.

Hook'em Cowboys!
hmm oh yeah, same thing against colorado too. Once again ill pose the question, howd you do against them?
Retire 51 11/22/07
yeah A&M is exactly the kind of team that would give Mizzou trouble with the constant running game and the innability to score early that day. One game is one game, and umm we kicked the crap out of Texas Tech, howd you guys do against em?
Retire 51 11/22/07
Forde featured the Big 12 this week in his Forde Yard Dash:
SoonerGirl 11/13/07
Hey I put a blog about the big 12
That was a reference to person not team bc the Aggies were within 5 of Mizzou until a late 3minute and change TD and safety. Tiger fans might want to stop yammering so much now
Is the 12th Man alive?
Big 12: 4, 5, 6 in the BCS!! im sure you all realise this but i just thought we should truly celebrate with some wallage
Retire 51 11/04/07
Hey guys help me win this TD for the BIG 12, namingly OU, MU, and KU
Retire 51 11/04/07
I am not even sure wrestling is a UIL sport. I know that some high schools, especially the ones in the Panhandle, have some teams. I believe it is only a club sport at A&M...
But I have been wrong in the past, like thinking A&M would win 8 games in football this year...
Wally92 11/02/07
whats up with only 5 big 12 wrestling teams, nebraska, oky, oky st, clones, and mizzou are those smart schools, c'mon texas schools
dopersstink 10/15/07
Tech coach breaks his arm falling off bike
I just read about Sweed also.

I'm sure it hurts them, but they have so many receivers, they should be able to adjust.
UT lost Sweed for the rest of the Season........How bad does that hinder the passing of UT?
The12thMan 10/08/07
Anybody feeling better about Big 12 North winner being Missouri? I'm feeling pretty convinced.
JkShaz821 10/08/07
Well now after that Nebraska game I am not so sure, will be a good game but heck I never knew that A&M was the type of team that could over come being down 17-0 at the half to win the game. . . . . . OSU has a pretty potent Air game and we shut it down after the half.....If A&M waits to the half to make ajustments then yeah they will have a though time with Texas Tech and Mizzou.....Hopefully we can stay ontop of the big 12 south with OU nippin at our heals
The12thMan 10/07/07
You sound so confident saying that Mizzou will lose to A&M. I don't see that one. You have a weak secondary that will get ripped a new one by both TTU and Mizzou.
ttuman10 10/06/07
Back from vacation... I just hope you guys dont have to play colorado 12man.. lol But we just need to win out and hopefuly get another shot at them in the big 12 championship.
SoonerMagic08 10/02/07
I think both Oklahom and Texas got caught looking ahead to this week. OU is a much better team than the way they played. Texas I think is way over rated. They have not showed anything yet this year.
Dozer 10/01/07
I don't know I feel like Mizzou is the last untested (potentially) top Big 12 team. So I will be interested to see how they fare with nebraska. My feeling is that missouri will outmatch them.
JkShaz821 10/01/07
No...if OU plays that game against Colorado 10 more times I see them winning 10 of em.....Mizzou is good but they would lose to OU Texas and they will lose to A&M.
The12thMan 09/30/07
Looks like Mizzou is the only true top 25 Big 12 team. Good luck to Nebraska to beat us...they're gonna need it!
terminator* 09/30/07
Kansas State vs. Texas

There is quite a bit of history in the past decade with these two teams.

Coach browns worst home loss was a 35-17 defeat handed down by Kansas State in '99. It was also UT's first Big12 opener loss since 98' also handed to them by K-State.
The12thMan 09/29/07
Wow, a possible top-5 matchup in Dallas next weekend has been reduced to who cares status. How embarrassing for the Big XII (south) to have both top-10 teams lose to north opponents. Football officially ended for me today, congrats to all K-State supporters.
hookem431*BS 09/29/07 I even have to say anything LOL cough cough colorado cough
The12thMan 09/29/07
Well Last I checked the Last time A&M and OU faced off OU squeaked by, on a 1pt win....untill you do better this season you cant say too much....and you know if A&M had a better play calling coach than Fran you would have lost that game.
The12thMan 09/28/07
Lol ok give me some big names besides OU and Texas (sucks)...
Im sorry but untill you other pansies in the BIG 12 step it up your not even close to big names.
SoonerMagic08 09/26/07
" big names in the Conference " Last I checked Miami was not in our conference.
The12thMan 09/25/07
I would rather beat the Nobodys then get beat by them lol. And if its big names you want we beat Miami....
SoonerMagic08 09/25/07
Texas Tech assistant coach Lyle Setencich stepped down as defensive coordinator Sunday, a day after coach Mike Leach blasted his team and staff following the Red Raiders' 49-45 loss at Oklahoma State.
The12thMan 09/24/07
1st I have not called OU over rated once this season so chill out.. . . . The only team I have called overrated is UT. Now you dont get props for beating the people your supposed to beat in my book ok, so when you start beating the other big names in the Conference get back to me ok, untill then keep being the bully of nobodys
The12thMan 09/24/07
In reply to the12thman Tulsa has a great O, expecialy the pass game. What I find to be the most funny is everybodys abality to say the teams we play are crap. When this has already been a great season for upsets. Why couldnt one of those teams upset us? Well probaly because we dont suck. So you guys keep calling us "Overrated" and when its your turn to come to Norman or for us to come there dont look shocked when we KO your **** to.
SoonerMagic08 09/24/07

TD on Nebraska and Miami
The12thMan 09/23/07
Go okie state
Nebraska what happened? 1pt win to ball state?
The12thMan 09/22/07
How did tulsa put up 354 passing yards on OU?
The12thMan 09/22/07
yeah, all I have to say to red raider is that I have TIX to that game and its not to come watch us get beat by a one sided team that is Texas Tech.....Anyways I know what was the deal with not running lane it was like he was in time out lol I have no Idea, is fran TRYING to get throw out on his butt because it sure seems like it......I have backed him about as much as I can but that just floors me.
The12thMan 09/21/07
I don't think the Aggies are necessarily overrated. I think the game last night shows that Coach Fran isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Goodson was not going to beat a speedy Miami defense to the corners and Mcgee is not strong enough to go up the middle against their bug guys. Lane should have had many many more carries to make those Miami defensive lineman work a little harder.
hookem431*BS 09/21/07
I always knew how OVERATED Tx A&M was.. last night proved it. I can't wat until the soft aggies come up to lubbock because its going to be a murder. WOW.
redraider6060 09/21/07
or at least it has not made it to the press yet.
hookem431*BS 09/19/07
Under 3 hours to go and no Longhornplayers have been arrested.
hookem431*BS 09/19/07
Sorry about the big post guys...
SoonerMagic08 09/19/07
Lol well it looks like it's just the same as the crap that happens with your women... you guys just cant keep the good ones.
SoonerMagic08 09/17/07

The12thMan 09/16/07
The12thMan 09/16/07
The University of Texas at Norman.
hookem431*BS 09/16/07
(in refrence to soonermagic08's last comment) Yeah I guess it should be the Texas Sooners huh? If the state of texas sucks so bad why is the majority of OU's roster from TX ? lol the Sooners represent the state of Texas more than they do Oklahoma
The12thMan 09/16/07
Well USC pounded us to no big surprise. With our piss poor attempt at arm tackling, our nose tackle getting OWNED by a true freshman at center and the lack to plug the middle on Defense. What do you expect?!!! Our DC Cosgrove has got to go!
Blackshirtsguru 09/15/07
I am officially embarrassed. End of 3rd and only a 6 point with UCF trying to take lead.
hookem431*BS 09/15/07
Pumped and very hopefull! Although USC is REAL tough I would say that our chances are slim that we pull out a victory but stranger things have happened!
Blackshirtsguru 09/15/07
Yeah no doubt, UT whats up? Hey blackshirt what do you think about todays game? I bet you pumped thats going to be a great game I wish I was there is going to be crazy!
The12thMan 09/15/07
Damn UT! More players getting in trouble? When is Mack gonna get a grip on those kids. Looks like UT is heading down the same path as Thug U aka Miami was at!
Blackshirtsguru 09/15/07
I like the new logo.
hookem431*BS 09/14/07
Jeff Fuller, one of the top wide receivers in Texas, committed to Oklahoma on Wednesday, according to

The 6-foot-4, 200-pounder from McKinney, Texas, is listed a four-star prospect by Rivals. He holds offers from Florida, Louisiana State, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas and Texas A&M.

Fuller was one of several high-profile recruits to visit Norman last weekend for OU's game against Miami. He was scheduled to visit Florida and Ohio State but announced Wednesday he wouldn't take any more visits.

Oklahoma has 16 non-binding verbal commitments for the 2008 recruiting class, 11 of which are from Texas.
SoonerMagic08 09/14/07
But seriously im not here to be an **** I just love my team and im sure you guys feel the same way :) GOOD LUCK this weekend Big 12!!
SoonerMagic08 09/12/07
Lol yeah that bar fight is pretty funny.. We would appreciate it if you would not wear your school colors to our Bars. Ohh and ... A snob, guilty of snobbery, is a person who adopts the world-view that some people are inherently inferior to others for any one of a variety of reasons including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, etc.
SoonerMagic08 09/12/07
Hey Soonermagic08 in ref to your comment " Look we are not snobs we just know we are better then you" Lol Snobs would emply that your rich, and no one ever accused Oklahoma of being rich.....check out the artical on : Bar fight between OU, UT fans fuels rivalry. Yeah real great fans huh?
The12thMan 09/11/07
You have your posts from 2 different Aggies mixed up. I was telling the longhorn to "keep his opinion to yourself". What he (LONGHORNY) said was the Sooners "WILL HIT A BRICK WALL WHEN THEY FACE THE MIGHTY LONGHORNS". From what I have seen, the 'horns would be the ones hitting the brick wall...I am actually siding with you, SoonerMagic08, you just seem to be too dense to realize that there are 2 Aggies posting here.
Now, as for A&M at OU in November, with OU having the extra week off to prepare, sound like a recipe for a long day for Aggies unless we improve our D, period. We cannot play in Norman the way we played Saturday against FSU and expect to win on the road in that environment. We have to improve...or else it will get ugly......again...
Wally92 09/11/07
Hmm keep your opinions on your team to yourself? Well that kinda defeats the purpose of talking about NCAA football, if you cant talk about your team. "We're out for some Sooner Blood" I believe was what he said and us bieng SOONER fans bleeding SOONER blood may take offence to that. Look we are not snobs we just know we are better then you.
SoonerMagic08 09/11/07
Try some mixed case. It makes your annoying post a little "less" annoying. FYI, this Aggie thinks you need to keep your opinions on the Sooners to yourself, as your year of bragging rights might come crashing down Oct 6th.
For the Aggies out there, I went from expecting 10-2 this preseason, to expecting 8-4 after Montana St, to hoping for 8-4 after Fresno St. Of all the talk this past offseason on "the new wrinkles to the defense" and to how "the players are more familiar with the defense", it looked like the same old defense to me, short to mid-range holes in the middle of the field where backs or receivers crossing have plenty of room to run. Zone D only works if you get pressure on the QB before those holes open...
Wally92 09/11/07
Well if our "slow a** QB" cant get the yards then we will go to our power back the J-Train and if he cant do it then we will go to our Speed Back Mike Goodson.oh and you cant catch him by the way. Oh and guess who we are saving our passing yards for.....yeah OU.
The12thMan 09/10/07
Lol The12thman you get that slow a** QB out there against a real defence and he will be in the negative yardage for the game!!
SoonerMagic08 09/10/07
I hope your team has as big of head as you do cause it will be all the better when we run all over your awsome D. You were Lucky Last season in College Station,...we're out for some Sooner Blood.
The12thMan 09/09/07
12th Man and Blackshirts....where is your smack talk now. 51-13 against the "U" of Miami. Giving up only 87passing yds and 51 rushing on 35carries (ie 1.5 a carry). It was a smack down on National TV. Neb better thank god they dont play us in reg season and A&M better start praying
What should we do stop playing? It's not our fault they cant even stop our 2nd and 3rd string. Runing up the score? Dont make me laugh!
SoonerMagic08 09/07/07
12th man please. OUs starters were out the 2nd 1/2. Ive seen tex, a&m, neb all good teams win lopsided games. It wasnt like they were throwing downfield and running trick plays in 2nd half. If you cant takle then go play Michigan where anyone can win
(Big 12 player of the week)
The12thMan 09/02/07
Who do yall think is the player of the week? I take Marlon Lucky close behind Stephen McGee, 2 touchdowns over hundred yards rushing andover a hundred yards passing.
The12thMan 09/02/07
Yeah stoops sure as hell ran up the score....Yeah Lucky was sure Lucky! lol nah he was really good! Cant wait till A&M makes the trip up north to show yall some reall rushers
The12thMan 09/02/07
Good ole Stoops trying to "earn" respect by running up the score!
Blackshirtsguru 09/02/07
After yesterday's performance, Marlon Lucky better get some some loving that he deserves! 233 yards rushing and 4 td's! We are the REAL Big Red!
Blackshirtsguru 09/02/07
I guess Mack was counting his money rather than coaching tonight. He better leave his wallet at home next week.
No Love for allen patrick or even Demarco murray? I hate OU but those guys are pretty good.
I prefer Oklahoma State.
I wouldn't bet the house on Goodson, for one reason, J. Lane. The two are going to split carries. A feature back flying solo would probably have the better stats, especially one that is on a team that will focus on running the ball and playing strong defense.
Wally92 08/28/07
Its going to be Goodson.....USC was drooling over this kid and for the Big 12 to get him he is sure to top of his class
The12thMan 08/24/07
temple or charles has my vote for the poll
my time has come 08/23/07
Poll results for the Preseason!
7#bag _ Com 08/20/07
Man I really wish you could by the seasons games in like a DVD set. The Confrence could really make some money on that.
The12thMan 08/07/07
Now 2 more UT players in trouble and suspended. "Texas defensive end Henry Melton and linebacker Sergio Kindle will miss the first three games of the 2007 season after being charged in separate DWI cases over the summer." This is getting crazy!
Blackshirtsguru 08/06/07
Yeah I thought Miami was the lock em up U but now UT is coming on strong.
The12thMan 08/06/07
How about a new tv series: Law & Order: FVU
Football Violence Unit of the NCAA.
Which school has the longest rap sheet in relation to their National rankings each year?
Texas, Florida State, Miami.......
Just wondering......
CSteven 08/05/07
Looks like UT is taking the place of Miami as the new "Thug U". "Felony warrant issued for UT freshman's arrest
Defensive tackle Jones allegedly involved in robbery". That's two UT players arrested in a matter of a week?!!! Sounds like ole Mack Brown better get a grip on his team.
Blackshirtsguru 08/03/07
Guess so lol
The12thMan 07/31/07
My guess would be tending to their trailors. They don't call it "mobilehoma" for nothing! :)
Blackshirtsguru 07/31/07
No OU fans in here Yet? where are they? lol
The12thMan 07/31/07
I like them saying that we (Huskers) won't win the North. We will contain "booger" Daniels again this year and see UT in the big game! In case some of you are wondering why I call him Booger Daniels. Do a search for his name on Youtube and watch what he was caught eating by the cameras!
Blackshirtsguru 07/28/07
The logo is fine, it represents all of us...the way it should be...
Wally92 07/27/07
Hey if yall dont like the Group Logo I am open for suggestions just send me a message and I will see what I can do...remember though this is a Big 12 group not a team group
The12thMan 07/27/07
To many people have been putting down the Big 12 saying we are weak.....just invite anyone that you know is a fan of the big12 or any team with in it. Thanks
The12thMan 07/24/07

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