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this is a I am quitting it!
MooseMan 03/06/14
the mods are cuntangry homohumpers.
CussWordJim 01/02/14
SI SUX......that includes ALL THE MODS!
The Dead Critic 07/07/13
TnerB57 06/29/13
how do i post a picture?
The Plunger 05/11/13
''NICE'' PERSON 02/12/13
cuntcheese, it`s gross, but better than FN support
Spidy 12/22/12
(Un) 12/22/12
That sounds feasible. And I think Stormy is onto something.
(Un) 12/22/12
This group is for fuckhers.
Stormy Rottman 12/22/12
I say start a whole new group! "Those Who Think FanNation Support Group Sucks!"
Catwoman 12/22/12
Oh no... it has to be here. Otherwise it loses something.
(Un) 12/22/12
You can't start a message board separate from this? Or you want to start a new thread here?
Catwoman 12/22/12
I want to start a message board to proclaim how much this group sucks. But it won't let me.
(Un) 12/22/12
You guys arefuckinglame asses.
Catwoman 12/22/12
This group is useless. Thank you moderators for your lack of concern.
(Un) 12/22/12
this is a lame ass mother fuckingGroup!
Spidy 10/29/12
can you please stop being a bunch of biased yankees and let a girl root for the gamecocks by the common shorting of their name? thank you.
gigi_iv 08/30/12
I have to agree with Cuss word Jim here. Are there any fucknobs managing or responding to this site?
who is the cuntfucker in control here ?
Cuss word Jim 06/05/12
I need fuckbanging penisSupport dammit!
Cuss word Jim 06/05/12
Who's in charge aroung here anyway??..
When you have a question or concern nobody responds to fan-mail or e-mails..
Any help would be appreciated
WILD FAN 05/15/12
fuckadoodle! and shitbiterhell.
Cuss word Jim 03/17/12

Update the email. This doesn't work.
DJRoxalot 02/11/12

Update the email. This doesn't work.
DJRoxalot 02/11/12
This feedback is enough to scare off new members. What is up with this site? It belongs to SI???
ToServeMan 02/11/12
fuckadoddle ! these comments are stillfucking here !
Chiefsfan Jim 01/21/12
SI ****'em Nation is run by TROLLS....why else is it such a complete mess?!
hey mods, how about taking care of the spammingfuckers ruining the site.
Cussword Jim 08/26/11
well mudderfucker ! I just knew these comments would be removed, too funny !
Cussword Jim 08/13/11
This has become a hugefucking joke.
Catwoman 07/13/11
I changed myfucking mind, I may stay and justfucking cuss like amuthafucka !
Cussword Jim 06/26/11
I`m with UN, and going to quit thisfuckinguseless ass group !

Support myfucking ass !

It is ok to cuss in groups isn`t it ?
Cussword Jim 06/26/11
I am leaving this group.
(Un) 03/13/11
PEGGY! 01/29/11
I HATE the stupid video feed! HATE! The scoreboard was bad; this thing is AWFUL! It takes for-freakin'-EVER to load FN... even EVERY single time you post a comment. Just have a link there for those who are interested and stop punishing those of us who are not. Please tell SI to make it go away! PLEASE!
buck-i-girl 05/19/10
It's very scary in here!
HellAwaits! 03/11/10
Just out of curiosity, how is 9-3 a tie?
Bam! 01/20/10
Want to delete my profile. You seem to have ignored my earlier e-mail about it but I am done with this site and I do not want anything I have done to remain. Please delete me immediately!
718 12/01/09
How do you move people in and out of your starting lineup? It seems that the click and drag function on those has been screwed up for a long time. Thanks.
ElevenRingsSTL 10/19/09
You know what would be cool...if we could create different folders for our pics. It would help a bunch of things:

- It wouldn't take so long for the to load up.
- You wouldn't have to scroll for so long to get to the bottom of the page.
- We could keep them seperated by catagory.

...just a thought.
Can I get this TD deleted?

There seems to be a great deal of Dupe activity, thank you.
MADROX 09/14/09
can i block a user

some guy is being a pain in the ass
Army of Adam 05/22/09
I had 4 wins but now have 3 how does that happen? Did someone i TD with get deleted? I think the win should stay on my record as I won and did it the right way
Witchie_D 04/09/09
this guy left this message to my fanmail ..

xDIZZLEx aka The Rising Star Re: yo 03/05/09 19:17:50 Delete
shut up you N//I//G//G//E//R

it's still there and you've done nothing about it..
the guy just denies it and keeps calling me a liar.. it's saved in my fanmail box right now...
Ruby Noon 03/24/09

In this TD the score was tied then the final vote "Jer-Bear" was created the removed/deleted. It was obviously a cheat and i think the TD should be canged back to a tie! Keep integrity on TD's and fannation and do the right thing
slimjim85vols 03/18/09
problem fixed, thanks
GoatHCW 03/10/09

says this throwdown ended in a tie? Unsure how 3-1 is a tie
GoatHCW 03/10/09
Person of The Week , Myron Cope
Where did all the good TDs go...I leave this place for a few months and I come back to THIS? :-)
Jimmer69 01/28/09
And please don't just go and delete that TD. Please get the live fan feed off the main page.
Have ya'll seen this:

That live thing needs to go, it's slowing everyones computer down and locking them up.
I know I was just trying to get rid of this, but it clearly didn't end in a tie.
On the Gauchos Fan Group the Locker talk isn't working
J!E!T!S! 01/04/09
On my profile my "About me" portion won't change. It just shows "Saving..." but nothing ever happens. I've left it on the page for about an hour and still nothing. What's the deal?
JDawg1447 12/17/08
why did JFKJR get his account back and becca e. didn't??
Zapped 12/15/08
Why did becca e. and JFKJR get deleted????
Zapped 12/14/08
How do you Post pics in a TD?
Miami95 11/20/08
Why did the winner badge disappear on our TD page? Why can't we see how much time is left in our TDs?
Starting Lineups are messed up. We cannot change them because it sticks to the first user that you click on.
PackersLP21 11/15/08
Group message boards are still not allowing new posts this morning,........
ElevenRingsSTL 11/05/08
This my TD that has not trying to spam it on here to get ppl to vote on it
For some reason, my throwdown argument won't post. I type it in and click submit, and it just shows the throwdown again.... without my second argument.
What the eff are you doing to fix TD's . The leaderboard is jacked and the Challenege feature does not work? 2 days already! Do you know of these issues?
Agrippa: 11/04/08
Group message boards are not allowing posts this just goes to a 404 Error page when you try to post.
ElevenRingsSTL 11/04/08
Um, about half the time, locker talk doesn't work in many groups. This is a problem that never happened with the old format.

Old format 456, New Format 0.
Slim Goodbody 10/15/08
Why do you even vare about having a comment removed? Maybe because you broke the rules? You do know there are rules on this site?.Oh yes i forgotten you don`t know.......


we need a better way to control kids posting worthless junk aimed are flaming others. Way too long fannation has allowed kids to break the rules in every which way. swearing harrassing, etc.......enough is enough!
Grossedout9 10/15/08
Killed off? its been dieing for a few months now. Look at how junkedup the stories are with chatter that is not even sport related.
Grossedout9 10/15/08
I had a comment removed last night that only said YES!!! and I try and e-mail you guys and the mail is returned to me!!
Please tell me why my post was offensive.
becca e. 09/25/08
Congratulations FanNation... you have killed some of the best members you will ever have on here.
PackersLP21 09/21/08
What has happened to pick a game? my week 4 picks will not display for me to pick!
henryj 09/16/08
I've noticed the same thing, JDawg
ElevenRingsSTL 09/15/08
Has anyone else noticed that on some of the old blogs it says no comments when they really have some cause that's what mine say
JDawg1447 09/14/08
I agree that this change is definitely not an improvement. I appreciate the attempt to update and add features, but in the process you've made FN more difficult to navigate and have removed key components such as Group Message Boards, and Mail notifications.

I would think that some of the new additions could be made without decreasing the overall product....which is what you have done here....
ElevenRingsSTL 09/11/08
Congratulations. You guys have just killed this site. This is absolutely f8cking ridiculous.
What happened to the Group Message Boards???????
ElevenRingsSTL 09/10/08
Who is Cassidy? She has been threatening me and now i assume she has been voting agaisnt me with multiple profiles, I don't understand.
The Scout 09/06/08
WOW Mods I would never want your jobs!!My comment that you deleted was just answering a comment that some one posted, I was not judging any one!!!
Ohio 09/02/08
Answere your **** Fm you fat fucck
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
Dippsiitt !!
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
**** the Mods you guys suck ****!
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
Yo **** Delete my ****!
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
Delete me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
delete me
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
Are you fagggots gonna delete me or what? I fucckin cheat on everyone of my TDs so you want me to really **** up this site? Becuase you know I know how to.
Fan Mail Man 09/01/08
why can't i post a pic on my profile.
woohooo! kickoff today! Boomer Sooner Baby!! I love football! #4 ranked whatever. we will be on top soon!
Same issue as Fausto
ElevenRingsSTL 08/29/08
Packers-Thanks I will try that!!!
Ohio 08/28/08
Yeah. I usually just go to the person's profile and send them a new FanMail.
PackersLP21 08/28/08
Is any one else having trouble replying to their fanmail.. I click on send and it acts like it is going to go but never does!!???
Ohio 08/28/08
Can you please let me change the group motto for "SPORTS TRIVIA"? Its a video, and its not letting me change it.
And also, add a little thing in our profile that says if we are "Online" or "Offline".
PackersLP21 08/18/08
Addition to "Favorite Teams" selections:

Add NASCAR Drivers/Teams
Add Arena Football teams
Add Minor League Baseball teams
PackersLP21 08/17/08
I was really disgusted and surprised to see a post last night on Dick Friedman's blog alleging the AP had a story that Michael Phelps has tested positive for PED's. The poster even named tth alleged writer of the piece. Why would SI let something as base and baseless as that go through on the comments? It only fuels rumors, and clearly could do great damage. Shouldn't such things get blocked? I'm fairly certain "Truth and Rumors" doesn't include libel.
upstatebosoxbabe 08/16/08
Throwdown Warriors are back!
Check us out:
BYD Racer 08/14/08
Miami Hurricanes will suprise a few teams this year...just a lil heads up.Go all MIAMI teams..
J_Wayne_TheCane 07/24/08
Stewart hasn't been winning w/ Gibbs. What makes him think he'll be able to win on his own w/ the sponsorships drying up?
2mutch 07/09/08
How about a spot for NASCAR!! At least the Cup Guys!!
Kegcamper 07/08/08
we need arena football teams for the "my teams" section of the profile
TebowsKryptonite 07/08/08
why does all mail sent to "" come back undeliverable?

uga best team since 2002 not to win a national title?
TebowsKryptonite 06/25/08
Hey, can someone take a look at this account and delete it? I don't like it's the name. Here is the link.
Keeper 06/18/08
Any one interested in joining the Fannation's Greatest College football fans, group Send me an application, we are accepting active members as long as you meet one of our requirements
GeorgiaFan1000 06/16/08
You guys are great. I haven't been able to blog lately but I read for now. I will return to blogging in the fall.
bigjay 06/15/08
Join the college football fan group
Friday the 13th: Post your scary story here:
Greco-Roman 06/13/08
Tennis should have its own T&R section...
Greco-Roman 06/11/08
Is it just my computer, or are the names of the arguers at the top of throwdowns black now instead of blue?
Is the site under construction? Email sent to Mods is being returned as undeliverable. And there is no "Share" window for blogs.
Hllywd: Olskool 05/30/08

You guys might want to get on top of this Pic in a hurry.
Coat of Arms 05/30/08
I'm not sure what all you Mods are up to on this fine Memorial Day, but the TD page has been flooded with Gay Porn.

Anyways, enjoy your holiday.
NastMcMohands 05/26/08
The Great Seminole and his at least 5other profiles are getting out of hand. There are too many of them, delete them all.
Someone, anyone, please stop The Great Seminole. Please.
Question: who or what determines the blogs on the front page?
Hllywd: Olskool 05/25/08

This TD is horrible, please check this. Also read the comments by Fartlek.
SKYLINE GT-R 05/25/08
How do I put a you tube video into a blog on Fannation?
how do you play games
irishfootball28 05/19/08
how do you delete a fan group you dont want anymore??
texas_boy10 05/16/08
can we delete photos we don't waut to anymore? Cause I have a few
Local hotel bar looking for a nfl fan club
d l 05/15/08
Just so you know, every single blog has some random blogs from someone named Mary Nicole Nazzaro as the groups recent blog posts. Not really a problem, but hopefully it changes.
Heres the link for that blog im complaining about:
Elway4Prez 05/07/08
And you guys also wont let anyone post photos in blogs. WTF?
Elway4Prez 05/07/08
What's with the blog change? You took away the few good features you had and now it wont let me put any spacing between my paragraphs.
Elway4Prez 05/07/08
I was wondering, could you please delete these? Thanks a lot.
I dont want to sound like I am b!tching about things that shouldnt be b!itched about but why, when creating a blog, you cannot change the font anymore?
my time has come 05/03/08
It's not letting me leave comments on people's profiles.
guess its fixed
~Foxy~ 04/21/08
I can't get into my profile. Is anyone else experiencing a problem. It says, Status: internal server error.
~Foxy~ 04/21/08
can you delete this please somehow it created two
indycolts2113 04/17/08
If you want to do sports trivia go to
i have only one problem with throwdowns... The forfeit button. I think there should be a little warning showing if you want to forfeit or not. I've already lost 2 td's because of that.
Mike4redsox 04/11/08

I have that problem with that and the submit argument button also
Ravii 04/12/08

Join a REAL group
my time has come 04/12/08
I still have 40 pages of groupmail. The button turns gray, but it doesn't delete automatically.
~Foxy~ 04/12/08
i have only one problem with throwdowns... The forfeit button. I think there should be a little warning showing if you want to forfeit or not. I've already lost 2 td's because of that.
NEMike 04/11/08
im still having that pop-up problem
Ravii 04/08/08
The pop-ups problem should be fixed now.

Group mail should be automatically deleting after 7 days...the process should happen at 8am every morning. If this isn't happening, please fanmail me.

We are working on future updates to Group Mail that will be released some time in the next month.
The Moderator 03/29/08
i'm getting the same pop-up problem, DC
Hey DC, not sure about the opo-ups, but I can't delete my groupmail. It was suppose to automactically delete is 7 days, but that's not happening
~Foxy~ 03/28/08
All right, 2 questions:
1) Why CAN'T we delete Group Mail?? and
2) Why is it, when I click on something, pop-ups would appear (if my pop-up blocker WEREN't working, that is)?? This is ANNOYING, and it's not like it hasn't happened BEFORE.
Something you guys must've done, or am I the ONLY one complaining about this??
My group mail is not deleting in 7 days. I currently have 15 pages. Also why does the sender of groupmail receive said mail?
~Foxy~ 03/27/08
Is there a way to not send multiple emails to someone that may have the same groups as you?
Sportfanatic 03/27/08
but because i didn't realize i have two inboxes, i have 40 pages of fanmail in my group
EMIN3M 03/23/08
I like this deleting in seven days. If i don't go on for a while i have thousands of fanmails.
EMIN3M 03/23/08
The profile Comment button issue will be fixed on Monday.

The group mail issue you mention is explained in the groupmail blog post. This is how it's supposed to work.
The Moderator 03/21/08
Fanmail counter isn't fixed. It just expires.

Yeah, I can't leave comments either. Fix it please.
RHATER is Gone. 03/20/08
I got the same problem StauffNation.
B-Redli 03/18/08
Hey somethins gone wacky with the Comments button. Whenever I try to leave comments on other member's profiles I'm taken to my own profile to leave a comment on my own profile. Does that make sense?

When I go to comment other people I can only comment myself.
Stauff Nation 03/18/08
Just wanted to say thanks for being here, Moderator! You are the greatest thing since Sliced Cheese-Bread!
It's All Mine! 02/23/08
Fannation Community

Take a look, see what you think, read the motto.
7#bag _ Com 01/14/08
Iwant to thank the moderators for , go to the last statement button, new leaderboard, and next year for the sports ticker.

7#bag _ Com 11/05/07

Truth & Rumors


  1. 1
    'Melo wants to be wooed (like, Howard wooed)
  2. 2
    Cashman scratching his head over Pineda
  3. 3
    Vogel coaching for his job
  4. 4
    Farrell defends Fenway's 'sleep room'
  5. 5
    Youthful Red Wings are rattled

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