Stupid Throwdown Boycotters

inactive, bye, with dyhard and cheez from 3 months ago
Joe Dew 10/27/08

I'm with Cheezhead
If this place becomes live, re-invite me.
Cheezhead 07/24/08
I'm leaving due to inactivity.
Cheezhead 07/24/08
Unless GOAT's all-caps comment slides of the LT with this comment, the LT's front page spans 9 months.
Cheezhead 05/25/08
I guess not.
Cheezhead 05/25/08
G.O.A.T. 03/08/08
Anyone there?
Cheezhead 02/20/08
I guess so.
G.O.A.T. 12/28/07
this group is more of a thing to have in the profile column
thehemogoblin 12/09/07
I don't know what else to do once people join the group.
G.O.A.T. 11/12/07
what happened here? its like a post-war zone
J-rod5 10/28/07
G.O.A.T. 08/27/07
Nice, this group is growing.
G.O.A.T. 08/27/07
Send invites to people to join the group. Let's make it grow!
G.O.A.T. 08/25/07
That is a good idea.
G.O.A.T. 08/19/07
thats what i've been doing. i've been calling them both out. every1 do what dyhard says. he has the idea
J-rod5 08/18/07
I say that everyone who starts an easy win, or accepts it to try to get an easy win, we should just not vote for either one. Who is with me?
i agree
J-rod5 08/12/07
Let's simply get rid of ALL the idiots that try and ruin the site!!!
JFKJR 08/12/07
II (ii) equals Inbox Imploders
Big Ben68 08/02/07
Sorry I haven't been active in here lately. What's going on?

Oh by the way, is anyone here a member of the Sports Empire? I've got some news. Check out the Locker Talk in the group.
DJTG_2010 08/02/07
Hey we need more ideas for the new group logo. i'll change the poll to decide our logo and we'll vote on the best choices. so let me hear your suggestions
J-rod5 08/02/07
whats II?
J-rod5 08/01/07
I say a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and then change the name to Boycott for II Remembrance.
Big Ben68 08/01/07
I sis the Warriors logo b/c that was my old pic on bunker05. What do you guys want the logo to be?
J-rod5 08/01/07
Intense throwdown about ROY, make sure you read the arguments though.
G.O.A.T. 08/01/07
I messaged SI a few times on JesseForce - Some of his post got very vulger.

7#bag _ Com 07/30/07
I say a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and then change the name to Boycott for II Remembrance.
Big Ben68 07/29/07
JesseForce got kicked off? I guess the power of his mullet wasn't enough.
DylanFan96818 07/29/07
geeze, every time i'm on here now, its something about hockey or something everyone agrees on
lol he was the only 1 who thought it was obvious. man, if he agreed w/ me, he should have voted for me
J-rod5 07/29/07
Yeah, he could have definitely argued Hoover.
G.O.A.T. 07/28/07
hey GOAT you saw that**** that did exactly what i hate. just b/c he couldnt argue doesnt mean there are ppl the can. that pissed me off
J-rod5 07/28/07
G.O.A.T. 07/28/07
ha we changed him. hey that throwdown i posted got deleted and jesseforce got kicked off. i think we helped get fannation a little cleaner
J-rod5 07/28/07
FrankthetanK is actually a pretty good throwdowner now. haha, believe it or not.
G.O.A.T. 07/28/07
here is exactly what i hate
J-rod5 07/28/07
the warriors logog b/c that was my original 1 and its saved on my computer. give me some suggestions on what it should be changed to
J-rod5 07/28/07
i meant change the name to just boycott????
J-rod5 07/28/07
Well, Ruby isn't making terrible throwdowns now, just stupid points. FrankTheTank is a great throwdowner now. The Inbox Imploders did do good.

Why did is the Warriors' logo the avatar???
IrishR#1 07/27/07
change the name to just the boycott. hey tell everyone you know about this group
J-rod5 07/27/07
No...but we should call the boycott:

The II Remembrance Boycott because this is what the Inbox Imploders did: we tried to teach people lessons...and we have a few success stories: FranktheTank and Ruby Noon (well...kind of...not really)...

We have also gotten rid of a few as the Imploders: Mr. Prom, and others I don't even remember the name of...
Big Ben68 07/27/07
Good group, first off. But why would we put the link here. Are we going to bring back the Inbox Imploders!?!?!
G.O.A.T. 07/27/07
Hey, find a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. for the group picture.
Big Ben68 07/27/07
If you see an obvious TD and some1 accepted it trying 2 get an easy win themselves put the URL here
J-rod5 07/27/07

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