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PackersLP21 08/05/08
For a better Jr. fan group try "Dale Jr. Nation."
jake5373 06/07/08
what the freak, no one talks on this sight? bummer
Luvdatracin 05/16/08
AND Jr wins his second race under HMS.....just warming up for the Daytona LOL
Jr's first race under HMS and he wins it.....a good sign I say LOL
Jr, rules Bud Shootout, YES!!!!!!!!!!
Now that 2008 is here and Jr has everything sorted out very nicely, hopefully this group chatter/comments will pick up again.
I am so a Big Dale Jr fan i luv him so much he is the best driver ever and i can't stop liking him he is so my favorite driver ever # 1 fan Here
#1 Tony Romo Fan 10/05/07
I am a new Dale Jr. only fan. I have always rooted for him but Tony was my main guy. Not anymore, he is caving in and driving a Toyota next year and he will loose lots more fans than me.. Go Jr.!!!!!!!!!!111
hey guys i have a cheater trying to beat me can some please vote http://www.fannation.com/throwdowns/show/40457
Sox4Life 07/17/07
Sr. would not have done the same thing. Not even close. It is called loyalty and obviously Jr. doesn't have it. It is the equiavalent of Tim Salmon from The Angels just up and deciding to sign with the Yankees for a big payday. Even when Sr. started DEI and could have fielded his own car through his own company he stayed with RCR because he knew where he came from and who put him where he was. I have 3 words for jr. right about now......GO HARVICK GO!!!!
I guess you're not really fan then UCLA fan. it doesn't matter, he needed to do what he needed to do. Sr would have done the same thing
Year of JR 88 06/12/07
Jr. to announce tommorrow he will drive the #5 car for Hendrick Motorsports in 2008. This will be my final post as a member of this group. I cannot believe he would do this considering the rivalry he and his father have had with Hendrick. Thanks for selling your soul Dale jr.....I guess nothing is sacred anymore.
Hawk, no joke....that dude talkin trash about Jr and his fans is a loser. Tough guy talkin about fighting the fans. He is still able to type so he hasn't met me yet. Bwahahaha!!!!
I know Jr was saluting the troops in Iraq. (God bless them) but that car was UGLY!
Good run Jr, Coca-Cola 600, finally the car looked competitive. (and Gordon didn't win)
Check out this guys profile. He trashes Jr and his fans. Jerk. http://www.fannation.com/users/view_user_profile/11349

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