Cubs Suck

Don't go away mad, Carlos. Just go away.
ElevenRingsSTL 08/19/11
LP is back on FanNation for a little bit! Is there anyone else that would want to be an administrator for this group?
PackersLP21 11/07/10
That was a nice Opener for the Big Z......
ElevenRingsSTL 04/06/10
Welcome to Year #102
ElevenRingsSTL 01/05/10
But we have a problem. The person who created it, just abandoned it and he is the only administrator.
PackersLP21 07/24/09
I'll help. This group deserves to be more active. We've missed great opportunities to make fun of Carlos and Milton Bradley this year already
Vulcan 06/22/09
Someone really needs to make this group active!
PackersLP21 06/15/09
So, who is going to sweep the Cubs out of the playoffs this year?
Vulcan 03/23/09
What do the World Series and a polar bear on birth control have in common?

PackersLP21 02/08/09
It's 2009. Welcome to year # 101.
ElevenRingsSTL 01/01/09
Will the lady who left her nine kids at Wrigley Field, please pick them up.

PackersLP21 11/15/08
Q: What's the difference between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears?

A: The Cubs go 3-and-out more often
ElevenRingsSTL 11/12/08
What do the World Series and gay bears have in common?
You'll never see any cubs.
EncinoMan 11/11/08
Maybe we don't have to wait a whole year. Something stupid could go down this winter-maybe they'll bring back Prior! LoL
EncinoMan 11/11/08
Now we have a whole year for another choke...
PackersLP21 11/06/08
PackersLP21 10/26/08
Interesting that the two teams that have swept the Cubs out of the first round the last two years......both were dispatched pretty easily in the second round.
ElevenRingsSTL 10/16/08
Cubs CHOKED!!! HAHA!!!
PackersLP21 10/05/08
The next best thing to a Cardinals post season win, is a Cubs post season loss! I LOVE IT!

Adios Cubs. Maybe you'll win a playoff game one of these centuries!
Cardinals82 10/05/08
Swept again in the playoffs!! The Cubs are garbage. And don't give me the lame old, "At least we made the playoffs" crap. That was the worst performance in the playoffs that I have ever observed. The Cardinals could have taken three straight from the Dodgers, of that I have no doubt. Way to represent the NL Central you bunch of bums.
Superheat 10/05/08
I'll say it with you Sooner......Cubs will win the division in 2008........but that's it.....
TenRingsSTL 08/17/08

I just wanted to point out my prediction made back in August....
ElevenRingsSTL 10/05/08
well i predicted a world series choke/sweep but i think this choke suffices
platinumpat 10/04/08
Actually, my vote was for NLDS
ElevenRingsSTL 10/03/08
well the cubs are down 0-2 so i guess the choke happened earlier than predicted
platinumpat 10/03/08
Please the Brew crew fell into the playoffs they didn't take anything. Thankfully for them the Mets have been castrated the past 2 years
Sooner, we will just have to wait and see the Cubs choke.
PackersLP21 09/21/08
Okay, Sooner....I'll give you the obligatory 1908 speech....... they still suck until they break the 100 year thing.........
ElevenRingsSTL 09/21/08
Awfully quiet here. Perhaps because the cubs just won the division for 2nd straight year.

So try this one on brew crew and cardinals. Maybe next year
Cards lost again tonight, but it's still a good day, because Marquis got an "L"
ElevenRingsSTL 09/17/08
Oh PWR this is getting too funny.
Yes the Cubs havent been to WS for 99yrs. But at least on way to 3rd divisiton title in 6yrs 4th playoff in 10. While 25yrs and counting for brewers to make post season.

Oh and down 4 to phillies. Can you say tie for Wildcard. HA HA HA HA
Brew Crew fans... where are you?

Magic # down to 9. Ironically the funniest thing is your WC lead is down to ONE. Could it be you stay home again
Actually the Cubs are going because they have won more games than any other NL team.

The Cubs big swoon-- is splitting to Philadelphia then being swept by Houston the hottest team in MLB.

Cubs just won 2 of 3 in St Louis. Harden healthy and Z to pitch as soon as we get to play again.

It is over. Now 6 game lead
heres a great td
platinumpat 09/10/08
this sucks i hope the new fannation dosent diminish the amount of cub haters
platinumpat 09/10/08
It is, after all, September, pwronk......
ElevenRingsSTL 09/09/08
the cubs seem to be getting into post season form: losing games, blowing leads, crapping pitching...ect
platinumpat 09/09/08
I think the Magic Number is 100
Deep South Sider 09/08/08
What's the lead - 4? I think the Cubs will hold them off, but the Brewers-Cubs series are gonna be huge.....
ElevenRingsSTL 09/08/08
And the brew crew and cards have also done poor this sept.

Plus Big Z MRI negative so no fret. magic # is 16
5 in a row.....gotta be September.....Completely Useless By September
ElevenRingsSTL 09/04/08
4 game losing streak plus zambrano is hurt
platinumpat 09/03/08
4 game losing streak.......must be September
ElevenRingsSTL 09/03/08
Yes, they probably will win, but they will CHOKE!
PackersLP21 09/01/08
i agree sadly the nl central champs will be the chicago cubs but that dosent mean we have to stop hating them
platinumpat 09/01/08
Sooner - it's been over for a couple of weeks....the Cubs aren't being caught.

They don't get bashed on this site because of how they've played this year.....they get bashed because.....well, they're the Cubs. Their 99 years of failure kind of invites abuse....don't you think?
ElevenRingsSTL 08/30/08
Yeah Bash the Cubs.
I mean so many flaws at 35 games over 500. Going for 10th straight series win going 24-6 in last 30.

IT IS OVER. The cubs can go 11-16 and brewers 17-11 and cubs go on since magic # is 22
Haven't seen too much Cubs bashing here though..didn't mean to step on your toes there pwronk.. that little message was intended for pack
WILD FAN 08/29/08
Amen, pwronk01. If somebody is intelligent and informed, who cares how old they are.

Can we go back to being anti-Cubs, now??
ElevenRingsSTL 08/29/08
Well if its any consolation me, the starter of this group, is only 18. We don't discriminate against age we discriminate against cubs.
platinumpat 08/29/08
That buzzing sound is here too.
WILD FAN 08/28/08
When you are under 21..20..19..18...17..16..and you still live with your mom and still are in middle school or maybe if you're lucky just starting high school..Yes.. you are still a child !!
BTW..have you even taken a look at the NL Central and just who is on top of that division ??
WILD FAN 08/28/08
Under 21 is a child?
PackersLP21 08/28/08
Sooner - the Birds helped you out last night.... not that the Cubs really need it......

I'm hoping the Cubs help the Birds out and take several from the Brewers in Sept.....
ElevenRingsSTL 08/28/08
a) you should have more fans then the cubs fans since it is a collection of team's fans you should have more. Sadly no

b) The Sox... who cares. They should worry about making the postseason only 1 game up and would be chasing boston if fallout of division.

c) Cubs 21-6 with 9 straight series wins and best record in baseball. Enough said
Knew you were a child!
TheIntimidator 08/28/08
Yeah, because I'm underage and he doesn't want me talking about BEER.
PackersLP21 08/28/08
Thug revoked you in Babes Beer & Sports. The word is spreading, Packers.
TheIntimidator 08/27/08
Yep. I will just TAKE IT OVER.

Too bad I help run the FanNation Hall of Fame, Babes Beer & Sports, LP's Luxuries, ATG, Big Ten Football, Bucky's Locker Room, FNGPD, FN HOF Commitee, FN Humor HOF, FN Survey's, FN All-Starz, FGCFF, Gridiron Pick'em Challenge, Brewers Fan Club, Monday Night Football, NFL Nation, No Name, Olympics, PackerNation, Super Bowl XLIII, and the Mitt.

Those groups are all active. What's wrong with those groups? Huh?
PackersLP21 08/27/08
FYI, PackersLP has a habit of joining groups and getting privileges then ruins the group with childess talk. Example:
gocubsgoin'08 is the creator of the group and he is in our FanNation Hall of Fame. Should I ban him?

FanNation Young All-Starz

Can I be an administrator?
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 07/31/08
Can I be an admin, already?

And change the group pic.
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 08/11/08
I am close to leaving this group.
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 08/19/08
Because we do absolutely nothing in here. It's nothing against you, I just don't wanna sit in here.
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 08/20/08

The Mitt
Can someone give me admin privs?
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 08/20/08

Gridiron Pick???em Challenge
It's between NFL Pick'em and Azcardsfan Footbal Pool.

Whichever group is more active, that's the group I'm staying with.
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 08/21/08

Cub???s Suck
Who is running this?

Please tell me because I would like to be an administrator and get this group going.

Can I be an administrator?
PackersLP21 has 4000 comments! 08/12/08
TheIntimidator 08/27/08
Cubs didn't even have the balls to handle the White Sox' ticker-tape bus coming to their side. What makes them think they can hanle the the AL Champs?
Deep South Sider 08/26/08
I would like to bring attention to membership, we currently have 70 members but i know their are a lot more that are unaware. This groups membership is currently above most the other teams fan groups. It would be great if we could get this group to be bigger than the cubs fan group.
platinumpat 08/26/08
The Cards are going to show up, I believe. Albert is on fire, and we have some payback to give after we handed the Brewers 3 of the 4 games in the last series.
ElevenRingsSTL 08/25/08
PackersLP I bet you didn't think the Cubs would sweep 4 either. The one who really wants the playoffs better showup because the wildcard is all there is

10-3 cubs in 7th ...keeping the pressure on
They may not.....but they need to. I like having Wellemeyer and Wainwright lined up for this series. Todd's been pitching very well.
ElevenRingsSTL 08/25/08
Cardinals won't sweep the Brewers. They may go 1-1, but they will not sweep them.
PackersLP21 08/25/08
I agree the Cardinals division hopes are all but over. But if do well in head to head against brewers could slide into the Wildcard
I don't think you have to worry about the Birds, Sooner. Just Milw. Hopefully, the Cards will help your cause by beating the Brewers twice this week.
ElevenRingsSTL 08/24/08
I was camping out at the gorge in WA for a concert... holding breath not really. up 8 on birds and 4.5 on brewers.

Since the break in 34 games brewers picked up a whole 1/2 game. only 33 more left.
Cubs bullpen had a great game today: 3 2/3 IP, 9ER and 3 HR allowed......
ElevenRingsSTL 08/22/08
That makes it a great day, PackersLP.....
ElevenRingsSTL 08/21/08
Brewers and Cardinals win, Cubs lose.
PackersLP21 08/21/08
Haha. You are exactly right...
PackersLP21 08/20/08
That's because Cub fans are holding their breath....hoping they can hold on......
ElevenRingsSTL 08/19/08
Wow... 2 days without any talk...
PackersLP21 08/19/08
1. Cubs
2. Brewers 1.5 GB
3. Cardinals 4 GB

Cubs choke.
PackersLP21 08/17/08
I'll say it with you Sooner......Cubs will win the division in 2008........but that's it.....
ElevenRingsSTL 08/17/08
Brewers are suck'n wind right now.
DSS... are the excuse coming now. Bc sabathia was free correct.

soriano are big money eater was out 6weeks. dempster, wood, marmol, edmonds, soto, theriot not expensive. Even harden came cheap

dont hate. Say it with me. Cubs in 08
You're right Sooner.....glad to see it. Cards have won 4 of 5 since leaving Chicago....hopefully LA can beat the Brewers a little more this weekend
ElevenRingsSTL 08/16/08
spend another 100 mil and i'll believe they're good enough to win the NL
Deep South Sider 08/16/08
ten rings... you must be glad to see cards within 2 of WC. Earlier in week looked a little bleaker
Things looking even better.

Poor Brewcrew - win 8 in row lead down to 3 although a soft 3 since picked up one game solely bc Cubs off on mon/tues. And up 4 on Cardinals in WC
Then Cubs won 4 in 3 games and now 5 1/2 up. Amazingly while cubs win 9th straight road game and 8-1 in last nine games
Do you know how to do it?
PackersLP21 08/14/08
im the admin and it wont let me add anyone else so can everyone stop asking
platinumpat 08/14/08
PackersLP21 08/13/08
Who is the administrator for this site now?
ElevenRingsSTL 08/12/08
Can I be an administrator?
PackersLP21 08/12/08
I agree with pwronk too.
PackersLP21 08/12/08
Agreed, pwronk01.....I still believe in the Cubs ability to eff things up, no matter how good it looks for them.

Just think back to the 2003 NLCS......3-1 lead.....last two games at Wrigley with their two aces on the mound........such good memories......
ElevenRingsSTL 08/12/08
its not looking good for us in cubs suck nation, BUT it is the cubs and their good play now will make the choke feel so much better
platinumpat 08/12/08
Cubs may suck, but there still winning! ****!
I agree Sooner. These series usually don't get swept.

I don't know how often Z does it, but I did see him throw at Edmonds a couple of years ago, the AB after Jimmy homered off of him.

Yeah, we needed that one. Tonight should be a good one.....
ElevenRingsSTL 08/10/08
No I'd never predict a sweep for either. The rivalry is too intense. Z does not throw at guys so not an issue. admin??

Tenrings Cards had to have that game so nicely done otherwise would been 8 back so back to 6
Yeah, Zambrano probably will do that.
PackersLP21 08/10/08
It was great to see Zambrano get his a** kicked yesterday......if I were Albert, Schumaker or Glaus....I'd be prepared to have pitches thrown at your head next time we face Carlos
ElevenRingsSTL 08/10/08
PackersLP21 08/08/08
Sooner, are you an admin?
PackersLP21 08/07/08
So Sooner, are you predicting a sweep for the Cubbies this weekend?
ElevenRingsSTL 08/07/08
I don't care. I didn't want Favre here because all he was going to do is cause a QB controversy.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
PackersLP21... cause I like it here. Most can handle a little heat. Obviously you cant.

Sooner, why don't you get the **** outta here since you are a Cubs fan.
PackersLP21 08/05/08
PackersLP21 why do you talk so bold here..but then whine on TD comments saying it is obvious the cubs are better than the brewers and should be favorite to win the NL title
PackersLP21. The brewers are 3-9 in last 12 games. Yes the cubs lost friday then won the next 2. So Its 5 over the brewers and 6 over cardinals. neither are overtaking the cubs
Yeah I know, but it seems like everytime the Brew Crew wins or the Cards win, then the Cub s win too.
PackersLP21 08/04/08
As long as one of us knocks off the Cubs...I'm good with that
ElevenRingsSTL 08/03/08
Brewers are startin up a win streak again.
PackersLP21 08/03/08
Milwaukee -- 4.0 GB
St. Louis -- 5.0 GB
Houston -- 13.0 GB
Pittsburgh -- 14.5 GB
Cincinnati -- 15.0 GB
PackersLP21 08/03/08
Cubs lost 3-0 against the Pirates.
PackersLP21 08/02/08
Sooner - I know, but the Cards competed in that series, and their bullpen blew 3 of those games when the Cards had leads late. The Brewers didn't even show up to compete in this series.
ElevenRingsSTL 08/01/08
10 rings... I said the same thing last week when the Brewers abused the cardinals in St Louis what happend to your Brew Spew. Swept in 4 games in your own park and in embarrasing fashion

Zambrano 8ip 0er -- 1 game gain
Dempster 8ip 1 er -- 1 game gained
Harden 7ip 1er -- 1 game gained
31 to 11 total.

Sweep to Back to five games. Priceless
It's 5-0 Cubs in the 5th at Milwaukee. Why did the Brewers even bother playing this series if all they were going to do was lay down for the Cubs?
ElevenRingsSTL 07/31/08
Horribly disappointing performance by the Brewers in this series. At home, they had first place there for the taking, and they have tanked against the Cubs.......
ElevenRingsSTL 07/31/08
NED YOST SUCKS! Send his **** back down to a minor league team. The man doesn't know when to sub his pitcher(s). 120+ pitches and you let the man load the bases with ONE OUT? I swear, we don't get the wild card, hang YOST's and the bullpens F'n A*S*S*'s out back of the stadium!
Stupid Sabathia......way to come through when you could have pitched the Brewers back into first.......
ElevenRingsSTL 07/29/08
a. Brewers where 5 down at break and were 1 down as of 7/27 so that would be 4 not 6 games made up.
b. They are now down 2 and bigger yet the Cubs won when CC was on mound against Lily
c. Now Zambrano, dempster, and Harden ... thinks looking good for Cubs

regardless the Cards are hurting
Go Brewers tonight! I hope CC tosses a shutout at the Cubs, the same way he did in St Louis last week.
ElevenRingsSTL 07/28/08
The Brewers have basically made up 6 games since the Allstar game. The Cubs REALLY DO suck! LMAO....GO CREW!!!
Hey but the Cubs didnt choke against the marlins yesterday, ooo wait never mind.
platinumpat 07/26/08
Brewers are only 1 game back from the Cubs.
PackersLP21 07/25/08
Yeah, you'd think the Cubs could handle the Big Unit by now.
Deep South Sider 07/22/08
I'd like to nominate Randy Johnson as the official favorite pitcher of this site. He just went to 13-0 lifetime against the Cubs.
ElevenRingsSTL 07/22/08
Yes they will.....
PackersLP21 07/21/08
Hey, didn't the Cubs finish in first in that division last last year? They'll choke sooner or later
Deep South Sider 07/15/08
Cubs are on top of the NL Central.... Sucks balls...
PackersLP21 07/12/08
Yeah I agree. I'm sorry to see it, but it makes the Cubs a much better team and probably a better PO team. I thought last year against AZ, they got impatient and played right into the hands of the D'backs pitchers.
ElevenRingsSTL 07/09/08
that said dead-on. I must have erased it accidently
Yes Soriano is free swinger but with 290 avg and power at the top which is great for those lineup rollovers esp late in game. I'll take him.

You are dead-with plate discipline and I believe Fukodome's approach has alot to do with it. The guy averages more than 5 pitches an at bat. You can see how it has become contagious.
Yeah, but I'm not sure they are better. They've played some of the better teams without him, which could be part of why the record is worse. I just think the Cubs have improved their plate discipline dramatically this year, except for him. You could always count on the Cubs being free swingers the last couple of years, and some of their hitters you could get out with bad pitches. This year though, they are more disciplined....but everytime I see Soriano, he is swinging from the heels at everything.
ElevenRingsSTL 07/09/08
DSS they didnt have problems doing it at the Cell last year now did they... and now with Harden game set match
TenRings.. the Cubs record is still better with Soriano.
They still can't beat the Sox at the Cell, and since the AL will automatically attain the home-field advantage, the Chubs aint winning it all.....for the hundreth freaking time in a row!!
Deep South Sider 07/08/08
Sooner - you're helping prove the point I have been making for two years....that the Cubs are a better team when Soriano is not in the lineup....
ElevenRingsSTL 07/07/08
1st - CUBS WIN and take series in the red birdies back yard
2nd Obviously Wood matters. You may have noticed he is an allstar.
3rd - Cubs won last year because they were better and going 11-5 vs Cardinals just made it that much more fun
4rth - Cubs were 3 1/2up with soriano out last weekend and 2 1/2 after sunday now 3 1/2 again. So Soriano out and no ground gained end result
I'm not trash-talking, I am just trying to educate Sooner. I'm all about education and helping misguided folks like Sooner see the light.......and reject the dark side, which is on the North side of Chicago.
ElevenRingsSTL 07/02/08
i think all this trash talking is warranting a throwdown
platinumpat 07/01/08
Oh Sooner.... I get that you have had some injuries (Oh, andn I don't think you can count Wood, since he had barely pitched for like 3 years), but the Cubs won the division last year primarily because it was such a down year for the Cards. And don't talk to me about injuries. The Cards have been without Carpenter all year, and now have Wainwright on the DL. That is our two top pitchers, and we gained two games over the weekend, since you seem to have lost count.
ElevenRingsSTL 06/30/08
We won the division last year with Soriano out nearly 1/2 the year. Kerry Wood not playing until late August, and Derrick Lee having a wrist issue all year that impacted his power.

You have actually close a game in 3 weeks. That is not coming fast. That is just sad
2nd Place and closing fast, Sooner..... and yes, actually we are impressive. Try being without Zambrano all year the way the Cards have been without Carpenter. No way the Cubs would be close to first if that had been the case.
ElevenRingsSTL 06/30/08
PWR & ten rings...

swept, no zambrano or Soriano and yet you all are still in 2nd. Wow how impressive the little red birdies are
i am swept away buy the sox performance this weekend
platinumpat 06/30/08
SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP! Three cheers for the Sox tonite!!!!!!
ElevenRingsSTL 06/29/08



Deep South Sider 06/26/08
Hey Sooner in WA....little message for you as you brag about the ridiculous, pathetic Cubs:

Cubs 1908
White Sox 2005
Cardinals 2006

You can't defend stop trying
ElevenRingsSTL 06/26/08
Retire... you asked for votes on this board and still only got a tie on your throwdown. weak man weak
SOX SUX... 2 in a row and 5 overall against the ozziettes. Keep running your mouth ozzie it makes it that much more fun
Awh... poor pwr thinks Soriano out 6wks means his birdies can prevail. Yet they havent gained a single game since the injury. How sad they need injuries to give them hope

Shoo birdie shoo
calling all rational people/anti-cubbie people i need some help here!
Retire 51 06/18/08
I agree - they may make the playoffs, but their rotation has "PostSeason Failure" written all over it
ElevenRingsSTL 06/13/08
soriano out at least 6 weeks with a broken hand

hahahaha here comes the choke and a cardinals divisional lead
platinumpat 06/12/08
Sox Motto: Already Happened

Cards Motto: Happens all the time

Cubs Motto: Hear it's like warm apple pie :)
Deep South Sider 06/11/08
the cubs might be winning now and they will probably be in the playoffs, but this is just a bigger set up for the inevitable choke
platinumpat 06/11/08
im in a throwdown with this kid who says the cubs have been the best this year...i said the phillies...u guys can vote for me if u want
AG-2524 06/05/08
they are winning too much for my liking
hopefully its back to reality soon
Head Kick KO 06/02/08
There is no group of people on earth more delusional, misguided and mis-informed than Cub fans. But I guess 100 years of complete inept failure will do that to you......
ElevenRingsSTL 05/29/08
Porkandbeans 05/28/08
That was a heck of a catch on Sunday, Soriano.......
ElevenRingsSTL 05/27/08
white sox blog....come check it out!
Mannny 05/26/08
ElevenRingsSTL 05/20/08
it doesnt matter what place the cubs are they still suck and we have every right to hate them
platinumpat 05/17/08
Oh're so misinformed......unless you mean the Cubs are #1 in incompetent failure....
ElevenRingsSTL 05/16/08
CUBS ARE #1 cardinals suck LOL!!!!!
Grace17 05/15/08
Good: Cubs Lost Better: Marquis sucked Best: Cubs lost and Marquis got the "L"
ElevenRingsSTL 05/14/08
cubs lost tonight
Head Kick KO 05/13/08
This group just gets bigger and bigger :) It's heart-warming
Deep South Sider 05/13/08
theyd be better with Marmol in the 9th
but we dont want them better, so nevermind
Head Kick KO 05/03/08
Nice tirade by Lou yesterday. What a bozo.....why can't he just accept that Wood is a terrible closer and that his team is going to fail miserably again in 2008??
ElevenRingsSTL 05/02/08
Who just saw Bob Ucker singing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley? Funny stuff
Stauff Nation 05/01/08
Happy to see that Marquis was terrible last night.......there are very few people in the game that I personally hope fail....but he is at the top of the list.
ElevenRingsSTL 04/30/08
How can you tell the difference between a naked Cubs fan and a naked Sox fan? The Cubs fan is the one giggling.
Deep South Sider 04/29/08
yes braylon the cubs are doing good right now but does that mean we cant unite and hate them?
platinumpat 04/25/08

heres a great picture that goes hand in hand with our groups picture.... check itout!
Mannny 04/24/08
Aint the Cubs doing good right now?
"Cleveland" 04/24/08
this is **** king beautiful...hateful people towards the cubs uniting!
Mannny 04/24/08

we need help in a throw down
platinumpat 04/17/08
"St. Louis Die Hards"

The ultimate place for ALL StL sports fans! No matter the sport, we have it.
my time has come 04/16/08
crede played great yesterday
platinumpat 04/08/08
CUBS LOSE! CUBS LOSE! way to go Astros.......
ElevenRingsSTL 04/04/08
you mean wrigley is a gay bar with a trough
platinumpat 04/01/08
Wrigley Field is essentially a sports bar with a trough...or at least that's how I heard it described on the radio.

Anyway, good opening day win for the Brewers...would've been even better if Gagne hadn't choked up.
cubs lose a close one to the brewers
platinumpat 04/01/08
it should be the cubs fans that are ashamed, how long has it been since a world series victory?
platinumpat 03/30/08
Creating this group just shows how Sox fans are so ashamed of their own team that they have to put down another.
cubs fans are the worst
when you argue with them they always site wrigley feild and how the sell out every game to prove that they are good team

they seem to forget that the havent won it all in 100 yrs
platinumpat 03/07/08
The fans? You serious? They've got some drinkers, but the Cubs have very nice fans. You've got to be kidding me on that one.
Cardsox 03/04/08
personally i hate the fans
platinumpat 03/01/08
What's too hate about the Cubs? They lose all the time? Seriously, cruel!!! lol

any bears fans in this group? check it out
Stauff Nation 02/22/08
Fidel Castro pays for the cubs

MLB Predictions!!!!
CiA is X 02/18/08
Milwaukee Brewers - Still 100% billy goat free!
My look at a the white sox just ahead of pitchers and catchers
Lilwound 01/31/08
cubs convention last weekend... or wait was it the annual gay pride parade, well i couldnt tell
platinumpat 01/23/08
your friend hates the cubs by default
get him to join
Head Kick KO 11/20/07
heres some good info on bartman

and i have a personal connection to him, he was my friends little league coach until the incident
platinumpat 11/14/07
we need a bartman update
Head Kick KO 11/13/07
those cubbie anti-semites would blame the jews
platinumpat 10/09/07
Racer X 009 10/08/07
Deep South Sider 10/07/07
Look at the Cubs now. 100 yrs in the hole. lol
Thomas 12 10/07/07
2 down and 1 to go just like Dad said we (SOX FANS) always have the CUBS around to pick up our spirits....when did they win the World Series again????
Racer X 009 10/05/07
No matter how bad the Sox are my Dad always says we have the CUBS to pick up our spirits. Sure they made the playoffs but they won't win....
Racer X 009 10/04/07
im pissed the cubs made the playoffs i had $40 riding on that they werent
platinumpat 10/01/07
change the poll to this: What will the Cubs use as their scapeGOAT for their ensuing playoff departure?
1. an animal
2. the fans
3. the media
4. the weather
5. zambrano
6. lou
Head Kick KO 09/30/07
this is the gayest group ever cubs are way better then a lot of teams
hammy 09/29/07
They'll go 3-and-out against the Diamondbacks. That is if they don't choke this lead away by Saturday,
Deep South Sider 09/26/07
I'm a sox fan that lives down street for that !st place team and I would also like to say that they had to spend 300 mil in the offseason to make a run at the divison which is sad because the central is so so so weak
SouthSideHitmen 09/25/07
i really don't think the cubs are that great. the central is terrible and in any other division in baseball they'd be a third place team!
erob3833 09/24/07
Cubs fans dont like baseball they love it and they show up even in bad years...not something a sox fan can say. 8 games left for cubs and up 2 games. If Hudson wins make it 2 and a half
im sorry sooner i didnt notice u joined the cubs suck group
platinumpat 09/21/07
the reasons i hate the cubs is f aggot fans like yourself

1st most cub fans are stupid yuppies who dont like baseball

platinumpat 09/21/07
pwronki...its the cubs. Saying they get all the break is like wandering why you are wet while standing outside in the driving rain. Get a clue. Don't hate bc the Sox suck and the Cubs owned them
cubs TD
platinumpat 09/10/07
platinumpat 09/09/07
now even though i hate the cubs, i have to admit they are good they dont get lucky all the time they have a good team

but i love watching them lose
platinumpat 09/07/07
The CUBS ****!!!! The only reason they are good is because they get all the lucky plays every time i turn it on something like the ball hits off a guys glove and into a different players its ridiculous!!!!
StumpTheQuigley 09/05/07
cubs loose today 11-3
platinumpat 09/03/07
you shouldnt even comment on this unless u have something good to say
platinumpat 09/03/07
rooting for the brewers. real effing original.
asamberg 09/02/07
yea but the cubs fans accout for 83% of the aids spreading
platinumpat 09/02/07
let me make something clear. It's not the Cubs fans who account for 83% of the crime in Chicago.
asamberg 08/31/07
im kinda bummed that the brewers lost last night, they better win the next two
platinumpat 08/29/07
a cub hater needs help in a throwdown!!!
platinumpat 08/20/07
I made a new White Sox group and ill try and keep it active so please join tell others about it.
hey we only talk about hating the cubs in this group, we dont want bickering between which teams are better. we are all united under the cubs suck motto
platinumpat 08/17/07
I hate the Cubs, Reds, Pirates, and Astros
PackersLP21 08/17/07
Yea cubs fan annoy me so much on a daily basis and now that they're doing fairly good i really hear it alot.
all of you people outside of chicago are lucky. you dont have to deal with cub fans on a daily basis
platinumpat 08/14/07
It makes me laugh to see Soriano go down! The Cubs offense was anemic as it was. Without him, they will fold! Come on Cardinals! Let's make a push this week!
Cardinals82 08/14/07
Cubs only have a payroll of about 100 mil this year. The 300 Mil is why your going to see this team disassemble within a year or two.
RonBurgundy 08/14/07
$300 Mil is simply obligated money. It's not like the Cubs' payroll for 2007 is actually that high...
Cardsox 08/13/07
i dont think the cubs will get pods they will just keep going with out soriano and be third in the division
platinumpat 08/13/07
Taking a page out of the White Sox' book, the Chubs get a guy who excels against them. I bet Hendry thinks he's making up for some power. $300+ mil and they only look like the Sox from '01-'04.
Deep South Sider 08/11/07

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