Another Throwdown Tournament Group

Since this group is inactive...I'm leaving.
Alright i am going to have to leave due to inactivity. Please tell me if it starts back.

Herwe is my tournament group who is always having a tourney going. There is always a tourney to join and every sport lives with in it.
Looks like this group is done, so I'm going to have to leave it. Contact me if it starts back up again.
Bigdleech 11/20/07
Well Due to the inactivity of this group, and the fact that I am in way too many I must withdraw from this group.

If you need to reach me for more activity.

I run Tournament throwdowns

and the FanNation Community

Any of you are welcome to join either/both group.

Have a nice day!
7#bag _ Com 10/16/07
yeah i know sorry but im waiting on shizz to start. it should be tomorrow.
ballplayr9 09/22/07
Are we going to start?
I'm getting antsy...
shizz told me he can start this up tomorrow or friday. thats when this will get rolling. sorry guys for the delay
ballplayr9 09/20/07
alright im done with this, LYNCH is out. I think A shizzle will take his spot.
ballplayr9 09/19/07
Is Lynch ever gonna pick a damn topic?
Congratulations Bombers on the win. That was a great, great TD, one of my best.
We need way more votes for the finals...
I won my TD against bigdleech. Are the finals set yet?
me vs erwin
Bigdleech 08/31/07
bigdleech is replacing DJ, he informed me he has to pull out.
ballplayr9 08/31/07
which coach is on the hottest seat on NCAA Football

Is off the board. Cassidy has chosen it.
ballplayr9 08/30/07
following the March Madness steup:

(1) TheNest vs. (4) Cassidy
(2) DJTG vs. (6) erwin
ballplayr9 08/28/07
I won my first round TD against bosoxfan. Is round 2 set?
Oh yeah David, I completely forgot about that actually.
Hey Erwin, you gonna finish RD 1 from the last tourney?
7#bag _ Com 08/28/07
alright here's another one: Which NFL assisstant coach is the most likely to be a head coach next season?
ballplayr9 08/28/07
I don't usually advertise my TDs, but I honestly feel I should be winning this one. Check it out and vote!
two topics I'm definetly keeping:

Which coach is on the hottest seat in NCAA football

Which team will win the NL Central: Cubs, Cards, or Brew Crew

I have ideas for the third one but i want yours. thanks
ballplayr9 08/27/07
and thanks for having such a good attitude about it. No doubt there's some people would've been pretty pissed so thanks for that.
ballplayr9 08/26/07
sure, that'd be cool, thanks a lot and don't worry about this mixup. it's all good.
yeah and i am really sorry about that. You have an automatic spot in out next tourney if you want it.
ballplayr9 08/25/07
so the throwdown Cassidy and I are doing right now doesn't count for the tournament and it's just for fun?
round 1 winners:

(1) TheNest6827
(2) DJTG_2010 is Dr Cool
(4) Cassidy's House

(3)bosoxfan and (6)erwin each have one arguement left in their TD.
ballplayr9 08/25/07
lil j there will be one immediately following this one.
ballplayr9 08/24/07
how do i get in the tornament
LiL'J 08/24/07
My throwdown is already completed. Check it out
kingfisher0023* 08/24/07
Hey ballplayr, want to send out some FanMails to some of the big groups promoting our throwdowns?
DJTG_2010 08/23/07
Ok, my TD with bosoxfan is up and running. I'm posting the link on the message board.
ballplayr9 08/22/07
Has anyone else been challenged yet, because bosoxfan still hasn't challenged me. Is there a time limit for challenging?
1. Unknown player who will contribute to the pennant race

2. XXX This year's surprise team in NCAA football. XXX chosen by erwin

3. XXX Division with the best QB depth (NFL) XXX chosen by BSchwartz07

4. XXX Most underrated player in the NFL. XXX chosen by ballplayr9

5. who will win the NL west.
ballplayr9 08/21/07
1. Unknown player who will contribute to the pennant race

2. This year's surprise team in NCAA football.

3. XXX Division with the best QB depth (NFL) XXX chosen by BSchwartz07

4. XXX Most underrated player in the NFL. XXX chosen by ballplayr9

5. who will win the NL west.
ballplayr9 08/21/07
1. Unknown player who will contribute to the pennant race

2. This year's surprise team in NCAA football.

3. Division with the best QB depth (NFL)

4. XXX Most underrated player in the NFL. XXX chosen by ballplayr9

5. who will win the NL west.
ballplayr9 08/20/07
just like last time, low seed get to pick topic, high seed picks side and starts TD.
ballplayr9 08/20/07
Cassidy I cant post anything in there but I'll explain here. I was having a lot of trouble getting in touch with people and getting people to start their TDs so after a group vote i decided to start over. All round 1 winners got a free pass to the second one, but the remainder of entrants were invitation only
ballplayr9 08/20/07
and erwin rounds it out. I am reranking everyone by win percentage.
ballplayr9 08/19/07
kingfisher is in, now I'm waiting for just one.
ballplayr9 08/18/07
if i dont hear from them by tonite, they are getting replaced by erwin and NCshvDavid.
ballplayr9 08/17/07
now we're waiting on denis24 and b0mb3rs.
ballplayr9 08/17/07
no dont worry about it we're about to get Tourney 2 started. I just need to hear back from B0mb3rs, Cassidy, Denis, and bosoxfan.
ballplayr9 08/17/07
i didn't know i was in this. sorry guys
BSchwartz07 08/17/07
no your cool DJTG. Also, Im trying to get BSchwartz and THERAMNDOMKING to start theirs. Lets go guys!
ballplayr9 08/15/07
Hey I'm trying to get my throwdown with kingfisher started, but it's taking me longer than expected because I've been really busy with a bunch of crap. It should be up tonight or tomorrow. Sorry this is taking too long.
DJTG_2010 08/15/07
Here's the link to my matchup with NCshvDavid. I would appreciate it if everyone voted on this one because I have a feeling it should be good.
oh ok great. That means b0mb3rs has the last one.
ballplayr9 08/15/07
I'll put it here too I guess
Which team will have the 1st pick in the 2008 NFL Draft?
7#bag _ Com 08/14/07
k i picked my topic. NCshvDavid is on the clock. Winners so far:

(1) Denis24
(2) bosoxfan5
(13) twinsfan19
ballplayr9 08/14/07
alright we're back. kingfisher has replaced The Reverend. He picked his topic and DJTG should pick his side soon. I'm on the clock but Im waiting for Cassidy to reply to me/
ballplayr9 08/14/07
all right people i am gone this weekend tomorrow til sunday. When i get back i will be trying to get this thing to work cuz i want this to happen.
ballplayr9 08/10/07
twinsfan19 has chosen: 2007 NBA MVP

Thats one off the board
ballplayr9 08/08/07
bigdleech has chosen:

BCS Bowl Predictions

that on's off the board
ballplayr9 08/08/07
phillyman311 is out, bigdleech is in.
ballplayr9 08/08/07
just under 4 hours, phillyman
ballplayr9 08/07/07
I would do that, and say except Oden or Durant, but that was a OATTA semi topic only like a week ago so I didnt want to overdo it. Maybe for a later round.
ballplayr9 08/07/07
For NBA, we could do which rookie will have the best year.
alright I'm giving phillyman until midnight EST to respond or else I'm giving his spot to bigdleech, who was the first to respond.
ballplayr9 08/07/07
phillyman311 is on the clock. twinsfan19 your on deck so be ready.
ballplayr9 08/07/07
LYNCHisOUTtoGETyou has chosen:

Which NFL team will have the 1st pick in the 2008 draft?
ballplayr9 08/07/07
i changed my mind, he has until 3 pm EST tomorrow. Otherwise, the first alternate to fanmail me will get his spot.
ballplayr9 08/07/07
LYNCHisOUTtoGETyou has 24 hours from now before i skip him and we move on. Sound good?
ballplayr9 08/07/07
yes DJTG the lower seed chooses the topic and the higher seed chooses the side and makes the challenge
ballplayr9 08/06/07
So lower seed chooses the topic and higher seed challenges?
DJTG_2010 08/06/07
if those of you who arent in the current tournament want to have another 8 person tourney, you guys need to fanmail me because i cannot organize two at the same time. I will give someone admin status to help run the tourney but you need to fanmail me.
ballplayr9 08/06/07
hiya has choosen:

which active pitcher has the best chance of being the next 300 game winner?

That topic is off the board.
ballplayr9 08/06/07
here are matchups:

1 Denis24 vs. 16 hiya
2 bosoxfan5 vs. 15 LYNCHisOUTtoGETyou
3 THERANDOMKING vs. 14 phillyman311
4 thejetstolehome vs. 13 twinsfan19
5 DJTG_2010 vs. 12 The Reverend
6 Cassidy's House vs. 11 ballplayr9
7 erwin vs. 10 NCshvDavid
8 BSchwartz07 vs. 9 B0mb3rs
ballplayr9 08/06/07
B0mb3rs (HoF) 08/06/07
So what exactly are the matchups? And what are the topics? I'm confused?
DJTG_2010 08/06/07
hey to all the members not involved in the current tourney, you are currently alternates, in order of joining. If we get two more members, I will consider holding another tourney simultaneously to this one.
ballplayr9 08/06/07
alright the 16 person field is set. bosoxfan5 and LYNCHisOUTtoGETyou are the final applicants. The field is now officially CLOSED.

Seeding will be by winning percentage. I'll let you guys know soon what the seeding is.
ballplayr9 08/06/07
hey guys these are the 14 members in the tourney so far.

Cassidy's House
The Reverend

the nest two are in unless someone drops out.
ballplayr9 08/06/07
damn!! I mean g a y
ballplayr9 08/05/07
that was ****
ballplayr9 08/05/07
awesome. Hey please invite some people and just tell them the password I've been trying to delete that but computer's being ****. I want 8 people before I get the tournamet going. thanks
ballplayr9 08/05/07
I'm in.
DJTG_2010 08/05/07

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