The Men of the North - The CFL

Well uh congrats to the Riders >_>

You beat a team with a QB that was starting his first CFL game ever. Oh man would that have been a different game with Glenn.
Bio1590 11/30/07
Hey Gents,
First Grey Cup to come to Toronto in 15 years, crazy hype. I personally cannot wait. Is anybody going to make it out to Toronto for the big game. I have a guy who hooked me up big time!!
rfinlay 10/10/07
Yeah for some reason our defense decided not to show up at all. No punts until the 3rd quarter.
Rider_Prophet 09/12/07
LOL that wasn't close.

Our defense finally stepped it up and aside from that one pick Glenn was basically flawless.

Roberts also destroyed your run defense.
Bio1590 09/11/07
The Banjo Bowl should be another close one. I just hope Riders can keep Armstrong under 200 yards.
Rider_Prophet 09/06/07
Man we blew that game.

Can't wait for Sunday.
Bio1590 09/06/07
How about those Rider?
Rider_Prophet 09/03/07
Well BC just throttled Montreal last night.

Yeah, although I'm a Bomber fan, I do think Sask's going to kill us.

I don't know. . .I think Hamilton can beat Toronto.

And Calgary over Edmonton
Bio1590 09/01/07
So who do you guys like in the Labour Day Classics?

I think the winners will be Montreal, Saskatchewan, Toronto and Calgary
Rider_Prophet 08/31/07
After the stats from the game tonight are put up tomorrow I will update the standings and stats.
Bio1590 08/25/07
The 4 places would be Ottawa (of course), Maritimes (Halifax/Frederiction, and make it generic, kinda like how the Pats are "New England" and not "Boston"), possibly Victoria (little close to Vancouver but everywhere else is too small/too hot in the summer), and yeah, Quebec City.

Maybe Montreal would work too?
Bio1590 08/22/07
4 more teams would be great but highly unlikely. Some options would be Quebec City, Maritimes, maybe a 2nd team in BC and of course a return to Ottawa.
Rider_Prophet 08/22/07
If the CFL could get 4 more teams it would be awesome, but where would they put them?
JesusJer 08/22/07
Buck Pierce needs to return to his 2006 form, or Jackson needs to really come out (A LA the Calgary game the other night) or they're done.
Bio1590 08/21/07
BC is a good team but unless they can find a healthy QB they are in a lot of trouble
Rider_Prophet 08/20/07
BC gray cup Champs!
JesusJer 08/20/07
No idea.

It's hard finding CFL fans on here.

Anyways, IT'S GAME DAY.

B.C.@Calgary, 10 PM ET
Bio1590 08/17/07
where is everybody?
IRISH-DOC 08/17/07

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