BSchwartz07* fans

Go kick some Iraq butt!
GB_Packers 09/19/08
103 members.
PackersLP21 08/13/08
102 members.
PackersLP21 08/06/08
100 members exact.
PackersLP21 08/01/08

He left FanNation because he had to go to Iraq.
PackersLP21 07/23/08
Support Our Troops....

PackersLP21 07/12/08
definately not GOAT
I'm going to have to leave because of inactivity. That doesn't mean I don't respect you BS...I do..but I need to cut my groups down.
yeah BS how did you get your ow fan group...i think me and Capt over there should start our own...stay safe
Mannny 05/26/08
peace and love BS. we will support you
jeevs BS 04/25/08
Persevere, BS. Everytime I see you on here I am reminded how of the priveledges I have as an American thanks to people who sacrifice for us all.
The Ram 03/05/08
Maybe we should change the name of the group to Bschwartz/Capt. Bagz Fans.
Cardsox 02/16/08
support our troops,(even though there should never had been a war)
NYFAN07 02/10/08
hey wheres da support?
Paddy26 12/29/07
LOL do I get a fan group? Just kidding, good stuff schwartz. Since you have a fan group, I think you owe ME a near-beer. Lemme know if you head up to Balad.
Yeah come on lets get this active for him
So let's get this active again. Anyone up for blogging or starting a throwdown tourney?
Oso Famoso 11/03/07
Holy **** did this group die. We need to support BSchwartz and keep this group active.
PackersLP21 10/08/07
okk then you prolly didn't expect that you'd be gettting into this mess (what ever u want to call it ) and i know you can't say anything cuz then you'll get into trouble so i'll just leave it at that.......
A* shizzle* BS 09/19/07
I'm still here till the 11th, and A Shizzle i have been 3 and a half years.
And I am not going to make political statements with a picture if me in uniform on this page. B/C my views could be viewed as the USAF views. Thus i will leave the political talk to you guys.
BSchwartz07 09/05/07
I think he left already.
i support u bschwartz
but i have to ask why (unless you were already in) you would enlist when u knew that u would go right to iraq...............
for an unnescessesary war.....

again i support u
A* shizzle* BS 09/05/07
Why wouldn't I be on there? I no only have 12% of the vote. Down there with Big Ben.
G.O.A.T. 08/31/07
God bless BSchwartz07*
Rossi 08/31/07
why is goat on there
Fistofreak 08/30/07
You guessed wrong. You can't make people vote on the better arguments. You probably know this already though.

AdamLee is a GREAT throwdowner. Have you seen his arguments? Rarely have I ever seen him go under 1100 characters. They are always very, very good. His record isn't only from people who suck. He is the best there is.
G.O.A.T. 08/30/07
I don't agree with letting AdamLee in YET. He needs to go against someone serious, that doesn't cheat against him. Everyone that AdamLee faced was bad or not good. He needs to go against someone serious before you even think about letting him in. Don't be phased by his record. It is only from people who suck. Let someone else in first.
I guess 9 of your throwdowns, aren't the awesomeness.
I agree with Keeper. I would vote in BSchwartz07 but Adamlee is the man who should be voted in first.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
LOL on the poll i thought it was taking about goathcw in the hof that why i voted goat
CrYmeTyme 08/30/07
DetroitFan, I am 7-9-2, thank you very much. My blogs are off the chain and if you've ever seen my throwdowns you would see my awesomeness. Haha.
G.O.A.T. 08/30/07
That list is great, but you left someone out. I have just as many blogs as GOAT and I'm 6-6 on throwdowns. I think that soccer is just as important than those other bloggers, so I should be on the list. BTW, I like BS, but AdamLee would and should be the first person voted in. After him, BS could be voted in in my opinion.
Keeper 08/30/07
Voted for BS07.
Thank you BSchwartz07* for letting us have our freedom and keeping us safe.
G.O.A.T. You are 7-9, how do you have 13% of the votes, lol.
I'm getting 13% of the vote! 13 is my favorite number!
G.O.A.T. 08/29/07
good luck schwartz, and come back sonn. and thank you for serving your country
willie mo pena 08/29/07
Good luck Schwartz.
No love for ravensfan in the poll? 52-9.....
Godspeed, Schwartzie.
U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!!!

May God Bless you BSchwartz.
Good luck. Return Home Safe. And God be with you always.
kentuckyfan1 08/29/07
thank you BSchwartz07
CrYmeTyme 08/29/07
All for you Man!
I think we should make a FanNation Hall of Fame fan group.
PackersLP21 08/29/07
May God be with you B Schwartz and I will pray for you
WOW, i mean WOW!!!! I am out and about getting everything together to leave and i see this! I want to thank EVERYONE for thier support!!! I will be heading to Ft. McCoy on September 11th (ironic right?) for training with the Army, (they have to spin us Air Force Guys up before we go with them.). Then i will be off to Kuwait for more training, and sometime in October I will arrive in Iraq on a mobile team. I will check in as much as i can. Again THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!
BSchwartz07 08/29/07
I haven't come across BSchwartz at all, but I'm all about supporting our troops! Thanks to him and everyone else!
mat13wat 08/29/07
We should have a throwdown tournament in his honor.
G.O.A.T. 08/29/07
I'm so honored to be in the poll. Thanks.
G.O.A.T. 08/29/07
Oh, I don't are. I just sent an invite to 40 groups. Is that enough? Lol.
i had to remeber names off the top of my head sorry if your name is not on the poll.
Co 08/29/07
Jeevs BS
jeevs BS 08/29/07
good luck BS....keep your head down and your spirits high
B0mb3rs (HoF) 08/29/07
BS 2
PissOff 08/29/07
where is my name on that list lol
B0mb3rs (HoF) 08/29/07
Ok...ok...why is my name not in the choices for the poll?!?!

I will be joinging the Army after high school, I just hope I dont get deployed into Iraq or Afghanistan.
Just sent it to 8 groups, if enough people don't come, we must advertise it in a blog, which you can leave to me.
I will get people in No Time!
We are having 2 spaces, in between. Example:

DetroitFan* BS
We should all be administrators of this group
PackersLP21 08/29/07
we are putting 2 spaces in between
Co 08/29/07
We could put a space in between our name and BS.
PackersLP21 08/29/07
yeah i know you are trustworthy
Co 08/29/07
Let me be a creator, and I will blog it and send it to everyone in my group, could you do that for me?
Co 08/29/07
I don't know, like 2?
how many spaces after our name?
Co 08/29/07
AT the way end of our Name.
Begining or end of our name?
Co 08/29/07
Only idiots, would think otherwise, why don't we do it?
If people ask, we tell them who we are honoring.
Yeah, lets go with a BS next to our name to honor him, for what he is doing for us.
no probably not. What about a capitol S after our star
Co 08/29/07
Well, I was thinking BS, but I don't know if that would be a good impression...
a money sign $ ?
Co 08/29/07
Good Idea?
Thats alright. We should have something next to our names to support BSchwartz07*
He is gonna kick as like the rest of America
He is gonna kick as like the rest of America
Co 08/29/07
Why am I not in any Popular Poll??!!?!?!

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