FanNation Hall of Fame

PackersLP21 07/28/09
Randy dandy 05/04/09
Goblue10: 04/27/09
PackersLP21 02/08/09
Sportswizard24 12/06/08
CuntryBlumpkin 12/01/08
PackersLP21 11/15/08
PackersLP21 10/30/08
thinking about leaving, inactive, tell me i should stay and ill know someone reads this
Joe Dew 10/27/08

JOIN the College Football Poll Committee for the ultimate poll experience!!!!!!!!

We need experienced, active FanNation(ers) who will participate weekly.
my time has come 09/29/08
The new FN is screwing everthing up.
PackersLP21 09/21/08
Cool group:
PackersLP21 08/21/08
Jets fans are lickin Brett's cleats already.
PackersLP21 08/17/08
The Packers against the 49's this exo game is a disgrace. Just pathetic. Favre scores on his first drive with the Jets....and now the contro begins....damn!
Are you sure you want to make 2 separate lists of active and inactive HOFers?

Yes -- 45%
No --- 55%
PackersLP21 08/13/08
Let's TALK!!!!
PackersLP21 08/07/08
NO put-downs!!! lol
PackersLP21 08/02/08
I wasnt "being a tard" when I nominated Peach. Why would I be? There is NO ONE on this nation who has more history than him NO ONE. He leads the nation in 2 of the 4 major catagories. I think that someone who is about to hit 100 ties and starts most of his TDs and is about to hit 200 wins deserves some freakin consideration I wasnt kidding.
I voted "NO" to having a separate list. If you quit, and leave the show, why should we still have to kiss your A*S*S by voting you in. Unless your trying to remember the DEAD and departed. I could LIVE with that! I change my vote to YES! ha ha haaah! Who ah!
hey guys I joined
Okay...I joined- I voted- I wish everyone the best of luck.
ok i voted for J. Hova...
ahung 07/26/08
^^^ Please vote in the Poll ^^^
PackersLP21 07/26/08

Should we make 2 separate lists of inductees that are active and non-active members?

Yes - 57%
No - 14%
What's The Point? - 28%
PackersLP21 07/26/08
I need some HOFer's opinions...
CanofOil 07/23/08
Vote in the Poll ^^^^^^
PackersLP21 07/23/08
Are you happy with who has all been inducted?

Almost all of them
Some of them - WINNER
Not at all
PackersLP21 07/22/08
I think we largely have the backlog of Hall-worthy members taken care of.
Favrefan 07/16/08
So lets induct some more people into the hall.
Joe Dew 07/14/08
Wow! There's some talented TDers in here! Not like me--some no talent hack that launches sniper shots during others' TDs then doesn't vote...
CanofOil 07/13/08

PackersLP21 07/11/08
Anytime this month, Detroitfan...
Joe, it's that group.
thehemogoblin 07/02/08
Right Cassidy. We forgot to include you.
Favrefan 06/18/08
We should have a list of all the Hall of famers, which we probably have but i cant find, just curious to see all of whom have been inducted.
Joe Dew 06/13/08
Moh, there is... look at this group:
thehemogoblin 05/18/08
Hey folks, someone sent me a fanmail to come here and check out this group. I don't know why though as if this is the Hall of Fame, it seems natural that unless you are coming to look at all the cool trophys and busts of the greats, you have to wait for a Call from the Hall. I am curious, is their a list of folks that have made it in to the hall? I would be interested in checking it out and seeing who all the honorees are and if I have beaten them before! Nothing like whipping a future HOFer to make a guy feel good about himself!

Take Care all!
[The] Coach 05/08/08
Check out my blog, A Typical Manning Family Dinner every Tuesday at 8:30
True, hiya.
Hey hiya. Remember me? Well I am back
PackersLP21 04/18/08
Ah, found it. I know, stupid newbies like me filling up the locker talk.
Favrefan 04/11/08
Sorry, I'm new here, but where can I see who is in the Hall so I know who to nominate? I'd feel really dumb if i nominated someone who was already it.
Favrefan 04/11/08
Oops, it's the 9th. lol

It's April 10th... how much longer 'til the Main Election?
man, you just looooove Peavyfan don't you. Do you refuse to forget how much of an idiot he was before he took this site seriously?
Nomarfan5 04/05/08
Its starting to make me mad that the "flavor of the month" is getting the nominations. THe long time vets like Peavy, Favrefan, Bigdleech, and many others.... but certainly not Cassidy are getting snubbed.
In good time, I'm sure... still SOOO many that are deserving to get in.
Peavyfan should be a HOFer.
\/ I agree with that guy.
Why are you pushing this so far Ben? Just drop it. If you take people OUT of the HOF then this group is officially becomes a joke and I am leaving as should everyone else. WHen you are in, you should be cemented in. NO way to be taken out. Ever.

Erwin, Cassidy got Krobe deleted.
Right now, and Ben, he is there to stay.
Krobe should also be removed from the HOF...

...while we're on the topic...
Big Ben68 03/31/08
When the hell are we gonna find out who's the next to get in the HOF?
jeevs BS: jsut below the Most recent members. just click on all fannation hall of fame members
~Foxy~ 03/29/08
is there someplace we can see all the members names?
jeevs BS 03/27/08
Hey ef, do you know why Krobe was deleted?
We've got 3 to go to 200
thehemogoblin 03/25/08
R.I.P. Krobe09*.

Deletion date 3/22/08

to this date the only deleted member in the HOF.
Know it all. I respect your opinion but I also have mine. People aren't being forced into the Hall Of Fame. If you don't believe me...ask anyone if they've been forced in yet. You're going to hear alot of NOs! Secondly, people are nominated on criteria, meaning that they have fullfilled any requirements necessary to be involved in this process. These people are voted on, not forced. Thirdly, you must not get around much because every single person on the list SHOULD be there. I'm not seeing the question marks that you see. Please remember, everyone has an opinion. You stated yours, and now I have stated mine.
Krobe 09* 03/21/08
Really shouldn't force 3 people in everytime. A lot of these people shouldn't be in this.
Know it all 03/18/08
I just created a new group called the NFL re-draft group. It's we're each person gets a nfl team and we re-pick with each team with our future knowledge of how each player turned out. Right now we have 8 members and I'd at least like 16 before we begin the 2006 nfl draft. Tell me if your interested
Elway4Prez 03/15/08
Hey, is doing their March Madness bracket pick thing again this year. It is free and it isn't blocked at work! march Madness rules.
Newt 03/06/08
CJBOSOX 02/21/08
I'm with Danbash...I'm biting my nails over here!
When will the winner be announced?
vote for goodell and lifer
indycolts2113 02/01/08
We have a HOF service that provides answers to all our questions and concerns?
Super Squirrel 01/31/08
Hey hiya and detroitfan. Sorry, my computer went to **** and it is still really slow. I am glad the group is still running.
PackersLP21 01/30/08
I killed in the Poll anyway, which is a bad thing...
Why would you do that to yourself KP?
thehemogoblin 01/21/08
can we make an option on the poll for "other" or "me" ?
KPKahder 01/19/08
O think DFan wins this poll EASILY.

Any guy that likes Bon Jovi is dumb.
It's easier for us to go back to previous comments. It's nice.
thehemogoblin 01/14/08
hiya, they do it on blogs instead of the Locker Talk.
DJTG_2010 01/13/08
As far as the comments go for the Night Owls, disregard us for that requirement.
thehemogoblin 01/08/08
No we don't. Comments are only from TDs, blogs, and T&Rs.
hiya 01/07/08

And profiles.
thehemogoblin 01/08/08
Hey all, just read all the reasons given for my nomination...just had to say thanks...I'm sitting at my desk blushing, and doing the "aw, schucks" look. Thanks a lot guys, you are all the reason I do what I do.
Josh 01/08/08
I hate to be that guy, but you're going to have to reconsider the comments requirement due to groups like the Night Owls. Just pointing that out.
DJTG_2010 01/07/08
My HOF Tourney TD is over between me and Duquesne, he won in a good battle.
Why, you're welcome, hiya!
Cardsox 01/04/08
Tough* call. sorry
G.O.A.T. 12/29/07
The poll is pretty even between 1, 2, and 3 members a month being allowed in. Touch call.
G.O.A.T. 12/29/07
Paddy26 12/29/07
Roy=Cassidy's House
Big Ben68 12/16/07
Too many deserving peeps to choose from.
AdamLee 12/14/07
Bigleech, who was Roy?
Denis24 12/12/07
IRISH-DOC is the KING of STEELER NATION.. FEEL THE STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Da Man!!!!! 12/12/07
I Efbasketball...
Big Ben68 12/09/07
how bout have the HoFers nominate 20 ppl for the ballot
I agree with voting ef in as an extra candidate after he was forced to leave the site by Roy, but Zippy the elf was an idiot.
Bigdleech 12/08/07
I say to honorarily elect EF (he left the site)
im nominatin him as well as zippy the elf
Paddy26 12/08/07
I vote 4 IRISH-DOC... FEEL THE STEEL is the Champion Blog... GO STEELERS
Big Ben68 12/07/07
We voting yet?
Big Ben68 12/03/07

Why did it cut it off?
PissOff 11/28/07
This is why both Cassidy and I belong in the Hall of Fame.
PissOff 11/28/07
EF you deserved to be nominated
Wow, my last nomination caused a million little hissy fits. I wonder what is up my sleeve for next time. You guys will approve of it more, but not too sure if you will like it.
At least nominate me. Just once.
PissOff 11/26/07
yup, absolutely zilch
Nomarfan5 11/25/07
this is to the other admins of the group: Detroitan made me an admin, and so far i have done jack squat. Is it ok if i run the next nominations?
Nomarfan5 11/24/07
Please check out my blog. Only baseball, football and basketball lovers.
Fastbreakblog 11/21/07
Hello everyone. I am new to the site and like it a lot. I hope to talk with you from here on. Big baseball, football abd basketball fan.
Fastbreakblog 11/21/07
me= your mom
Paddy26 11/17/07
LP, didnt Lance Smith get arrested for something and can only play in Badger home games???
Super Squirrel 11/15/07
Wasn't the next ballot supposed to be voted on today (technically yesterday)?
Big Ben68 11/15/07
me=Lance Smith (You probably will not know who he is)
PackersLP21 11/12/07
me=Joseph Addai
Denis24 11/10/07
me = Ozzie Canseco. That doesn't really make sense, but i was just reading an article with him in it
Nomarfan5 11/10/07
Big Ben is right...... He beat B0m3rs 63% to 36%
PackersLP21 11/08/07 got nothing..;(
Bombers, I'm the Art Monk of the FN HOF as voted on by the people!!!
Big Ben68 11/07/07
me= trent green "Yeah he had a good career, but..."
#21 Goat is dead on he may be the scottie pippen of fannation, except he doesn't ever ASSIST me in my TD's LOL
B0mb3rs (HoF) 11/07/07
me=Greg Jennings
PackersLP21 11/07/07
me=Scottie Pippen
G.O.A.T. 11/07/07
me= Braylon Edwards
me=art monk
B0mb3rs (HoF) 11/06/07
thank you all for voting for me.
LanaLikesBrady 11/04/07
thats what she said...
Nomarfan5 11/03/07
I want to be the Braylon Edwards of fannation because we all know hes gettin in some day.
MR. STEELERS'S last post . He made a personal disclaimer at the very beginning of the post .If you look cafeully .at the first two Satments. He warned us that THIS IS DUMB. STRAIGHT UP .
Krobe 09* 10/28/07
What is dumb?
PackersLP21 10/28/07
Mr. Steeler has a point
I really don't deserve to be on the ballot. I'm not saying take me off b/c I'm honored to even be nominated. But still, there are a whole lot more people more deserving than me.
Escobar Caesar 10/28/07
Da Man!!!!! 10/28/07
OK gentleman. I'm not whining , but it looks like more often than not , his opponent didnt finish . I'll drop it . I'm letting friendship cloud my judgement . Sorry I said all that .
Krobe 09* 10/27/07
Um, Krobe, I'm agreeing with efbasketball here. Irish is cool and all, but is PURPOSEFULLY NOT finishing throwdowns...
Big Ben68 10/27/07
Krobe, he has 15 unfinished TDs that are HIS fault. HE isnt finishing them. RESPECT!?
I'm somewhat disenchanted with the fact that IrishR#1 isn't getting a fair shot at something he is more deserving of than almost everyone else on Fannation If Irish isn't on the Ballot, then my votes are a waiste of time.
Krobe 09* 10/27/07
Ok then.
PackersLP21 10/26/07
Yeah, take me off the thing. Pick someone else that the others feel are more deserving.

718 10/26/07
J. HOVA...

Do you really want to be taken off the ballot?
PackersLP21 10/26/07
If all of his comments are intelligent, add something to what the topic is talking about, etc...
Big Ben68 10/25/07
I don't have a problem with him being on there...
Big Ben68 10/25/07
You know what, y'all are right. Why I am even tripping off of this I do not even know. Just take me off the ballot, and invite someone else. I am happy just responding to the truth and rumors and the TD's. Seriously, please just take me off of the ballot.

718 10/25/07
J. Hova, i don't know if you had a name before this one, because i don't recognize you, but you have 1 article comment. I am not trying to diminish your achievements. Im saying that the HOF should be an elite group, and while you are a contributing member to this site, i don't see why you deserve a nod over Denis24. Lifer, Mac, Cardsox, or others
Nomarfan5 10/25/07
So you comment blogs and td's. What about that sets you apart from any other member of fannation. You vote for Cassidy's house just because she is a girl, and you don't have any qualities the average person on here does. There needs to be a restructuring of the nominee system
pecotafreak 10/25/07
J.Hova...while i dont think you need to be "diminished" ...I do think that to be in the hall of fame, you would have be apart of all aspects of FanNation including, i dont plan to TD anytime soon and I enjoy doing what i do on here....thus, im not about to go trying to be something im wont make or break my day on here if im never a hall of famer....ever....suck it up big'll be fine. : )
CarmenHOU 10/25/07
What does TD's and Blog Posts have to do with being a fan and being a member of Fannation. I respond to a lot of articles, and throwdowns. I am starting to get annoyed with this attitude that because I do not get involved with Throwdowns my involvement with this site should be diminished.
718 10/25/07
GOAT has to do the write-ups on the nominees and we will go from there.
PackersLP21 10/25/07
When will the voting commence? Next week?
Big Ben68 10/25/07
1. Big Ben68
2. efbasketball5
3. Cassidy's House
4. J. Hova a.k.a. EJ
5. AdamLee
6. B0mb3rs
7. DetroitFan
8. Josh
9. Rodger Goodell
10. Lana
PackersLP21 10/25/07
Lol Packers man.

^ Here is the new list of nominees ^
PackersLP21 10/25/07
where am i on the ballot? lol!

Big Ben is automatically on the ballot because he took 2nd place on the last ballot.
PackersLP21 10/25/07
why did J-Hova get nominated, no offense bro, but you have 0 TD's, and 0 blog posts, and 1 article comment. I don't want to be mean, but Detroitfan belongs on this list more than Hova
Nomarfan5 10/25/07
I don't think it'll happen for you this time Hova.
Big Ben68 10/24/07
Thanks for the nominations, guys. I really hope I get accepted.
718 10/24/07
Ok then. But have you or DetroitFan talked to GOAT lately?
PackersLP21 10/23/07
Who made Nomarfan an administrator?
PackersLP21 10/22/07
Damnit...I lost for a fourth time...I shall be in next time!!!!
Big Ben68 10/20/07
when is the ballot over?

i really don't want to be embarrased with a last place finish again, my psyche just can't handle it
Nomarfan5 10/19/07
I haven't heard from GOAT lately and he was supposed to write the ballot but DetroitFan did it.
PackersLP21 10/19/07
Ohhh. Me and Hiya both postponed the voting because DetroitFan had all the information for GOAT to write the blog but we don't really know what happened.
PackersLP21 10/19/07
Exactly Krobe.

Also, I thought this was supposed to end yesterday?
Big Ben68 10/19/07
Ben is talking about hiya's comment of election postponement until further notice . Not sure why hiya made that post .
Krobe 09* 10/18/07
What is messed up?
PackersLP21 10/18/07
WHAT the hell happened now!? Why is it messed up again?
Big Ben68 10/18/07
PackersLP21 10/18/07
What the hell happened now?
Big Ben68 10/17/07
Has anyone talked to DetroitFan lately?
PackersLP21 10/17/07
Cassidy's House, if you have any questions, say them in the message board under "Questions Anyone" or you can FanMail me.
PackersLP21 10/15/07
Cassidy's House is the 100th Member.
PackersLP21 10/15/07
PackersLP21 10/15/07
ninja , you handed out 18 wins to non sports TDs . That's not quite what we're looking for . Try reporting the TDs to .
Krobe 09* 10/14/07
Bombers called Art Monk.
PackersLP21 10/14/07
[in response to TD Ninja's topic: a NEW Nomination for the HOF]

Right...that just makes you the garbageman of FanNation. We thank you for taking out the trash, but aren't going to let you in the FN HOF.
Big Ben68 10/14/07
he called it first, fine, i'll just be the art teacher of fannation
Nomarfan5 10/13/07
I'm the Brett Favre. I will get in...eventually....when my time is up.

Actually I am nothing like Brett. Forget I said anything.
G.O.A.T. 10/13/07
Actually I think Bombes called it first...but whatever...
Big Ben68 10/13/07
I am the Art Monk. I have claimed it...
Big Ben68 10/13/07
i am also the art shell of fannation, and art teacher
Nomarfan5 10/13/07
i am now considering myself the art monk of fannation.

No one else is, only i
Nomarfan5 10/13/07
If you voted for confusing, post your question(s) in the message board topic named "Questions Anyone?"
PackersLP21 10/13/07
How do you want inductees to get into the HOF?

Percentage - 52%
Who gets the most votes - 47%

^ Poll Results ^
PackersLP21 10/13/07
DetroitFan sent out a fanmail telling to reply with your nomination. Because of all this confusion, I am going to make a poll.
PackersLP21 10/13/07
Is anybody home ?
Krobe 09* 10/12/07
I'm somewhat confused:

are we nominating here, through fanmail, or something else?
Big Ben68 10/12/07
you guys ready to induct me into the Hall yet? Cuz you know, any time your ready
Nomarfan5 10/11/07
If you already have the 10 nominations then go with them . I still don't know if we have 10 yet .
Krobe 09* 10/11/07
There are still some people that haven't been notified . Could you guys try it one more time ?
Krobe 09* 10/11/07
DetroitFan sent out a fanmail to the group to nominate there. Should we re-do the nominating?
PackersLP21 10/11/07
So, are we nominating now or later?
Big Ben68 10/10/07
Big Ben68

and since I don;t need the Number 2 spot anymore

7#bag _ Com 10/10/07
i nominate detroit fan
iamjimmy 10/10/07
^ Try the new one. ^

It is called, "First 10 Members you Nominate!"
PackersLP21 10/10/07
i nominated nomarfan
it is not working for me either
Any other questions?
PackersLP21 10/10/07
The next ballot is Tuesday, October 16th.
PackersLP21 10/10/07
nomarfan, it will not work for me either.
PackersLP21 10/10/07
is the voting board not working for anyone else?
Nomarfan5 10/10/07
When is the next ballot?
Big Ben68 10/09/07
We have the nominations up because we are giving GOAT time to get all the info do put into the blog. We are not sure yet.
PackersLP21 10/09/07
yea we are,

when is the next ballot
We aren't bold...
Big Ben68 10/08/07
What voting style do you want?

Vote for 1 member - 45%
Vote for 4 members - 54%
PackersLP21 10/07/07
^ Poll Results ^
PackersLP21 10/07/07
Why are you telling who you vote for?!?!?!
PackersLP21 10/07/07
I ALWAYS forget to nominate and vote for this so let it be known now. I nominate AND the ONLY person I vote for is Bombers.
Go Bold!!!
PackersLP21 10/06/07
Whoo hoo!!
We're bold again!
damn, last place in the voting
Nomarfan5 10/04/07
We have to keep the poll up longer, because it is too close (47% - 52%)
PackersLP21 10/01/07
Big Ben68 10/01/07
I made a suggestin the New HOFer blog...
Big Ben68 10/01/07
I like how it is now as well. But if you are going to limit it, how about you make it so you can only vote 2 people in at the most or maybe only 3 people in at the most.
G.O.A.T. 10/01/07
i like how it is now, and when are the results announced?
Nomarfan5 09/30/07
But I do like the pick four people to vote for thing...
Big Ben68 09/30/07
i agree
Nomarfan5 09/30/07
You should be able to send in ONE set of votes like in your example. No voting more than once...
Big Ben68 09/30/07
I don't like either. I want people to have a choice.
ohhh, i was that rule saying you can vote for up to 4 people, or 4 times, because i think you should vote for whoever you think deserves it
Nomarfan5 09/30/07
I like the old way a little better
What rules don't you like?
PackersLP21 09/30/07
Do you like the new rules and regulations?

Yes 12%
Most of them 50%
Not Really 25%
No 12%
PackersLP21 09/30/07
i don't like the rule where you can vote 4 times, that is dumb, it should only be one
Nomarfan5 09/30/07
Can we only nominate people in the group? Just a question that came to mind.
Cheezhead 09/30/07
For Coletrain, GoatHCW, DJTG_2010, and Steelercooz. If you didn't write your induction speech, you don't have to, but you can if you want.
PackersLP21 09/29/07
Should the HOFers have to write an induction speech or if they want to they can.

They have to write it. 30%

They can if they want to. 70%
PackersLP21 09/29/07
The next time nominations come around, do any of you guys think I'd have a chance at it at all?
Cheezhead 09/29/07
This is a cool group.
Miracle Worker 09/27/07
DAMN IT...I can't even be ON the next ballot...that's bull...
Big Ben68 09/26/07
I think we should have an unofficial poll on the candidates. It wouldn't count, but it would just be for fun. i liked it last time
Nomarfan5 09/25/07
I wish to thank hiya for nominating me, it is long overdue. haha
It's an honor.
G.O.A.T. 09/25/07
I would like to thank nomarfan for nominating me.
G.O.A.T. 09/25/07
Yeah lets start up the next vote, this group started out strong and is losing momentum.
GoatHCW 09/25/07
Man, I hope I get in this time...
Big Ben68 09/24/07
When are we going to vote for the nominees?
Phillyman, Big Ben, NC David, and all of the others that wanted GOAT to blog. Give him some ideas in the message board.
PackersLP21 09/19/07
GOAT is officially....

a Super-member.
PackersLP21 09/19/07
Good idea Ben. I will do that.
PackersLP21 09/19/07
G.O.A.T. can just be a Super Member and blog...
Big Ben68 09/19/07
Thank you David, Ben, and Phillyman.
G.O.A.T. 09/19/07
go with goat so he can blog- I got no problem with helping- why don;t you ask the currnet HOFers?
7#bag _ Com 09/18/07
We have some nominations for the new administrator but we are still debating if we need another one.
PackersLP21 09/18/07
yea GOAT is amazing at writng those kind of things. Well he is amazing at a lot of things.
Get G.O.A.T. to write them..guy is f*cking amazing...
Big Ben68 09/18/07
You should get GOAT to write up a nomination slip for all the finalists.
7#bag _ Com 09/17/07
We're not bold anymore!
Who will be on the next ballot? The suspense is unbearable. haha, this is a cool idea.
AdamLee 09/17/07
Yes GoatHCW, but the administrator that was supposed to be doing that hasn't been on in a while so I he is no longer an administrator.
PackersLP21 09/17/07
Are we gonna get a updated blog of a list of HOF's and our records/bio's?
GoatHCW 09/17/07
how has the bigdizzle not made it onto the top twelve ballot yet?
Bigdleech 09/17/07
When it does start nominate me. If you do you can have a ride in my car...
Hopefully I get in next...
Big Ben68 09/16/07
When is the next election?
erwin, we have to wait until the nominating starts to be able to nominate you.
PackersLP21 09/16/07

There's the link.
Cheezhead 09/15/07
All NFL Fans! Come join my group "NFL Nation!"
Cheezhead 09/15/07
Ok then DJTG. Send it to the whole group and title it, Hall of Fame Induction Speech.
PackersLP21 09/15/07
I will write my speech tomorrow.
DJTG_2010 09/15/07
GOAT did nominate AdamLee but it was too late. We took the first 10. Also, we had NCshvDavid on the final 5 ballot but he just didn't win.
PackersLP21 09/15/07
Yea he ( AdamLee) has to be on the ballot and i think NCshvDavid has to be a HOFer.
I tried.
G.O.A.T. 09/15/07
Also, if AdamLee isn't on the next ballot I don't know what I'll do. He's 38-0 and is now a writer for for crying out loud!
G.O.A.T. 09/15/07
I will tell PackersLP.
Good point GOAT. I am going to do that.
I'll do it if you all want me to. Write a speech, that is.
DJTG_2010 09/15/07
Regarding the poll: I don't think they should HAVE to write an induction speech. They can if they want but they shouldn't be obligated to do it.
G.O.A.T. 09/15/07
That is weird.
PackersLP21 09/15/07
Two Simpsons characters were inducted in the same day. lol.
DJTG_2010 09/14/07
Yeah...I'M the Art Monk of the FN HOF.

I've twice been up for vote and not gotten in. I was even the leading candidate in the pre-voting poll...
Big Ben68 09/14/07
B0mb3rs, look at the message board to see if you are the Art Monk of FanNation.
PackersLP21 09/14/07
Good job guys. We are keeping the group active lol.
PackersLP21 09/14/07
Ah. Well then, it is the Super-CHEATERS then.
In my defense, that is Tom Brady..., lol.
Whereas you have to super-chokers on yours. OUCH! OUCH!
What sexiness?
Lol, just kidding.
Well, you do have an old guy for your picture, Yankeeslifer.
(I know that was cold, haha)
My sexiness should propel me to the HOF. Not to mention my impeccable record.
Am I not special enough to be nominated either? You people can be so completely and utterly rude!
Or am I "not special enough?"
I think that would be worth more than I make now, Adam. Thanks for the raise!
Neal Coolong 09/14/07
Steelercooz can be the commish as far as I am concerned, which the opinion is worth a grain of salt.haha
AdamLee 09/14/07
How come everything here is so bold?
What am I?
Can I be the Commissioner Goodell of FanNation? I mean, outside of the Rodger Goodell we already have on here? I want to fine someone with a Patriots name $250k.

Nomar! You're close enough.
Neal Coolong 09/14/07
Big Ben is the Doug Williams of Fannation
B0mb3rs (HoF) 09/14/07
Adam Lee - the Rocky Marciano of fannation
7#bag _ Com 09/14/07
I don't really want a comparison...
Big Ben68 09/13/07
i think we should all get player comparisons, or at least the ones that want it.
Nomarfan5 09/13/07
I am here, don't worry. I made it. BLAMING SCHOOL!
Are we all getting player comparisons? I wonder which one I would be...
AdamLee 09/13/07
I'm the Chris Paul of FanNation. I try the best I can in throwdowns but my record doesn't show it. Haha.
G.O.A.T. 09/13/07
Everything in this group is bold...why's that?
Vote today??
GoatHCW 09/13/07
Ben is the Michael Westbrook of Fannation
7#bag _ Com 09/13/07
Didn't see my name on the list. I still consider myself the Art Monk..wait that would mean I won't make it for waht 10 years at
B0mb3rs (HoF) 09/13/07
Who the heck is Mark Rypen, lol?
I am the Michigan of Fannation.
I am the underachiever.
What is that supposed to mean?
Big Ben68 09/12/07
Ben you are more like the Mark Rypen of Fannation
7#bag _ Com 09/12/07
I still say a Redskins fan will end up being the Art Monk of the FN right now that is either me or Bombers...
Big Ben68 09/12/07
September 13 is the vote.

I want to see 69 votes. (however many members we have when we vote)
PackersLP21 09/12/07
How does everyone like the poll? lol, I created it from the message board.
PackersLP21 09/12/07

Are we suppose to vote today?
GoatHCW 09/12/07
We have to wait for the voting date to vote.
PackersLP21 09/10/07
We don't get a jacket.
Big Ben68 09/09/07
So, we NOW have the five nominees are you going to open the voting?
Big Ben68 09/09/07
I want my gold jacket!

(What color jacket do we get if we get into the HOF???)
DetroitFan, from now on we are going to have the nominations for 10 called HOF Vote, and the deduction down to 5 called HOF Pick.
PackersLP21 09/08/07
We can have 3 votes in September.
PackersLP21 09/08/07
That should be why should WE right the vote?
Big Ben68 09/07/07
Why would be rig the Vote?

Makes the group look VERY uncredible.
Big Ben68 09/07/07
It would be cool if we could have the next vote on Sep. 11 and enter BSchwartz07 into the HOF.
PackersLP21 09/07/07
I declare the winner of the poll....

5 NOMINEES!!!!!!!!
PackersLP21 09/07/07
nomarfan, if you go to the FanNation Hall of Fame blog there is a blog on all the rules. I am adding some rules so everyone check it out.
PackersLP21 09/07/07
No, no, no, nomarfan, we NOMINATE TEN people and then WITHIN THIS group we VOTE the ballot down to FIVE candidates for the OFFICIAL ballot. Ten nominees, five candidates.
Big Ben68 09/07/07
no problem adam, people nominate who they think should be in the Fannation Hall of Fame, and no nominating yourself. The top 10 nominees then advance to the voting process. You send your votes to DetroitFan* BS, and title it FANNATION HALL OF FAME VOTE. I believe you can only vote for one person, and im not sure when i9it ends, someone else can fill in my gaps
Nomarfan5 09/07/07
Hey everyone, can someone give me a rundown on the voting process? This looks like a fun group to be in,
AdamLee 09/07/07
Big Ben68 09/05/07
Are you saying that we should have 10 nominees, then vote on them in the poll, and then take the winning 5 and have everyone vote on them in the ballot?
PackersLP21 09/05/07
I REALLY don't think people understand what I'm saying. I DON'T want 10 people on the ballot to be voted on by anyone, but the final product of five that is decided on by the 60+ members of this group.
Big Ben68 09/04/07
No, PackersLP21 (you OBVIOUSLY didn't read my post in the Locker Talk...which you should go back and do), but if we pick TEN nominees and then WITHIN the group VOTE on FIVE of the TEN we will have a BETTER ballot. It will be much more diverse!!!

ALSO, the two highest vote getters (besides the winner) should have an automatic spot on the next Ten Person Nominee Ballot.
Big Ben68 09/04/07
If you vote for broncos4ever all your wildest dreams will come true. Thank you
About the poll...
If we have to put 10 nominees on the ballot, then it will be longer between votes. If it is 5, then it will stay the way it said in the blog.
PackersLP21 09/04/07
Well, just one.
No problem, dude. I even fended off losers trying to overthrow us...
Thanks for helping the group DetroitFan
PackersLP21 09/03/07
Send me a FanMail for what?
Can't wait until the next election.

I will vote next time.

Do i just send a Fanmail to DetriotFan?
Which idea?
Big Ben68 09/02/07
September 12th Ben.
However, we are going to try a few new things in the next 2 months, and you guys will pick which way is better. Ben, your idea is going into the next Election.
I think nominations should run until we have ten possible candidates and then you vote them out until you have five left (the voting occurs within the group), then those five will be the ones that are voted on by everyone.

Also, I think the two highest vote getters (besides the winner of the poll) should automatically get a nomination spot in the next vote.
Big Ben68 09/01/07
SO, when is the next nomination period?
Big Ben68 09/01/07
I actually have THREE.
Big Ben68 09/01/07
I have someone to nominate for the third vote.
Big Ben68 09/01/07
yo mac ill nominate u if u nominate me
Why won't anyone vote for me?
My friend named Shorty is 19, and only 5 and a quarter inches.
It would be nice if somebody dropped me a nomination....

Given out shorty? I know someone named Shorty, she's short...
Rodger, we are voting.

The first HOFer will be given out shorty, people.
Are we actually gonna vote, or are the nominated automaticly in??
We could do that.
Maybe we can just put - Name, TD Record, and Time on Site
PackersLP21 08/31/07
I would have done that been, but we don't want to just put their whole profile on there. People would probably know if people were active.
I will update it if i can.
PackersLP21 08/31/07
I can't update it...DetroitFan would have to update it, since he wrote it.
Big Ben68 08/31/07
You know what you should do for the Inductee Ballot?

Put TD record, Total Time on Site, and spot on Most Active List.

So for me it would look like:

Big Ben68: 20-3-3, 7 months, Ranked 1 in Activity.
Big Ben68 08/30/07
Put in your nominations for the first inductee into the message board
PackersLP21 08/30/07
20th member!!!!
PackersLP21 08/30/07
now it is 50%
PackersLP21 08/30/07
1 more member!!!
PackersLP21 08/30/07
Should we just say the results are 20-30? (because 20-30 has 46% of the votes)
PackersLP21 08/30/07
If 20-30 wins the poll, we still need 2 more members.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
Why don't you just call us staff and appoint us positions?
The final administrators are:
PackersLP21 08/30/07
Ok i will see.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
Here is another good point. It is a true fact too.

I don't agree with letting AdamLee in YET. He needs to go against someone serious, that doesn't cheat against him. Everyone that AdamLee faced was bad or not good. He needs to go against someone serious before you even think about letting him in. Don't be phased by his record. It is only from people who suck. Let someone else in first.
Yeah good point DetroitFan. He also has only been on FanNation since yesterday.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
No offense, but shouldn't someone with a better record be an Admin?
I Bleed Blue, you don't even have 1 win yet. Why would you be made an Administrator of the Hall Of Fame?
We already have 3. I might wait for a little bit to make a new administrator.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
Hey I wouldnt mind being an adminastrator if its alrite with u
I Bleed Blue 08/30/07
Just give me ideas. Anything.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
do we only vote for people in this group?
weisey10 08/30/07
However many members the results on the poll say, that is what we are going for. For example, if 40-50 wins the poll we don't start inducting until we get that many members. If you want to explain why you voted, go ahead.
PackersLP21 08/30/07
The Official FanNation Hall of Fame!!!!!
PackersLP21 08/30/07

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