Boston Red Sox Fan Group

i love the red soxs:)
jossi 10/08/09
No idea
Army of Adam 09/28/09
Why have so many people joined a dead group in the past month. Deadgroups should not be on the rise.
Sportswizard24 01/11/09
but a happy day for the NEW YORK YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ravii 08/01/08
well they finally lost it. The red sox traded manny to the dodgers. I for one am very dissappointed. Now we have a hole in our lineup. This jason bay, will he play cleanup taking over manny's role. I think this a sad day for boston red sox.
redsoxdiamond 07/31/08
shold the red sox trade manny? I say hell no there is nobody that could take his place. I say keep manny happy no matter what, he is one of the reasons the red sox have become the great team they are now
redsoxdiamond 07/30/08
It's funny, Hank Steinbrenner said there's no such thing as Red Sox Nation, and there's more members of this group than the Yankees Fan Group. Irony!
JDawg1447 06/12/08
"Manny not a hard worker?"
check this article out
hes good enough for me
i say if he gets the job done let manny be manny
bosox fan 05/17/08
Search engine made for Redsox's fans which uses Google infrastructure
this is the special search engine for Redsox fans
redsox2008 05/13/08
Good post Diablo!!
JohnnyK 05/08/08
My best buddy which happens to be a (I FEEL LIKE VOMITING) a stankees fan took me to new york yesterday he's a season ticket holder so YES! He took me to the game yesterday. Seriously i wanted to BARF the whole time there just watching these loser fans cry about how bad there team is & YES THE BEAUTIFUL word RED SOX was constantly coming out of someones mouth i could'nt believe how much these people worry about THE WORLD CHAMPIONS incredible!!! It felt good to watch detroit kick the crap out of them i sure came home happy but my buddy was in shambles the whole ride back to BEANTOWN!!!
Diablo Loco 05/02/08

defend OUR jacoby ellsbury... is he better than eugenio velez? i say YES!
my time has come 04/19/08
lbrnj437 04/16/08
Great win over the Yanks tonight,
becca e. 04/12/08
Ravii 04/03/08
BOSTON CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ravii 04/03/08
Ravii sucks:)
becca e. 04/03/08
Ravii 04/01/08
Look at this it has been hours since the game ended and no one has anything to say.. Wow did anyone even see it. I thought well maybe no one really cared to much because its only spring training and this spring was pretty slow because everyone was coming back. Now its season time and still no one has anything to say.. Is there true fans out there or just part time fans.. Check out my blog on part time fans and you will no were you fit in.
Anybody see the game today against the Mets? Ended in a 1-1 tie, but it was a good pitching battle between Lester and Santana. Both pitched 4, gave up 2 hits a piece and Lester had 5 K's while Santana had 4. Lester did give up a BB, but both had good stuff. Granted it is spring training, but exciting. I'm going to Ft. Myers Wednesday for Sox @ Twins, Thurs for Rays @ Sox and Friday for O's @ Sox. I'm taking my daughter, her first exposure to the Sox.
RSN 03/10/08
Well i probably would not of minded santana thats a garenteed 15 wins and now with shilling out and its also not a bad idea to pick up c young winners
I doin a throwdown and its against the yankees.......check it out and back my throwdown against those pathetic yankees!!!!!
bajastyles 02/29/08
big time.
Yeah, winning the world series is a sign that you are bad team
big time
Ravii 02/17/08
Ravii 02/17/08
john lesner is going to have a great year.
Glad to here Santana to the Mets is a done deal. I honestly didn't want the Sox to trade for him and at the same time I'm glad the Yanks didn't get him either (for obvious reasons).
Gone 02/02/08
The Red Sox should not offer Clay or Ellsbury to get Santana. Offering those guys would make us Yankee like.
Let's get some good Red Sox 2008 analysis discussions going on this site!! What do you think of the Santana trade rumors?
JohnnyK 01/24/08
the Boston Red Sux will win the world series
Ravii 01/23/08
hes smart
Ravii 01/13/08
DaGreatPoop 01/07/08
check out Patriots are the best ever my friend runs it it's awesome
Bradybeats49 12/27/07
go red socks
go Penn State 12/18/07
DJRoxalot 12/08/07


A-Rod to star in new drama, ???Cooler 2???

Surprising movie industry insiders, producers for the much-anticipated sequel to the original ???Cooler???, starring Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy, went outside normal Hollywood protocol and have decided on all-star infielder Alex Rodriguez in the lead.

The original movie detailed a man who is known to bring bad luck wherever he goes, and is hired by a casino to ???cool??? off hot players in the casino.

A-Rod could not be reached for comment.

However, Producer Sy Simkowitz was eager to share his feelings about the upcoming Paramount project. ???We were looking for authenticity in the actor for the lead???, Simkowitz stated. ???We have followed Alex???s progress throughout his career. When he was in Seattle we began giving up hope that he was right for the part. However, when he was traded to Texas we had to again begin to take notice. Now after his years with the Yankees, we know we have our man.???

At the press conference, Alec Baldwin was present but did not say much to the mass of reporters. Looking like an overweight Robert Dinero minus the acting chops, Baldwin was seen toting a baseball bat. When asked about the bat and its connection to A-Rod being a baseball player, Baldwin replied ???Who the **** is A-Rod????, and proceeded to attack the reporter with said bat.
Fastbreakblog 11/20/07
WBZ in Boston reporting that Sox have re-signed Mike Lowell.
MikePBoston 11/19/07
Trade Willy Mo and Crisp. And man, we need to find a SS. Can Cora learn to play SS?
enderandrew 11/16/07
Don't get ride of Lowell
Check out my cy young throwdown, i need the support of the nation
slater0711 11/13/07
2007 World Series Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be back next year to do it again.
red sox are taking it!!! bye bye rockies !!!!! oh and by the way yankees suck! <3
BostonBaby24 10/22/07
The Dark Lord Hates the NE Patriots
Check it out here:
Check out this website . It like a fannation for Red SOX fans. Its has news and rumors . Its has throwdown call slugfest.
Pennant Fever grips the Hub!
RED SOX WIN THE DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Cincy) 09/29/07
RED SOX are doing fine now. Now that they won the AL East i see them taking the pennant and probably the world series too.
What really really upsets me from watching friday night's game is that, what the hell were they thinking when they took K-dice out of the game so early? I thought he was still doing ok. Why are they so f--king anxious? What they did in the 8th inning sends a very alarming message: the sox is not all that prepared when it comes to face-off time with the yanks.
gwangster 09/19/07
Cardsox 09/15/07
was I the only one who actually did not wily mo to leave?
J-griff 09/15/07
RedSox, are champs. No question. They **** own
Cassiee 09/08/07
(Cincy) 09/03/07
Great forum, check it out,
Mr. Met 08/31/07
EMIN3M 08/27/07
EMIN3M 08/26/07
Just last week the wankee fans were talking about taking over the division dream on LOSERS!!!
The BO Sox are not gonna give up the division that easy and even if they sweep us this week (very unlikely) they will still be down 5.
Diablo Loco 08/26/07
Yankmees lost today SOX up 7-1 lets go ahead and make it 7.5 up
bjs24 08/26/07
(Cincy) 08/26/07
EMIN3M 08/24/07
My SS teacher is a yankee fan.I wore my david ortiz jersey to school.He pretended to give me a detention but then tore it up.LOL Hater
(Cincy) 08/24/07
RedSox Throwdown
who'd the sox get for wily?
(Cincy) 08/20/07
hey this is a league that we vote for the best team nicknames and other things in sports you should join.
StumpTheQuigley 08/19/07
hey every one. who think will win the wworld serio ????
Robinzon 08/15/07
NCAA Football Championship voting
7#bag _ Com 08/15/07
Can you have more than one favorite team in a sport? Can you have one American League and one National League? 2 favorite football teams?
JOTR 08/09/07
Red Sox Throwdown.
party on fantasy players party on
everyone come join my fanttasy sports group

dont' draft and drive
help support the red sox
sorry again, but i got another Red Sox related TD, check it out here
Nomarfan5 07/28/07
another TD, this one arguing Jon Lester's case
Nomarfan5 07/23/07
I got a TD favorin the Bosox, arguin against the Yanks, help me out a little, im only up 43-39
Nomarfan5 07/19/07
Show the RedSoxs some love
RedSoxRock 06/25/07
I am likeing Pedroia. Finally a 2nd baseman we may keep for a couple years
How about Pedroia?? That kid is gonn be around for a while...
Tony D 06/25/07
Crisp is hitting well lately so he should stay. Willy Mo just not doing it for me. His lack of hitting and his poor defense is just plain horrible. I would much rather see Hinske play outfield if Drew is out.
i will
Mr. micah 06/22/07
sambucca, crisp is gonna win MVP. you cant see talent when it is out there.
bosox fan 06/18/07
Why is Lugo batting first? He's got the lowest BA of all the starters. It should be Pedroia/Youkilis at the top. I knew when we signed Lugo he wouldn't be worth it, and Gonzo has 11 hr's (Would be tied with Lowell for the team lead)
Soxpast22 06/11/07
yall should come join my group UYH the united yankee haters!
free manny ramirez poster in the boston globe sunday
i think the sox should ship Coco and Wily Mo out for osmething. I dont like either of them and some team will take a chance on them. also i would like to se Murphy or Ellsbury in Boston, even some of the young pitching
Cubana 06/08/07
Pedro shouldn't have left the Red Sox.
hey guys send me friend invites i'm kinda new
Wouldn't it be nice if Crisp could actually hit the baseball? What is he batting like .230?
benny 06/06/07
Vote for me on my throwdown. some guy is trying to prove that the chargers are better than the pats. What a dumb+++
KG and Krew 06/04/07
vote for my throwdown it is best dynasties in football and baseball. I have the Bo Sox and the other guy has the Yanks
i think the red sox should trade pena and call up Ellsbury. I really like this kid and think he can handle the MLB this season. throw him in as a backup and if he does well replace Coco
Cubana 05/31/07
willy mo has got to go. he's doesn't even play every day. yes, his bat is nice but last time i checked we had these guys named ortiz and ramirez and youk who can hit fairly well. imagine if we had bronson this season instead of pena, we'd be burning down da house.
monica 05/30/07
If an outfielder goes, It's got to be Pena. The guy is a HUGE defensive liability, and we already have our DH in Ortiz. The Sox will have trouble moving him because he's got to stay in the AL or go to a team that is extrememly desperate for offense. I think over the long hall, Crisp will be fine.
AR10 05/28/07

Red Sox fans, do you think your Sox pitching is better than the Angels pitching?

Check it.
DJTG_2010 05/28/07
if one of those outfielders (pena or crisp) are traded, i think it is pena. i love his bat but i dont want to lose crisp's D and baserunning ability. however, jacoby ellsbury is supposed to be the next johnny d. we'll have to wait and see.
PE20BRS34 05/27/07
Vote for my throwdown, Yankees suck and this idiot just won;t admit it!!!
llBIGGll 05/24/07
did anyone see arod's elbow to pedroia. he slid into second and landed an elbow in his groin! the clip is on a******
PE20BRS34 05/23/07
****, Manny! Would it hurt to run hard to first just once this year??!!
colbemol 05/20/07
Can Dice-k make it two complete games in a row?
PE20BRS34 05/19/07
Yankees lose 2-3, Sox up by 10 full games in the division.
LifelongBoSoxFan 05/18/07
Go Mets, go! End of six, Mets 3, Yankees, 2
LifelongBoSoxFan 05/18/07
After three innings at Shea Stadium, Mets 1, Yankees 0
LifelongBoSoxFan 05/18/07
i'm looking forward to interleague play. remember back to last year as we had that long winning streak spanning over the interleague play.
PE20BRS34 05/18/07
Lucky guy that I am, I am surroundied by Yankees fans, who keep reminding me that this season bears a striking similarity to 1978......

I hate Yankees fans.
isirota1965 05/18/07
Guy's I know this sounds like a shameless plug, and maybe it is, but for any Sox fan who cannot get NESN, if you have a computer and a high-speed connection, MLB.TV is the way to go. I live in TX and have only missed three games all year.
LifelongBoSoxFan 05/18/07
Yeah, he pitched really well, and also, I guess the games aren't on espn.
greenlemonade102 05/17/07
Don't you wish Tavarez could pitch this well every start?!?!?
LifelongBoSoxFan 05/17/07
Game is postponed, will be a double-header tommorow on espn.
greenlemonade102 05/16/07
Any idea who will be called up for Friday's start [in Beckett's place]? I cannot wait to get Jon Lester back. I still feel uneasy going into a game with Tavarez on the mound. We'll see what happens tonight. Go Sox!
PE20BRS34 05/16/07
I would have loved to be there. You must of had a fun time.
greenlemonade102 05/15/07
I was at Sunday's game in the right field bleachers and the place went crazy! It was awesome!
colbemol 05/15/07
That was a awesome comeback, one of the most exciting games I have ever seen.
greenlemonade102 05/14/07
Thank you Sam Perlozzo for taking Guthrie out of the game. Why would he ever do that, he was throwing great and had a low pitch count? But hey!, I'll take the W.
MattH 05/14/07
what a comeback
PE20BRS34 05/13/07
don't you love the rally in baltimore and crisps hustle
sox fan24/7 05/13/07
i would be cool for dice-k and okajima, it would make them that much fmore comfortable in the clubhouse
PE20BRS34 05/12/07
possible trade deadline move, if the M's are far enought out.
PE20BRS34 05/12/07
Great series. Lets see what happens against Halliday.
PE20BRS34 05/10/07
The series in Toronto has been very impressive so far. Two great pitching performances by Beckett and Dice-K. And how can you not love 8 big flys, 4 in each game.
CJBOSOX 05/10/07
He got caught ramming Enrique Wilson in the Yankees hotel.....that's why Enrique Wilson is no longer a Yankee.
BlazeNhaZe247 05/09/07
Manny being Manny
SoxHert 05/07/07
Manny, Manny, Manny...

What the hell were you doing in the dugout with Julian Tavarez during Sunday's game? Dude, I'm no homophobe, but the cameras definetly caught some unprofessional moments of teammate affection. No matter how close one is with a fellow player, it is always viually awkward to witness a professional ball player with one arm around a teammate in a comeradic embrace while the other hand massages and strokes the other guy's head.

Jerry Remy couldn't even maintain a professional commentary without breaking into hysterics. I've never seen anything quite like this display of teammate cohesion.... Yikes!
colbemol 05/06/07
Pap said that he doesn't want to be a starter, so I don't think that would be a good idea.
greenlemonade102 05/06/07
i would give willy mo up in an instant for cordero. willy mo is worthless in the field and he strikes out a lot. plus with cordero at closer, we could move pap to starter and then dominate every single nite.
SoxHert 05/06/07
Willy Mo Pena for Cordero. I don't know, i like his power and he seems like he really meshes in the clubhouse.
GP92 05/06/07
Tavrez pitched well last night. I've heard rumors of Tavarez to Colorado for Helton, and the sox pursuing a trade for the Nat's reliever chad cordero
GP92 05/06/07
Lester will be back soon enough, and he can take over for the struggling Tavarez. Our pitching is good enough, and we already spent enough money, so I don't think that we should sign Clemens. I'm not saying that it would hurt us if we did sign him, thats good, but we will be fine without him.
greenlemonade102 05/05/07
I think there is a good chance he comes to Boston b/c he says he wants to go to a team w/ a good chance to win the WS, thats the only reason he is not retired for good. If he is making his decision soon, whos he going to pick: Houston (12-16, 5th place, 6.5 gb, NYY 13-16, 2nd place, 6.5 gb and awfull staff, or Bos 19-9, 1st place, 0 gb and deep staff.
GP92 05/05/07
i dont think the rocket is gonna end back in boton due 2 the fact that yankees want him so much but im hopein the sox get him back the could use him over mr.taverez who is retarted
_RedSox4Life_ 05/04/07
Obviously, Clemens would certainly get the nod over Tavarez. But, I have a gut feeling that Roger is not going to have much of an impact no matter where he ends up.
TBard29 05/03/07
Agreed. I dont think he is an waful pitcher, but he has his moments. One question. Rocket come to Boston, Tavarez to the bullpen. Lester comes back. Where does he go. Do we go with a six man roatation, which would allow more rest for aging pitchers Schilling, Clemens, and Wakefield and also make Matsuzaka feel a lot more at home, for he pitched in a six man rotation in Japan. Just a thought, cuz Lester has got some nasty stuff.
GP92 05/03/07
Tavarez is an idiot. he is the worst pitcher on our staff, and therefore has no right to say that we dont need Roger Clemens. How can you possibly say that you dont need a 300 win HOF, who still throws gas. I mean come on Tavarez.
Skins26Fan89 05/03/07

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