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Have you heard anything on sweepstakes with Cards football and Alltel? There is a chance on Dec. 2nd (when the Cards are playing Cleveland) for fans to actually get on the field and throw for money. Alltel is going to be at the UOP Stadium doing this thing where you and your top 10 friends have chance to win 100K, tickets, phones and what not. It???s called 1st in 10- and I believe you have to sign up by Nov 14th.
Here is the link that tells you all about it:
Thought you might find that interesting???until then, it should be interesting to see how the Cards shape up against the Redskins this Sunday...
C. Catcho 10/18/07
I just read that Marion killed the 3 way trade to Boston that would have brought Garnett to the Suns !!!! His agent told the Celtics he'd opt out this year if they went ahead with the trade. Then, when we refused to extend his already very pricey contract... he asks for a trade!

I try to be loyal and know there's always more to every story but it sounds like he's an unintelligent (he'll never be in a better situation than with the Suns!), emo (unappreciated? not), DICK HEAD (forcing HIS Suns to take a lame trade or get nothing if he opts out after this year, when we could have Garnett)

We'll take Odem and kick his but three or four times every year for the rest of his career.
jvpink 09/28/07
yah no kidding i can't believe that he wants to leave and all that crap
A* shizzle* BS 09/28/07
Howdy all, I like the idea of this FanNation thing where I can not only get my news but eventually get into the issues with folks I relate to. I'm living in WA now but spent 20 or so years of my life in Phoenix. I'm a fanatic and loyal to my teams... most of them from AZ (except, here we go; My Broncos AFC, Cowboys NFC & KC Royals AL)

I'm tripping on the Marion issue!! After all Kerr's done to keep the team in tact!! Dammit can't we just make one more run with this team? (any help from Hill would be sweet)
jvpink 09/26/07
and cuz its kinda hard to say if people have been voting can u just say if u put yes or no in the poll so if we get 5 that said that they said yes then we will start a touney
A* shizzle* BS 09/14/07
okk there we go we are getting some participation
A* shizzle* BS 09/14/07

I don't live in Arizona but I joined this group because I like the Suns.
haha this is pretty easy...
U of A (Basketball, Softball, Football)
and the DBacks! BAM
And finally the SUNS!
DK Danielkron 09/13/07
hey so guys whats up
hey to get things started just put down ur favorite arizona teams

az wildcats
A* shizzle* BS 09/07/07

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