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Ugh! A loss to the Chiefs? Are you kidding me?
Burger Meister 12/05/11
Bear Down, hey buddies. What do you think Jerry and Lovie are going to address in free agency? I hope they can sign a guard or tackle and then go after some skill position players
SouthSideHitMan 01/29/09

i need help bears fans
ogunleye for most underrated!
hammy 09/09/08

reading material
Mannny 06/02/08
Hey guys, I usually don't do this but here's a throwdown between two Bears' fans on how they'll do the upcoming season. I say they'll be at least 8-8, he says they'll have a losing season. Check it out, and vote for who you agree with. Thanks!
Harris. 05/18/08
will the bears take both games from GB this year....again? i think so...

check it out
Mannny 05/04/08
hey anyone up to this challenge
FanMan. 04/18/08
Check out my final mock draft of the year!

Let's hear it Bears fans! You like you're draft?
Doodle24 04/18/08

sorry theres the link... im active in it in the offseason. drop by some time
Stauff Nation 02/22/08

another bears fan group
Stauff Nation 02/07/08

i say the bears were the best team before the super bowl era... this guy says the browns are...
Stauff Nation 02/06/08
Hey, everybody, I recently posted a blog about what *I* would address if I were Jerry Angelo. Please check it out if you have time and let me know what you think!

Thanks! :)
Sneaky Pete 01/25/08
See what you guys think of my ideas for the Bears please post comments:
MikeG118 01/18/08
DJRoxalot 12/08/07
i think the season done so lets give so backups a shot.... maybe orton?
platinumpat 11/04/07
Our Bears have no's almost like they just don't give a ****. Perhaps that Super Bowl loser curse-thing is an actuality rather than a myth.
Littleshovel 10/30/07
devin hester group
platinumpat 10/28/07
kyle orton is my boyfriend
platinumpat 10/22/07
BEARS WIN!!!! BEARS WIN!!!! Griese looked fantastic. He should rip out the cords from his helmet and call his own plays 100%.
Littleshovel 10/22/07
that game sucked
platinumpat 10/14/07
im not sayin its time to rebuild with orton i think he can be a starting quaterback in the nfl

before he got hurt at purdue he was a heisman candidate and a top qb in college football
platinumpat 10/04/07
I agree...orton can do big things with the O. Need to start young and rebuild this team early untill its too late. 2 years goes by and we have no O line BC is so old along with injury riden players...i think it might be a long 5 years for us before we get back to contending
Mannny 10/03/07
we need orton to play

lovie doesnt realize it that orton is good and he is better than greise and grossman
platinumpat 10/02/07
Grossman kept the defense out on the field, thus tiring them to exhaustion and making them prone to injury. I'm done defending this guy. I'm done. The best adjustment the Bears can make right now is in the front office.
Littleshovel 09/24/07
asher again I think you can blame the line. Benson and Peterson statisticly look forzen but they're breaking 5 to 6 tackles a run because their line can't hold up. Gross isn't getting any love and I think that the line is going to keep them from the bowl this year and, unless they fix it quick, will keep them from the bowl for several years.
Im steaming. The Bears won but if their O Line would have held up for 1 second then they could have won by more. Look for this to be a problem down the stretch.
i was at the game today and it was nuts especially when hester scored his td
platinumpat 09/16/07
I'm looking for Da Bears to roll right over those lowly Chiefs. Wish I was back in Chi-town to witness the carnage. GO BEARS!!!!!
Littleshovel 09/16/07
i blame the chargers, we played a good game they just beat us
platinumpat 09/10/07
I don't know how I should feel about Sunday's game against the Chargers. I am truly (and obviously) impressed with the Bears defense. Holding LT to such a small amount of yards, in San Diego no less, is quite a feat. However, I am at wits end with their offense (obviously). I don't know what to feel. I don't know what to think. I'm still waiting for the Bears offense to show me some signs of life. Nothing. Who should I be angry with? Rex Grossman? Lovee Smith? Cedric Benson? Ron Turner? Somebody PLEASE TELL ME WHO I CAN BLAME! True, the Chargers are a ridiculous team, with an incredible offense and defense. But please tell me, am I wrong for expecting more from the Chicago Bears?
asherchase 09/10/07
hey guys this is the Bears fan group where the true fans are so join!!
StumpTheQuigley 09/09/07
Check out my blog about REX & the Blond Bomber, I think most people forget how bad Terry was before he became great!
cardalpha 08/31/07
if there are any Illini fans here you should join the Fan Group
StumpTheQuigley 08/22/07
Grossman throwdown:
we need a new poll for this group
platinumpat 08/19/07
Voting is now open for the Fannation National Championship
7#bag _ Com 08/13/07
Check out my blog post addressing the recent trend of Bears hate. Let me know your thoughts.

Littleshovel 08/11/07



First 11 to send me there email address will be in the league.


come join my fantsy sports group
someone dissin the 85 bears in a td
platinumpat 08/07/07
come check out this TD
this guy really doesnt know what hes talking about at all and all he can do is trash talk the Bears !
JOeyRo07 08/04/07
COme join the party Ditka would

new group about fantasy sports

dont draft and drive
I just posted my Rex blog tell me what you think?
SouthSideHitMan 08/01/07
I heard Jim Miller talking about how IMPRESSED he was with Grossman so far. Rex has worked alot on his footwork, and decisionmaking, he said we wouldn't be surprise if Rex went for 30 TD this year; whoa!
SouthSideHitMan 08/01/07
Yea i went the first day and all i could notice was Rexs throws were on point and hopefully it carries over into the game he was making the Def look bad and thats hard to do. So i believe Rex is going to have a heck of a year.
has anyone been to bears training camp in bourbonnais.
I just posted my Bears Blog on the offense, tell me what you think? Hester BABY!
SouthSideHitMan 07/30/07
Fellow Chicago Fans; some chump thinks LeBron is better than MJ. Check out me throw down when you have a minute
SouthSideHitMan 07/27/07
hey ghost, how about a new poll question, wins, pro-bowl players?
SouthSideHitMan 07/26/07
check out my throwdown. I have the Bears and Packers on top of the NFC North. please vote for me
PackersLP21 06/27/07
Hey, come check out my throwdown:

Thanks and hopefully you vote for me.
Big Ben68 06/24/07
LT better bring his lunch pail, it is gonna be an all day sucka.
Galloping_Ghost 06/18/07
LT will run all over u guys on Sunday, September 9
Z3US 06/17/07
Go Bears! U rock! =)
FangsterLean 06/10/07
Chicago Bears even here.... =)))
Stalker 06/02/07
this is my throwdown so will u please vote for me
#1 Cubs Fan 05/24/07
Hey Bears fans I need help in a throwdown dealing with the Bears. Im am in a debate and getting beat so will you help me by voting for me and by supporting the Bears. GO BEARS!
#1 Cubs Fan 05/24/07
Not a great game for the Bears but huge that they were able to come away with the victory. Rex made some terrible decisions due to the pressure the Vikings were bringing. I would not be surprised if the rest of the league took notice and blitz the bears more in the future.
Coxy 09/25/06

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