Chicago White Sox Fan Group

This fan group is weak and fan nation would allow me to be the admin so I've started my own group
SouthSideHitMan 01/26/09
hey buddy, what's up my fellow southsiders? Have faith in Kenny this offseason, the youth movement WILL lead to another division title!
SouthSideHitMan 01/26/09
should we go after a bat or a pitcher at trade deadline, we have a good bargaining chip in Josh Fields
azcardsfan 07/04/08
This fan group sux, who do I gota talk to lead this group?
SouthSideHitMan 07/02/08
were looking good this season
platinumpat 04/06/08
My look at a the white sox just ahead of pitchers and catchers
Lilwound 01/31/08
sox are gonna trade konerko, i do not understand that if they trade him then they are rebuilding so then why trade gonzalez
azcardsfan 01/05/08
where r all the whitesox fans, everyody is panicking, i do not think things are as bad as you think, yea we are going in alittle blind with ? we need 1 more dependable pither 1-3 we are ok @ an left or centerfielder i am confident in owens, to be a everyday quality player, our other pos. are solid with or without crede, but i would keep him
azcardsfan 12/18/07
i hope to god kenny isn't really thinking about trading konerko! it wouldn't surprise me.
erob3833 09/24/07
If we trade pods than we better get someone decent or better in return. If we dont its like were giving people away
Soccerbiest95 09/23/07
Yes i made a new White Sox group and ill try and keep it active. Its called Chicago White Sox.
Did anyone make a new group for the Sox?
ChiSoxfan 08/16/07
yea whoever the leader is make a poll so its more fun
platinumpat 08/14/07
Why is this group so inactive? Someone should make another one that can be more active with blogs and polls.
It all depends on what the Cubs would be willing to give up for Pods. I like Pods but he has to be able to stay healthy which he hasn't.
ChiSoxfan 08/12/07
if we get rid of pods i am going to start to lose my faith in kenny
platinumpat 08/11/07
I can't believe I'm going to have a hard time rooting for a guy who hit a World Series walk-off for the White Sox. Do the Cubs want Dye while they're at it?
Deep South Sider 08/11/07
I agree that Williams has been doing that lately, but that has not always been the case....look at the trades for Thome, Vasquez, Freddy Garcia, etc. Other than two minor trades at the deadline, he did neither.
ChiSoxfan 08/04/07
the problem with kenny williams is he is always trading to get the next best prospect, and not improving his team now
platinumpat 08/03/07
I guess now that I have thought about it, I am a little disappointed that Williams did not do anything at the deadline.
ChiSoxfan 08/03/07
I don't think that the Sox can get anything for him considering how terrible he has been lately.
ChiSoxfan 07/31/07
Can the Sox get anybody for Contresas at this point id give him away for free if someone takes the contract to.
I agree that they moved the wrong middle infielder but who would really want Uribe?
ChiSoxfan 07/28/07
Southsiders I need your help MJ vs Lebron check out my throwdown when you have a minute
SouthSideHitMan 07/27/07
Sox deal Iguchi, I think they moved they wrong middle infielder
SouthSideHitMan 07/27/07
this is the group for me!
SouthSideHitMan 07/26/07
I am out of it looking like they are going to trade anyone?
ChiSoxfan 07/15/07
Wow, not a talkative group of Sox fans.
ChiSoxfan 07/15/07

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