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If the Tigers lose today, then Leyland should get the axe. No excuse for losing the Central this year.
Miguel#94 10/06/09
Any news on Bondo?
ThaTruth313 05/29/09
RIP Mark 'The Bird' Fidrych
Miguel#94 04/15/09
READ my blog
NRGSTAR 07/02/08 This game is the $hit. You creat and manage your own football player. let me know what yall think
yung $co 04/02/08
Happy Opening Day, everyone
Miguel#94 03/31/08
Three things need to happen, or we won't win the Series.
1> Quick comeback from C Grand
2>Comeback & middle relief help from Tata or some other youngin
3>Bondo back to form.

I love the Tigs as much as anyone, but without those 3, I think we get wild-card and out at best.
Okay- se we just pulled off the trade of last few decades for Detroit and this is all the recent chatter! Come on people- get it out there! We are gonna take the Central to town this coming year! Go Tigers! Oh and Dave, pla eese shore up the pen a bit more to insure those leades!
A Fact: is alive 12/10/07
hey guys i have a cheater trying to beat me can some please vote
Sox4Life 07/17/07
I am in a throwdown supporting Verlander for AL Cy Young award winner. Help me out!
Maize&Blue69 06/24/07
I am in a throwdown supporting Verlander for AL Cy Young award winner. Help me out!
Maize&Blue69 06/24/07
In order for the Tigers to stay in the AL central race they need to be healthy. Their not right now but we need to put a band aid on the open wound. We need to get some help from a guy like Troy Percival. I know hes wash up. But for now who would you rather have in the 8th Mesa or Percival. What do you think?
Iwinski 05/29/07
Zumaya's injury notwithstanding, there is no way the Indians, or the Twins for that matter, will take this division. I still expect the Tigers to go deep into the playoffs. They will find a way to get it done.
Rocco218 05/12/07
I don't see the loss of Zumaya hurting all that much. He hasn't pitched all that well this year and the Tigers aren't playing too bad.
original6 05/08/07
Uh oh, Zumaya could be out for a while after suffering an injury while warming up in the bullpen during tonight's win over the Royals. Although Rodney has been pitching better as of late, the Tigers pen hasn't looked all that great so far this season. The loss of Zumaya could hur the Tigs quite a bit.
KaliYall 05/06/07
I was a bit concerned when I heard they signed Sheffield. I remember watching him at some Spring Training games back in the late 90's ... and he acted like he didn't need to put forth the effort

I guess Leyland had some success with him in Florida ... maybe he can keep him motivated.
HowePhunny 05/04/07
Good series against the O's. The bullpen finally might be coming around. Plus I think Cabrera jump started Sheffield, he just needed to get a little fired up to get that bat going.
Smartass1387 05/03/07

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