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Mavs fan since leaving Houston with two rings. Still waiting. I don't know if this is the year, but I feel a lot better about the 08 playoffs after the performance last night. I was surprised that the AAC fans were booing their boys, when anyone who's been watching has seen that they stay in the game early on, then turn up the heat in the second half of teh third quarter. That's a trick Avery ;earned from Pop and Rudy T. At least there was enough pressure at the end of the season that our stars didn't have "mystery ailments" that let them rest for the playoffs. We needed to gel and turn it up in the last two weeks. Besides, with Dirk and Stack the injuries were not mysterious at all. Now we walk into the NO series with a win in "game 1," confidence and momentum. Not to mention, three days off for healing and practice. Thanks for inviting me to join, and LETS GO MAVS (STARS)!
DFLefty 04/17/08
I am not much more on board with the Kidd trade than B2thedub. And I know it was just Memphis, but Kidd did look to bring life to the fast break tonight, also the rest of the guys were moving the ball much better than they ever did with Devin. Just one game, but I guess you never know what could happen with a hall of fame point.
I don't know, but the Spurs got theirs handed to them tonight. Wow.
Oso Famoso 11/16/07
I don't like how everyone says the Spurs will win another title. I don't know why they wouldn't even say that the Dallas Mavericks will kik the Spurs asssss
Boston 3 Party 11/09/07
So how does everyone like JET as the 6th man? Not a bad idea. I just wonder about the void left since he's off the bench.
Oso Famoso 11/09/07
Cowboy Murray 10/20/07
Hello i've been a mavs fan since they made it to the finals , after that i have been their biggest fan and i support the entire team.
jockstrap69 08/02/07

check it, someone would take an all-pacific team over an all southwest team
The Prof 07/14/07
as much as most yall will disagree wit me we should keep terry...hear me out hear me out...he can gaurd* when he wants to and he lol can shoot tha ball when he wants too but unless a team offers us sumone that can do both day in and day out then i say 4get it and have haris or ****berea**** "if u dont know who that is look him up under dallas d-leauge" start at tha point and bring terry in from tha bench.............but dont get me wront i am not a terry hater...i love terry i have 2 of his jerseys its just its 4 tha better of tha team
TCougars08 07/10/07
i have been a mavs fan since dirk joined the team and year after year i see them choke in the playoffs...... i think its about time the big german steps up his playoff performance and brings a champinship to Dallas
D-Train 06/16/07

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