Wow, what a wasteland this group has become. What happened?
Dallas_W 12/02/09
Question about the current poll regarding the Heavyweights: Where's Junior dos Santos?
Str8EastCoastin 06/06/09
125 members and NO ONE is active!
Thanks for hooking me up David! Robert, I won't touch your Alves picture but after July 11th thats gotta go.
We don't pick em' for Affliction huh!? Wel all I got to say is I am taking Arlovski. I am surprised that I don't see a lot of throw downs right now concerning Penn and St. Peirre.
Any pick em this weekend?
You like MMA? You like women?

RobertMenn: 12/27/08
Forrest all the way baby! He represents the heart of the sport!
Yep. Sick.
RobertMenn: 12/16/08
Hill's leg snapping was crazy huh? It was all like holy crap did that just happen!
Yeah, that's her.
RobertMenn: 12/10/08
Is that the Karate Kid Chick?
Reply to the Group Quote: Well, she is my favorite female fighter. It's just a bonus that she is gorgeous.
RobertMenn: 12/01/08
Hey guys, ya'll have a good thanksgiving!
I keep reading all kinds of crap on here about these **** who think Fedor should have gotten a shot at the UFC HW championship instead of Brock. Don't those bafoons realize that the UFC offered Fedor his biggest pay day yet but Fedor does not want a UFC exclusive contract.
I have posted a new blog I would like for you guys to check out and give me your input. Thanks

wildbill21475 11/17/08
That was crazy. He risked too much and paid for it. And Leonard KO'ing Pulver that quickly shocked me to. I thought he'd win, but not that quick.
RobertMenn: 11/07/08
Can ya'll believe Urijah Faber got wasted last night in the first round? That sure was a shocker to me.
Yeah I think you are correct RObert.
Read that. Hopefully they at least put him on the UFC 92 card. They said a while back that they would if he came away unhurt against Cote', which he did. Let's hope they do. That card would be the sickest card ever. As long as they don't make him fight Chuck. Anderson would KO Chuck in 7sec the way Chuck holds his hands down like that.
RobertMenn: 10/30/08
They have speculated Silva vs Lidell, any opinions?
Did any of you guys read the news on here where they are saying that Silva is begging Dana for an opponent at UFC 91 coming up here in two weekends.
Poll results

Who should get the next title shot at 205?

Wanderlei Silva 20%
Quinton Jackson 10%
Rashad Evans 35%
Lyoto Machida 35%
7#bag _ Com 10/27/08
Anyone know what was going on Saturday night?
Guys I got a throw down in progress let me know what you think? You can vote honestly on the argument even if you think Penn will win!
UFC 92 has one stacked card right now!!!!
It is just a rumor and it is from this article! I do not believe that this will happen.

Where is that from, kryptonian?
RobertMenn: 10/24/08
"The right deal and CBS isn???t out of the question. There are two megacards in the next three months. There???s the historic UFC 100. (Anderson Silva v. Georges St. Pierre in Madison Square Garden?) And so on." He had a lot of things to say. guys thats from an interview with White. That'd be a crazy what if fight!
Okay so Junie is a little more of a freak then I thought. He kept letting himself get hit and I really thought he knocked that dude out in round two. I think that cocky little bast*** was toying with him.
I am looking forward to Junie getting his **** kicked. Those other guys in the house showed very good control not kicking his **** already outside of the ring.
Jason70 10/20/08
Junie is an idiot. I hope Escudero gets a chance to whip his a(ss).
RobertMenn: 10/14/08
Anyone watching this guy Junie Browning on TUF. What a bad spot light on MMA fighters. But his anticks are entertaining.
The Group board is back up. About time.
RobertMenn: 09/25/08
Easy call for me "Machine Head" by Bush. that guitar rift in the beginning is brutal.
b-dawk 09/19/08
OOps Days
I'll go with BURN by 3 Dyas Grace
I would probably come out to
The Bronx: Around the horn
William Elliott Whitmore: The Chariot
Mayhem83 09/14/08
There are MMA "Message Boards" up.
RobertMenn: 09/11/08
For me it would be YMCA... ok, just kidding.
Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
Hyped78 09/11/08
Hyped, I had posted: "If you were a MMArtists, what would your entrance music be?"

David had the WWE No Chance song. I went with KoRn-Blind. I was wondering what everyone else would choose. GUESS I'LL NEVER KNOW!! THANKS FANNATION!!
RobertMenn: 09/11/08
"I was waiting to see some of the theme music chosen."
What was that, Wildbill?
Hyped78 09/11/08
That is gay now you either say what you want to say here or in the public message board.
wildbill21475 09/11/08
fannation deleted all groups' message boards........which yeah sucks because all our threads are now gone
Head Kick KO 09/11/08
Where did the threads go from the old page layout? I was waiting to see some of the theme music chosen.
wildbill21475 09/10/08
Robert, at teh top of the page they have Message Boards, at next page they have sections and MMA is one of them,,,,,,,,post there
Head Kick KO 09/10/08
yeah check Sherdog, ironically Affliction hasnt even contacted Arlovski yet........ ouch
Head Kick KO 09/10/08
I was gonna start MMA 101 today...but it seems I won't be able to hold class the way I want with all these bulls#@t changes. Class postponed until further notice.
RobertMenn: 09/10/08
This site sux now. I can't go anywhere without wanting to go somewhere else first. Does that make sense? No, but neither does this site.

Hold up, did you just say the Affliction card is moved to January? WT-****!
RobertMenn: 09/10/08
Yeah these changes usck!
these new fannation changes SUCK, is it me or is the forum gone?

was going to post that the Affliction card is POSTPONED till January
Head Kick KO 09/10/08
me, i said it earlier on this locker talk thing

if your wondering the previous poll was stay the same
Head Kick KO 09/09/08
Oooh, someone is in trouble. Lol!
RobertMenn: 09/09/08

7#bag _ Com 09/09/08
i see rashad taking it to the ground and outworking forrest for a decision and possible tko............ forrest's devastating loss to jardine still plays in my head, and rashad is much better on the ground than jardine
Head Kick KO 09/08/08
Yeah, saw that David. But, as it looks, Forrest is fighting Evans...which Evans will lose.
RobertMenn: 09/08/08
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin talks to Sherdog about the possibility of facing Anderson Silva...

"I'd fight him. I can't possibly do any worse than the guys he's been fighting. I'd last more than two minutes with him."
7#bag _ Com 09/08/08
Crazy KO. Didn't see it coming. Thought it was kinda lucky too, because Rashad lost the 1st Round. But, that's fighting.
RobertMenn: 09/08/08
dana spoiled the poll and said Rashad is getting the next shot at Forrest
Head Kick KO 09/07/08
Its Evans, he needs to fight Forrest next
Hank Hill 09/07/08
big knockout by Evans, totally crushed Liddell............. check out the new poll above
Head Kick KO 09/07/08
I love every Karo fight.
Hyped78 09/05/08
RobertMenn: 09/05/08
canceled , hopefully Yoshida is moved to the fight night or ufc 89 card.
Head Kick KO 09/05/08
Damnit. Me too. So is the fight gonna be dropped completely, or is someone stepping in? For picks.
RobertMenn: 09/05/08
Karo Parysian - back injury had to pull out of his fight vs Yoshida at UFC 88. Dammit, i was looking forward to that fight
Head Kick KO 09/05/08
Have a TD going with Peachy about the Kimbo/Shamrock and Couture/Lesnar fights if anyone is interested:
wildbill21475 09/03/08
Just finished a new blog about the debate over who the best pound for pound fighter in the world is. Check it out if you're interested:

Str8EastCoastin 09/01/08
Oh, that's right.
RobertMenn: 08/29/08
just title fights i think
Head Kick KO 08/28/08
I thought the Main Event was always double points.
RobertMenn: 08/28/08
Its up I'm good!
if you have to go before david posts the blog than send your picks to him via fanmail.....or send to me and i can relay it to him. check ufc.com for the lineup
Head Kick KO 08/27/08
I might not have computer access next week! When is the pick'em going up for next Saturdays ATL throwdown?

got a good MMA HW Ranking throwdown going on check it out!
Mayhem83 08/21/08
I laughed. Lol!
RobertMenn: 08/15/08
You think that caption to the picture is funny huh David. LOL
wildbill21475 08/14/08
Damn, I'm pretty sure I lost the Pick'Em.

Fights were good though, except that Florian fight. Lesnar destroyed Heath.
RobertMenn: 08/11/08
some good scraps tonight.
man if lesnar just needs more good training specifically on how to maintain mount or lock in the hooks is next. he just looks so dam strong, just manhandled heath like he was nothing.
gsp dominated, and dam fitch has got one heck of a chin
Head Kick KO 08/10/08
Man am I having a crappy night with my pics tonight.
wildbill21475 08/09/08
A few years ago? More like 6. That's a long time ago. Not saying he wouldn't again, but steroids helps quite a bit.
RobertMenn: 08/07/08
Barnett dominated Couture a few years ago. Then again, he was using forbidden substances :)
Hyped78 08/06/08
I don't see Barnett beating either. I guess he COULD, but anyone can get lucky. Would be something if Barnett got a shot at Fedor though, since he called him out a while back.
RobertMenn: 08/06/08
Head Kick KO have you taken a head kick for a KO. No way either beats Fedor. On the injury note. As many times as hit Silva in the head with no answer. I can see whay he has a hand injury.
wildbill21475 08/05/08
barnett beats them both :)
Head Kick KO 08/05/08
Indeed it has Head Kick. It's almost as if I planned it. But I was all hyped up for Arlovski getting a shot to take down Godzilla, er I mean Fedor. Guess I'll have to wait until New Year's Eve. Wait, ya'll weren't supposed to know that.
RobertMenn: 08/05/08
bummer about Fedor, but the Arlovski vs Barnett match up is just as good. worked out just as robert originally wanted, clear cut #1 contenders match. nice
Head Kick KO 08/04/08
Hello??? Are you ok???Favorite KO from Saturday's events?

Belfort's 1-2 Punch Combo vs Martin 0%
Barnett's Left Hook from nowhere vs Rizzo 0%
Arlovski's Melee vs Rothwell 28%
Markham's Head Kick KO vs Farber 14%
Silva's Button Masher vs Irvin 57%
7#bag _ Com 08/04/08
Fedor has a hand injury, as it seems.
Heh, the guy just wants to get back to fighting in Japan :)
Hyped78 08/04/08
Oh, did anyone else hear that Fedor might drop out of the Arlovski/Fedor fight on Oct. 11? And now it's gonna be Arlovski/Barnett. That's what I heard, but read today on a T&R that they were still fighting.
RobertMenn: 08/04/08
Bada$s. Faber gets another win.
RobertMenn: 08/04/08
Faber vs Mike Brown from ATT on September 10th on Versus. should be a good fight yet again from Faber
Head Kick KO 08/03/08
Hell no. Faber would beat his a$.s down. But do you think BJ would go down to 145lbs?
RobertMenn: 08/01/08
Check out the Comments on this TD


Anyone think Johns could take Faber? I don;t think anyone Smaller than Penn has a CHANCE.


Penn/Faber at say 135?
7#bag _ Com 08/01/08
I hope he does. That guy is so boring to watch fight it is worse than watching Tim Sylvia, and I felt that way even before the Fedor fight about him. Lyoto couldnt even finish BJ Penn when they fought. Granted BJ is a great fighter but he is naturally way way smaller.
wildbill21475 07/30/08
I guess what David posted it UFC 89, October 18, 2008. Looks like Lyoto will finally lose.
RobertMenn: 07/30/08
-Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben

-Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva

-Brandon Vera vs. Keith Jardine

-Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Luiz Cane

-Dan Hardy vs. Akihiro Gono

Prelim Card:

-Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly

-Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor

-Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain

-Sam Stout vs. Terry Etim

-Jess Liaudin vs. David Bielkheden

-Per Eklund vs. Sammy Schiavo
7#bag _ Com 07/29/08
I posted my blog: Miletich? No thanks.

It's probably buried underneath one of Head Kick KO's blogs, since his scroll for half the page. Hahaha!
RobertMenn: 07/22/08
part 2 is up as well
i got to edit in a few things in tomorow including picks by everyone to see how everyone was doing after each fight. as well as pics and links.
Head Kick KO 07/20/08
part 1 up, part 2 in a few
was crazy watching both events at same time, thank god for tivo to catch stuff that i missed.
lots of finishes too, 17 total televised fights....4 decisions. Now THAT is good tv :)
Head Kick KO 07/20/08
Dude those main events were short. barely a 90 seconds between the two of them. I vote for Silva vs. Fedor. Lets make it happen.
wildbill21475 07/20/08
after tonight i hope they have a good idea of him lol, what a beatdown
Head Kick KO 07/20/08
Tonight Tim Sylvia goes down and new MMA fans get to know who Fedor is.
Hyped78 07/19/08
aleksander has been taken off the card because he did not meet the licensing requirements, replaced by gary goodridge on the fsn portion of the show
---------that fight will be stricken from the pickem competition
Head Kick KO 07/18/08
Watching the Affliction card on PPV and TiVo-ing the UFC card. Gonna be a great night.
RobertMenn: 07/18/08
Would love to watch the DREAM card, but i gotta work.
RobertMenn: 07/18/08
new poll
Head Kick KO 07/18/08
Nice. I got my pic by on the group...possibly for only a day. Lol!
RobertMenn: 07/18/08
big weekend of mma
saturday, affliction and ufc fight night
way early monday morning, dream 5
Head Kick KO 07/17/08
Oh, I think you mean bumped as in higher. Lost my mind for a second there.
RobertMenn: 07/16/08
As to me getting bumped...it don't matter, cuz I'm winning this weekend anyway.
RobertMenn: 07/16/08
Haha! That's supposed to say "Thanks Dave." Don't know how Cave came out.
RobertMenn: 07/16/08
Sweet, thanks Cave. And Head Kick, unnecessary shot. Lol! But I doubt it.
RobertMenn: 07/16/08
its gonna be a pic of rothwell's ko punch vs arlovski after this saturday :D
Head Kick KO 07/15/08
Robert, you are bumped.
7#bag _ Com 07/15/08
I don't wanna be THAT guy, but I think the group pic should still be the one I chose...until this Saturday, if I lose.
RobertMenn: 07/15/08
Yes, Use the Octagon group

I am going to be moving all Blogs over there after this weekends fights -

THE Octagon group has already been moved.
7#bag _ Com 07/15/08
so is this the group to use or what?
Head Kick KO 07/14/08
Run Forrest Run!!Does he have a CHANCE against Rampage?

Heck No 0%
**** No 14%
Not if he hits him with a net gun during the fight 0%
Not even if He roids up like Bonner 7%
Not if he hits him WITH Bonner 7%
No 14% Maybe 0%
Yes 50
7#bag _ Com 06/16/08
funny poll
Head Kick KO 06/03/08
i feel sorry for anyone who did not see UFC 84, the event was just awesome. NINE fights were shown, just 1 went to decision.
Head Kick KO 05/25/08
What was your favorite fight of 2007?

Takanori Gomi vs Nick Diaz 16%
Robbie Lawler vs Frank Trigg 16%
Tyson Griffin vs Frank Edgar 0%
Tyson Griffin vs Clay Guida 0%
Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva 0%
Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout 0%
Roger Huerta vs Leonard Garcia 16%
Frank Shamrock vs Phil Baroni 0%
Other 50%
7#bag _ Com 01/08/08

I picked FORREST!!!
7#bag _ Com 09/23/07
EliteXC results: Shields dominated Charuto for a TKO, Villasenor split decision vs Fukuda (bad decision in my opinion), Gina Carano RNC Evinger in a MEH fight, Nick Diaz split decision vs Mike Aina (very close fight), Robbie Lawler KO Murilo 'Ninja' Rua in round 3......very good gameplan by Lawler
Head Kick KO 09/16/07
there is already talk of a rematch for January
Head Kick KO 09/13/07
I hope he feeds Bisping to silvia, rampage, or maybe even hendo. That would b great. So he could go from classless prick to sleeping prick.

No prozac this is the most blatant. Others you could argue but this one is cut and dried, hamill got hosed.
xXredneck51Xx 09/13/07
Hey everyone! I am excited to have joined this group. I think Hamill was robbed. I was shocked and disappointed at the judges' decision You think Dana White will do anything about it? Seems like he should do SOMETHING, since the credibility of the sport (and his league) is on the line. I'm relatively new to MMA and the UFC (been watching for about a year)...has anything this blatant happened before??
prozacgirl72 09/12/07
yeah with that fight, hamill is, before the fight is what i'm talkin about. F_u_ck UFC for trying to market to the Brits

Didn't work though did it? When your home country boos you after a fight you clearly lost and then cheers for the real winner who is still classy even though he knows he was robbed in the fight.
LUVJUGS 09/11/07
whatever you say, with that fight its safe to assume hamill is more marketable even with the loss......bisping now fulfills the classless prick model set forth by tito.
Head Kick KO 09/11/07
That's great....4.5 million people witnessed that the UFC is becoming like boxing and WWE.

"Let's give the fight to the more marketable fighter"
LUVJUGS 09/11/07
mmajunkie.com has a press release from Spike where it says UFC 75 did a 3.1 rating which is approximatly 4.5 million viewers on average, and a new mma record
Head Kick KO 09/11/07
I hate Cecil Peoples, he is a boxing judge/ref.

You get points when you score a takedown, and in the third Bisping gassed and was taken down around 3 times.
Mr. Bacon 09/11/07
Poll shouldn't be who won round 2, should be who fu.cki.n dominated that fight and made his opponent run around the octagon like a little bit.ch.....Hamill wins hands down.
LUVJUGS 09/11/07
love mma,,,,,,,,miss PRIDE :(
Head Kick KO 09/11/07
StumpTheQuigley 09/11/07

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