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ATLfan7 04/07/09
ATLfan7 04/07/09
Time for B'BALL!! Last night was a good start......GO HEELS! :-)
ATLfan7 11/19/08
Oh yeah....the Heels looked good last night, whipping Rutgers in their own house! GO HEELS!! :-)
ATLfan7 09/12/08
UNC will win it all by far!
Jrich23 08/31/08
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ACC Football 07/25/08
Tough loss last night......fellas you had a GREAT year and we are very proud of you! GO HEELS! :-)
ATLfan7 06/23/08
What a game last night.......let's keep it going fellas!
ATLfan7 06/22/08
L.S....Who?! GO HEELS!! :-)
ATLfan7 06/16/08
CONGRATS to the baseball team....Omaha bound for the College World Series! GO HEELS!!!
ATLfan7 06/08/08
What a great season! Nothing for our TarHeels to be ashamed of......guys, we are VERY proud of you! We'll 'TURN IT BLUE' again next year. :-)
ATLfan7 04/07/08
It looks like UNC is poised for a championship!!!
Nice game last night....GO HEELS! :-)
ATLfan7 03/28/08
I want to ask all true Tarheels fans a very simple question. If you have ever had the Nerves or the Balls to be so Dumb and say I will cheer for Dook like Bleeblue had the nerves to do.I personally would ask that a Heels fan be thrown out of the group. Da Heels will win it all and Dook will have sometime to find a Bigman.Dook just like Clemson embarassed the ACC. Go Heels
VFB01 03/25/08
ACC Champs 2008!! Back to back.......and on to San Antonio! :-)
ATLfan7 03/16/08
I do too..such a shame that it happened
many thoughts and prayers go out to the student body, parents and friends of UNC. one basketball game seems so trivial at this point.......i hope that justice will be served.
ATLfan7 03/08/08
Can't wait for Saturday's gonna be one helluva showdown! GO HEELS!!! :-)
ATLfan7 03/06/08
With the Memphis loss, the TarHeels could take the number 1 seat. they do need to pick up the pace and stop skimming by with these wins.
trufan 02/24/08
Duke lost wooooow
Captain Video 02/18/08
probably the only duke fan you got in here, but i can certainly appreciate the tar heels. That game the other night against VT was somethin, and i think theyll run deep in the tournament because their bench players are getting more play time and getting a lot more confident.
bleedblue42 02/18/08
Take it slow with Lawson
WHEW! what a squeaker last night againt UVa......when is Lawson coming back? i think we need him. go Heels! :-)
ATLfan7 02/13/08
the 'Heels gave Duke a good run, but we really needed Lawson the other night.
ATLfan7 02/08/08
Damn Duke
Tonight's the night......GO 'HEELS!!! :-)
ATLfan7 02/06/08
Butch Davis
How is his year?

Lets sign him to a 10 year deal 53%
Next coach of the Panthers 0%
Is Steve Supirior Still Available? 15%
Great Year 23%
He Stinks 7%
7#bag _ Com 01/31/08
like the new b'ball t-shirt says...."Let's beat the devil out of 'em". LOL :-) GO 'HEELS!!
ATLfan7 01/30/08
The Heels were not going to go long as we Beat Duke, win the ACC tournament, and Go to The Final Four...this Tarheel Blue is Happy, and as For the Women's Team Kongrats on a great win over Maryland...
KontinentL 01/28/08
WHEW! That was a tough, close game against GT last night......way to hang on 'Heels! :-)
ATLfan7 01/17/08
GO 'HEELS! the NC St 'puppies' were no match at all.......can't wait for the first game against Duke. :-)
ATLfan7 01/14/08
UNCasheville was no match for Tyler Hansbrough and the North Carolina Tarheels.
Clemson game was close whee...But we need close we are ready for March...bring on the Dookies damn' it
KontinentL 01/08/08
The Heels beat up on Rutgers last night.....Lawson is AWESOME! :-)
ATLfan7 12/17/07
DJRoxalot 12/09/07
Heels played good last night.....hope this trend continues.....Ty Lawson ROCKS! :-)
ATLfan7 12/05/07
Davis gets a raise?! For doing what? just doesn't seem right to me.
ATLfan7 11/24/07
Have a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you're traveling....please be safe! :-)
ATLfan7 11/21/07
Tarheels vs. Davidson, tonight on ESPN, 7:00! i'm so glad college b'ball has started. :-)
ATLfan7 11/14/07
NCAA Football Championship voting
7#bag _ Com 08/15/07

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