THE Ohio State Buckeyes


This place is dead.
W_A_M_U? 11/18/11
msu spartans fan 07/27/08
Don't stop believin'!
Deep South Sider 04/07/08
DJRoxalot 01/07/08
Today is the moment of truth. make it happen!!!
J.H 01/07/08
Good Luck Buckeyes!!!!!
TITO 01/04/08
(Cincy) 12/28/07
We really need to make this national championship happen! I live in SEC country in Tennesse and I am sick of hearing about how the SEC is the toughest conference in the country.
blsc309 12/28/07
Bucks will win, because LSU is not the team of a few years ago. In fact, people talk about the strong SE Conference, but this year it was not a powerhouse. For example, Tenn was in the SEC Championship game, and they lost bad to a terrible Uof Cal team. Go Bucks!!!!!
charlie o 12/20/07
check out for all the information you need before the BCS. 12/19/07
Vote for Tressel for Coach of the year!!!!!!!He is NOW 5th and should be 1st!!!!Speak up Buckeye Fans!!!! Vote NOW!!!!!!!!
Rada4life 12/13/07
go bucketeyes...
thehemogoblin 12/06/07
It's on my fellow bucks fans!!!!NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!Now watch all the sharks say they deserve it,lmao!Our "Underrated"Silver Bullets WILL avenge our loss to an supposed "Superior SEC team".Our Bucks will show whatever team(after they fight about who "deserves" to be in)what DEFENSE is all about with The Little Animal leading the Pack.They better polish there game and be fresh game time so there is NOT a repeat of last year.GOOO BUCKS!!!!
Rada4life 12/02/07
Let's Go Oklahomers!!!!
Rada4life 12/01/07
Howabout them SILVERBULLETS!!!!!!!WOOOH!
Rada4life 11/18/07
Its the biggest weekend for tOSU fans......Lets GO Bucks!!! Beat the team from up north.
TITO 11/14/07
Deep South Sider 11/13/07
Why did you send me this link? I guess now that I'm here, GO BLUE! We "Coming back like Jordan, wearing the 45."
Our Bucks do it again!Great game!Illini to come next and let's not zero in on MU yet.One game at a time.Awesome outcome and another test next Sat.GO BUCKS!
Rada4life 11/03/07
I expect the Bucks to mop up Saturday. If they play like they did at Penn State, Wisconsin could be in trouble, especially if Hill doesn't play. GO BUCKS, I'll be hoarse again after this weekend.
Thats a good question.......OSU cannot do it on their own. They need all the Big Ten teams to win their Bowl games this year. And then maybe OSU(Big Ten) will get the credit they deserve.
TITO 10/31/07
Does anyone know when the Buckeyes will get the respect they deserve? Last year was the closest we came and there were still doubterd and we didn't help the case any at the national Champ game. The way I see it if OSU pounds the Gators then the analysts say "But OSU would have lost to USC or LSU"
Riley9282 10/31/07
Guess we showed Penn State why they were only ranked 25th... Go Bucks!!!!
lets unite buckeye fans. we must not forget how the season ended. we are so close 3 more games and we are in. lets put to rest all the skepticism about the best team in the land. LETS ALL UNITE BEHIND OUR TEAM!! FOREVER LOYAL FOREVER ROYAL!!!!!! GO BUCKS
If anyone wants to put up their own blog on this group page, just give me a heads up and I will make it happen. I will make you what fannation calls a "super-member" and then you blog on this group page.
TITO 10/23/07
I am nervous for every game......anything can happen.
TITO 10/23/07
Purdue? what in gods name are you talking about?
Nervous about going to Happy Valley.
Heis23 10/23/07
The Buckeyes have been the single most successful Big Ten team in the last 50 years, and NO ONE is going to take that banner away from My Buckeyes!!!!!!!!

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!1
wrecker 10/20/07
Antonio Henton has plenty of time to play in the future.

The problem is, if Terrell Pryor, the "Vinc Young" like QB out of Pittsburgh has Ohio State and PSU as the two schools he likes.

If T.P. commits to Ohio State, as many are saying he likely will, look for Antonio Henton to transfer to Grambling.
buckeyedude 10/19/07
BUCKEYES figure they would do bad because they lost all their seniors but they are doing good and they are #1 in the country
Browns Rule 10/18/07
Hurry VOTE...I'm losing a OSU - MICH TD..VOTE 4 me!
Hart and Henne 10/16/07
?? Mizzou Tigers (5-1, 1-1) <---so does your mom,but she isn't ranked #1 now is she.Oh maybe in trailer park heaven in Mizzou land.
Rada4life 10/15/07
screw the buckeyes
my time has come 10/11/07
I'd trade Tressel for Meyer in a heartbeat. He should've coaxed Oden into playing backup QB for Smith. That would've been a sweet option.
Deep South Sider 10/09/07
Boeckman did well,but showed with his three int's that he needs alot of improvement.If Our Bucks really want that national title trophy,they ALWAYS look to what you can and will improve.College football is awesome,because with a great coach and continual teaching,we get to see young talent develop into pros and learn to work as a team.O H!
Rada4life 10/07/07
The reason that Henton is not the starting QB is easy its one number 165.21 that is Boeckman's qb rating...I am not goin to say i dont love the spread and when the buckeyes first starting runnin it, I though i was watchin the wrong game... but why would we take the ball out of our runnin backs hands who is avg 5.6 yds a carry?
OSUfaninHI 10/02/07
Good luck finding another coach like Tressel!He is a diamond in the ruff.He is teaches,shows,and represents class to his team,students,fans,and the rest of the nation.He NEVER has a bad things to say about anyone or any team(even when they lose or Michigan).He is always the first to point out positives.I couldn't be more proud to be a buckeye fan.GO BUCKS!
Rada4life 10/02/07
I got to give Tressel credit in the fact that he can put together a game plan in accordance to his personnel. I am a Wolverine fan, but I am hoping that our next coach has the smarts of Tressel.
718 10/01/07
with a defense like this the spread will not be needed. the o-line is sitll young and now acustomed to a pocket passer. boeckman is to precise to not use. he might even win us a championship this year or the next.
tresselvest3434 09/26/07
I don't think Henton will be #2 anymore!
TITO 09/25/07
Henton played pretty good in the 2nd half. If I had to guess he has moved up the #2 spot.
TITO 09/24/07
He will, give Henton a chance to prove he's the better player, besides, it wasn't too long ago smith had to prove he was the man and beat out zwick for the starting job.
kbrin6 09/20/07
Got to admit I am not a Buckeyes fan, but Tressel had a good thing going with Smith being the quarterback and running the spread. Why won't he give a similar skill QB like Henton a chance?
718 09/19/07
I joined only because my boy Jeevs is here.
718 09/18/07
ps, BuckUT good pick anything on the O/U for this game vs. NW?
kbrin6 09/18/07
PSU Loses a heart breaker in Ann Hourbor. Kbrin6 say HAHAHA!!!!OSU Washes the Floor w/ NW and Wisconsin gets away with a close one against Iowa.
kbrin6 09/18/07
Damn BuckUT you were really close on the score. Good Call!
TITO 09/17/07
OSU will cloober the Huskies this weekend, 31-17.
BuckUT 09/14/07
I hate saying it but PSU has a good chance of getting their *ss kicked
TITO 09/14/07
Sorry to intrude, BUT PSU will throttle Michigan, then OSU
Farboil 09/14/07
My favorite qoute folowwing the Bucks 1968 Team trouncing of the "team up north", Announcers asks" Woody, yuo're already Beating the Wolverines soundly, what made you go for two on your last score in the fourth quater?" Woodies Reply "Because they wouldn't let me go for three!!!"
kbrin6 09/14/07
"Team Up North" football Senior class of 2007:
0-7 in bowl games, against Ohio State, and against 1-AA opponents
TITO 09/14/07
On this site, we only refer to Michgan as the "team up north"
TITO 09/13/07

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