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SC vs Big 12 td check it out
TebowsKryptonite 06/25/08
check out for all the information you need before the BCS. talk smack on our message boards and "Guess the Score" to win $1000. 12/19/07
check out this SEC td
Jagator 10/26/07
SEC looked strong thanks of coarse to LSU, other teams need to step up there non-conferance games, EX...Tenn, Aub, others...
EyeTrySports 09/09/07
It's called that because at it's formation there was a South west conferance that has since become the big 12.
Korvyn 08/31/07
Voting is now open for the Fannation National Championship
7#bag _ Com 08/13/07
Ya ever just think about naming the SEC (SouthEastern Conference) the South Conference. Doesn't everybody who passed the man test realize that this is The South? Yeah, it's on the Eastern part of the country, but I don't think there's going to be any confusing with, say, San Diego State and LSU when it comes to regions/conferences. I don't know. I just go to college; i'm in to this outside thinking stuff.
Deep South Sider 08/11/07
Calling all Gator fans. COme join my group and join in on the tournament @
JAubin 08/09/07
We have a Fannation National championship-

Voting begins Next Week!

NCAA Football Championship
7#bag _ Com 08/08/07

LSU football throwdown check it out
Double J. 08/06/07
Back up the Sec players in this throwdown
KentuckyFan#1 06/29/07
BENCHISE 06/27/07
The SEC is far and away the best conferance in College Football. Bar none.

With LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida all legitimate National Championship contenders... and with South Carololina, Alabama, Arkansas expected to be very good... and even Vandy will surprise some folks this could anyone argue that any other conferance is even close to the strength and balance of the SEC?

Trust me, when all is said and done, the SEC will shine in 2007 and for years to come.
CrimsonTex 06/26/07
Guys i need some help with a throwndown, a guy thinks the big 10 is the best conference and i say the sec is the best please vote for me.
ben#3 06/23/07
Need some help on a throwdown. Help an sec fan out.
Vols101 06/20/07
Where are all my big AU fans at? Football season is just around the corner and we are only ranked 14th in the preseason polls, they have lost their mind!! Once again, when this season is over with we will be a top 5 or 7 team , ya'll mark my word. WAR EAGLE!!
ChrisAU 06/16/07
Need some help on my throwdown as to why college football is better than the nfl, this guy is a chump and he's leading.
Vols101 06/14/07
Vote 4 the sec in this throwdown thanks
KentuckyFan#1 06/08/07
Hey, eyeofthetiger, wonder what all of the t-sips & aggies would think of football if they attended the Iron Bowl. I agree with you on the number of closet fans wearing burnt orange. But, that's all you can buy at your local Academy Sporting Goods store. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone on the street who knew alittle about the SEC and it's rivalries.
I wonder how different L.A. is compared to TX, because when I try to talk to anybody about College Football all they can say is...huh...hook 'em horns without even knowing what their record was last year. Most of them still think they won the national championship.
eyeofthetiger 05/23/07
I sure wish football would hurry up and get here. there is nothing better than the vols and the sec football. Hopefully the vols will have a heal of a year. And the Sec will do better this year than last
vols2259 05/09/07
That's gotta suck in L.A. Everyone talking about the Pac-1.5 (USC / Cal). I'm sick of all the N.D. fans in New York. I've yet to meet any Notre Dame fan actually from Indiana. My guess is half the ND fans in New York don't know its in Indiana in the first place.
TigerVic 05/08/07
it's kind of a "what have you done for me lately" thing.
Ben4 05/08/07
i'm with you Vic. i live in L.A. and all i hear about is how the Pac-10 is gonna be one of the best football confrences in the nation. the SEC shall always be the strongest football confrence!
godawgs2071 05/08/07
I live in NYC now and I am so tired of all the ND / Big 10 / and Big East talk. No one wants to hear how much better the SEC is. I guess its the same way I'm tired of hearing about the Yankees / Sox.
TigerVic 05/05/07

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