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Anyone else have mixed emotions about T.O. leaving Dallas? I'm glad for the team, but I'll be sorry to not have the circus to watch any more!
blakelylaw 03/05/09
Let's start an offseason blog.
PackersLP21 02/13/09
My answer is YES.
PackersLP21 10/30/08
If you would like to be.
Cheezhead 10/29/08
Do you want me to be an administrator with you again?
PackersLP21 10/29/08
RIP? I guess this place got reincarnated as itself because it's back!
Cheezhead 10/29/08
RIP --- NFL Nation

9/07 - 9/08
PackersLP21 09/21/08
I'm going to say this site is officially dead!
Pack Attack? Nope, there's no Pack Attack so far.
PackersLP21 08/17/08
Were so screwed man! The Pack has no "attack" against the 49's! Were a disgrace tonight. I really feel.......bent!
Me and DEVO are the "Insane Clown Posse."
PackersLP21 08/12/08
"Insane Clown Posse" just checking to see if anyone is
Rodclo, we're just waiting on DJ. He's away right now.
Cheezhead 08/11/08
^^^ Nominate a QB for the All-NFL team ^^^
PackersLP21 08/08/08
Anyone else started their Tourny TDs yet?
Rodclo 08/07/08
Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

I'm gonna stick with PackerNation.
PackersLP21 08/07/08
LP, take the Packers, I'm blogging about them in the Packer Nation.
Cheezhead 08/05/08
LP, I thought I commented somewhere, but I thought about doing an All-Time NFL team.
Cheezhead 08/05/08
Which team are you blogging for?

Tell me in the Message Board.
PackersLP21 08/04/08
We are running on empty...
PackersLP21 07/31/08
I think we should make like an NFL All-Active Team. Just like list all the best NFL players. We can vote on them and stuff. Go to "Idea" in the Message Board or "Thoughts Around the Nation"
PackersLP21 07/23/08
So, anyone else tired of the Favre-fest?
Cheezhead 07/21/08
I like the idea in the poll to asign users to blog for different teams.
FanMan. 06/29/08
Well look at the bottom of the front page. May 4th.
Cheezhead 06/29/08
Why? Is it running on empty?
Let's try to get the Locker Talk running, guys.
Cheezhead 06/21/08
Don't you wish you could predict like that in NFL Picks Tournament? You know, last season when you just couldn't beat me in the footrace down the sideline? :-)
Cheezhead 04/23/08
I think Jake Long will be picked first ;>)
Yeah, you re-joined.
Cheezhead 04/14/08
130th member checkin in one time.
Yeah, I couldn't think when I made it. Just vote for other.
Cheezhead 04/14/08
Moron, you forgot Jake Long in the poll.
thehemogoblin 04/14/08
I just did; didn't see that was up there.
Cheezhead 04/12/08
No you aren't.
Cheezhead 04/12/08
lalalala I think that I am alone here...
Da Masta 04/04/08
If there are any veterans or active duty members in here, I started a new group for us:
we need to try to get another tourney going to be the best group on FN. Some other blogs wouldnt hurt either.
Da Masta 02/24/08
no offense but lol
Da Masta 02/24/08
Because it's the best group on FN.
Cheezhead 02/23/08
for some reason people keep joining this group...
Da Masta 02/20/08
Yeah I know...great game
badger boy... the Giants won not the Pats...
Da Masta 02/04/08
badger the Giants won not the Pats...
Da Masta 02/04/08
Sadly the Pats take the Super Bowl
The poll is actually 60-40...
Da Masta 01/30/08
Da Masta 01/30/08
Right now the people who voted in my Super Bowl poll are split between the Patriots and Giants 50-50.
Cheezhead 01/29/08
Looks like you and me Masta.
Cheezhead 01/29/08
anyone here?
Da Masta 01/28/08
Pats win the Super Bowl 31-24
Thomas 12 01/21/08
This group is becoming really inactive
Da Masta 01/21/08
Oh well, i lost the voting but at least I got third... (sigh)...

I'll be in the next tourney
Da Masta 01/18/08
I'd like to be in a tourney
Here is my latest blog. This on Tony Dungy and what he has meant to the Colts.
Red Zone 01/15/08
Please put me in the next tourney Cheesehead.
Super Squirrel 01/03/08
Da Masta 01/03/08
Semi-Finals will hopefully start up tomorrow.
Cheezhead 01/02/08
And due to CPU problems and not knowing when he will return plus the delay already, Phillyman will be forfeited.
Cheezhead 01/02/08
Squirrel, you can blog about any (NFL related) thing you want.
Cheezhead 01/02/08
Is it okay if I post the second non-tourney related blog for the group? And if it exclusively about the Vikings. If not, I can do the entire NFC North for the same topic...
Super Squirrel 01/01/08
according to his name he is having CPU problems
Da Masta 01/01/08
i did but he wont challenge me
Da Masta 01/01/08
FanMail him.
Cheezhead 12/29/07
Phillyman isnt challenging me for our tourney
Da Masta 12/28/07
you should have more blogs that arent just for the tourney.
Da Masta 12/27/07
More blogs arent good for anybody. Get constant tournies going. I want in now but have to wait as you started a tourney b4 i joined. Boo.
On a side note, I will start Round 3 tomorrow.
Cheezhead 12/21/07
100 members!!! *virtual fireworks, confetti, cheers, etc. happen on your monitor*.
Cheezhead 12/21/07
Dang your right. I was just looking at the options. Well, since I sent the mail, I'm going to wait for tomorrow anyway.

Good eye Squirrel.
Cheezhead 12/20/07
he as in Da Masta...
Super Squirrel 12/20/07
I don't think it's tied Cheezhead, it's 60% to 38% that he moves on...don't knnow what happened to the extra 2%...
Super Squirrel 12/20/07
i did have time to check my friends TDs though cuz that takes like 5 seconds
the reaon that i didnt have a TD between then and december is that I had gone to my family in Cal. (for Thanksgiving) for 2 weeks and didnt have enough time to do any TDs
Can someone on NFL Nation answer this question...I did a little more investigative work for the mods (and they will be notified of this), since GOMETS has been active (15 Nov 07), he has been in 3 TDs. The first one was 15 Nov but his second wasn't until Dec, but I went through most of Da Masta's TDs between then and GOMETS voted in just about all of them, but didn't participate in any of his own during that stretch, someone tell me why?
guys its true Da Masta is my friend in real life
I'm pretty sure Jonesy has the mods working on this one, but this isn't for cheater or not a cheater, I want to know who should advance. And I want to hear the people's (the Nation's) voice.
Cheezhead 12/18/07
My opinion is that if we're all so concerned about this, why not have the mods do an audit of the TD?
Super Squirrel 12/18/07
it won't go anywhere until your other account gets deleted or you come clean and say you have 2 accounts.
im not evn going to bother to argue anymore, this arguement is going nowhere
Da Masta 12/17/07
Both of your profiles are almost identical and after looking at your other one, you both seem to put a comment on the other account at the same time or close to it, even more suspicion?? And I can say you cheated until a moderator tells me otherwise (which could be never or tomorrow) so until then I'll keep proving my point.
I didnt cheat!!! Get that into your head!!! You can't say I cheated just because my profile looks suspicious!!!
Da Masta 12/17/07
I'm not saying it looks weird to me, just suspicious that 2 profiles have almost identical descriptions of eachother...and don't forget I have them both. Your just upset that someone called you out on it...I'll take the lose, just want everyone to know on NFL Nation that they are dealing with a cheater if they face them in a tournament.
anyway you cant say i cheated just cuz my profile looks wierd to you
Da Masta 12/17/07
My name is Alex! Whats wrong with that? And it does say where im from
Da Masta 12/17/07
You just changed it...instead of saying your whole name, it has Alex on their now. Also, you used to have where you were from on their, now it just says someplace, us (tell me that doesn't look suspicious).
so what??? what is wrong with my profile???
Da Masta 12/17/07
Read the comments area in our throwdown and i took a screen shot of your profile the same day as our throwdown (as I can see you have changed yours)...don't think that is possible, thats what I get paid to do my friend.
how did you prove i cheated?
Da Masta 12/17/07
I caught doesn't matter if you would have won or lost, you got caught cheating, proved that you cheated and waiting to see what they are going to do about it.
Dude i didnt cheat
Da Masta 12/17/07
Has anyone heard from Hoffa the Great in a while? His account was created back in June and did a few blogs but comes out of the wood work and votes in my throwdown with DA Masta (not saying this is the same person but who the heck comes out just to vote)
Your right it wouldn't have mattered, but what does matter is that he did cheat and had the nerve to say that the person is as real as santa claus (not the actual words but he did say he was a real person).
Yeah I just did. But you lost by 2, so if he didn't vote, you still would have lost, right? Not saying he didn't cheat, just saying it didn't affect the outcome. Give me a little, I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with this one.
Cheezhead 12/16/07
read the comments on the throwdown cheezhead
Okay, hold up. How did he cheat?
Cheezhead 12/16/07
yeah Da Masta cheated and I caught him to win his TD against me, yeah and everyone still voted for a cheater
yay i won my TD
Da Masta 12/16/07
check the blog.
Cheezhead 12/16/07
what is my topic?
Da Masta 12/13/07
Da Masta 12/10/07
Sorry, but I'm busy right now and will have to set up round 2 tomorrow.
Cheezhead 12/10/07
when does round 2 start now that everyone finished round 1
Da Masta 12/10/07
yay i won my TD
Da Masta 12/10/07
its fine now that i know im in the tourney
Da Masta 12/08/07
i dont think so but its fine i joined the group and will particapate
Da Masta 12/08/07
And check out the rules, you can change the topic if you both agree before the TD is started.
Cheezhead 12/08/07
DA MASTA, you signed up, didn't you?
Cheezhead 12/08/07
also my TD is unargueable!
Da Masta 12/07/07
how am i in this td tournament when im not in this group?
Da Masta 12/06/07
First post of December!
Cheezhead 12/02/07
Feel cool that you're an admin, make a blog or two. We could use some blogs.
Cheezhead 11/24/07
and as admins, what exactly do you want us to do?
Super Squirrel 11/24/07
New Administrators:
Super Squirrel
Cheezhead 11/23/07
I say yes. I also say that will be the next poll.
Cheezhead 11/22/07
Should Mike McCarthy win coach of the year? I say yes
Let's keep this Locker Talk active.
Cheezhead 11/19/07
I don't know, I just thought of a few plays.
Cheezhead 11/17/07
Why didn't you name the Packers win against the Broncos. That is definitely the #1 play of the year.
No clue, i befor e. I'm trying to think of something else right now. Any ideas?
Cheezhead 11/07/07
Instead of spamming everyone I am going to try it this way. Check out my special rankings blog:
any idea when the next tourney will start up
thank you....and back to the Pats vs Colts coverage
Ok then,... *ahem*....the Packers are going to destroy the Chiefs this week!
Cheezhead 11/03/07
The Colts-Pats is being incredibly overhyped...everyone is talking about this game as though there are no other games this weekend, I know its for good reason, but still I'm incredibly sick of all the coverage of it, lets talk about some of the other games going on this week
Did y'all know the Colts have a decent team this year? Probably not, because the media's been going out of their way to cover NE, and Indy is sliding under the radar. Come on, they have to be like the least-hyped undefeated team ever.
Cheezhead 10/30/07
Did y'all know the Patriots have a decent team this year?
Ha ha ejasso.

Go Packers!!! I ain't kidding no one, they are good this year!!!
PackersLP21 10/29/07
go vikings!!! Who am I kidding, their terrible this year!!!
ejasso 10/29/07
Wow, I love this locker talke...but we only have 4 people really using it.
Cheezhead 10/28/07
That must suck for you, lol.
PackersLP21 10/28/07
Cheezhead 10/28/07
PackersLP21, that's the same thing my wife tells me
We need to talk more.
PackersLP21 10/25/07
Sorry, PhillyMan, I was busy.
Cheezhead 10/23/07
when will the topics be out?
By the way, I put up the new poll about the Patriots.
PackersLP21 10/21/07
I don't know either, but we have to think of something.
PackersLP21 10/21/07
Such as? I can't think of anything right now...and by the way, I'm starting the semis up tomorrow hopefully.
Cheezhead 10/17/07
We need to think of something else. I don't want to be in a TD tourney, I am already in a pick' em tourney, so we should think of something clever.
PackersLP21 10/17/07
some other pick 'em or tourney after this one finishes, if it ends in the next 10 years...
Super Squirrel 10/17/07
Well, if you guys can find ways to keep it active, speak up, I'm open to anything.
Cheezhead 10/16/07
I think this group is good. It needs to be more active but I am fine with 50-60 members.
PackersLP21 10/16/07
Yeah and they got the big fat W.
PackersLP21 10/16/07
Phillyman, there is still one more TD going on (I know...).
Cheezhead 10/16/07
i beat oso en dallas 10-8

when is round 3 going to start
But the Packers didn't mess up on Sunday. :)
Cheezhead 10/15/07
Cheezhead 10/15/07
That is alright. Now we both messed up, lol.
PackersLP21 10/15/07
My bad wasn't thinkin of that.
Cheezhead 10/15/07
In the poll, you should have put a maybe or something in there.
PackersLP21 10/15/07
New Poll.
Cheezhead 10/15/07
Yeah, sorry about that. I had to do that poll very quickly because I had to leave.
PackersLP21 10/13/07
Shouldn't the poll be teams with 1 win?
Cheezhead 10/11/07
Saints Win - 33%
Patriots Loss - 50%
Neither - 16%
PackersLP21 10/11/07
^ Poll Results ^
PackersLP21 10/11/07
I like the poll question
Yeah, lol.
PackersLP21 10/10/07
That's why I made the group LP21. :-)
Cheezhead 10/09/07
Good poll. I really like this group.
PackersLP21 10/09/07
i won by 2 votes over oso en dallas
Thanks to 2 key fumbles that's all he got.
Cheezhead 10/08/07
Brett Favre only threw 1 touchdown pass.
PackersLP21 10/08/07
Cheezhead: That is alright. I still like the group with all the polls and everything.
PackersLP21 10/06/07
Grow, group, grow!
TD Tourney Topics will be assigned tomorrow, I can't today. So post some more topics and I'll try to get Round 2 started ASAP.
Cheezhead 10/05/07
50 members! Boo-Yah!
Cheezhead 10/04/07
LP21: I'm thinking about a Pick 'em, but doing that at the same time as a Tourney would be a hassle for me.

Oso: I'm starting the Tourney once I get the topics together, hopefully tomorrow.
Cheezhead 10/04/07
When does round 2 start? Let me know if you need some help with logistics or whatever.
Oso Famoso 10/04/07
I have left the NFL Fan Club and am completly devoted to NFL Nation. (Once we start a pick'em league or something) : )
PackersLP21 10/03/07
NFL has been better.
PackersLP21 10/02/07
Too bad you couldn't put a "Hell yeah!" option on the Rexy poll. LOL It'd win more votes then the other 2.
Oso Famoso 09/25/07
Ooops, I meant wins not games in the poll. Good eye and thanks, Dallas.
Cheezhead 09/25/07
Is the poll about how many wins the Pack will have or Games. Games I can tell ya, 16, wins...dunno.
Oso Famoso 09/25/07
as soon as i can join a tournement sign me up!
texansfanatic73 09/24/07
I'm going to try to start the tourney tommorow...
Cheezhead 09/24/07
so when does this tourney start?
Super Squirrel 09/23/07
I don't know Cheezhead. I just looked and I was a creator.
PackersLP21 09/23/07
I'm going to TRY to post the topics for the Tourney tommorrow.
Cheezhead 09/23/07
No I guess it doesn't ben.
Cheezhead 09/22/07
Go Pack this week against a down and out Charger team 3 -0 !!!!!!!!!!!!
cullymoss 09/21/07
It doesn't really matter, does it?
Big Ben68 09/21/07
LP21, how did you become a creator? I don't remeber doing that... :\
Cheezhead 09/19/07
Admins are better because, well, we're admins. We get to write ridiculous papers on cane toads.
According to the user permissions, SO AM I!!!!
PackersLP21 09/19/07
So what, I'm the creator! :D
Cheezhead 09/19/07
PackersLP21 09/18/07
So far the MNF game is good, but that's what happened with the Saints last week....and we all know how that finished...
Cheezhead 09/17/07
Umm, I'll think about it just because....:D
Cheezhead 09/17/07
Can I be an admin? Just because.
I picked the Iggles too...
Ben, I might just be wrong; this week I'm not exactly 14-2...I'm only 8-7. But this week had some more upsets.
Cheezhead 09/17/07
Ha, you'll be wrong Cheezhead...
Big Ben68 09/17/07
erwin! Make him feel good right now; I picked the Eagles in my blog! :D
Cheezhead 09/16/07
Not feeling, Ben.
Hey guys, tell people about this group. It can be big.
Cheezhead 09/16/07
I'm feeling the aura Ben...
Cheezhead 09/16/07
Big Ben68 has arrived...feel the aura of my presences...
Big Ben68 09/16/07
You know it.
Cheezhead 09/16/07
Oh yeah. Go Pack Go
PackersLP21 09/16/07
You gotta love the Packer Pride in this Locker Talk...
Cheezhead 09/16/07
packer* BS 09/15/07
willie mo pena 09/15/07
Now I found 2. Look at them.
PackersLP21 09/15/07
How do you guys like the picture? It is the best one I found so far.
PackersLP21 09/15/07
PackersLP21 09/15/07
Cheezhead 09/15/07
Hello everyone. Glad to be a member of this group. I think it could be a great one :)
Can I be an administrator?
PackersLP21 09/14/07
And the users start coming in! Yeah!
Cheezhead 09/14/07
No, you get the 1st comment and a half because you are the first non-creator to comment. :D
Cheezhead 09/14/07
I did too, I think I get first comment because I am better than you, lol. Just kidding.
As the creator of this group, I reserve the right of posting the first comment! know you want to join...
Cheezhead 09/14/07

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