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Ben Sheets is a total disaster since 2 weeks before the all star break. He's now 1-6, what a joke. So much for that big contract. They need to dump his sorry A*S*S* and sign CC after dumping...Suppan, Bush, Mota, Riske, just dump the whole mid reliever team...what a farce man,
Brewers win 8 in a row, and then the law of averages kick in...just hope for a "wild" card for this team.
2 more errors tonight, what the? They won't win the NL championship playing this way!
Well, I'll just give some major credit to the pitcher from Atlanta for yesterday..Campillo..I think that was his name. Can't even score any runs for one of our effing aces.
I'm glad that I'm not a member of this group.
PackersLP21 08/04/08
60+ members and NO ONE is saying anything? I'll say something then...NED YOST can't coach MLB baseball! Send his **** to a minor league team and promote someone else.
Jeff Suppan AND Ned Yost both can DROP DEAD!!!
to anyone who hates the cubs
platinumpat 07/27/08
I still don't like the errors on this team, not to mention to many guys stranded on base. I'm trying to be an optimist here, but just getting to the playoffs is B.S. I want MORE!!! LOL, I'm off my meds sorry....NOT!
Can I be an administrator?
PackersLP21 07/15/08
Great win against the Phillies tonight with a depleted bullpen

No meat! No meat!
Another Gagne save choke but...

Hardy, Dillon, Kendall (steps up again) and Weeks save the day.
Great start to the year! Lets keep it up!
Great win despite Gagne choking up 3 runs.

The 2008 Cubs season gets off to a sour note!!!
Capuano has is probably going to have Tommy John surgery again..I guess that almost cements Manny Parra making the big league least at the beginning...

MLB Predictions, brewers are in first!!
CiA is X 02/18/08
be opposed*
I wouldn't to Parra moving into the bull pen this year and then maybe Vargas being the 5...I think Vargas is still here
That's not a bad option. I wouldn't necessarily think getting rid of a south paw, but with Parra up in the mix, that might be a possibility. Let's keep hoping.
FrontPage 8 02/13/08
What I'd love for the Brewers to give up ideally would be, Turnbow, Crapuano, and then a prospect
The Brewers are to be rumored with the Joe Nathan and the Twins. Who do you get rid of? I say "Turnblow" and a couple of prospects.
FrontPage 8 02/11/08
Such a huge if
If Sheets stays healthy all year I think the Brewers have a good chance to win the NL Central.
Caped Crusader 02/07/08
Do you guys think Ben Sheets will be able to stay healthy for the whole year? If he does this is a great rotation they have possibly Sheets, Gallardo, Suppan, Bush and Parra or Capuano...that could be a solid rotation
I think the Brewers are still the second best team in the division but I'm not sure if they did enough to improve...and I'm thinking that moving Braun to the outfield as I've heard that the Brewers are doing is crazy to me. I still don't believe Ned Yost should be the manager of this team
I'd like to think they'll finish first, but I think their bullpen is going to stink and their starting pitching isn't too good either.
And with the Cubs (unfairly) spending obscene amounts of money, it might be too hard to win the division.
LoS-I Am Torgo 01/30/08
Brewers lost to the Reds.
PackersLP21 09/15/07
Great forum, check it out,
Mr. Met 08/31/07
The Cardinals start a 3 game series against the Astros at Minute Maid Park starting Tuesday
PackersLP21 08/27/07
The Brewers start a 3 game series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field starting Tuesday
PackersLP21 08/27/07
Does anyone know if Sheets is pitching Saturday or not
Jdoggy Dizzle 08/24/07
Chris Capuano is really starting to frustrate me
come on Brew Crew
PackersLP21 08/20/07
Brewers leading the Cubs by 0.5 games and the Cards by 2.5
PackersLP21 08/17/07
Check out my new blog about the Brewers:
LoS-I Am Torgo 08/03/07
Well, I guess the Brewers stink again.
LoS-I Am Torgo 08/02/07
gulp, so this is what a pennant race feels like
JohnnyUtah 08/02/07
PackersLP21 07/30/07
Check out my new blog, that has to do somewhat with the Brewers:
LoS-I Am Torgo 07/14/07
shouldve read how bout miller tonite
crypzpackers 07/02/07
how miller tonite 7 RBIs and a grand slam, will be hard to keep him out of the lineup now
crypzpackers 07/02/07
be the host of the group
PackersLP21 07/02/07
what do u need to know?
crypzpackers 07/02/07
who is a really BIG brewer fan and knows a lot about them?
PackersLP21 07/01/07
Braun for NL ROY
wissports09 07/01/07
7 and 1/2 games ahead of the Cubs
PackersLP21 07/01/07
Brewers win 13-4
PackersLP21 07/01/07
nothin better than stompin the cubs looks like they may have celebrated their 6-5 victory a little too much for the brew crew
crypzpackers 07/01/07
Brewers at Cubs, 2:55 pm
PackersLP21 06/30/07
we gave up a 5-0 lead
PackersLP21 06/29/07
close one against the Cubs
PackersLP21 06/29/07
Where are you at fans? 2 out of three from the Tigers, possible sweep of Twins tomorrow? This is just what this team needed. They're back baby!!!!!
coolhand37 06/17/07
1 out of 3 wasn't what we wanted, but battling for a victory like that could spark them. How deflating would it have been to lose that game last night? Thank you Geoff Jenkins!!!!!!!
coolhand37 06/11/07
Ouch, losing 2 of 3 against a weak AL team, when they should of won 2 of 3. Coco didn't have it against his former team. Wish I could of watched the hit parade in yesterday's game
JohnnyUtah 06/11/07
I think Shetts can pull out a win tonight against the Randers. I also didnt think Capy was gonna get beat up like he did last night either.
Schmitty3 06/09/07
Nice pitching matchups this weekend. The Brewers should be able to beat up on the Rangers, maybe even sweep.
coolhand37 06/07/07
Is it me or does the Central just really suck. Man the Brewers keep losing and they are still 5 up on the Cards. They better start finding some of that luck they had in the early going or they are going to lose the Central and lose a wild card spot.
crypzpackers 06/07/07
Yesterday's game was pretty sad. 2 bases loaded situations in the first two innings....and 2 double plays to kill the rally
JohnnyUtah 06/05/07
I hear that coolhand. We to sweep the Cubbies at Miller Park. That would bring the Brew Crew back up to being feared.
Schmitty3 06/04/07
Hey! That's more like it. Now let's sweep the **** Cubs. Wrigley Field North? Take back Miller Park Milwaukee!!!!!!!!!
coolhand37 06/03/07
Well, another lost series. Thankfully I was at work and wasn't listening to it. Is it too much to ask to win the series against the Marlins????? I keep hoping this all an aberration, but I have to admit I'm starting to worry.
coolhand37 05/30/07
Another lost series, luckily the rest of the Central keeps losing so the Brewers can keep their lead.
crypzpackers 05/24/07
Wow what has happened to the Brewers! Looks like the NL Central really sucks along with the Nationals. They almost get swept by the Phillies. Gonna be bad when the Braves come to town next week.
crypzpackers 05/18/07
Hopefully the Twins keep losing on the road so we can get out the Brooms.
wiscsportsfan 05/18/07
vote for me in my throwdown saying that the Brewers are the best team in the NL! Go Brewers!!!!
Brewers #1 05/16/07
I gotta tell you, I'm listening to the game on the radio and after the 4th or fifth hit in a row I'm thinking isn't it obvious D-Bow doesn't have ir tonight? And I can't even see what is going on!!! When the game got tied, why wouldn't you yank him and get another guy in there???
coolhand37 05/16/07
can you say Turnblow! Looks like Turnblow is back. Lets leave the guy in until he gives up the lead.
crypzpackers 05/15/07
I am going to agree. the next 16 games will tell alot about this young team. to take 2 from the mets and 2 from Philly would speak volumes for them. I look at it this way if they can go 500 on this road trip I say they are true contenders.
blueandgoldblood 05/09/07
24-10 Baby!!! Brewers Sweep Nats!! Too bad JJ couldnt keep the streak going. Friday he will start anew
crypzpackers 05/09/07
This is going to be a tough month period. Mets, Phillies, Twins, Dodgers, Padres, Braves. After the Nats, 13 out of next 16 will be on the road. I say the Crew will definitely contend in the Central. But the bigger picture of being a top team in the NL? This month will go a long way towards answering that question.
coolhand37 05/08/07
mets are going to be tough... the pitchers will have to be on their game all weekend
BrewCrew 05/07/07
after seeing the Brewers beat the Nationals tonite I am reminded of last years Tigers. They had a huge win streak in the beginning of the year and just kept it up right through to the World Series. Hope this year its the Brewers turn but winning the big one.
crypzpackers 05/07/07
yeah that New York, Philly road trip will be their toughest test yet. If they can win a couple of those series before coming home, would be awesome. These games I think will be their truest test to see if they are for real.
crypzpackers 05/07/07
This season is incredibly surreal...i never thought i'd see this day come...i live in philly, and i'll be at the park with my brew crew gear for all four games
cuerazo 05/07/07
Big win today for the brewers, came back strong in the 8th to pull off the W...another series win for the brew crew!
solidnaleid15 05/06/07
It's still very early, but they're really looking good. The division is terrible, so all they have to do is finish over .500. Go Brewers!
slainte 05/05/07
You guys here this? Sell out crowds expected all three days this weekend!
BrewCrew 05/03/07
Just wait till Sheets gets healthy and back on track, and Hall and Weeks improve their average. I have high hopes.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/03/07
Best record in baseball baby! It is about time this franchise started winning. Brewers fever is spreading like wildfire.
MarquetteWarrior 05/02/07
JJ Hardy for MVP and Brewers for the World Series
wiscsportsfan 04/25/07

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