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I may be a Patriots fan, but Im betting next year regular season the Raiders will be in the Playoffs. Go Raiders!!
check out www.fannation.com/throwdowns/show/210518
There is no way All-Time Bills is better than All-Time Raiders.
http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/134135 <<Blog about the Raiders and Davis's Iron Fist Rule
Rada4life 01/30/08
Hey folks. Any Todd Marinovich fans out there? Check out my new Todd Marinovich fan club!
EastCoastKeith 12/10/07
The Putrid Rankings...where does your sorry excuse for a team rank? Find out here:
This is the week the Raiders take control over the division, once and for all. 34-17 over the Bolts. The Chargers are not serious contenders in the AFC and this will be the week to expose them for what an overrated group they really are.
kiwihead 10/11/07
I haven't been impressed with Fargas till this last game.Hopefully he's running downhill from here on out and steps up the competition for the other three backs.I'm sure they all want those "big yardage games" and they see it is very possible for a back to get + 100 yard games because of the much improved O line.Rhodes(i'm sure)wished he could have been in this last game or any of the 1's before.Micheal Bush is waiting in the shadows to get his chance and can almost taste it,along with Rhodes who now will help carry the load of the running game.Lamont is still the man,just not now until he heals.
Rada4life 10/04/07
Lamont is a beast and all early indications are he'll be back for the San Diego game... the bye week couldn't have come at a better time.
misc 10/02/07
Daunte "OWNED" the fish.Keep the chip on the shoulder bud.GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rada4life 10/02/07
O.K. so I'm 1-2 predicting Raiders games this year. Time to get back even. Raiders 24 Dolphins 7. The defense shows up this week and gets a touchdown.
kiwihead 09/29/07
"Write it how you want to write it," Porter said. "We will win on Sunday."<<>>scorned quarterbacks are 38-7 in games against their former teams over the past 12 seasons.How's that for stats!GO RAIDERS!Beat them CRAP talking sucka fish!
Rada4life 09/27/07
What a way to win after last weeks robbery!I think he should have "iced" there kicker also,but didn't.I think the tide is changing and many more are to come.Let's hope Daunte has the playbook down and blows away the Fins for payback!I say at least 24 Raider- 7 Fins .Being a Rada Fan in OHIO,I now have bragging rights.
Rada4life 09/23/07
daunte played daunte led RAIDERS WON. NEED I SAY MORE!! not to mention Lamont Jordan's baller ****.!!!!!!! the 1st. of many, GO RAIDERS!!!
raiderJ 09/23/07
Come on, who has predictions? Raiders - 19 Browns - 10. Braylon Edwards and that tight end they got are too cocky to take this game seriously after what they did last week. The Raiders have to turn it around here, they were so close last week.
kiwihead 09/22/07
Lets give Daunte a start see what happens,
(balance maybe).receivers need to come to play 2, D must be strong in all facets 2 we can't keep going down to the wire waiting 4 the kicker 2 win it...
raiderJ 09/20/07
Janikowski did better this week, but he still lacks consistancy. He was probably think about what happened and if he would've focused better, then I think he could've made the second attempt, but I think the second snap was bobbled a little too.
MetalliRaider 09/17/07
Does anyone else think we need a new kicker?I think Kiffin should trade or pay Nugent for the jets for anything at this point!
Rada4life 09/17/07
McCown is a good player. I am not as excited about seeing Daunte. They are both good, but McCown has his best football ahead of him and Daunte is past his prime. Either way, Raiders 42 - Broncos - -14. Thats right, negative fourteen.
kiwihead 09/16/07
Daunte gets the chance to prove he is worth his signing.Let's GO DC and whip some donkey a $$!DC TO RC>>TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!!!!!!!!
Rada4life 09/15/07
Those 3 missed FG'S really hurt, but we still had a chance down the stretch. that tipped ball(subsequent int) well you all saw the rest.should have had a W,pass D needs to rebound big time!(kiwihead have you thought about a local watering hole, if that is an option 2 you?)
raiderJ 09/11/07
I found a way to watch the game. What happened to the pass defense? Bad. Maybe the Lions are just that good. It hurt to see Calvin Johnson get a TD with JaMarcus still unsigned.
kiwihead 09/10/07
Time to look for a NEW kicker!THREE missed FG!BS!WE could have won and had a much better chance if not for them.
Rada4life 09/10/07
kiwihead,try FTA receiver satellite.Pick up a sonicview or something like that.Try FTA-DSSRookie forum and join.Good luck and GO RAIDERS!
Rada4life 09/09/07
Does anyone know of a way I can watch Raiders games from Chicago? Directtv is not an option. I need Raiders football. I don't want to miss this years' deep playoff run for my beloved Raiders.
kiwihead 09/09/07
Raiders win 24-7 against the Lions!Turnovers!
Rada4life 09/07/07
raiderJ 08/23/07
I bet they call him littleman34 for a reason.Yeah,cause he actually does sucks balls,hahaha.LOSER!To all other Raider haters>>Go dog other teams,cause you ain't welcome here JOKERS!RAIDER 4 LIFE!!!!!!
Rada4life 08/15/07
RAIDERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RHATER is Gone. 07/02/07
i need help in a russle is better then quinn threowdown!!!!http://www.fannation.com/throwdowns/show/17681
doug18 06/22/07


terminator* 06/14/07
If you agree that the Raiders colors are the coolest in the world, come and support me, because there are alot of Raider Haters out there!
terminator* 06/14/07
hey i have a throwdown i need some help on about Jamarcus Russell and the raiders this season. i would really appreciate the help
Danny Boy 06/04/07
There is another Raiders fan group called the Balck Hole, join it.
terminator* 05/23/07
RAIDERS SUCK BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
littleman34 05/22/07
I hear all the nay sayers comment on how bad the Raiders will be this year. They stink!!! I'm very positive on the season this year. You may call me foolish (and I'm O.K. with that) but they did maintain the number three D in the leauge and I believe they will only get better. That O-Line will be alot stronger this year. With a running game and a stronger O-Line they will be 8-8 this year. I try to think positive rather than negitive. They will be alot better this year,It can't get any worse! GO RAIDERS
siryakmann14 05/18/07
Let me just say I like where the Raiders are heading but the playoffs are not in reach this season. Looking at the transactions made and their schedule I believe they will win 6-7 games. As long as they win more than 4 games I will be happy.
JMG1031 05/16/07
big89smooth, that is one of the worst comments I have ever read. Our defense, you know the one that was ranked 3rd in the league? Yeah, that defense is chopped full of first round draft picks, but I guess their careers are ruined, oh well...
gdamac 05/03/07
Yo big89...the reason u feel sorry is because you are sorry.
statman 05/03/07
There go the Raiders again, taking high draft picks and detroying their carreers, i feel sorry for Russell, but i don't feel sorry for Al Davis or the rest of Raider nation.
big89smooth 05/03/07
Bring back Jeff George!
krish 11/28/06
Although Aaron Brooks played well against kansas city on sunday i believe Andrew Walter should continue to be the starter for the Raiders... He is our future. During the offseaon the Raiders need to get solid offensive lineman to give him protection so he can make his reads. Also i might add Robert Gallry was the biggest bust in the last 5 years.
ptoney8 11/21/06
They sure didn't look good Monday, that's for sure. How was their pre-season?

It looked like I was out there blocking, Brooks had NO time the entire game.
Jason L 09/14/06
Does the Nation have a chance at all this year? Monday night was painful...i couldn't bear to watch after the first couple of offensive series.

I actually wanted to see Kerry Collins back...how scarry is that?
BG 09/14/06

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