Gibbs Racing...And Yes, It IS a Toyota

FOUND my pic of Joey. As I said, this one STAYS!!!
You will now notice, I've changed the group picture. I finally figured out how to get these pictures off the Net. LMMFAO
At any rate, this'll do till I can find one of Joey. THAT one stays permanently on here.
The Brickyard turned into race down the yellow brick road. Check out my latest post race blog on the race.
Red Zone 07/27/08
Breaking Nascar News:
I think you all will enjoy this one.
5/4/11 07/25/08
Here's a link to a preview of next week's race at Indy.
Red Zone 07/20/08
Any comment on how Toyota was allowed to run it's new motor this year that gives them a 15 horsepower advantage over Chevy Dodge and Ford? Kyle might be running better then everyone else this year but we'll see what happens when every other team is on an even playing field next year.
BUTTMAN 07/06/08
Do you have a thought on the latest Nascar rumors (no matter how crazy they may seem)? Check out this blog and leave your comments.
Red Zone 06/24/08
Looks like JGR has another winner in their midst. Congrats to Jeoy for his first nationwide win.
Luvdatracin 06/14/08
Of course I would love to see Jr. win the championship!!!!!
Ohio 05/30/08
my non Gibbs choice is Carl .
Hey you others that make the 28% so far need to put your choice in here. We want to know. haha.
Luvdatracin 05/22/08
Hey it is Tony Stewart's birthday today. He is 37.
Luvdatracin 05/20/08
Hope this sight will be up to date on what Tony is doing. He is having a slumpy year so far.Hoping his summertime "pick me up" kicks in again soon.
Luvdatracin 05/19/08
Bentley, if you'll look carefully, you're the ONLY other "super-member" on here (besides me, the creator of this joint).
Congratulations. You can now blog on here. Have at it.
Greetings, broncos218. Welcome to our little group.
Like racing at Darlington? Check out my preview including some hints for those of you going.
Red Zone 05/07/08
I really like Tony and Hamlin is turning into a great driver..Now Kyle Busch is another matter but ! promise not to bad mouth him on this site!!
Ohio 05/07/08
I got Denny and Tony in top 10 today but no Kyle Busch.
The blog awaits on the topic, Bentley.
Uhhhh, why am I reading reports that Tony wants out of Gibbs after '09? To sign with Haas/CNC racing at that?
NastMcMohands 04/24/08
Okay, so what's going on with this Drug Testing situation??? I can't believe that NASCAR is so wishy-washy on this subject. They go all out for safety and throw cautions over next to nothing (a rolled up T-shirt on the racetrack)but they don't even have a Drug Policy or at least one that is worth a mole hill??? Also, why is there a question as to when to do this necessary testing, i.e. before or after a given race. What??? I guess they can run out and kill someone and then get tested??? "Gee, yeah, he had a double over dose of Heroin in his blood stream!!! Ain't it kinda LATE by then??? I'm not a rocket surgeon here but that makes NO SENSE to me whatsoever !!!
NASCARQueen 04/14/08
For everyone's benefit, GONE (formerly juststeward) left us because he felt he was being persecuted on another NASCAR group.
Guilty people DON'T run. However, he cut out of here before I could throw him out.
So, what this means is...somebody ELSE has to take his place blogging on here.
Don't hold back on MY account, Queen. Let it out...
I understand that this is a JGR Group, with that in mind, I can't blog here today cause I'm ticked off at "The Cat" today. Enough said.
NASCARQueen 03/27/08
Thanks, but blogwise, you ain't seen nothing yet!!! Thanks for the promotion??? I'm working on another blog should be out soon!!!
NASCARQueen 03/14/08
Congradulations, NASCARQueen. Having read one of your other blogs, you've become an administrator here.
Write SOMETHING, please!!! LOL

I hate Newman and Busch. I hate 'em. Especially Busch. Kurt, I mean. The LOSER.
Alert: azcardsfan is now a administrator. Bentley, you might be next (but not yet).
BTW, Locker Talk is your audition if you want to write a blog here.
Jeff Gordon is going to be a terror in the Chase this year... he won't hold back and race for points again.
Gone 02/10/08
cmon guys Hendrick is still the team to beat, but those Toyotas are looking good, its gonna beat a great year, but I mean Jeff & Jimmy were in backup cars last night and sill almost won
azcardsfan 02/10/08
Oh, and one other thing. Juststeward is now an administrator, just like yours truly.
Use this power WISELY, my friend. What I give, I can take away just as easy.
Continue, troops.
Yeah, juststeward, that's how it works. If you can see "Blog Post" when you click on, that means you get to write on here.
It goes for the REST of you members, too!!
So, have at it, folks.
There's a "Blog Post+" button next to the RSS Feed one now that I didn't see before. That did the trick.
Gone 02/02/08
Juststeward, click on any blog. Then look on the right hand side where it says "authors".
If your name's on it, that means you can write your own blog. (I think I did it right. If you still can't write, let me know. It's a new experience for me.)
BTW, welcome to you and eas1788 for joining.
Hey DC, how do we post a blog entry?
Gone 01/31/08
I'm not the ONLY one who can write blogs on here. ALL the members have that power now.
MORE members, MORE opinions. Keep that in mind.
Hey, at least I don't discriminate. I don't care WHO you pull for; this is a NASCAR group.
The MORE members we get here, the more diverse views we'll have blogging. Spread the word.
You're hearing 5, DC.
Now that 2008 is here and the Daytona is not too far away, looking forward to some good comments here.
I saw your comment on my blog DC and I think most nascar fans on here are Dale Jr fans, or Hendrick Motor sports fans so, Roush and Gibbs and all others are major minorities.
MetalliRaider 12/16/07
Well, we're up to THREE members...
Do I hear four???
Glad somebody see this...spread the word!!!
Tony Stewart for the chase
DawkinsWeaponX 10/12/07

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