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I too am happy about the somewhat dated Fisher signing but he definitely won the lottery. Don't get me wrong, Fisher is a great player and has grit and determination. He also trains like a man possessed but the contract was too high for a player of his caliber. I'm worried that Ottawa is blowing so much money to sign 4 or 5 players. If the cap space isn't bumped up or, please no, reduced then Ottawa is in BIG trouble.
FCB82 12/12/07
Ecstatic about the Fisher deal.. so happy they resigned him, his grit and determination are attributes that hopefully rub off on everyone else on the team.. can't wait for the season to start
Gettz 09/17/07
GOOOOO SenSSS GOooooo..... America JR..... HA HA..... GO HOME SENS.... USA USA USA
IRISH-DOC 06/04/07
crosby is the only hockey player I know other than patric roy, the senators sould probably trade for him
TheLefty05 05/20/07
The boys from Ottawa just didn't seem hungry enough, I don't think it was a case of them thinking, that Buffalo was easy or crushed, it was simply Buffalo played with heart and Ottawa didn't. The SENS weren't following through, skating as hard, hitting as hard or passing nearly as neatly. Other than the last 7 minutes of the second period, Ottawa was just out-hustled almost everywhere on the ice.

On the plus side, we have three more chances to win, on the downside, Buffalo won at least 4 or more games four times last season, and started the season with a 10 game streak.

The Sabres will likely win at home on Saturday, the crowd at HSBC will be crazy. If fairness and respect for the game, many more big kudos to Ryan Miller.
Freya 05/17/07
The Sens are playing a great series against the Sabres, with a lot of poise and patience. I know it's easy to say now that they've won two games on the road and they're heading home, but they have clearly been the better team up to now.

I wish I could watch CBC covering the game (even though it's the Leafs homer announcers). I'm sure they are much better than the Versus announcers. They are so obviously pulling for the Sabres it's embarassing.

Anyway, GO SENS!
shakingmyhead 05/13/07
Two equal teams, with no real underdog, going head to head.

Sabres have more experience as a team and as individual players, and very importantly the pyschological edge from last year's knock out of the Sens. They also have a slight advantage in size and a few more clutch players, who can dig a little deeper in OT or a sixth or seventh game. If the series goes seven the Buffalos win. In the early games the Sens seem to get the bounces and need to lead in the series early and hold the Sabres back on their heels. So the Sens need to come out early in the games and in the series. The Sens strength is speed and cycling in the opponents zone. Against the Devils passing accuracy was incredible, we ned to continue that and keep pressure on the net.

The Sens got more than enough shots on Brodeur, his ALL-WORLD status keep the games low scoring and the Devils in each game. Ryan Miller is no Martin Brodeur, as such the Sens should average a goal a game more. And the Sens D, should be able to hold the Briere, Vaneck and Drury down to a limted number of shots as they did Parise, Gomez and Elias

The Sens need to hold all the Sabres shooters outside and not let them near the crease to block Emery, or pick up rebounds that Ray seems to give up if the shot is not right on on his glove. Keeping shooters to the outside worked against the Devils. The Sens biggest edge is with depth, a second lines that could be a first elsewhere, as third line that could be a second elsewhere and a fourth line of surprisingly strong grinders who can find the net as net as well.

Both teams need to keep tough guys in check, as penalties will be costly, man advantages will be murder. I think 50% of the chances will result in goals. If Neil uses his stick more than his gloves and we keep Miller off his game, don't run him but get in face, and get a cheap goal he can be beat.
Freya 05/09/07
Sens in 6 over the boys from Beefalo.
Freya 05/09/07

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