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we had to many mistakes,but its the first game! we should do better against the cards!
ramon sandoval 09/07/08
Come on people, lets get things going for this year. How many times do you think we are going to sack Favre this week. I will say 4 times and 2 interceptions. 24-14 final score!
Dolphins Fan74 09/03/08
Does anybody still use this group? Haven't been messages since 2007??! I know the Dolphins have had a rough ride lately, but come on!
bygwyllay 06/16/08
I will take that win all I needed was one. I don't know if I could have lived with being the only franchise to be undefeated and winless.
U1TESSME2HUH 12/18/07
VICTORY IS OURS!!! So is the 1st pick in the draft!!! WOOHOO
MillerTime30 12/17/07
DJRoxalot 12/14/07
I like everything about John Beck...but man this was a rough week. Its hard to gauge where he is as a QB because he has NO weapons. We need to sign a WR in his prime and a TE that can catch to give John a chance.

MillerTime30 12/03/07
Would just like to say that the Dolphins did not lose this weekend. And that counts as a win in my heart :P Thank you Bye week!!
I've said some rude things about the Dolphins and I just want everyone to know that.....I'm NOT sorry!
Beer-n-drums 10/16/07
Ronnie Brown should get more carries then what he has on sunday they score in the 3rd qtr with him running the ball, after he score he was in the side lines???? is it just me ????
1badfin 09/19/07
Support my Dolphin throwdown (he thinks the Cardinals will have a better year).
ThXPerTz 07/07/07
support my dolphins throwdown.
Buddy 'ol Pal 06/13/07
yep John Beck has great potential, and in two years i think the dolphins will be superbowl worthy, I think they should drop culpepper hes a great quarterback but lets fase it hes not worth the money were paying him to sit on a bench, and coach camron says he is a quarterback speacialist he has enough knowledge 2 mold John Beck into a Great NFL quarterback
Dol-fan420 06/13/07
i think john beck will be good i agree with phin39
L Dog 06/12/07
I agree Beck might make a good future player and probably a star but I think Culpepper should have been given chance to play at least preseason and be the one to tutor him if he gets chance to play anywhere else the dolphins will regret this move.Trent Green was a good quaterback but is on the decline and one knock on the head from retireing.
realisticfan 06/09/07
I say Shula is best ever come vote....
fatalbert 06/01/07
John Beck will surprise a lot of people and will amaze Fin Fans in the future, but we have to get him some protection, as well as some reliable targets to throw to.
phin39 05/26/07
Beck had the 2nd strongest arm at the combine. He was rated higher on a handful of teams' draft boards than Quinn. He was his conference's player of the year. I think we should all give him a chance.
MNfan09 05/12/07
hey im in a debate help me out im trying to make a case for our man John Beck
ASCAR 05/09/07

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