S.I.F.S. (Secret International Federation of Sports)

This group used to pwn...
G.O.A.T. 08/06/09
This isn't the BVOF, Travis.
Maybe this group wouldnt have been dead if people hadnt been so strict about letting others in....
travis31 01/15/09
So, is this group finished?
AdamLee 12/23/08
hiya left, hemo couldn't manage this group (not a bad thing, just a hassle), and we went downhill without a leader.
Cheezhead 11/09/08
Just not enough interest anymore, Jeevs
C-C-C 10/21/08
Whay happened to this group
jeevs BS 10/19/08
15 blogs have more than 5,000 views.
Big Ben68 09/19/08
However, since 7/16/08 the SIFS has failed to produce a 1,000+ blog. None have even broken 500 (closest being 483).
Big Ben68 09/19/08
6 blogs have 10,000+ views.
Big Ben68 09/19/08
I just counted all of the 1,000+ view blogs and discovered that the SIFS has 93. A Monday Morning Mac Attack (Christmas Eve) reached 149,770 views. Insane...
Big Ben68 09/19/08
In lieu of the FanNation changes, I am out of SIFS.
DJTG_2010 09/11/08
Can someone give me the pass for this group? I'm already "in it", as Lifer, but I don't know the password to get back in.
Zapp Brannigan 09/08/08
Where is all of the blogs? Where is the message boards?
Dawgee 08/28/08
I was in a poll when I was gone and I'm predicted to be 2nd in medals? NICE!!!!!!!!!
Cheezhead 08/06/08
What team won in the Manny Ramirez trade?

* Dodgers 40%
* Red Sox 0%
* Pirates 60%
thehemogoblin 08/04/08
I can't post my blog next week, vacation
Dawgee 08/02/08
What nation do you think will take the lead in medals in Beijing?

* China 0%
* United States 75%
* Soviet Union 0%
* Those manly men from East Germany 8%
* Cheezhead 16%
thehemogoblin 07/31/08
Sorry all. Like LoS, my computer has had some issues. Just got it restored so I'm good to go. The MMA will be up on Monday.
I love this poll. The Soviet Union no longer exists and neither does East Germany. WOW!
718 07/30/08
I guess cheezhead has a better chance than the Soviet Union since he actually exists...
C-C-C 07/28/08
I wonder who voted for Cheezhead???
Denis24 07/28/08
It's all about the U.S. and Cheezhead. A rivalry for the ages.
AdamLee 07/28/08
Sorry about my absence. My computer broke and I havn't had much time to use my parents computer.
LoS-I Am Torgo 07/25/08
That poll is definately both of the above.......
Denis24 07/24/08
In response to the cycling time poll i voted both. There obviously is better testing, and it is apparent that there is more cheating. The fact that these guys are riding about 100+ miles each day is extradinary, and it doesnt surprise me that many of the riders are using something to be able to complete this challenge.
CJBOSOX 07/22/08
I actually like the group picture.
I forgot my blog this weekend, sorry
Dawgee 07/21/08
No locker talk in a while...
Escobar Caesar 07/20/08
about bigalkes blog, they actually do get some time on the mind of the public really. They arte on NBC from 8-9 and ESPN mentions them and talks about them for a little while each day when some swimming action happens.
Put Favre as the group pic!
Cheezhead 07/07/08
Hey, a new picture!
Cheezhead 06/24/08
Porkins joined?!?! Great.....
Your td fails 06/24/08
Porkins. 06/21/08
But if we give them to him he'll most likely accidently OD, right?
Cheezhead 06/21/08
I sure hope not. We expect greatness out of you. Ya hear me? GREATNESS!!!!
G.O.A.T. 06/20/08
Thanks to everyopne for voting me in. You will not regret it.
jeevs BS 06/20/08
Thanks Hiya. Yeah, I was talking about the old poll.

Of course Tiger is the man. That's why I blogged about him in the 40/40.
718 06/18/08
HOVA, maybe not yet, but if he isn't than who is?
Cheezhead 06/17/08
Answer to the poll: HELL YES!
Da Masta 06/17/08
Answer to the poll: HELL NO!
718 06/17/08
Today has been a pretty good blogging day. We've had like four in the past three hours.
G.O.A.T. 06/16/08
*smacks pimp*

calm down!
Someone forgot to pay the pimp...
Your td fails 06/12/08
I dont WANT to calm down

I want to rant and rave and jump and down

Get up
get up
and get down!

Fan-Nation is a joke in this town!

Grab your knives and pitchfork!
7#bag _ Com 06/12/08
Calm down, David. We just did the championship, it wasn't done until today.
thehemogoblin 06/12/08
Are you ever going to post ANY details on the group matchups?

7#bag _ Com 06/12/08
I'm BACK. The blog will be posted tonight.
He will hit more than Barry Bonds and he will probably retire at the end of that season . . . so I think that 780 is about my guess.
Dawgee 06/06/08
Somewhere between 700 and 800 is my guess.
718 06/06/08
So what's up with this tourney I keep hearing about?
AdamLee 06/04/08
He will hit at least 700!
Da Masta 06/04/08
Dyhard ya wanna TD on that? You say he will only hit 680?
Da Masta 06/04/08
Barring injuries, 700-800 is the most likely.
He just HAD to break the TD record at the Dome...didn't he....?
Super Squirrel 06/03/08
800? I say between 600 and 700...he will get in the 680 range.
Well if you are a division rival, I don't expect you to love Favre. He killed your teams when we faced you guys...haha
And possibly Detroit....
Super Squirrel 06/03/08
A-rod will hit 800 homers in his career. He currently has like 530 I think and that is through 10 years of playing. He will play for about another 8 years so if he hits about 30 homers a year for 8 years he will have... 770 homers then! And he will definetely hit more than that per year!
Da Masta 06/03/08
or chicago
Nomarfan5 06/03/08
How do you not like Favre?

Grow up in Minnesota....
Super Squirrel 06/03/08
You gotta love Favre...greatest QB ever! (In Packers history)

and whats not to love about that?
Da Masta 06/03/08
He taught grown men to where cheese on their heads!
Da Masta 06/03/08
How do you not like Favre?
Da Masta 06/03/08
Somebody doesn't like Favre, Dan.
Cheezhead 06/02/08
Cheez. Shut up.
No! You can't do a simple math problem that a fifth-grader can do to duplicate a quarterback greater than the one in the pic, in a better uniform, who is the perfect American role model and one of the few positive role models we have left in sports in the U.S.A.!!!!! Are you out of your mind?
Cheezhead 06/02/08
Why is there a quarterback without a green and yellow jersey and a number 4 on it here as our group pic?
Cheezhead 06/02/08
Lakers in 6. I am so happy that it's Celtics-Lakers. 21 years is a long time. I was only 5 but I heard a lot about this series from my pops. I had no clue what the hell he was talking about though...it took a while longer for Ball to enter the life.
718 06/01/08
Welcome Ghost.
718 06/01/08
Estoy aqui
Hey Ghosty, gooley, fantasma.
Welcome, Ghost.
G.O.A.T. 05/31/08
YAY GHOST ! ! ! ! ! !
KPKahder 05/31/08
Hello everyone, thanks for embracing me with love and acceptance.
Your td fails 05/31/08
Welcome back Da Masta.
RHATER is Gone. 05/29/08
Why thank you, Hater.
G.O.A.T. 05/28/08
Note: Ignore the QOTD w/ 0 responses and go to the other one. I accidentally double posted, since I have some mouse problems I think.
RHATER is Gone. 05/28/08
The PTI blog must be really good or something. It got the entirely posted.
RHATER is Gone. 05/28/08
Da Masta is back!
Da Masta 05/28/08
Isn't there a none of the above option in the poll?
G.O.A.T. 05/28/08
I thought we had more than 41 members.
Cheezhead 05/27/08

Number of years it takes for the Marlins to trade away most of the current team.
RHATER is Gone. 05/27/08
Definitely the Marlins...this year was supposed to be a rebuilding year w/ a $20 mil payroll.
RHATER is Gone. 05/27/08
Booo! Kobe, boo!!!!
Stupid 40/40 and it's stupid italics screwing up the stupid locker talk.
thehemogoblin 05/22/08
Celtics have kind of been exposed, or Ray Allen has at least.
AdamLee 05/21/08
We changed our pic!
Cheezhead 05/18/08
I think.
Cheezhead 05/18/08
No blogs for two days?!?! Is that a record?
Denis24 05/18/08
35 wins? Wow, there is no way. I think he wins 22 maybe.
AdamLee 05/14/08
30 Wins will never happen again.
718 05/12/08
Celtics, I hope. ;-)
C-C-C 05/12/08
Yeah, I know. Baseball isn't my thing. The new poll on Thursday will be NBA-related. haha
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
Much closer to 1/4th of the season is gone.
C-C-C 05/11/08
I don't know; I suppose I was misinformed then. He's 8-0 right now, correct? And aren't we like a fifth of the way into the season?
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
"He's on pace for 40+"

He'll only get 34 or 35 starts max. How can that equate to a pace of 40 wins?

We will never again see a 30 game winner. 5 man rotations and relief specialists have removed that possibility. Just getting to 20 wins is a major accomplishment in todays baseball.
C-C-C 05/11/08
He's on pace for 40+ (which everyone knows he won't keep up), and I think he can push 30. He'll definitely be up over 25.

And Cheez, it has happened before....

....just not in the last 30 years.
G.O.A.T. 05/11/08
30 wins? When was the last time that happened? Did it EVER happen? Webb's good, but sooner or later he'll have a bad start or no run support.
Cheezhead 05/11/08
His offense isn't going to be able to give him 6-8 runs a start forever.
30 wins???
30 wins in 34 starts is basically impossible. Be it by his bullpen blowing leads or be it by bad luck, it's impossible.

The last time that a pitcher got 30 wins was 40 years ago, in a season that was an anomaly in that that particular year was dominated by pitchers much more than the average year.
thehemogoblin 05/10/08
Wow, Cheez, that's...completely wrong and illogical.
G.O.A.T. 05/08/08

I know. And not only that, SS, but the nation would go in turmoil. Wrong again, I know. But the funny thing is that I made you read all of that.
Cheezhead 05/10/08
So basically Cheez, if we didn't have rivalries, all the drunks would be pissed?
Super Squirrel 05/09/08
Wow, Cheez, that's...completely wrong and illogical.
G.O.A.T. 05/08/08
Rivalries put people in the bars. Without the people, bars would go out of business. Without bars in business, people would be out of jobs as bartenders and beer-delivery-guys. Which would make more guys pop up on sides a streets and put the nation into a depression. Then gas prices would go up even more because George W. would be like "This is the Iraqi's fault, and him going to soldificate the nation with these gas prices. It's like patriotism-fication for the USA. God Bless America". Then the car dealers would go out of business because nobody could pay for gas and more jobs would be lost. A whole domino effect would basically destroy our nation.

Rivalries have a very important effect on our life. Just read above.
Cheezhead 05/08/08
Nothing is quite like a rivalry.
thehemogoblin 05/07/08
Rivalries are very important in sports. Without them, there aren't as many fans and as much interest towards the games. Rivalries make sports more fun in the long run.
G.O.A.T. 05/06/08
Goodel. Do we even need an argument here?
RHATER is Gone. 05/05/08
In my opinion it's David Stern. I got no beef with him. He's a megalomaniac but still no beef.
718 05/05/08
Goodell has a ton of my respect for his hardened stance on the NFL. HE seems to really care about the state of the game.
AdamLee 05/04/08
Bettman is an idiot
Stern is turning into an idiot
Selig called an All-Star Game
I have no idea who the hell the MLS commish is...
Goodell is the winner by default...
Super Squirrel 05/03/08
Who the hell voted for Selig?
thehemogoblin 05/03/08
It has to be Goodell. He's done actual good.
Stern is allowing the Sonics to be stolen from Seattle, because he's friends with the owner.
Selig just sucks.
Bettman sucks.
LoS-I Am Torgo 05/03/08
Goodell has done the best in my opinion.
G.O.A.T. 05/03/08
well, lost in the 2nd round.... again
Nomarfan5 04/30/08
I think sportsmanship is a key character to the success of a team.
AdamLee 04/29/08
Considering one of my favorite players is Cristiano Ronaldo who has no idea what sportsmanship is (see 2006 World Cup as example), I would say it's somewhat important.
718 04/29/08
Welcome on CCC.
718 04/29/08
Hello everyone. Thanks for the invite.
C-C-C 04/27/08
Hiya.. what happened to MY blog? where did it go?
KPKahder 04/26/08
I apoligize for not writing my blog yesterday. There was a sudden change in my schedule and I couldn't get on. Sorry
Denis24 04/24/08
I am not going to post my blog this week. I will resume my spot next wednesday (April 30).
718 04/24/08
I might not be able to post the 40/40 tomorrow. Usually I'm at work when I am on this site, but tomorrow I have the day off and I will be very busy. I might be able to post it, but it will be up later than usual.
718 04/22/08
Welcome dudeman.
Getting ready to post new blog...
RHATER is Gone. 04/18/08
There are structural issues, I don't know how serious it is, but it was rated, like, one of the top 5 most structurally dangerous parks a few years ago.... i'll find the link
Nomarfan5 04/17/08
That poll really depends...

if it's a place like Fenway or Wrigley, RENEVATE. Keep the most prestigous stadiums intact.

It's stupid that Yankee Stadium is being demolished... unless there are serious structural issues I'm unaware of.
RHATER is Gone. 04/17/08
wooo hoooo!
Hey Gu3, welcome!
RHATER is Gone. 04/16/08
*voted for Guthrie*
thehemogoblin 04/16/08
For that poll, i said renovate the old stadium. But really, it depends on the stadium. For example, I would rather renovate Fenway then create a new park because of the history their, as well as The Green Monstah. However I would rather build a new stadium for a team like the Oakland A's
CJBOSOX 04/16/08
Gu3 made it in this group? Damn, we have really lowered the bar lately.

haha, jk. Welcome to the group.
G.O.A.T. 04/16/08
Welcome to the group Gu3.
I tried, RH, I tried.
thehemogoblin 04/14/08
Thanks a lot, hemo...lol jk
RHATER is Gone. 04/14/08
Damn, doesn't work to turn it on.
thehemogoblin 04/14/08
There we go.

When in doubt, use HTML!

thehemogoblin 04/14/08
I closed my damn tags...

thehemogoblin 04/14/08
J Hova - I saw your blog.. been out of town. I commented -)
sorry I didnt get there earlier ..
KPKahder 04/14/08
Umm. It's not underlined anymore, it's BOLD NOW!

Sorry, I don't know why.
thehemogoblin 04/13/08
I just wrote the 250th blog for SIFS!!!
Denis24 04/13/08
Wait, it worked!
RHATER is Gone. 04/11/08
Until you post in here....

It didn't work.
RHATER is Gone. 04/11/08
Still underlined.
RHATER is Gone. 04/11/08
How do you get it underlined?
Cheezhead 04/10/08
Until you post in here....
Super Squirrel 04/10/08
Super Squirrel 04/10/08
Uhhhh does anyone else see everything underlined in this group?
RHATER is Gone. 04/10/08
I mean two within three minutes...
Super Squirrel 04/07/08
Don't we kinda want to spread the blogs out instead of having three within three hours?
Super Squirrel 04/07/08

My blog will either be posted around 3:30pm or 8pm. Depends if I work or not after school today.
for the poll the Braves have a better chance I think. They play in an easy NL on a team with lots of talent. They could easily win the NL wildcard this year (my Mets will win the division though).
Da Masta 04/05/08
I have Kevin Love as the X-Factor. His size and skill is just too hard to match up with, even against Psycho-T. I see Hansbrough getting in some early foul trouble and the UNC defense being flustered by UCLA's versatility and depth.
RHATER is Gone. 04/03/08
I just think that the Bruins have the X-Factor in Mbah A Moute. If it's Carolina-UCLA in the title game I look for Mbah A Moute to use his athleticism inside and frustrate Hansborough and company.
718 04/03/08
Damn right, Hova.
Big Ben68 04/02/08
Keep it up with the UCLA, you're making me confident with my pick.
Cheezhead 04/02/08
RHATER is Gone. 04/02/08
That's right HOVA, cheer for the Bruins. I have them winning it all.
Cheezhead 04/02/08
718 04/02/08
Got to show love for Sean Taylor. R.I.P.
718 04/01/08
I haven't changed my Sean Taylor picture since I put it up back during the summer.
Big Ben68 04/01/08
Adam, I usually have ST in my username for that.
thehemogoblin 03/31/08
Props to giving love to Sean Taylor. Just because it isn't trendy anymore to talk about his death doesn't mean it should go unnoticed from now on.
AdamLee 03/31/08
F*cking A.
See, Mac's got the right idea!!!
Big Ben68 03/31/08
Aka: Shut the f8ck up, boy! And marvel at Sean Taylor!
Super Squirrel 03/29/08
And as member of the month that is perfectly legal.
Big Ben68 03/29/08
Because I wanted to.
Big Ben68 03/29/08
Why did you change the picture Ben?
Super Squirrel 03/29/08
Hey, who deleted all the locker talk?

By the way, my new blog!

RHATER is Gone. 03/28/08
hey Redskin!
Da Masta 03/23/08
I'm HERE!!!!!
RHATER is Gone. 03/21/08
Welcome to the SIFS RedskinHater.
Nah, I'm thinking the Heat.
Cheezhead 03/19/08
For the poll, I think that the Lakers or the Celtics will win it.
I think the group is a little big.
718 03/19/08
whatever happened to the tourney?
Nomarfan5 03/19/08
ok.. I inflated the member count...whatever. You get my point.
KPKahder 03/19/08
And stop BICKERING !
A HUGE problem is that the 40+ members of the SIFS don't visit , read and comment on other members BLOGS !
I try but damn, Why is it that we have 50 members and only 10 who blog and only 3 that actually take the time to check other members blogs out?
KPKahder 03/19/08
And by the by, is it just me ? or has this group gotten WAY big ?
KPKahder 03/19/08
I also find that I don't check the group mail as much as I should because its not my default folder.
KPKahder 03/19/08
OK, I agree that blog views are down.. but this happened before the group mail thing, The bigger problem is the mailing itself. We need to get FN to automatically put people in the FanNation Community. No option to leave. A Mandatory group. EVERYONE is a member. The whole reason they did the FM Group thing was because people complained of "group spam".
I belong to 20 groups and I would get 15 FM's about ONE TD or ONE blog ! .. What we need is to lose the group mail and have everyone in ONE group like FN Community. One FM will do it all.
Personally, I don't need 10 FM's telling me about a blog or TD.
KPKahder 03/19/08
The problem doesn't seem too bad, Adam Lee got 280 and KPKahder got 144
Dawgee 03/18/08
Get rid of group mail.
Cheezhead 03/18/08
I don't know...we should tackle this problem as a group.
Big Ben68 03/18/08
I'm telling you guys...the views are too low in this group...
Big Ben68 03/17/08
Do you always have to make an accomplishment seem fruitless or fake?
Big Ben68 03/17/08
Do you always have to be a d*ck, Ben?
Looks like no one even cares enough to F5 your blog, Mac.
Big Ben68 03/17/08
No...that's all natural.
Big Ben68 03/17/08
And it's safe to say someone just clicked refresh on your blog a bunch of times...
Actually it has 822 views as of the posting of this message.
Big Ben68 03/17/08
And my previous 68 Files of Secrecy had nearly 800 views....when posted outside of this group.
Big Ben68 03/17/08
I know, I hate the group mail thing. I only go through th first two or three pages so I don't read all of them.
Dawgee 03/16/08
Who got kicked out?
I don't think the problem is the group mail. The low blog views thing has a been a problem for awhile in this group.
Big Ben68 03/16/08
I'd play for fame. I don't think that playing a major league sport 24/7 would be much fun
Dawgee 03/15/08
I'd play it for fun. Who the hell said fame? haha
G.O.A.T. 03/15/08
for the poll can I vote for all?
Da Masta 03/15/08
I'm in!
Dawgee 03/15/08
glad to be here! By the way, I think the problem with the views is partly from the group mail...
Da Masta 03/14/08
Oh yeah, welcome to the group Da Masta.
I agree Big Ben68. You only got 38 views. Mac gets very little views. BSchwartz gets little views. Bigalke gets little views. What is the deal?
I posted my first blog!
Da Masta 03/14/08
WE have GOT to get these pitiful blog views UP higher...
Big Ben68 03/14/08
We need to figure out a way to get the blog views UP in this group....
Big Ben68 03/13/08
YAY I'M IN SIFS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Da Masta 03/13/08
I think the cap should be 50. Only cool people allowed.
We do need to keep people active here though.
thehemogoblin 03/13/08
We only accept new members if people drop out or are inactive so we kick them out...
Super Squirrel 03/12/08
For the cap...if it is decided that there is a cap...how do we go about keeping it at that number? just not letting new members in until an existing member drops out? or voting out current members?
There should be a cap at about 50. I voted for 45 but 50 makes sense. It's a nice round number.
718 03/12/08
Welcome to all of the recent additions.
718 03/12/08
Thanks for the invite fellow SIFS. I appreciate it.
Oso Famoso 03/11/08
Welcome to the SIFS Danbash.
Thanks for voting me in.
Wait...why did my new blog get moved to my personal blog?!?!?!
Big Ben68 03/11/08
Never mind, I'm back.

hiya changed my mind.
Bye chrono8008.
DJTG_2010 03/09/08
I'm resigning from the SIFS.

Good luck to you all.
I'm in!!!
Cheezhead 03/08/08
damn...didn't work...
Super Squirrel 03/08/08

Anybody agree with this guy?
Super Squirrel 03/08/08
Hello everyone... glad to finally be a member of the SIFS... thanks to all who voted...
Bigalke 03/07/08
Is there really any doubt that real sports are better than video games?
Super Squirrel 03/06/08
Real sports > video games.

But Adam, dopamine? haha
G.O.A.T. 03/06/08
Who would vote video games?
I do play video games a lot but I'd much rather play real sports.
LoS-I Am Torgo 03/06/08
Sports definitely. Video games are fun, but are a waste of time, and decrease levels of dopamine in your brain.
AdamLee 03/06/08
I'm good. Just busy.
718 03/06/08
I would rather play video games. I like sports but I'm a bit unathletic.
718 03/06/08
Hola, mis amigos. Come estas?
I'm really busy...
Sorry for not posting my blog on Saturday. I have no clue how much I'll be able to get online anymore.... (I'll try to log in as much as possible)
Jeez, now I have even more competition on Sunday...

1068 views in 7 hours!
DJTG_2010 03/02/08
Welcome to SIFS Erwin !
KPKahder 03/02/08
Regarding the poll, I voted for Jose Reyes.
Yeah Ben, you're lazy. Stop lying to yourself.
DJTG_2010 02/29/08
Oh, great, it's Erwin. Woo.
thehemogoblin 02/28/08
Hey erwin.
Sup, Erwin.
718 02/28/08
Hi everyone!!
I vote yes in the poll.
G.O.A.T. 02/27/08
And it's not that I'm lazy...
Big Ben68 02/26/08
I vote yes in the poll.
Big Ben68 02/26/08
To hiya For TodayOnly:

In regards to my MMMA, I will either post it between 3:30pm-4:00pm today if I dont work, or between 8pm and 9pm if I do work.

I'm at school right now...
Nomarfan5 02/25/08
ok, I beat BigD 402 in the tourney, who's my next victim?
Nomarfan5 02/25/08
I didn't want to stick out. I meant in cycle.
thehemogoblin 02/23/08
Hemo, you already have priveleges.
G.O.A.T. 02/23/08
What's a player gotta do to blog here?
thehemogoblin 02/22/08
*silently observes as group crumbles below feet*
thehemogoblin 02/22/08
I have defeated Ballplayer9
LoS-I Am Torgo 02/22/08
Haha. Welcome to the group, hemo.
G.O.A.T. 02/22/08
WOO! I'm in!!
thehemogoblin 02/22/08
New York is my choice in the poll and it would be closer had the Patriots gone 19-0. But since they didn't New York is the easy choice.
G.O.A.T. 02/21/08
Yankee fan, so guess who I despise the most and I'm from New England to boot.
rstowe-GONE 02/20/08
For me, it's definitely Detroit.
Escobar Caesar 02/20/08
I'm from New York so I obviously despise Boston.
718 02/20/08
I despise Chicago because of the Cubs and the Bears
LoS-I Am Torgo 02/20/08
March Madness!
rstowe-GONE 02/15/08
That would be my answer too.
LoS-I Am Torgo 02/14/08
It's all about March Madness.
AdamLee 02/13/08
NBA Finals but why isn't March Madness listed. That would have really gotten my vote.
718 02/13/08
March Madness gets my vote in the poll.
G.O.A.T. 02/13/08
Chill my basketball guru buddy. I've posted mine. You can go bask in its glory.
We haven't had a blog post in two days. What is up?
G.O.A.T. 02/11/08
other: hockey.
718 02/11/08
Other: Soccer.
LoS-I Am Torgo 02/10/08
Shut up, DJ.
G.O.A.T. 02/10/08
I said Other: NBA Basketball.
DJTG_2010 02/10/08
Vote for golf. I mean, at least there are crashes in NASCAR. But in all honesty, cup-stacking is more entertaining to watch than both of them. I'm serious.
G.O.A.T. 02/10/08
Thanks for letting me join!
rstowe-GONE 02/07/08
Well, my NSD predictions sucked. I got one right.
Escobar Caesar 02/06/08
IrishR#1 02/05/08
Nomarfan5 02/04/08
Escobar Caesar 02/02/08
Woo! DeAndre Brown committed to Ole Miss! I called that!
Escobar Caesar 02/02/08
Sorry Josh, but you have to be 18 to enter and that counts out about 1/2 the group right there if not more.
G.O.A.T. 01/31/08
I smell a little group competition coming on...

Josh 01/31/08
Sorry hiya, no blog today. If you check out my latest blog, you'll see why. NO TIME!! Why isn't a normal day 30 hours or something? LOL
Denis24 01/30/08
A great pic of MJ from the free throw line. I used it for gosh knows how long when I first came to FanNation. Classic.
AdamLee 01/30/08
I'm good, Esco. Happy to be in the building!
718 01/30/08

(Cuz as in Hova).
Escobar Caesar 01/30/08
I also don't think that Tom Brady is the best ever. I think that Brett Favre will hold that title.
Not the best ever. He's going to retire top 5 but I can't give him best ever.
718 01/30/08
where's my trophy? Dont I get a trophy? or a cake? or even a BALLOON ???
Welcome J Hova !
KPKahder 01/29/08
Please know that I am very happy to have been accepted by all of you.

718 01/28/08
Anyone who says "Not at all" is a chump.
DJTG_2010 01/26/08
ITALICS!!!!! Yeah!!!! :D
I like the italics.. very unique :-)
KPKahder 01/26/08
Sorry about italics, guys.
G.O.A.T. 01/26/08
DJTG_2010 01/25/08
DJ, you're actually in SECOND to last place now. Congrats!
G.O.A.T. 01/25/08
I didn't vote either...mine would have gone to Cava...
Big Ben68 01/24/08
For the championship throwdown, I thought I voted, but I didn't Anyways, my vote is for Duqesene Cap, so he should win.
LoS-I Am Torgo 01/23/08
Am I still in last in our basketball league?
DJTG_2010 01/23/08
I'd like to vote both in the poll. I used to respect the Red Sox, when they first won the World Series, but then they turned into Yankees North and they are just as much an Evil Empire as the Yankees are.
LoS-I Am Torgo 01/22/08
"Don't worry, Mac. You haven't beat me in a head-to-head matchup yet this year. I've pwned you every time!"

And yet, I'm still in 1st while you're in 3rd.
Yankees for the poll
Fantasy football and baseball, baseball takes a lot of time.
AdamLee 01/22/08
I went 2007 New England Patriots in one league (went undefeated)...
Big Ben68 01/21/08
I only play fantasy football
Don't worry, Mac. You haven't beat me in a head-to-head matchup yet this year. I've pwned you every time!
G.O.A.T. 01/21/08
I'm in 1st in that same league, GOAT!

I just moved up to third in my fantasy basketball league!
G.O.A.T. 01/21/08
I just finished sixth out of 12 in fantasy football, and I am currently 5th outof 12 in fantasy basketball.
LoS-I Am Torgo 01/21/08
I play almost every fantasy sport!

I really try for only Football and Baseball though, the others i just draft and let 'em sit
I won one league, placed second in another because i forgot to set lineups, and missed the playoff in the private league with my friends because one kid cheated. I would have won all three. (that's football)

I'm currently a top-three player in my bball league.
I'm in fourth in my league of ten people right now for fantasy basketball. The top six make the playoffs but I'm hoping for a bye if I'm a top two seed.
G.O.A.T. 01/20/08
I do football most, but this year, I've been more into basketball.
Escobar Caesar 01/19/08
As of right now, I am 26-12 on the picks for my Game-Planning blog.
G.O.A.T. 01/19/08
I focus mostly on fantasy football, but I also do rotisserie basketball and baseball.
LoS-I Am Torgo 01/19/08

Basketball and swimming all day long, football and swimming all day long another day, and then baseball and swimming all day long another day...

Summer is total pwnage.
The poll asks what the best time to PLAY sports is. If it was watching, I'd say spring no question.
G.O.A.T. 01/17/08
Spring- March Madness, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball.

What's better
Fall, it's not too warm, not too cold, plus it's football season.
AdamLee 01/17/08
Summer. Basketball in the morning, swimming when its hot, a little bit of baseball, and play football till we can't see the ball anymore.
Escobar Caesar 01/17/08
I voted spring
Spring would have been second for me.
G.O.A.T. 01/16/08
I voted spring. Love being out in the evenings playing baseball.
DJTG_2010 01/16/08
True that, Josh.

Regarding the poll, as a northerner, it's an easy vote to summer. It's always nice weather to play in. The days are long, too.
G.O.A.T. 01/15/08
Mac, you have several images in your post...you'll have to try harder to top me in length.
Josh 01/15/08
Too long for most readers.
G.O.A.T. 01/15/08
Sweet fansy moses...my blog was long.
I agree. Brett Favre should be on there.
G.O.A.T. 01/13/08
I voted for Peyton Manning, but I thought that Brett Favre should've been on the list.
I voted for the Packers.
Sorry I didn't post it already, but here's my throwdown with dyhard.
There's about 9 hours of voting left.
LoS-I Am Torgo 01/10/08
(sorry, laptop is acting up) don't want to even think about the Patriots winning it all right now.
G.O.A.T. 01/09/08
I voted for the Colts quite subjectively. I just do
G.O.A.T. 01/09/08
I have a lot of homework today, so I will have to do my blog tomorrow.

Denis24 01/09/08
I can tell Irish has voted on the poll...
Cardsox 01/08/08
Hey Denis.. as a Patriots fan, I wish you good luck with that statement.. <walking away whistling the song of 16-0>
KPKahder 01/08/08
Mac...I know...they have a long road ahead...but that doesn't stop me from voting for them...as in my heart of hearts, I always hope that this next season is going to be a repeat of 2005.
Josh 01/08/08
Chi-Sox got some work to do to get back in the hunt, Josh. As of right now, they cant hold a candle to the OTHER Sox.

I love that after "None" the White Sox are the leading vote getters....SWEET!
Josh 01/07/08
Wah, wah, wah, GOAT.
Consider them marked...
G.O.A.T. 01/06/08
The Colts will defeat both the Chargers and the Pats (The 2 teams that beat them in the regular season) to advance to the Super Bowl to defeat Brett Farve and the Packers. Mark my words....
Denis24 01/06/08
Baltimore!!! The O's will make the playoffs!! (Don't I wish).... =)
Yeah, just do whatever Mac wants. Uhh....
G.O.A.T. 01/05/08
Can we please get the "Reservoir Dogs" picture back up?!?!?!

MJ is the man, but come on! That picture was awesome! lol
Woah, there were two blogs posted in a period of six minutes. haha
G.O.A.T. 01/04/08
The Colts are the only team capable of taking down the mighty Patriots.
For the poll, I pretty much put the teams that they would most likely face.
G.O.A.T. 01/03/08
DJTG_2010 01/03/08
They are included in the poll...they would fall under "other"
Josh 01/03/08
You should include the Chargers in the poll, even though I'm not much of a fan.
Denis24 01/03/08
That Poll doesn't include "Noone".
KPKahder 01/03/08
(in my best Samuel L. voice)

Neal Coolong 01/02/08
I AM IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G.O.A.T. 01/01/08
The group page is underlined because of my blog post. I feel so special.
G.O.A.T. 01/01/08
i beat dyhard in our Loser's bracket TD
ballplayr9 12/31/07
I voted for "other" because my choice would be the World Cup
So yeah, I'm not going to post today. I need the break. But I did start my TD.
DJTG_2010 12/30/07
Don't know if I'll get my blog up today. Not that many stories out there.
DJTG_2010 12/30/07
You could have made it a choice. >_>
G.O.A.T. 12/30/07
G.O.A.T. 12/29/07
Ah, finally!
Escobar Caesar 12/29/07
I will have to bow out of the losers bracket. I'll be on vacation till next wednesday.
LoS-I Am Torgo 12/28/07
We haven't had a blog post in 21 hours. What is wrong with you people?
G.O.A.T. 12/27/07
Hey everyone, there's a new thread on the Board of Sports. Check it out.
G.O.A.T. 12/27/07
I want 2008 to come already!

AC/DC, U2, GnR(maybe) and Metallica are all coming out with new albums in 2008. BAM!
Since I am to post a blog on Tuesdays, can I post it today since tomorrow is Xmas and I will be out of town all day?
Please FM me and let me know. I have it written, I just need to know if its ok that I post it today.
KPKahder 12/24/07
Time to get on the pecota train.

Welcome back, pecota! Whoo!
Cardsox 12/24/07
Why join that when there already is a MLB Fan Club and MLB Nation?
Welcome back Pecotafreak.

Welcome to the group KpKahder.

Join the Baseball Fan Club. That means you Coletrain.
**** you Pecota.

Jk, welcome back
Bigdleech 12/22/07
Hello kpkahder and welcome back pecotafreak
Debi, your first order of business shall be checking out my blog that I wrote earlier today to the right of this message.
G.O.A.T. 12/22/07
Thanks to all who voted me in and I will do my best to change the minds of anyone who didn't!
I love this groups blogs and I'm proud to be a member!
KPKahder 12/22/07
Welcome back, Pecota. A lot has changed during your time off.
G.O.A.T. 12/22/07
breathe easy, I have returned
pecotafreak 12/22/07
It's a clear day in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. hehe
G.O.A.T. 12/22/07
Damn it. All of our snow's gone overnight.
Cardsox 12/22/07
Welcome, Adam.
G.O.A.T. 12/22/07
Hey everyone, thanks for the invite. I hope to bring something good to the group.
AdamLee 12/20/07
Haha, me and Bombers tied.
me and dyhard are the same age
You're only as old as you feel...I might be over 30...but in my head and heart, I consider myself 13. And that's why when it snows I still want to run out and make snow forts.
Josh 12/20/07
Cardsox 12/19/07
This explains a lot about maturity levels...
DJTG_2010 12/19/07
i'm 23...ouch i feel old
You 13 year olds need to get the fack out. Too young!!!

If I may, on that throwdown, I would have voted for Phillyman. I forgot to vote. Thus, I think he should win.
LoS-I Am Torgo 12/18/07
I'm 13 too!!
I'm 13!!!!
me and dyahrd tied
NCshvDavid...right there with you man...had to select the last choice...
Josh 12/17/07
G.O.A.T. 12/17/07
Great I feel old now
7#bag _ Com 12/17/07
53% of the group is 13, 14, or 15 year olds? Interesting. I'm glad to be a part of it.
G.O.A.T. 12/16/07
Fascinating, BSchwartz. Coincidental, perhaps?
G.O.A.T. 12/15/07
I can't wait until the 6 month anniversary of SIFS (it is EXACT date I'm scheduled to come back to the US)
BSchwartz07 12/15/07
Sorry I've been AWOL guys...had a nutty week. My Picks blog is up for those that care...and even those that don't!

After the Holidays I'll get a regular blog going here...right now work and life are a little too crazy on this side of the fence.
Josh 12/13/07
3 blogs in 40 minutes
When did B0mb3rs join?
Denis24 12/12/07
Where is the poll?
Denis24 12/10/07
my school (high school):
A - 100-90
B - 89-80
C - 79-70
D - 69-60
F - 59 and below

some classes it varies; for some AP classes the scale is shifted so that an F is 50 and below, and classes like Drivers Ed an F is 65 and below
ballplayr9 12/10/07
My school is:

A - 100-90

B - 89-80

C- 79-70

D - 69-65

F - 64 or below
Anyway, my school is:

A - 92-100%
B - 83-91%
C - 74-82%
D - 65-73%
F - 64 or below
Denis24 12/09/07
Ravensfan, I agree with your agreeing with Denis.
G.O.A.T. 12/09/07
Denis, I agree.
Cup-Stacking is AWESOME!!!
Denis24 12/09/07
Okay, regarding the poll, I put sport-hood in percents.

Basketball- 95%
Football- 95%
Hockey- 95%
Baseball- 90%
Soccer- 95%
Nascar- 60%
Golf- 45%
Poker- 5%
Chess- 5%
Cup Stacking- 10%

There ya go. I hope it helps with whatever you're trying to accomplish.
G.O.A.T. 12/08/07
My school is:

A - 90-100
B - 80-89
C - 76-79
D - 70-75
F - 69 and below

I think.
DJTG_2010 12/08/07
It is the high school scale, but they use it for every class that I am in, even my AP classes.
Bigdleech 12/07/07
Why, thank you, Hiya.
G.O.A.T. 12/07/07
What's this matter? All I'm saying is that I'm 12-4 on my predictions blog this year.
G.O.A.T. 12/07/07
HS or College scale? Which would we be basing this off of?
Big Ben68 12/07/07
It all depends where you go Ben, my school doesn't even have a D, so 70-79 is a C.
Bigdleech 12/07/07
75% is a D. 77% is a C.
Big Ben68 12/07/07
BS - posed a question for you in response to your comment on my picks blog...dying to hear your thoughts.
Josh 12/06/07
75% is a C in school but if you have a team with a 75% winning percentage you're usually near the top of your league. haha
G.O.A.T. 12/06/07
I voted Pats on the Poll
7#bag _ Com 12/06/07
hiya - had a really busy couple days, so haven't kept up on the blogs...stupid work...and then I had to finish my picks blog...I'll catch up on them today.

Mac, Ben...it doesn't matter, I'm better than both of you!
Josh 12/06/07
Glad you've come to grips with that Mac.
Big Ben68 12/05/07
"Mac, I'm better than you..."

Of course you are, Ben.
Mac, I'm better than you...
Big Ben68 12/05/07
I don't keep track of my record on my picks...just have too much fun doing the posts to care whether I'm right or not.
Josh 12/05/07
I just thought I'd let everyone know that so far I'm 12-4 with my predictions blog.
G.O.A.T. 12/05/07
Welcome, Josh. I'm interested as to what your blog will be like.
G.O.A.T. 12/05/07
I'm the upstanding citizen here, you must be referring to Ben.
Big Ben68 12/05/07
Wait a sec, Mac and Ben are in this group? Can I give back my badge? I thought this place was fine. upstanding citizens of the Nation.
Josh 12/05/07
Wait, Josh already read that...ah, you can read it again...
Big Ben68 12/04/07
The FIRST blog Josh needs to read is the FIRST blog written by a member (besides hiya).
Big Ben68 12/04/07
Yes, when the man that goes by the name Josh comments on a blog, he goes buck wild. He leaves no women and children and alive afterwards, and makes sure that all men crumble to their knees...

Ok, he just comments. BIG ones.
"Ah crap, it's that Josh guy!"

Hey all, I'm now an official member of the SIFS. Do I get a badge? I really want a badge.

I have a good idea what my contribution to the group will be...but I'm waiting for the best time and format to unveil it.

Until then, I'll read all the group blogs, and comment on everyone...and as Mac and BS know...when I comment on a blog...I really comment on a blog.
Josh 12/04/07
Looks better...lol
Hey hiya, can the logo stay? I mean, it's cool!!!
Okay, that's fine. It's your decision.
G.O.A.T. 12/02/07
Hiya, I think you should have a Member of the Month, Throwdowner of the Month, and Blogger of the Month. It would be pretty cool.
G.O.A.T. 12/02/07
Ohh, because Cardsox's MOTM threw me off. Hehe. But I understand why Mac took the award. I mean, who else would blog for the group at 2 o'clock in the morning? I sure as hell wouldn't.
G.O.A.T. 12/02/07
Master of the Madness?

Nevermind, Cardsox is.
G.O.A.T. 12/01/07
Mac is the member of the month!
G.O.A.T. 12/01/07
BSchwartz and I need some more ideas....
DJTG_2010 11/30/07
"The Dolphins will beat the Jets on sunday."

I'm in the NFL Picks Tournament, and I picked that game as well just like that...
G.O.A.T. 11/29/07
hey SIFS, I will be goin on a long drought of FaNation for a while considering my business with the Christmas holidays. i will see you as soon as I can
The Dolphins will beat the Jets on sunday.
LoS-I Am Torgo 11/29/07
Which would explain his recent absence.
G.O.A.T. 11/29/07
pecota (I maybe spelled it wrong.)
Denis24 11/29/07
Who was No Computer originally?
G.O.A.T. 11/29/07
Here's a little secret, I have no computer. Christmas marks my permanent return, so until then, later.

R.I.P. Sean Taylor
pecotafreak 11/28/07
My news blog is coming out on Sunday...
DJTG_2010 11/28/07
I haven't been to active so far, but I would like to start blogging for the group.
Bigdleech 11/27/07
R.I.P Sean Taylor.

Wallace, you could particpate in the tourneys and blog.

That is pretty much the only way to particpate.

Sean Taylor : Truly a Great is Wallace, right?
I would like to participate more, but I honestly don't know how.
I know you guys do. There's a lot of others that don't.
LoS-I Am Torgo 11/27/07
45 views in 18 minutes...
G.O.A.T. 11/27/07
Wow, 38 views in 14 minutes. This was a better idea than I thought. Hehe.
G.O.A.T. 11/27/07
I blog and throwdown. I'd say 8 or 9 out of every 10 are participating somewhat.
G.O.A.T. 11/27/07
I blog...and cant participate in the tourney. I just got a job, and dont know what my schedule will be like just yet...
I blog for this group and are in the tourneys.

I think most people are partcipating
OK, I think we need to remind the group that participation is required. Its not just a group to belong to, you have to BE in it, which most people aren't doing.
LoS-I Am Torgo 11/27/07
Mac probably signed out and did it.
G.O.A.T. 11/26/07
SOMEONE hit refresh a bunch of times.
how do i apply to get into this group ?
Double J. 11/26/07
As do I.
G.O.A.T. 11/25/07
Can't wait for the next tourney. I want another crack at it!
I'm actually very pleased. In this tournament, I beat Nomarfan (he's in the finals) and lost to DetroitFan by 5 (he's in the finals). I think I did pretty well.
G.O.A.T. 11/25/07
Nomarfan5 11/25/07

It is a rematch of Tourney #4 of Tourney Greats Central.
G.O.A.T. 11/24/07
Nomarfan5 11/24/07
i beat DJ in the finals
Nomarfan5 11/24/07
What team are you doing today?
G.O.A.T. 11/24/07
I gotta write mine today...
Mine's up, too.
G.O.A.T. 11/23/07
ok, my blog is up
I want the suggestions to give me an idea...
DJTG_2010 11/23/07
Have a great Thanksgiving
This is a great throwdown between me and erendandrew. Come and check it out and please read all arguments/


Think of something yourself DJ...I REALLY should post another blog....it's about that time.
Big Ben68 11/20/07
I want to do a weekly blog, but don't know what to have it be about. Any suggestions?
DJTG_2010 11/20/07
can i join?
I send my to the FN
Community, NFL Fan Club, and FN HOF for most of my blogs unless it is for the Hail to the Redskins group and then I send it to that group...
Big Ben68 11/18/07
I do this.

Best Group Ever
The FanNation Community
A group that applies to the blog
IrishR#1 11/18/07
I usually send it to :

FanNation Comunity
MLB or NFL or NHL Fan Club depending on which sport

I do not send it to the SIFS because everyone here is in one of those groups.

Then in the following days i will send it out to the Community every day.

Only until 3 days past the blog was posted
Alrighty then. I am here!
I usually send my stuff to these four groups:

1.) Basketball Throwdowners (most of my posts are bball-related)

2.) FanNation Hall of Fame (lots of people)

3.) S.I.F.S. (I respect the members' opinions)

4.) FanNation Community (lots of people)
G.O.A.T. 11/17/07
I know, but why isnt ayone viewing it
the community at work!

I would be stunned to find people in the FN HOF not in the Comnutiy or the MLB club so you can stop spamming them.
7#bag _ Com 11/17/07
Its weird.

I sent it to :

FN Community
MLB Fan Club

Which other group is good to send to?
I sent mine to four and got 80+ views but no comments.
G.O.A.T. 11/17/07
I sent it to 3 groups
Why does my blog only have 25 views through 2 hours?
Why is no one commenting on my blog? Was it really that bad?
G.O.A.T. 11/17/07
I would want to be in the next tourney also
Da Mac wants into the next SIFS tourney!
Eagles won!!!!
dont see where we vote on me vs dennis
7#bag _ Com 11/10/07
Well, not so much.

Pats win!
That would be insane!
Wouldn't it be crazy if the Pats-Colts game was a tie!!?!?
Big Ben68 11/01/07
Time for another file from the 68 Files of Secrecy!!

I think I'll have one up by Sunday...hopefully...
Big Ben68 11/01/07
Does anyone else have the SIF?
DJTG_2010 10/31/07
hey irish
Heh. I'm in now. Eat that, ****!
IrishR#1 10/27/07
Talk to Hiya.
How the hell do I get in this group?
IrishR#1 10/27/07
Football took over as the pastime when the steroid scandal erupted...
pecotafreak 10/26/07
LoS, I feel your pain.

In the last 18 hours of voting (which is already after the normal voting surge it gets right after its completion) Nomarfan out-voted me 6-1 to end it and I lost by one. But I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles...
G.O.A.T. 10/25/07
WHOA...where'd that square come from?
Big Ben68 10/25/07
Hiya sent the TD out to our group LoS.
Big Ben68 10/24/07
I call bullcrap on my throwdown with Detroitfan. It was tied with about an hour to go and he got 3 votes in about 20 minutes. The throwdown wasn't even on the completed page.
LoS-I Am Torgo 10/24/07
I meant one sentence.
Big Ben68 10/24/07

Truth & Rumors


  1. 1
    Woodson's next job
  2. 2
    'Melo wants to be wooed (like, Howard wooed)
  3. 3
    Lee on the Yankees' radar (Burnett, too)
  4. 4
    Farrell defends Fenway's 'sleep room'
  5. 5
    Rangers pegged as unsportsmanlike divers


SI Photos