FanNation Fantasy League

Dead im out. if it starts back up let me know.
FanMan. 07/27/08
Hey, I'm just wondering, but does FN have fantasy football
*LSU* 05/26/08
No activity for quite some time. I'm weeding out my fan groups, so peace.
Escobar Caesar 01/16/08
Is there any activity here at all?
What was the oruginal intent or purpose of this group?
CFI Fan 01/15/08
Well Due to the inactivity of this group, and the fact that I am in way too many I must withdraw from this group.

If you need to reach me for more activity.

I run Tournament throwdowns

and the FanNation Community

Any of you are welcome to join either/both group.

Have a nice day!
7#bag _ Com 01/07/08
This group is going to die soon so I'm out.
Denis24 12/25/07

best Fantasy Div
7#bag _ Com 12/03/07
are we ever going to finish the tourney.
WTH! He's not challening.
Or not... I still haven't been challenged
awesome we can finally get started

if you are a mets fan join this group
Da Masta 11/23/07
I'd like to thank Dyhard for taking Cassidy's spot
Yeah! Tied for first in the B-ball league!
Super Squirrel 11/21/07
We are currently trying to find a member to replace her. If we cannot, you will automatically move on.
hey, how long does Cassidy have to start this?
if warrick dunn can run good vs panthers grant can
im dead 11/15/07
Anderson. Baltimore's D is unhealthy, while Giants aren't looking bad.
DA vs. Ravens or Kitna vs. Giants? Ravens' O sucks @zz but their d is still okay.
Escobar Caesar 11/14/07
I take that back. Start Grant. Panthers have yet to win on the road, plus when Buffalo starts to get down by big, they'll be forced to pass it. Grant.
I say Lynch. Buffalo will not be able to pass against NE, so against their will, they will have to run the ball. Alot.
Ok in my fantasy league i can start 2 RB's and a W/R i got Brandon Jacobs, Marshawn Lynch, Kevin Jones and Ryan Grant. I'm set on starting Jacobs and Jones but i dont know who to start between Grant (plays Carolina at home) or start Lynch (who is home against NE) I'm thinking Grant but Lynch has been doing very well the past few weeks thanks for any help :)
JP: Aoki fan 11/13/07
Hey you guys I know all their is to know about fantasy football, just ask efbasketball. If you guys have any ?s about fantasy plays for a given week, fanmail me. No point in me joining this group as I am an open book for anyone who needs my fantasy advice regardless.
Let me know what I can do for the group...ZaZ
ZaZ 11/12/07
The activity level in this group has dropped drastically in the past week.
Escobar Caesar 11/10/07
funny blog
Escobar Caesar 11/03/07
Ignore my last question, please.
Escobar Caesar 11/01/07
I felt stupid while writing that
Escobar Caesar 11/01/07
I know it's completly retarted to ever bench L.T., but he's playing the Vikings which have one of the best run d's. I got Marshawn Lynch against the Bengals, and I need to choose between L.T. and Lamont Jordan vs. the Texans
Escobar Caesar 11/01/07
Any word on the status of Coles this week?
Jagator 11/01/07
wolverines you should feel bad lol. You ripped her off BIG time.
I feel bad, it was my best friend's girl who I got Driver from, she has no clue what she is doing. I ask him every day why the hell is she playing, he's sprung so she's still in. And no, it's not a ppr league Super Squirrel.
Escobar Caesar 10/31/07
If its a ppr league, that's an okay trade, but if you if it isnt, thats a great trade for you...
Super Squirrel 10/31/07
Never mind, I'm sticking with Anderson. I just got Donald Driver in a trade for Derrick Mason, so I'm set for this week.
Escobar Caesar 10/31/07
Should I start Jon Kitna this week vs. Denver? Or go w/ Derek Anderson vs. the Seahawks? He's got me 2nd in my league, behind dude w/ Tom Brady AND Adrian Peterson.
Escobar Caesar 10/31/07
I did a blog on it..... helps us maintain activity.
Super Squirrel, I would start Jones and James.
what up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IRISH-DOC 10/31/07
Hey, anybody who wants to answer, Which two should be started this week, Kevin Jones, LenDale White, Edgerrin James?
Super Squirrel 10/31/07
I'm in....
DJTG_2010 10/31/07
I'm please to say that we are consistently one of the most active groups on FanNation. Now, let's hope this continues.
I do!
Hey everybody! Who likes Stronger? Who likes Graduation as a whole?
im pumped for bball let me know when we start it up
UTexHookEmNC 10/27/07
Super Squirrel 10/27/07
PeavyFan's back? 10/27/07
Welcome everyone!
LOL, so wallace, what are we going to do here?
Make me an admin so I can put my fantasy blogs here.
l l <---- I'm that close to deleting all of his comments = )
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what, are we gonna have a draft or something?

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