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Cant wait to see Bryz in net in a Flyers uni!
One more to push a game 6! GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!
Gotta play ALL 3 periods! Not just two!
Excellent back to back games against pens and Devils.
I.M.O. 03/23/09
Is Briere gonna play this year or what?
Awesome come from behind tonight.Very nice goal by Asham.Goooooooo Flyers!!!!
I.M.O. 02/24/09
Tomorrow's game in Wash. is huge. I heard Carter has the flu. I hope not we'll need'em. Go Flyers!
9 out of their next 12,are at home.They need to step it up,and bypass New Jersey.
I.M.O. 02/15/09
5 goals in each of their last 2 games.Giroux is playing very well.That shorthanded goal by Richards on a 5-3 was sweeeeeeeet.Goooooooo Flyers!!!!
I.M.O. 02/15/09
For the first time this year I think the (D) is finally healthy.
Why is a healthy Ryan Parent who is making 875k playing with the Phantoms? While Alberts with half the talent, making 1.4 mil starts in his place?
Sweet...let's go fly guys
Weapon X 01/20/09
No more excuses Danny!
Hopefully yesterdays thrashing of wash. is followed up with a win in N.J. Go Flyers!
Fourth in the east and rising! Go Flyboys!!
One hell of a comeback against the Canes tonight.Way to go boys.
I.M.O. 12/12/08
Nice OTwin. They're starting to play like we all know they can. Go Flyers!!!
I see Parent isn't expected back til early Feb.
Hey 4th street, looks like Carle was a huge pickup.
I hear two weeks til Jones returns.
Dissapointing lost to the Pens,after battling back from 3-0.Can,t wait for Jones and Parent to return.They really need to work on their shootouts-horrendous.
I.M.O. 11/13/08
Glad to see Sbisa will stay. He may be something special.
Nice trashing of Atlanta tonight.The boys look to be getting their act together.Gooooooooooo Flyers!!!!
I.M.O. 10/28/08
Nice trashing of Atlanta tonight.The boys look to be getting their act together.Gooooooooooo Flyers!!!!
I.M.O. 10/28/08
hopefully the flyboys have turned the corner with this win over the devils. one more tomorrow against them and i think we'll be fine!
I think I was more prepared for last nights game than Biron. He played like $hit!
Good luck and thanks Htch. Now lets see some speed take his place.
A Healthy Gagne + Giroux premier = Stanley Cup
lets hope so frankie
lets go flyers 07/21/08
Flyers will win the Stanley Cup
thejoker413 07/20/08
what the hell happend to the damn flyers huh and its not just injuries either
lets go flyers 02/23/08
Sorry guys ,but i,m outta here,it,s become dead.
I.M.O. 02/20/08
Jaroslav Modry-for christs sake, this looks like an act of sheer desperation.Go after Boyle or Kaberle.
I.M.O. 02/20/08
Still here gags,working craploads of overtime.Still watching Flyers though,and don,t know what to say about this losing streak.Hell of a tough loss to Montreal,hopefully we,ll rebound tonight.
I.M.O. 02/17/08
where has everyone gone?
lets go flyers 02/17/08
the hextall ceromony was incredible man he was a god
lets go flyers 02/07/08
Just wanted to congratulate the guy in my avitar,Ron Hextall,made Flyer hall of fame.Way to go.
I.M.O. 02/06/08
it dont look like we are going to get fappa back time to go after campbell or boyle now i guess
lets go flyers 02/04/08
christ these guys are making me feel old.lose 4-0 at home against rangers ,then knuble the ducks 3-0?
I.M.O. 02/03/08
With that said . . . . what about Kaps . . . . he is the quintesential "loyal soldier " . . . . . he has to be on the roster . . . . . either centering or wonging the 4th line . . . . Go Flyers!!
groundpounder 02/03/08
lets go flyers 01/30/08
man the boys look good and just think in about a month peter the great shall be back lupul will return its our your boys lets bring the cup to philly baby LETS GO FLYERS LETS GO every one GET FLYERD UP
lets go flyers 01/30/08
ok boys,breaks done,rip l.a tonight and kick **** the rest of way!!!Goooooooooo Flyers!!!!!!!!!!!
I.M.O. 01/29/08
I agree . . . . Downie is going to hard to contain , come the playoffs ! plain and simple . . . . and his resiliance from Larouque's dirty attack showed that his heart is black and orange , kids tuff!! . . . . . GO FLYERS!!
groundpounder 01/26/08
*hard damn i cant type 2night
lets go flyers 01/25/08
*fact hsrd nosed work ethic
lets go flyers 01/25/08
after the game against pt i dont want to hear that the flyers are a filthy dirty team from anyone again that hit laraque was ignorant but i love the fack that after being ko'ed downie comes back a few mins later and gets into a fight this kid is the real deal i love the gritty hard nosed worin ethic this kid brings to the table LETS GO FLYERS and go away bostongm im tired of reading your **** thank you
lets go flyers 01/25/08
lol . . . .perhaps they are shy 4thstreet . . . . or access to the internet is limited . . .? no idea . . . . I agree with both that , the roster should be left alone . But we don't get paid to make those decisions . . .lol . . . ..The HaRD ( Hartnel, Richards, Downie) line is gonna wreck havoc in the playoffs . . . .man I can't wait ! and the 1st line is clicking with Gagne, Briere , Umburger . . .moreso than last week when they were productive but were'nt standouts . . . .the 3rd line of Upshall , Carter, Knuble was pretty good as well . . . . and a big Hoorahh!! for Cote for shutting up McGratton . . .lol
groundpounder 01/22/08
just curious as to why, with 47 members as of today,pathetic, if you ask me, it,s the same 7-8 ppl always speaking up here, or on fannation.??????
I.M.O. 01/21/08
As we are right now, we don,t need a damn thing.Sundin is too flipping old , to be giving up Carter, or anyone for that matter,and prospects or picks.He,s probably pissed from all the years the Flyers knocked the laffs out of the playoffs, and knows it,ll never happen, this year as they,ll be cellar dwellers.
I.M.O. 01/21/08
i would not play around with anyone rite now ths team is on fire we are getting goals and points from everyone if it was up to me (and its not lol) i would just let them be for now wait untill the last possible moment before the deadline to see if any changes are needed
lets go flyers 01/21/08
I was on the web site and they have said that . . . . . . . . a rumor is in place that reveals . . . . The Flyers are are a possible destination for Sundin . . . . .of course the price would be high with Cater in exchange plus a prospect I believe . . . . Food for Thought . . . . including the whole Foppa . . . .Now of course these rumors are just plainly that . . . .just rumors . . . .
groundpounder 01/21/08
this team is lookin unreal if we can keep this pace up i think this can be our year to raise the cup lets go boys lets do it
lets go flyers 01/20/08
i think after this shellacking of ottawa 6-1, other teams are gonna take notice and realize,the flyers are for real.
I.M.O. 01/20/08
can someone please tell me why Hatcher is on the team? This guy is horrible, he is a slow skater and a horrible defensmen. please someone tell me im not the only one
phillyfan1028 01/19/08
it was a good game ground,and the shot totals were more acceptable.i,m still not too fussy about forsberg though, i like the team as it stands now,and when luppell comes back, watch out.
I.M.O. 01/14/08
I was watching the game with the Caps this afternoon . . . . . wow! Flyers are hot !! Now , they just have to stay healthy and wait for the . . . . exhalted one . . .lol . . .Foppa ! I'm still in the air with that one because of the whole durability issue with his foot , what I would like to see is for the Downie , Richards , Hartnell line stay ! I really liked that . . . . MInd you , Gagne , Briere , Umberger line is ok . . . . . hopefully they pick up some slack soon and put more numbers up . . . .
groundpounder 01/13/08
just had to say ,that eating crow,doesn,t taste good.almost 2 wks ago, i said i had no confidence in nitymaki,and what has he done since? 56 shots from toronto,and 41 from rangers in wins.keep it up baby,you,re awesome.
I.M.O. 01/11/08
We sort have to live with it because Downie may be here to stay for awhile . . . . He's sort of a combo of Tucker , Avery and Ken Linesman . . . . . . and perhaps it may be that he'll eventually get suspended again . . .but not for stupid crap like his punch on Blake . . .he's just an ambulance chaser . . .. boohooing !!
groundpounder 01/08/08
groundpounder, i agree,way too many shots allowed,but we for downie,after the jersey game,and then that shot on blake, i think it,s a matter of time,before he gets suspened,s a shame ,cause he has talent, but he can,t keep his emotions in check.I hope to hell lupel isn,t out that long,hell of a freak hit by hatcher.nittymaki was superb.was extremely pissed that kubina got away with the boarding on coburn,and sundin with the crosscheck into the net on timmonen.
I.M.O. 01/06/08
Watched the Leafs / Flyers game last night . . . .Nitty played awsome . . .my hats off to him . On a sour note , I don't particularily like the amount of shots that that the Flyers allow , Stevens system needs to be tweeked , because it may not work for the playoffs . . . Downie was immpressive . . .and Briere seems to be increasing his intensity as well . . . .he's right in the mix is what I'm aplauding
groundpounder 01/06/08
if it involves the flyers, i,m willing to talk about it. i check here almost daily, so anything you want to talk about, feel free,and i,ll get back to you asap.-even if it concerns whether or not smith should change foot powders to get a jump in his
I.M.O. 01/03/08
good game against panthers, but they,ve got to shoot the puck more.gotta give credit where do, nittymaki played very well,and hatcher scoring winner?-funny.
I.M.O. 12/30/07
i agree with ya ground,hartnell is only good lately at dumb penalties,and i don,t know where carter,s game has gone.i like the fact they called up ruzicka,as he,s a grinder,but i think we need to trade for another goal scorer as luppell seems to be the only one lately,and they can,t rely solely on gagne to pick up the slack on his return.i would love to have a player like tucker to stir things up.i think after this current road trip,all their issues will be addressed, although they played very well at tampa, to get it started last thing,the flyers are playing fricking awesome when they are a man short, but ease up on the penalties boys.Gooooooooo Flyers!!!!!!!
I.M.O. 12/30/07
I agreee with you 4thstreet with Nitty not ooozing confidence with the fans and probably with the players as well . I believe that some of the D-men need to be moved ,Kukkanen seems lost out there as of late , I'm not sure what's going on with that , but he needs to get his "A game" together and keep it consistent . Fitzpatrick . . . . is'nt needed as he is just a "filler" type and is'nt anything spectacular in any department . Jones appears to be playing with some consistentcy and puts up numbers . Hatcher's presence on the blueline is noticed at every game , he may have lost a step or two over the years but he has an undeniable presence of leadership out there . Coburn is playing nicely , although could be more physical . Smith is just a fricking warrior out there , Timmonin , I wish was putting up better numbers . . . . I liked Gauthier and the physical presence he has out there . . . . . when he plays , you have to know where he is @ all times . . . I'm disappointed in Hartnell and Carter , I was hoping that with all of Carter's bulking up during the off-season that he would use the body more and perhaps shoot as well and the hype of Hartnell was supposed to bring that edge that Philly needed . . . .
Perhaps a trade would shake up this team . Phaneuf for Hartnell or bring in Darcy Tucker for his edge for Knuble . . . .anybody have any idea's ?
groundpounder 12/30/07
i hope to hell, biron doesn,t go down, as nittymaki doesn,t give me confidence.they should use carter,nittymaki,&hartnell and try to get proven solid backup.i definitely think,they,ll contend this year.They,ll only be better, when gagne gets back.
I.M.O. 12/28/07
To say that the Flyers are gonna win the cup is great . . . however there are variables that need to be addressed . . . . An absolute "shutdown" type checking foward is needed and a younger Derian Hatcher . . . . without him , the Flyers will loose focus . . .
groundpounder 11/25/07
Wey Col, I am with you I think they are going to win the CUP this year finally! i haven't been born long wnough to hever see one YET!! I think they finally have all the pieces of the puzzle, goaltending, 4 stron lines and decent defense. BUT thee ned to work on their break out strategy they can't kee up with averaging 15-20 shots pER period. They can't expect either goalie to stop everthing especially by the end of the gane they have faced close to 45-50 shots, thats a bit out of control.
They have been lookin a littl erough lately
Does anyone besides me think the flyers are gonna win the cup?
I think that the Flyers have transformed themselves into a playoff team. The Sabres have taken a huge step back, as have the Devils. Watch out for the Rangers and Penguins, though....
isirota1965 07/11/07
vote 4 me
TheCycle42 06/21/07
We still need another premier forward such as a Peter Forsberg, Scott Gomez, or Chris Drury to make the Flyers a bonafide contender.
phillyeagles5000 06/21/07
perfect move by all the forsberg trade brought ryan parent, scottie upshall, kimmo timmonen, scott hartnell, and a 3rd rounder to the flyers for someone who played 15 games...a top line center and some veteran help would be the perfect offseason
Rewtown27 06/20/07
That trade was good, why wait and risk getting into a bidding war. They say a need went out and filled it, and still have another 9 million to spend come July 1.
llBIGGll 06/19/07
I don't know about you guys, but I love the trade and sign yesterday. May have overpaid a little, but I'll take it.
Kevin McGuire 06/19/07

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