FanNation Top 25 Rankings

tell me if it becomes active again
Joe Dew 10/27/08
I am back!(to FN)
everyone come back, theres a new leader aka I.
why is this site dying, anyways

Come vote for the 1st NBA All Star Fannation Team, if you havent already.

voting open for another 6 days
Joe Dew 09/04/08
whats your number?

jeevs BS 07/11/08
Dead group! I'm leaving. The Atroo rankings are enough for me. Call me if this ever gets active again.
I wish I got into NMI to.
were you rejected?
jeevs BS 07/08/08
well if i could join NMI that would be nice
Joe Dew 07/07/08
i agree, things have stoppped
Joe Dew 07/07/08
NMI and Atroo also have rankings, i don't know if this group is needed
jeevs BS 07/06/08
DEAD GROUP! I'm giving it one week, if there's no blog for July by then, I'm leaving.
Keep it running Dfan
GeorgiaFan1000 07/01/08
This groups sucks, so I'm leaving
*LSU* 06/30/08
Yes, I am here. Currently in the process of seeing whether we should keep it going or not.
this group has went to the dawgs, any administrators out there?
GeorgiaFan1000 06/28/08
NYFAN07 06/20/08
I could win that one. Yay Buckwheat!
We should do like Top 25 Profile Pictures
NEMike 06/19/08
Why is nothing going on?
I like the screen nam e idea. maybe we could include it in the next vote. Which by the way, when is the vote?
FanMan. 06/11/08
Maybe we just need SOMETHING.
Maybe we should do something like the top 25 Screen names
*LSU* 06/09/08
Its June now. Where's the June vote?
When is the June stuff coming?
whens the june stuff?
jeevs BS 05/30/08
come join the sean singletary fan club and the chris long fan club
cavman5 05/04/08
When are we gonna have another blog?!?! I'm getting anxious.
i want another top 25 group blog!!!
Junoyeop 04/23/08
When's soon? I've been waiting!
Cheezhead 04/17/08
Where's the new blog?
12 days late......
NYFAN07 04/12/08
7 days late...
Da Masta 04/07/08
A new month begins tomorrow, should be fun to get this rolling again.
Joe Dew 03/31/08
And another month is coming up quick! Wooo-hooo... can't wait to get that Top 25 action fired up again!
Bigalke 03/29/08
I am going to have mercy on you people, and validate this group and its results by joining...
Your td fails 03/17/08
I just created a new group called the NFL re-draft group. It's we're each person gets a nfl team and we re-pick with each team with our future knowledge of how each player turned out. Right now we have 8 members and I'd at least like 16 before we begin the 2006 nfl draft. Tell me if your interested
Elway4Prez 03/15/08
k, I just sent my groups in.
Da Masta 03/02/08
The Top 25 groups voting should start any minute. Detfan is working on it right now.
BSchwartz07 03/01/08
Happy March everyone!
Da Masta 03/01/08
tommorow's the first of the month.
Da Masta 02/29/08
Da Masta 02/26/08
Detfan will be starting that poll around the 1st of the month, so be on the look out.
BSchwartz07 02/26/08
I can't wait for the top 25 of groups to come out! Hopefully Poll Dancers will be there (Hint-Hint)
Da Masta 02/25/08
CJBOSOX 02/21/08
Check out my blogs....they = amazing
CJBOSOX 02/20/08
This is taking awhile...
Da Masta 02/15/08
Yeah, I'm waiting for the next vote.
Da Masta 02/10/08
We will take votes sometime in the next week. Sorry I haven't been able to get on the past few weeks and I have quite a bit to catch up on. But it's coming I promise.
BSchwartz07 02/10/08
When's the next list?
Cheezhead 02/09/08
when is the new list coming out?
Da Masta 02/07/08
I agree with Wallace...
Da Masta 02/02/08
I don't think you should show who voted.

Why, you may ask? Simple. It will start way too much crap in the group.

People will say "Well the only reason that he got alot of votes is because alot of his friends voted for him!"

Next, it will be: "I didn't get voted in because *insert random names here* voted and they don't like me!"

Leave it how it is...
Yeah, but what's so bad about telling people you took the time to vote?
Cheezhead 01/26/08
true, on the one hand I think it will show who actually took the time to vote, on the other hand if people don't want the list posted I won't post. Thus, I put it to a vote. Whichever side is up when the 25 comes out wins.
BSchwartz07 01/16/08
For the poll: yes, it won't hurt if you just say who voted. But it won't help either...
Cheezhead 01/15/08
i'll nvr make this list *sigh* haha
New vote this coming week david
BSchwartz07 01/12/08
My Team and I are ready to roll!
7#bag _ Com 01/07/08
When is the top 25 Gong to start?
7#bag _ Com 01/07/08
GOAT I'm still getting votes in, people have asked me to wait a few days b/c of the holidays, They should be out Sat or Sun
BSchwartz07 12/28/07
When is BSchwartz coming out with the the Top 25 (2.0)?

And when is Phillyman going to come out with the original Top 25?
G.O.A.T. 12/28/07
DJTG_2010 12/28/07
Chuckles1291 12/17/07
Whars up everyone?
Chuckles1291 12/17/07
hello dan
Paddy26 12/15/07
Next Week maybe?
I guess that's a no.
Have there been enough votes sent in to do it this weekend?
Check out the latest Cassidy/Gruden throwdown to understand why I deserve to be on that list!
PissOff 11/28/07
How Long do we have?
7#bag _ Com 11/28/07
I'm not ranked and im 7-1 against the top 25...
I don't know why.

You do get some votes
I give up. I can't get enough votes to even be ahead of Wallace? I beat DJ on Nov 9th, and he's 6th. I've beat Peavy twice, and he's 23rd. I've beat Bomber 2 or 3 times, and he's 11th. I've beat Coletrain and he's 15th. I recently went over 100 wins, and I'm 10th all time in wins. Just craziness.
PissOff 11/26/07
You'll get ranked eventually.

You got 3 hours, Phillyman.
G.O.A.T. 11/25/07
I know, my unrankedness is driving me mad!
Less than four hours are left to make the blog!
G.O.A.T. 11/25/07
I know, I can't wait to find that inexplicably left off the list!
The day is over 3/4 of the way over.
G.O.A.T. 11/25/07
WHEN ARE THEY COMING OUT? You said Sunday and Sunday is already almost 7/12 of the way over.
G.O.A.T. 11/25/07
hopin not to get booted from the top 3.....
Nomarfan5 11/25/07
C'mon, I'm hoping to crack the top 20.
G.O.A.T. 11/23/07
cmon when are the new rankings comin?
Paddy26 11/21/07
I was talking to Krobe, and the Mods put it up as an experiment. They are now going to check it out and work out the remaining bugs.
When does the next poll come out?
Bigdleech 11/17/07
Well, I guess people didn't want HCW and DetroitFan up there and they wanted themselves back up at 15-1 for the last year just to be on the board.
Cheezhead 11/17/07
ya why did they do that
Paddy26 11/16/07
Yeah really the new leaderboard was nice and now they put it back to normal where people get rewarded for not doing throwdowns
GoatHCW 11/16/07
why did they put the old leaderboard back?
Super Squirrel 11/15/07
Too bad, they put him back. I thought they'd finally come to their senses and only posted current TDers.
PissOff 11/15/07
yay! Adam is off the fannation leaderboard, since he doesn't participate anymore. Congrats to Goat, at #1.
PissOff 11/14/07
Still no me, still no authenticity to this list.
PissOff 11/13/07
i doubt adam will put a #3 in front of his name!
Paddy26 11/10/07
OK, I've finally made the 100 win list. I best get some love on the next one!
PissOff 11/08/07
New rankings any time soon. I wanna try to make this list.
When are we going to do new rankings?
G.O.A.T. 11/07/07
I see. so there's no way he's on the board under a different name because he's busy. We're all busy. We've all got jobs. Its cool though. I wasn't condemning him. Its his choice how he spends his time.
PissOff 10/31/07
CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!! Intense Lincoln-Douglas debate going on right now between No. 9, Denis24, and No. 21, G.O.A.T. Who will win? You decide.
G.O.A.T. 10/30/07
nice point GOAT
Wow, Gruden. I didn't know you were like that. You seriously think he has another name? Everything he's said we've found out to be true. There have only been about 2 throwdowners that make their arguments enjoyable to read (Adam and Cooz). If he does have another name, wouldn't we recognize his writing style?

He's working on getting his book published, he's writing a school play, writing for the school paper, AND writing for and you think he has extra time to create another account and come on here like that?
G.O.A.T. 10/27/07
what is adamlee's other name then gruden?
And I submit that he is struggling for .500 today, as he regularly argues under another name on this site.
PissOff 10/25/07
Not a chance on Adam. His arguments were won in the infancy of this website. And honestly, he's the only TDer who would win 6-5 and 65-64. There's a reason for that. He would struggle for a .500 if he got active again today.
PissOff 10/25/07
Well, it says the top 25 throwdowners on FanNation. It doesn't clarify if it is all-time or only active ones. Adam's arguments were almost always flawless and his record is perfect. He's the best.
G.O.A.T. 10/24/07
I think I put him at 8.
AdamLee cannot be #1 if he no longer throws down.
PissOff 10/23/07
I never see TheSportsGuy on any of this stuff. He is on the leaderboard and is active.
EMIN3M 10/22/07
thanks goat!
LanaLikesBrady 10/22/07
You can delete my last comment, Phillyman. It was for my reference only.
G.O.A.T. 10/22/07
1. AdamLee
2. GoatHCW
3. Steelercooz
4. nomarfan
5. DetroitFan
6. Lana
7. DJTG_2010
8. kentuckyfan1
9. Denis24
10. NCshvDavid
11. Phillyman
12. Mac
13. TheNest6827
14. Sportshac*
15. Coletrain
16. Big Ben68
17. ravensfan*
18. Wallace
20. RedskinHater
21. erwin
22. B0mb3rs
23. Cardsox
24. Goodell
25. G.O.A.T.
G.O.A.T. 10/22/07
Come on i only got 3 people's votes so far i am hoping to get at least 10
Oh, never mind. I didn't know that you do the whole Top 25 all at once.
PackersLP21 10/22/07
Is this like the FanNation Hall of Fame except this is only Throwdowners?
PackersLP21 10/22/07
I totally agree with pecota. I lost a throwdown to her about the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes and her entire third argument was about Mike Tomlin phasing in the 4-3 in Pittsburgh. DIGRESSION!
DJTG_2010 10/22/07
Worst td'er with good record: Cassidys house

She doesn't necessarily disagree, she just continues on with why she thinks her side is the right one. That sounds kind of contradicting, but if you have ever been in a td with her, you would understand.

When challenging someone, she will pick one side and then choose what you get to argue, lining herself up for easy wins.

She has a group of pervy guys follow her around and adding votes to every td she is in, and thus adding wins to her total.
pecotafreak 10/22/07
He upped Nomarfan.
I'm sorry PeavyFan. My first TD was just a list. lol. But yeah, you've got some madskillz.
DJTG_2010 10/21/07
Well, no ****!

How would a record like that happen by chance, DJ?

Read DFan's first 2 TDs. Those are BRUTAL
PeavyFan's back? 10/21/07
efbasketball, i was just kidding man, cool out.

worst TD'er with a good record is Larryfitzfan
Nomarfan5 10/21/07
DJTG_2010 10/21/07
Hes good now though.
There's a reason he started out 5-57. Have you read his earliest throwdowns?
DJTG_2010 10/21/07
just chill
everyone needs to relaxxxxxxx
pecotafreak 10/21/07
pecotafreak 10/21/07
This is why Im this close to just not coming back on this site. I cant say one thing without getting critisized.
god, do you have a man crush on peavyfan?
Nomarfan5 10/21/07
Anyone know he is 22-3 this month? Mabye, he started out 5-57 now he is like 72-99

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