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Dodgers bomb Cubs in Wrigley! Poor Cubbies! The curse is very much alive and well. When the Cubbies come to LA LA land for game 3 the Dodger fans will have their brooms out!
ogdocvato 10/01/08
I really like our chances this year. We simply were not ready for the postseason last year. We were missing a few key pieces. Hill looked outstanding, but unfortunately, he seemingly all but fell apart this year. So we needed another pitcher, and Lou looked at pitchers all year long. And they have become valuable members of the pen, with them getting the occasional start. Marshall could turn out to be a solid #4 guy soon. But he isn't going to be a staff ace. Enter Rich Harden, he of the constant health struggles. It was a gamble on Jumbo's part, but it was a very good gamble to make. When healthy, Harden is easily one of the best pitchers in the Majors. And to sweeten the deal, Oakland sent Gaudin our way, as well. Say what you will about Chad, but I really like the guy. He has a solid head on his shoulders, and is a hard worker. That game against the Nats was an anomaly, I believe. He was hurt, and the stats show that he can be quite an effective reliever. He only gave up 3 or more runs twice this year. But he's no different from our other bullpen guys. No matter how good someone is, sooner or later, they will have a game or two that they would love nothing more than to forget.

Getting back on topic. Our pitching is monumentally better than the staff we had last year. Dempster has been outstanding this year, Zambrano always is a threat to put up a no-no, Harden has been playing out of his mind, and both Lilly and Marquis have been solid for us this year. Hell, they even contributed offensively. Marquis has 2 long balls this year, including his grand salami (!) last night. Both Zambrano and Marquis are quite dangerous with the bat, and when they are on the mound, we have a lineup that from top to bottom can put up runs. Several teams would salivate at the mere thought of having such a balanced lineup. Our pitching staff is one of the best in Major League Baseball, our pen is solid, (even Howry has been much better recently,) and we have a solid lineup that includes the NL RoY in Soto. We have a VERY good chance to go all the way this year. How many times can we say that?
cubs/bears 09/23/08
So cruise-control is set at 65 m.p.h. , and with nine games to go, the only team that could possibly rain on The Cubs parade of having homefield throughout the Playoff's just fired their Manager, yup the Manager who kept them in the Playoff chase for 150 of the 162, gone, to that I say, "so long Ned is was nice and competitive while you were around, right up unitl they figuratively cut the head off the team". The Brewers are for the second year in a row locking up come crunch time, The Cubs did all but hand deliver them a chance to not only keep up with but take over sole possession of the Central Division, only for The Brew Crew to squander that and pretty much all other hope of actually winning the Division. They were 6 games up in the Wild Card until they lost their way and now are not even guaranteed to play October ball with the way Ryan Howard and The Phills or Carlos Delgado and those Mets are playing now. Don't be fooled this by walk in the park mentality, coming into Sept. The Cubs were on a nine game skid in the wrong direction, not making things any better was the fact that Cubs "ACE" Big Carlos Zambrano left a scheduled start ealry with soreness in his pitching shoulder, and Rich Harden The Cubs newly aquired Strike Out artist, was feeling the affects of a long season as he went down with a minor health issue aswell. Most were thinking it was simply "the curse" rearing it's all to familiar face around the North Side, all things considered things could have gotten pretty ugly for The Cubs, but mustering everything they had left in the tank, keeping things positive, and with some GREAT coaching by Sweet Lou Pinella, The Cubs are now cruising into the Playoffs looking like a legit World Series contender.
orly198d 09/19/08
Magic # is 7 and Big Z throws a no hitter! To me, these are just signs of more good things to come.
Piranha_51 09/15/08
Magic number 21!
Paddy26 09/01/08
No kidding...
We just swept the pirates... we've swept both Milwaukee and the Cards... tied or swapping with the Angels for the best record in baseball and the best you can do it a post that's 3 1/2 months old...???
Endrick 08/27/08
All right. We got a first place team, that is kicking some serious a_s. Why can't we have some polls, blogs, and discussions that aren't 3 to 4 months old? It's time to step it up,
Piranha_51 08/22/08
**sniff, sniff**, I smell a SWEEP coming !!!
orly198d 07/31/08
How much better could things be as we sit this evening ? Sawed the head off of the "supposed" best 1-2 combo rotation wise. All but essentially shut out this "supposed" great young offense, so things are STILL LOOKING GOOD, on the north side of Chicago.
orly198d 07/31/08
Ahhh I had set up the stas so well on A-Ram but in the posting it threw them off big time, whatever though HE IS THE MAN LATE IN GAMES WE GET IT, RIGHT.
orly198d 07/17/08
So here we are about to start up after the break and not a whole lot has changed Standings wise, Cubs are currnetly sitting in a tie with the Angels for the best record in Baseball, while still sitting atop the National League. Kosuke and Gio went into the game and played well but, I'd say the preformance of the Cub pitching staff that was also invited to the All-Star Game was the best outing for Cub All-Stars, all of them Zambrano, Marmol and Demp all recording SO's on the American leagues finest, with Dempster coming in as a set-up man, in the late in the game to only SO the side. So the Cubs are looking good and are still poised to take the N.L. Central and quite possibly the N.L. With dominating pithing from the likes of Big Z, Demp, and now Harden who in his Cub debut looked phenomenal S'ing O 10, for his third career double-digit strikeout game, and threw 5 1/3 scoreless innings. With the addition of Harden The Cubs are now in a position to have oe of the best 1-2-3 punch combos come Playoff Time, plus the likes of T.Lilly and J. Marquis rounding out the rotation and further more the great close out ability in pitchers in Marmol, Wood, and Eyre this current pitching staff could be the most lethal entering the league after the break. Who knows though they have got a whole second half to play and play hard they must to even assure them anything come August. The injury bug struck them, in forcing the hottest hitter at the time in Alfoso Soriano to warm some bench, due to a broken hand, but right when things looked bad, "A-Ram the Man" stepped up to not only provide some needed offense, but to step up at the most clutch of times, late innings in close games he is posting some incredible numbers: G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI TB BB SO SB CS OBP SLG AVG 26 32 9 9 1 0 4 9 22 8 9 0 0 .439 .688 .281 Already knowing that A-Ram has stepped up to be the leader in the clubhouse, it is beginnig to look like the offense will be heating up with the hot summer heat. Only thing better than A-Rams clutch ability is knowing that Fonso is hoping to come back into this already HOT lineup just two series in after the break, he is currnetly hoping to be back on the field come July 24th against The Marlins, at home ofcourse where The Cubs are still one of the hardset teams to beat sporting a very impressive 37-12 record in those oh so friendly confines of Wrigley. These Cubs are still leading if not top three teams in pretty much every offensive catagory that matters, match that to the pitching we can only hope to expcet out of the Pitching staff that currnetly boasts no weak links and we have the makings of something special on the North Side this year, we can only hope.
orly198d 07/17/08
Can someone please vote on this:
Does anyone know if we offered the Indians anything for C.C.. If you ask me, it's unacceptable for a team in our division to get the #1 pitcher (that is up for trade) without a fight.
Piranha_51 07/07/08
I am writing a colum on something at all hours of the day, and night. Lots of time on my hands, sure if you figure between work, school, and my ultimate passion of sports writing yeah my day is filled with the things I love to do.
orly198d 06/04/08
i dont know why or how you wrote that long comment but you must have lots of free time
Well I figured since the comment on The Cubs was about aone month ago I'd keep it going on a monthly basis. So basically all is well, that was easy enough. Seriously though The Cubbies are doing pretty much everything right the list of what they are leading the league in would actually be easier to find the stats they are not leading in, I mean really almost every viable stat they are at least in the top three if not out right first. (Hits, Runs Scored, OBP%,2B's, RBI's, Total Bases, BB's,Avg. and SLG%) mind you The Cubs are not number one in all thses stats but are top 3 if not number one overall like I said earlier. So with all that good ball play it is no surprise they have the best record in baseball at 33-21, and are seemingly right on thier way to defending thier National League Central Title. So as for the first days of June all seems to be going aaaaaa-lright.
orly198d 05/30/08
Hey I have a throwdown going about Micah Hoffpauir. Will someone give me some help.
SCREWGrossman 05/24/08
I voted yes on the poll, but i think you should have had one that wasn't anti Pie. I think it was a good move for the Cubs because it only costs them $200,000. We make that in Old Style sales in one game!
Take the chance and cut him loose if it doesn't work.
Piranha_51 05/20/08
I can't believe these Cubs, it seems as if those loveable losers just have a knack for the dramatics when it comes to losing these days. Two nights in a row they have flirted with out right first place in the division, and appropriately enough two nights in a row have faltered in crucial moments of the game while coming down the stretch. All the while dragging along the hopes and emotions of the Cub faithful around the country with them, like that poor bull rider who somehow can't seem shake his other leg out of the stirrup, yeah you get the idea, not fun not at all. Kerry goes and blows the game yesterday afternoon, which eerily resembled his melt down in the opening series against those same Brewers, nailing the leadoff batter only to give up the tying and eventual winning runs a few batters down the lineup. Trying to put a hard loss behind them the Cubs found themselves with an opportunity to play the spoiler role, when after blowing another simple out in left field that directly resulted in runs on the board for a second consecutive game, A. Soriano blasted one into the Cards bullpen in the top of the ninth. Poised for extra inning dramatics with Lee and Blanco on base Fontenot quietly grounded out to A. Pujols, to end the inning. While on the other hand St. Louis had their own intentions of walking away from this game with a W ,sending the Cubbies off to try to bury another tough loss, fate would have it that's exactly what happened when S. Schumacher stepped up to the plate with one out and one on, he jumped on the first pitch he saw, which just so happened to be the fattest hanging mid 80' slider I saw the enitre game, and we all know what happens to juicy pitches left over the heart of the plate, nothing good if your the visiting team in the bottom of the 11th, that's for sure. Well folks as they say the rest is in the books, a W for the Cards, a two game losing streak for the Cubs, and a career first walk off homer for Schumaker, but interesting enough not his first walk off this year, in fact he just recorded a walk off single a couple of days ago, he should buy a couple of mega million lottery tickets with all the good fortune he's been a part of lately. Now I know these very same Cubs that just set a franchise record for wins in the month of April, and are the same Cubs that lead the league in virtually all meaningful offensive stats, like runs scored, hits, RBI's, OBP, total bases, and batting AVG. even still coming in second in SLG, AB, and doubles. These are not your average below .500 Cubs, destined to putter through another agonizing season. Make no mistake about it this group of Cubs are sitting on something special early on in this young season, but painfully watching these last couple of games, it truely is beginning to look and feel alot like a typical May on the North side of Chicago.
orly198d 05/03/08
Let's go Cubbies send the Brew Crew packing !!!! Let's Go Cubbies !!
orly198d 05/01/08
So I guess that you guys are my rivals ay?
my time has come 04/14/08
wow why is anyone still in this group. It is dead and the only post was 1 year ago, yet more cubs fans run in.

Stauff Nation 03/20/08
2008 predictions
platinumpat 03/10/08
Why dont we have Roberts yet?
25 days till opening day. lets go boys this is the year!!!
fightincolbs 03/06/08
great cubs group
platinumpat 02/16/08
sweet group
Paddy26 11/10/07
cubs uber pwn
Paddy26 11/03/07
Dre Dilla 10/15/07
Next year...
LoS-I Am Torgo 10/08/07
Cubs pwn.

World Series, here we come.
we r in the playoffs!
hammy 09/28/07
GO CUBBIES!! The bats have came alive just in time!
MillerTime30 09/25/07
2.5 games .... sweet
join my new cubs group
platinumpat 09/05/07
You what would be good right about now??? Zambrano to start pitching well and not b*tch about the fans who boo him after yet another crappy performance.
US Cellular Park: more drive-bys than line drives
asamberg 09/02/07
Hey Illini Fans join this true Illini fans join this fan group
StumpTheQuigley 08/24/07
HEY GUYS I REALLY NEED SOME SUPPORT IN THIS TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAID CUBS TAKE PENNANT AND I NEED SOME VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AWHIT10 08/16/07
Come check out this throwdown about the Cubs. And please vote for who you agree with. If you agree with the other guy please vote that way. Thanks a ton.
AdamLee 07/18/07
This group is boring.
kentuckyfan1 06/24/07
Cubs taking series versus sox will give them some mo and will leas them to the division title!?
chitown18 06/23/07
That was a terrible trade. They traded Miheal Barrett to the Padres for a backup catcher. That was a terrible trade.
#1 Cubs Fan 06/20/07
Hey Cubs Fans come and help me support our Cubs in my throwdown.
#1 Cubs Fan 06/15/07
Best Cubs forum ever!
gocubs40 06/14/07
join my group tinker evers chance cubs group
crzyboutsports22 06/10/07
Provide some insight on this throwdown.
steve80984 06/09/07
I sort of started this Throwdown as a joke, but I'd still like to win it. :-)

Would you guys mind throwing a vote my way?
I am not part of this group. I am just asking that you guys help me. I am in a throw down against a White Sox fan saying the Sox will have a better record than the Cubs at the end of the season. I hope you can help me out by voting for me.
Mr. Met 05/30/07
Anybody interested in 2 New Dugout Box seats for Sunday let me know
alw4 05/29/07
Thanks, IRISH-DOC. Those kind of comments really help further the discussion. Very insightful...
Cubs BLOW.....
IRISH-DOC 05/26/07
I despise Sox fans with all my heart. My friend said he'd take Mackowiak over D Lee. Classic Sox fan
Paddy Rahlfs 05/22/07
If the Cubs want Big Z to pitch the way we know him to pitch than they need to wrap up his contract because that is really affecting his playing.. Oh and LOVED to see the Cubs take 2 out of 3 from the Sox
MiGgYBigZArOdFaN 05/20/07
2 great cames against the Sox this weekend. Go Cubs. Loved see dLee hit the Granny
Cubbie 4 Life 05/19/07
hey guys check out my hrowdown bout our cubbies i'm gettin ripped back me up please
crzyboutsports22 05/19/07
At the begginning of the season, I thought our starting pitching staff was going to be our weakness. As it turns out, our bullpen apears to be our main weakness. I say we shop outfielder Jaques Jones around and try to pick up a decnet closer or set up man.
how do we get the bullpen to perform at the beginning of the season it look like our bullpen was going to be tough but things change
WEE-WO 05/14/07
Z is having awful 1st innings this year. What gives?? Is he p!$$ed about not getting the long term deal? At this point bring Steve Stone out of retirement and put a uniform on him.
Cubbie 4 Life 05/10/07
fightincolbs 05/10/07
all we need now is for zambrano to pitch like the 85 million dollar man he wants to be, and for soriano to stop swinging at every pitch
psm390 05/07/07
At the game yesterday(sun. may 6th) I agree, about time we win a tough close game. All the fans, like always were in it, and the players finally responded. This is gonna be a good year, maybe the first in awhile we dont say "always next year"(knocks on wood)
fightincolbs 05/07/07
Finally we win a run one game and get over the .500 mark. The Cubs are 1-6 in 1 run games, they have been in almost every game this season. IN LOU WE TRUST.
AJ Fedoruk 05/06/07
We're definetly coming together. It's only a matter of time. Let's keep it up all the way through October!
MirandGuat12 05/06/07
Another win today and that makes 4 in a row!! We are now 2nd in the division. If we keep this up through May, we'll be in the playoffs!!
BBColes10 05/05/07
Both. Cubbie Cool-Aid is delicious. They are looking great and are only going to get better
Cubbie 4 Life 05/05/07
So,are we actually seeing this cub team come together,or am i just drinking my cubbie kool-aid again?
myguynoce 05/05/07

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