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ACC Football 07/25/08
go hokies!!

i predict a 21-17 win at the orange bowl
hokieguy001 12/05/07
Even as an alum, I have to say that the VT offense is one of the worst in the country. I have watched every play of every game for the last 3 years. Tech's offense is one of the most simplistic and even worst, most predictable offenses in major college football. Don't get me wrong, there is a ton of offensive talent on the VT roster. But that idiot OC Stinespring calls the same grade school plays over and over again. At the ACC Championship game several years back, even all the FSU fans who were sitting around us Hokies knew what plays were coming before the snap.

Whenever Tech has a big gainer play (longer than say 15 yards), you can bank on Mr Predictable Stinespring to call a straight ahead run into the center of the line on the very next play. It's as predictable as his QB draw whenever Tech has a 3rd and anything longer than 10 yards. It's CLOCKWORK! But what really drives me crazy is the stupid sidways hitch passes and/or wr screens that average about 2-3 yards per completion.

Hey Stinespring!!! What the hell are you trying to set up with those plays?! Your "famous" QB Draw play?! Uh Bryan, listen up, you do NOT have MICHAEL VICK running that QB draw play any more!

As a matter of fact, even the ESPN Game Day Crew (Corso, Herbstreit, and Fowler), who LOVE VT and Blacksburg are starting to call VT's offense "predictable."

It's time to fire OC Stinespring and bring in a coach who knows the Spread Offense. That is the BEST offense in college football today. Look at the best teams in college football (Florida, WVU, and Louisville) and those teams are running the spread, which incorporates parts of all types of offenses (option, west coast, etc). Did you notice what type of offense Appalachian State ran in their historic win over Michigan in the BIG HOUSE? The Spread Offense. Did you notice how many short criss-cross patterns between the receivers ended up in super long scoring plays?

Stinespring's offense is not even as imaginative as the Braddock Road (VA) Boys Club team that my 10 & 13 year old nephews play.

And PLEASE if anyone replies to this posting, do NOT try to say that Stinespring simplified the offense today for Tyrod Taylor. Those were the same sorry a** plays that Stinespring has been calling for at least 3 years. Look at the stats today and Taylor's average yards gained per pass attempt is about the same as Glennnon's over his career. The combined total passing yards today was just over 150 yards! Even worse, the total rushing yards were 133! That's horrible! WVU Freshman RB Noel Devine had more than that on just 7 carries the other night.

How many times do we hear the TV commentators say: "Another Tech completion . . . Ok, Tech now has Second and 8!" Look at the play-by-play stats and you'll see that Tech has so many pass completions for LESS THAN 4 yards. Say what you want but that offense is NOT going to beat many ACC teams this year.

Good luck Stinespring! You should thank your lucky stars that Coach Beamer is such a loyal guy. It's going to be a crying shame because VT is probably going to blow another year of having a top ranked defense because of their boring and VERY PREDICTABLE offense. Sorry Xavier. Sorry Vince. Sorry Brandon. You'll be on the field for most of every game because Stinespring's offense canNOT sustain time consuming drives. So Sad but SO TRUE.

Oh well . . . Go HOKIES!

go_acc 09/22/07
Taylor gets Hokies back in this game, he starts next game???
Boedker 09/08/07

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