Fire Mike Shanahan Now Group

Thanks Thug at least "one" influential person read my blogs... I'm referring to Mr. Bowlen...
Mission Accomplished! Shanahan got fired Today!
Due to the 'Unforeseen' circumstances from this past Christmas weekend, I'm forced to restart this group again!!!
This group is "Officially Deactivated" by its creator, All About Life and Sports!!!
The next coach for the Broncos will come from the "Houston Texans" either Gary Kubiak or Kyle Shanahan.
There's lots of good coaches outthere, pro or college. The main thing is he's got to be a good fit. We also need a good football guru ala Ron Wolf.
Who could we get that is better than Mike Shanahan? Bill Cowher ain't coming to Denver. Before you run off a good coach, you better think about who there is to replace him.
Shanahan's future with the Broncos is in jeopardy, This Draft will determine wether he stays or he goes!
This 2008 NFL Draft is the most important draft of the Shanahan ERA, because it will decide if comes back next year...
I am a Denver native and I have been a Broncos fan since 1960. That's right, some 47 years. I have seen it all, heard it all and smelled it all. The Broncos have steadily tanked over the past 9 seasons to the point where the only answer is to replace the head coach. He needs a break, a hiatus a furlough a vacation where he can get back up to speed with today's NFL. His "peer" group have all taken a break, Cowher, Parcells, Gibbs, Marty, etc and profited from their increased wisdom. The teams they left behind are better off in many ways as well. Mike Shanahan is not the future of the Denver Broncos, he is the past.
rightsaidfred 12/28/07
Mike Shanahan is not the GM, but he is the President of Football Opertions with the ultimate power to make all personnel decisions.
He is a sham. He has done nothing since Elway and Davis in terms of postseason wins.

Offensive mastermind? If i hear 1 more announce say that Im going to puke. The offense left town with Kubiak.

Mike needs to coach in the NCAA. Trying to build an offense around skilled players? You think it would have been a sign when his offensive linemen started becoming eligible for medicare.
Frank Pentangeli 12/26/07
Wow, B07 you sure know your stats on all the positives from Mike Shanahan's tenure. what about the negatives? How many playoff victories does mike have without John Elway and Terrell Davis? You can count them on 1 finger!
Shanahan is the biggest phony in coaching. A total Sham.
NEW NAME 11/09/07
Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts and views as long as they are legit.

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