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O's ownership has the money...let's start spending on talent!!
B'moresBest 11/15/08
Umm....a little inactive. If it gets more activity, please fanmail me and I will join the group again.
Make that 4
NYFAN07 06/19/08
WOW no its your call in 2 WEEKS
I'm back again FN!! I left for a few more weeks but I have returned!!!
Did Gu3 give up on the O's already?!?!
Your td fails 05/27/08
Awesome man!!!!
Thank you... you know, the O's started out hot.. then ALOT of Orioles fans flooded to FN... then people started to join for the "Its Your Call"... almost 50 members!
I don't know how long I will be back for, but I must say, Guthrie, you have done a great job with the group.
I'm back baby!!!
what happened to it's ur call
can u guys vote for my o's vs. the nats
come on o's fans support our team
i completely agree but lets see how we do first
Yea.. We just have 2 problems i see right now and they can be easily addressed.

#1- SS!
We need to trade for a SS if we are in contention at the AS break.

#2- POWER!
We need pop.. Big Hurt is there...
i mayb a newbie in this group but the os might seriously have something to say this year
Chadwick Lee Bradford is the man.
Losing two hurts but the silver lining is that other than Bradford, for whom I have no idea why he is still an Oriole, the bullpen is still sharp and shows no signs of deteriorating. Why Trembly still has faith is Bradford is beyond me. His 80 mph slow rising fastball and 70 mph hanging curve would be great if he were Randy Jones but he's not so please work out a deal for some draft picks and say goodvye to him sooner rather than later.
Bringer of Light 04/11/08
I agree. The trade did need to get done.
I voted yes on the poll, but i want to make clear that it was a resigned yeah and not an enthusiastic Yeah! I agree with the trade because it needed to get done, but I would have much preferred the O's had done this rebuilt four years ago so we could have kept Erik.
insidecorner 02/24/08
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BatBoy BeeZee 02/21/08
New poll!!! Check it!!!!!
Erik Bedard was just traded.
It'll probably change to something like that soon...
The poll should say "Do you think Bedard should be traded"
I've heard that Erik Bedard is likely to be traded soon. One (or two) player(s) are holding up the deal...
That's too hard though. Then you can argue that he'll be traded at the end of 08 in the off season. Too tough if I change that. Sorry. =)
Change the question to "Will Erik Bedard be traded sometime in 2008?" so I can vote. :-P
insidecorner 01/04/08
Goat, for more on the topic we were talking about, go to the blog: Roberts Leaving?
I just upgraded him now. He does have some great input, and another opinion in the group will always help.
hey ravensfan. make insidecorner a blogger. He has some good stuff. Just look at his comment in our shot at 12 blog
I've just heard that the Roberts to Cubs deal is NOT going to happen. For now, that is. They said that it was a rumor that just got started after some talks, but it's not serious. It was reported that the O's and Cubs aren't close to finalizing the deal... But, who knows? A deal can pass in the blink of an eye...
as in close I mean within the next 24 hours
GoatHCW 12/20/07
Brain Roberts to the Cubs trade is very close to getting done according to a source of mine.
GoatHCW 12/20/07
Well, the deal that the Dodgers offered for Bedard would be great for the future. But, most O's fans want to win now. Most are fed up with all this losing. But, MacPhail seems to be trying to set the O's up for the future and one of the deals from the Dodgers would be too sweet to pass up if you truly are building for the future. But yeah, that will hurt the O's next year and probably drop them into 5th but it could be great in the long run.

The O's of 2008 are likely to be terrible. If Bedard and Tejada are traded, that leaves the O's set up for the future, but terrible for the present time. I don't know how many more O's fans can keep the faith. (I will though, as I'll be an Orioles fan for life). Most are just fed up. Can you blame them?
I voted the O's finish fifth, because if Bedard gets traded, I don't see where his thirteen wins this season are a gonna come from. Maybe if they get Billingsley back in one of the proposed Dodgers deals, but that may not even be enough.

The O's of 2008 have a real shot at being more unwatchable than the 2007 version - and that is saying quite a bit. It'll take a while for the younger players to get their footing, so I'm not counting on any winning seasons until a couple of years into the next decade...
insidecorner 12/04/07
Oh well...
a ravens one might be better
angelosbegone 11/07/07
None taken. But, I've gone 80 days with a blog everyday so far. Once the season starts, I can write about the games. But now, I just write about rumors, etc that are going on.
no offense ravens fan but do the o's really have enough to talk about in an o's blog
angelosbegone 11/07/07
Since it is 100%, I'm assuming everyone voted in the poll.
how do u know how many people voted? one person could have voted for miggi to go (i did)
It looks as if everyone thinks Miggi should go...
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