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So now what?
Hey man, killer superbowl party. I was lookin for the complete game on dvd. I need documentation on what officially happened in the 2nd 1/2.
Gonzeaux 09/17/10
They picked a gawdam fine time to nosedive!
Gonzeaux 12/29/09
Man, the Saints fan are in abundance today.
Gonzeaux 04/10/09
tonight against minnasota!!! f them vikings... saints r gunna woop butt!!!
Trinidad 10/06/08
what the hell people? lets come alive in here... saints beat the bucs... lets have a fun season
Trinidad 09/11/08
who's happy about that win against jax??? Saint's are coing through!
Trinidad 11/04/07
what do you all think about the game coming up against jax? drop me a line and let me know .
Trinidad 11/02/07
This guy says Reggie is way overrated. Help please getting killed read it over please!!!
StumpTheQuigley 09/28/07
On behalf of decent Bears fans everywhere, allow me to apologize for that jerk with the "Katrina" sign. But after all the LSU-educated posts I've read concerning the NFC championship game prefaced with, "well aside from the 4th qtr..." I'm truly looking forward to you all coming back to Soldier in December to get **** kicked again.
Littleshovel 08/11/07
I need help in my throwdown saying Bush and Duece are better then LT and Turner, Thanks
Rudy610 07/28/07
Big Ben68 06/28/07
hey whats can u check out my throwdown thanks ita about reggie bush
CDH 06/28/07
oh yea
Saints will play in the super bowl against the patriots. The saints will win.
tmckrockchalk 06/14/07
yes we do i need to win one as well
look :) I was very surprized!
Stalker 06/02/07
I agree to.We also need to host another Super Bowl
bigbamaboy 12 05/27/07
yep i agree this team is going all the way who dat
With the talented group we already have and the addition of the well-chosen newcomers, the Saints are gonna kick some serious **** this year. For all of us long-suffering fans it will be soooo sweet! Saints are going all the way in 07!!!!!
saints fan go to the throw down saintscan win the superbowl and the colts and vote for the saints fan
i agree but i love reggie and deuce
Bree's is the man, i dont believe there is a more solid quaterback. Colston is another great, rookie year and he tore up the competition.
Granger02 05/08/07
saints is my team deuce is my man now lets get to talking
I'm pretty sure McAlister has a couple years left on the contract, but Pittman may have to wait. We did pick him with a 4th rounder, so he isn't really guaranteed much as a 4th round pick.
Big Ben68 05/07/07
Pittman was listed as one of the top 3 RB's in the draft. There is NO WAY that he will stay here 3 years being #3 on our depth chart. Either we will trade him sayyyy next year or trade Deuce (actually Deuce might be in a contract year, i cant remember).
Desperado618 05/04/07
Deuce will be back and the RB tandem will continue. But Deuce is 27 and the running style he has means he will break down quickly, but now that they have a two back system he will last longer. Pittman is insurance incase either McAlister or Bush get injured (LET'S HOPE NOT!!!)
Big Ben68 05/03/07
How do you think we did in the draft/free agency? I ranked our needs as #1-CB, #2 LB, #3-OL/WR. Looks like we addressed our needs for the most part. Our LB's overachieved last year. I hope they can continue that trend. The addition of Simmons will definitely help alot stoppping the run.

At CB, we have a couple of rookies and a couple of new veterans that can fight for playing time. None of them appear to be a #1 caliber DB but i would like to see how this one plays out.

At WR i believe we have given Brees a great possession receiver in Patten and some excellent speed and height in Meachum.

Hopefully the signing of Pittman does not signify that Deuce will not be back next year.
Desperado618 05/03/07

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