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hey everybody, I am new to this entire website, but I am a big Knicks fan so I thought I would join
J!E!T!S! 12/30/08
please respond
Ravii 01/12/08
hi im new ugh ive got a way to improve our knicks first of course fire Isaiah! then trade Nate and Randolph for Artest then trade Curry Crawford and Q rich for Kobe heres a triangle trade for ya knicks get -Carter Battier and Alston Rockets get-Kidd and Jefferson Nets get-T-mac Marbury and Knicks first round pick then get rid of Jerome James Jeffries and Rose sign Jared Jordan and this is wut ur roster will look like this Starters- Center- Randolph Morris Forwards=David Lee and Ron Artest Guards-Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant Bench- forwards-Shane Battier Renaldo Balkman Wilson Chandler guards- Fred Jones Jared Jordan Rafer Alston and Mardy Collins Why will this happen? before the trade deadline we will get Artest then after the draft lottery our pick will be so high that the Nets will easilly give up Kidd Carter and Jefferson for T-mac Marbury and the draft pick.And when Kobe sees Carter and Artest on outeam he will want to come here the Lakers will have np cuz Crawford would replace his ball handling Q Rich would replace his defense and Curry would be their big man that they need so we gain 30 points the Nets gain.3 the Rockets gain 4 the Kings would gain 2 the Lakers would gain 10 there were all winners
Ravii 01/12/08
So I just got my Knicks tickets and Isiah is on the cover. The lsit his job title as: The Architect
and the funny thing is that his finger print is listed on the ticket. Were these tickets printed bfore or after the filing by Euneka Brown>
Let's quit this fooling around and go get crazy just like the good old days. Let's get Artest! I loved reading his comments about David Lee playing ball in the hood and not backing down.

Get rid of Jefferies!

If your a New York Giants fan visit:

Go Knicks!

Vote fo rme in the Knicks will make the playoffs throwdown
Has anyone heard, are the Knicks trying to look into Kevin Garnet? I'd trade any two players for him.
Cyne10 06/01/07
We need to trade Nate. We have Mardy Collins, and we need young, power, and talent.
funkdat76 05/21/07
i think that the new york knicks should not be trying to trade eddy curry or stephon muabary, there just to good. we need to find a great coach to help our talented team use all of there strengh to be winning more and more games.
cjknicksfan 05/08/07

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