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Seems the only posts on the locker talk is from everyone leaving. I'm gone too. Last one out, please turn out the lights.
Red Zone 11/22/08
great group, but dead
EncinoMan 11/13/08
If you like blogging about sports and can tolerate Josh and Dan, go check out:
Come vote for the 1st NBA All Star Fannation Team, if you havent already.

voting open for another 6 days
Joe Dew 09/04/08
dead im out, tell me if this comes back
FanMan. 07/27/08
Reinvite me if this is more active.
Cheezhead 07/24/08
DEAD GROUP! I'm leaving. I'll come back if it gets active again.
We are dieing! Someone save us!
Don't die Lighter Side! Quick, where's our polar bear Oso?
Cheezhead 05/22/08
What's happening? Where are all the blogs?
thehemogoblin 05/06/08
I am member 100. Can't believe I didn't join this group earlier.
718 03/16/08
99 members! Let's get 100!
Da Masta 03/15/08
ram's recent blog put me onto this. Hope I can help contribute to the lighter side of sports. These here internets is fun!
Moondizzle 03/13/08
If there are any veterans or active duty members in here, I started a new group for us:
hey guys just joined the group looks great could i possibly join around the fannation
Had some GREAT blogging recently.
BSchwartz07 03/04/08
Or the cayenne. Sounds cooler. Must be cuz a Porsche is named after it...
No RShater. We prefer jalapenos. They're spicier.
Oso Famoso 03/01/08
I love the Soap Operas for this group!
Da Masta 02/29/08
so is this the new onion group?
RHATER is Gone. 02/25/08
A new YKWRGMG is coming within a few days!!
Hope you all enjoy my latest blog, "Sports & Karma."
Red Zone 02/19/08
Cheezhead, the newest member of the group!!!!!
Cheezhead 02/15/08
I would like to blog some from this group. Who do I fanmail to see about doing this?
Red Zone 02/12/08
yay the views are back!
Da Masta*BS says go Giants!!! 02/07/08

Yeah and now those blogs that were posted before the restoration have like, minimal views...

:( It's bad publicity!
yay the views are back!
Da Masta 02/07/08
They did, Red. The site's lagging like a banshee because of them.
thehemogoblin 01/31/08
Guys... is it just me or did they get rid of the views feature on the blogs?
and over the no NFL weekend I rediscovered I can sort of tolerate the NBA during the regular season
No Federer in the finals of a tournament scares me...
Australian Open-- no Roger Federer in the Men's Final-- it feels refreshingly weird...
buck-i-girl 01/26/08
neither, i'm watching the x-games.
newit 01/26/08
With the NFL in an off week between the Conference Championships and the Superbowl, we are faced with a great dilemma. Do we watch the "Best Superbowl Commercials" or figure skating?
Red Zone 01/26/08

Pretty funny blog by KPKahder... And I love this quote ... "Aside from a nympho that owns a liquor store, what more could you want than a woman who knows sports?"
Wait a tic? Oh Groovy Baby.
Oso Famoso 01/12/08
Wait a tic!!!

Dave may have been saved. It would seem that Oso has pulled WAY into the lead to be roasted.
BSchwartz07 01/09/08
Its a Throwdowner named ncshvdavid

Its like a tribe called Quest

you got to say the WHOLE THING
7#bag _ Com 01/07/08
69 Members! Woooo!
Oso Famoso 01/07/08
The Roast will be delayed until next week. Anyone who wants to take potshots at Throwdowner Named NCshvDavid sign up here or FM me.
Oso Famoso 01/07/08

-damn, not again

take an entire here's your sign from this TD:
thehemogoblin 01/03/08
It will have some life, just took some time off for the holidays

-New roast on the way
-New Here's your Sign coming out soon
-New Lighter side fake news coming soon as well

But if you have got any ideas let me or oso know
BSchwartz07 01/02/08
no, amazing grace would crucify me in effigy.
thehemogoblin 01/02/08
LoveItHateIt 01/02/08
are you gonna play jesus?
this group needs a rescue from momentary death syndrome...
thehemogoblin 01/01/08
Just for everyone's information

I love the really

(no, not really...I'm shaming myself..damn bets...damn Packers)
Good Moniker for our Shreveport ambassador of fun. He is as wise as an owl.
Oso Famoso 12/23/07
Like David the Noctural wouldn't be a fantastic choice...
Neal Coolong 12/21/07
I'm thinking of having a 2nd poll with David Oso and Cooz to pick our lucky member
BSchwartz07 12/21/07
I actually made the poll with cooz in it, that one didn't post right so I made another and didn't notice till a day later that there was no cooz
BSchwartz07 12/21/07
You forgot Cooz? How could you forget our resident legend and icon? ;)
Oso Famoso 12/21/07
I forgot to but Cooz on the poll, so if you want him in the roast fanmail me.
BSchwartz07 12/20/07
Oso Famoso 12/20/07
Gee thanks. Does that mean you'll be one of the roasters *please say no* *please say no*
Oso Famoso 12/20/07
first thing I did after joining was vote for YOU.....
KPKahder 12/19/07
Yikes! Who voted for me? :P
Oso Famoso 12/19/07
WOW, I checked to see if the poll posted right and we already had 3 votes, not bad.
BSchwartz07 12/19/07
Super Squirrel 12/17/07
This blog is hilarious not because of my solid gold blogging skills. *pause of applause* but because of what krobe did with it...hilarious...
Super Squirrel 12/17/07
Another quote to put on Roddy's shirt

"I supported Mike Vick's criminal defense team and all I got was this lousy shirt"
Other: Andruw Jones
Other: Larry Bowa
Considering that Time Warner Cable TV won't carry the NFL Network I thought this headline on was funny: "Cowboys-Packers top-rated cable show in 14 years"
Or maybe I'm just weird. LOL
Oso Famoso 12/06/07
I forgot about the funny statements we could post here. I have 2:

1) Carr, "The crowd was chanting Moore, Moore, Moore, I thought that was what we were doing. Trying to score more points"

2) Ken Hamlin,"Sometimes you just have to play outside the game."
Oso Famoso 12/06/07
I think it was the dancing elves that put Schwartz over the top.
Oso Famoso 12/04/07
Maybe I needed more pictures :-)
7#bag _ Com 12/04/07
Wow. Lots of love for my blogs. ROFL Good thing I don't have to quit my day job to write.
Oso Famoso 12/03/07
Same here, Eagle Hater, same here.
People should roast me. I wanna hear it. LOL
Haha I'm glad people seem to like my poll
It's Ryan Leaf...I loved his cameo on the Simpsons a couple of weeks ago..."this is the only mop endorsed by me, Ryan Leaf" so funny, that and his complete and utter failure in the NFL
Freddie Mitchell....

DJTG_2010 11/29/07
Good ole Freddie. Just one of so many failures in the Reid WR corps experiment. It's called "Operation Silk Purse Out of Sow's Ear"
Oso Famoso 11/25/07
Fred Ex!!!!! He had something special for the NE secondary alright. A big bowl of nothing!
Oso Famoso 11/25/07
freddy mitchell insured his hands, and his bowties, but not his playing ability...
thehemogoblin 11/25/07
the poll is messed up, I'll try to post the new one again later.
BSchwartz07 11/24/07
I vote for anything that has the word "dapper" in it.
Escobar Caesar 11/20/07
"Yeah it's all that, what do they call it? Wet rain."- Lloyd Carr at halftime of the OSU- Michigan game

Yeah he looked about that clueless in his playcalling too.
BSchwartz07 11/17/07
the redskins who are pumbled with injuries
seanwhitt said dat

is pumbled even a word?
Paddy26 11/15/07
Joba Chamberlain Still Finding Bugs In His Neck Rolls
Bill Gates makes $2,000,000 weekly.
this isnt funny, but A-Rod makes 8 cents per second...Thats insane...
Super Squirrel 11/14/07
Sounds good.
I'm thinking that I'm going to put up another "Here's Yer Sign" Blog. I'm going to number them so that people can vote and comment. Then we can announce the winner at the bottom of the blog or highlight it. What say you Lighter Side?
Oso Famoso 11/14/07
Yeah I heard some of the Cowboys players would say they "Vanderjagt" a golf shot when it sliced. ROFL
Oso Famoso 11/13/07
Schwartz, he is hanging around Canada or something looking for a job.
I don't think you have to explain that one ef, he also missed a ton in Dal, what happened to that guy anyway?
BSchwartz07 11/12/07
Did you hear Vanderjact tried to shoot himself? He missed wide right!
Referring to the Steelers game in the playoffs
Lol, great picture and caption.
Texas football doin the soulja boy on the sideline duing a game
justrun7 11/12/07
Haha hilarious picture and caption.
Dumb Sports Quotes...
"I'm not an athlete. I'm a professional baseball player."
-John Kruk

"Like they say, it ain't over till the fat guy swings."
-Phillies catcher Darren Daulton on stocky first baseman John Kruk.

"I dunno. I never smoked any Astroturf."
-Tug McGraw, asked whether he preferred grass or Astroturf

"Raise the urinals."
-Darrel Chaney on how management could keep the Braves on their toes

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."
"You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six."
"Baseball is 90% mental -- the other half is physical."
- Yogi Berra

"As I remember it, the bases were loaded."
-Baseball player Garry Maddox, asked his reaction to hitting a grand slam

"Sure. I'm proud to be an American."
-Cincinnati Reds rookie pitcher Steve Foster, asked by a Canadian customs agent if he had anything to declare.

"I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid."
-Former football player/announcer Terry Bradshaw

"[He] called me a 'rapist' and a 'recluse'. I'm not a recluse."
-Mike Tyson,
Our group is the third most active tonight. Congrats.
Oso Famoso 11/12/07
Hater, I think you have to make the next "Here's your sign" blog just because your stuff is funny rather than dumb. The Miami Rams are my new favorite team.
Oso Famoso 11/12/07
An even better one (if I do say so myself... LOL)

Hope you guys laugh.

Cool/ amusing TD
Are smartasses allowed in?
Haha you can substitute any college for either of the jokes Bigdleech, I just chose some of my less liked colleges
That second one is pretty funny Wallace, but that first one is bullcrap.
Bigdleech 11/10/07
Escobar Caesar 11/10/07
How do you keep a Penn State football player off your front lawn?

Paint it like an endzone.

Why don't they celebrate Christmas at Chapel Hill?

Cuz you can't find 3 wise men or a virgin anywhere.
I am here.
DJTG_2010 11/10/07
This should be a good group.The world takes itself far too seriously!!
JFKJR 11/10/07
If you have not seen this TD, take a look. I promise you will laugh.
BSchwartz07 11/10/07

Truth & Rumors


  1. 1
    Vogel coaching for his job
  2. 2
    Cashman scratching his head over Pineda
  3. 3
    Foligno called his OT game-winner
  4. 4
    Intrigue builds around Zetterberg
  5. 5
    NFL wary of Seahawks in prime time

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