pats get caught cheating last season and this season brady has a season ending injury in the first quarter of the first game of the season. thats what i call karma! suck it belichik!
zombiemess 09/11/08
PATS are screwed.
beer pong champ 09/09/08
PackersLP21 08/07/08
TML4374 05/13/08
A lot.
It sucked.
I went to the Pats- Ravens game.
GO Giants that was an awesome super bowl
GO G-MEN 03/02/08
ye if this group doesnt get more active,i am leaving cause im tring to cut down on my fan groups
NYFAN07 02/17/08
we should get this group active and do some blogging...
Da Masta 02/15/08
not point spread wise but it sure felt like it!
Da Masta 02/11/08
I agree the biggest
Coltsfnatic 02/09/08
biggest upset in NFL history!!!!!!!!!!!
Da Masta 02/07/08
Da Masta 02/07/08
A Patriot just got busted for selling pot. What a joke.
hhsguy612 02/06/08
YES the Giants beat the patriots. THE PATRIOTS SUCK!
NEWYORKFAN17 02/04/08
cmon Giants beat up those mean Pats tonight!
Da Masta 02/03/08
Pittfan: USA!!!! 02/02/08
lets go giants
pettittefan 02/02/08
Luca you suck, you can't talk trash on FN unless you are good at anything on FN! YOU'RE NOT!!!
Da Masta 01/25/08
Hey anti Pats...Ha HAHAA. I cant stop laughing you guys are gonna be cryin today........
everyone should jump on my bolts bandwagon, they will win on sunday. down with the evil empire!!!
cgarcia615 01/14/08
I cant stand the cheatriots, I hate the fact that the rest of the NFL can't beat them so far, they don't deserve all this success they have an arrogant team with no class and are winning with mediocre talent outside of moss and Brady. **** ridiculous I hope they lose to the colts soooo bad I'll be throwing a party
TrentEdwards 01/12/08
this site sucks like all you cry babbies whinning about the Pats ... Bite Me
I hope Jacksonville cna eventually give them a dose of reality.
zootigerfan15 01/07/08
This group is unactive, I'm out.
Hey DA, Hows your Jets doing and no the pats didnt almost loose . Did you even watch it. WA WA WAHHHHHH. Chad sucks and your coach is a big time rat that wont have a job too much longer.
Now if any one of the brain trust here has anything of substance to sayn lets go....
to all you morons and pats haters, you might as well face the fact that their gonna win #4 eal soon so stop your winning. so lets get started. Da Masta your 1st. I guess your name says it all , a big DA.....lmao
LOL!!!! The Pats nearly lost to the Jets last week!
Da Masta 12/17/07
Pats suck!!!!!
Da Masta 12/11/07
All i have to say is I hate Brady, really it goes way back to his rookie year, night of the super bowl when he stood on that podium & said this car is for the whole team with that arrogant smile. How the hell can 52 players share a car? The best Christmas present ever was seeing him get sacked 3 times this past Mon VS the Ravens.
footbalchick13 12/05/07
Its not letting me create a poll.
hhsguy612 12/04/07
manning is finally playing with the type of receiving corps that Brady has had for years. Brady finally has good receivers and he's proving he is better. Also that is a poor excuse blaming injurys the patriots have had many players injured and have one playoff games in the past against the Colts with David Pattern as their top receiver or last year almost winning with no linebackers or secondary healthy. Injurys is an excuse for losers.
reggie3525 11/24/07
I agree. I want a re-match when the Colts are healthy. I think there are several teams that can beat them. They are using intimidation by running up the score.
Belicheck was mad because he didn't get the chance to run up the score against the Colts.
hhsguy612 11/15/07

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