Sean Taylor Memorial Group

i hate to see someone die in a horrible way like that!!it kills me inside! i am a relative of him
Beaver Beliver 06/03/08
... im a giants fan, and i really don't like the redskins, but here's to sean taylor.
Damn good safety, may God punish the **** that killed him.
'Skins over them Cowgirls... 27-6. And that's a 21 point lead. This is not coincidence, people, this is Sean at work. WE LOVE YOU SEAN!
Ive got to say it took me a while to watch the skins play again. not seeing sean ballhawking in centerfield is really a hard thing to deal with, ive been tracking him since high school hes just a phenonmenal athlete and the perps who did this has absolutely no love for the game and no love for life whatsoever. Thanks Sean for all the memories, and the people whos post on this site reflect their love for Sean!
21_Salute! 12/26/07
he made the pro bowl. that's very good.
thehemogoblin 12/19/07
I will be thinking of Sean's family and friends today as they lay him to rest!!! RIP Sean!!
R.I.P Sean Taylor
please vote for anybody saying something good about sean taylor in tds
RIP Sean Taylor....
You will not only be remembered as a great football player that made an impact on the game but also as a great human being trying to do right in life! Too young, too soon, you will never be forgotten!
smurfette 11/27/07
He died at 530
7#bag _ Com 11/27/07
I hope well for all the family and friends of Taylor. His death truly is a trajedy for everyone across the nation.
This brings back painfull memories. Get well soon, Sean.
get well soon... you're one of the best players on defense in the league, and even if you've done a couple of stupid things (the waving gun incident), you don't deserve this... ESPECIALLY when your wife is there...
thehemogoblin 11/26/07
God Bless you, and I pray for a speedy recovery.
NORCALSURFER777 11/26/07
Sean Taylor is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the NFL. All of my prayers go out to him.
Try again...I made you a group creator. You should be able to blog.
PhillyFan 11/26/07
Wait, I can't blog...
Big Ben68 11/26/07
Good, I'll see what I can write...
Big Ben68 11/26/07
PhillyFan 11/26/07
Could you give me blogging privileges?
Big Ben68 11/26/07
That should be if you LIVE
Big Ben68 11/26/07
Keep me updated, Ben.
PhillyFan 11/26/07
If you love in Maryland, D.C., or the Virginia area, tune into Comcast Sportsnet (channel 7 on Comcast) for FULL and CONTINUAL coverage.
Big Ben68 11/26/07

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