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Phillies Mets, Mets is winning?
xxMessiahxx 07/31/08
coach billacheck should be suspended for the season
sanket 07/09/08
Giants are SB champs
Philly fans keep living in your pathetic city and rooting for your pathetic team
we are laughing at you from the capitol of the world
and MCnabb sux!
Ok...this group is seriously dying.
RHATER is Gone. 02/18/08
DJRoxalot 12/16/07
After watching the debacle of sunday's night game of dallas vs. the pigeons, i decided that every week i am going to protest the fat man and his useless quarterback. This is not eagles football, honestly i do not know what the hell they were on sunday. Cut jevon kearse now he is a waste of time and money. I am so sick of the team and city standing idlely bye why the rest of the nfl gets better. We constantly say oh we don't need stars when we got reno mahe and greg lewis. Call me evil but i was happy when lewis got hurt against minny because he did not deserve a roster spot. McNabb is done atleast as a west coast offense quarterback, his lack of mobility is turning him into david carr. in the nfl you are only as good as your last few games and needless to saythose games were nothing special.

Reasons to fire Andy Reid:

1. He keeps bums on his team such as reno mahe and greg lewis.

2. They needed a safety in the draft or in free agency to back up dawkins and his arrogancy said eh.... we don't need a safety.

3. Not backing up terrell owens when he asked for more money. Controversial topic but he knew this was the guy who made his offense work but once again his arrogance said oh we don't need a hall of fame caliber receiver when we got 5 mediocre guys. Some times the player is worth the money. *Someone tell the Phillies*

4. Pass on first and second down and then run on third. Why is the ball being put in the air on the first down of the first series of the game. Run the ball and take what you can get. Your running back only averages 5 yards a carry.

5. When you have one the top 5 running backs in your back field maybe you should use him as a tail back rather then a flanker. The offensive line in my opinion is one of the best run blocking lines in the league but we never get to see that except for the second half of last season when the mcloser went down.

6. Donovan McNabb should have been traded. Why keep him? I know. We want his stock to completely plumett before we give him up. He has not been the same since the super bowl. Yes he had good numbers last year but don't forget they lost a string of games when he was in and then started winning when a leader got on to the field. Donovan is a great quarterback but its time to say good bye he is no leader. Lead by example....So thats why they been losing.

7. Don't tell us your kids are not affecting you job as a coach by using the excuse of other people do it. Just because others do it doesn't mean they are doing it well. And they are not getting paid millions of dollars to run a franchise back in to the ground. So when you can't make it to practice because you drug addict kids are getting sentenced well i guess that is affecting your job.

8. We can run the same pass play 10 times but we can only run the ball once.

9. Wheres the special teams we have not had a good kick returner since westbrook did it full time. Buckhalter is a great backup running back but this guy had how many knee injuries why is he returning kick offs.

10. He is a fat looking version of ditka with 1/1000 of the personality.

Seriously if thats not enough reason to chuck him back to utah then i don't know what is.
loki0284 11/06/07
Yo guys I need help in my TD can u vote for me ITs bout the EAGLES BEATING THE JETS SUPPORT THE EAGLES AND VOTE $ ME!
DawkinsWeaponX 10/12/07
Do you guys think WeaponX is a lame nickname for Dawkins?
that is wat i like to see baby the birds look amazing
devinK 09/23/07
Hey everyone in the group! Me and a friend of mine are lifelong Eagles fans, but we are tired of the media dancing around certain issues. The frustration of not having won a championship since 1960 has led us to start a daily satire blog which I hope everyone here will visit, support, have a few laughs at -- The Dhani Jones air guitar will be on sale in the store soon, as he is on the verge of signing with another team . . . this is a time for group therapy!!!! We are tired of the cushy way McNabb has been treated. Time to tell it like it is!!!! Check it out at Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
myigglesdotcom 09/19/07
Note to McNabb: It's not the color of your skin, it's how thick it is. We're not getting on you because you're black, but because you miss easy throws and you choke in big games, the biggest of all in SB 39.
myigglesdotcom 09/19/07
what the **** our special team suck get a new punt runtuner now
devinK 09/09/07
who the hell did the eagles pick up i nplace of J Trott, some 5'11 160 LB linebacker??!! WTF!
phillyfan1028 09/04/07
Why is there so little action in this group? We have some of the most passionate fans in the NFL. Any suggestions to get more discussion on here?
Oso Famoso 09/01/07
What happened with the Holcomb deal? A conditional pick in 2009? Anyone think we might have gotten hosed on this one?
Oso Famoso 08/28/07
help me win this TD
devinK 08/21/07
I apologize for the uniform poll never materializing. I kept trying to post it and FanNation was being a****. Maybe we'll pick it up again sometime. For what it's worth, my favorite Eagles uniform are the Buddy Ryan era ones. I like the new green, but I hate the current number font and I much prefer silver pants to white.
FMWarner 08/17/07
check out this throwdown about all-time teams, I have 1AA, hes got Pac-10
justrun7 08/12/07
I'm most interested in the development of the inside defensive linemen, Broderick Bunkley and William Patterson. The d-line is what killed us against New Orleans and is the obvious weak spot to be most concerned about I think.
Kevin McGuire 07/23/07
theniggajim, that's a good question. For all the coaches' talk about Gocong, we have to remember that he is a third rounder who has never played in a game. So even if he's being called the starter it wouldn't be difficult to unseat him if Bradley plays well. And I keep hearing great things about Bradley.
FMWarner 07/23/07
PhillyPhanatic, don't worry about Ilaoa getting a 4 year deal. The NFL doesn't have guaranteed contracts. The four years only matter if he sticks around that long. If he gets cut in training camp, the team owes him nothing other than the signing bonus, which for a seventh rounder is probably less than $25,000.
FMWarner 07/23/07
the birds signed abiamiri and illoa to four year deals. abiamiri i definitely agree with, illoa, im not as sure. sure he has upside but enough for a four year deal? what do you think
PhillyPhanatic20 07/22/07
help me win this TD
help me win this td.
Help me win this throwdown. it is about chase utley.
whats up pple, it says im a vikes fan but i like the eagles more **** dallas and go green baby
eagles4life 935 07/07/07
come check out my throwdown about dawkins and trotter
WalkOff26 07/06/07
SportsFan!! 06/30/07
yeah eagles
CDH 06/25/07
wooooooooo eagles
CDH 06/25/07
eagles ya
CDH 06/25/07
good throwdown about Eagles
come vote!
TheNest6827 06/25/07
hey can every1 please come vote for me. I think the guy is cheating.
TheNest6827 06/24/07
vote 4 me
TheCycle42 06/21/07
Maybe we should conduct that poll for every division...what player would you add to the Eagles? What does everyone think...good idea?
FMWarner 06/21/07
Hi! I'm wondering what guy from the Afc North and the Nfc West player should join the Eagles. I say Deion Branch and Jason Taylor.
PhillyDenver 06/15/07
come vote for me
Phanatic00 06/13/07
Who voted for OD?
LetsgoFlyers 06/01/07
come vote for me
sshma 05/31/07
And as for Sean Taylor, he spit on someone and got ejected from a PLAYOFF game. That's all I need to know to be sure he's unstable and more trouble than he's worth.
FMWarner 05/30/07
For better or for worse, TO has his supporters both among the fans and in the locker room. Some people just seem to agree with him that everyone else was wrong and he was right. He was just keeping it real. Yeah, right. If "keeping it real" means the same thing as "sabotaging your team and degrading the best quarterback ever to throw you the ball."
FMWarner 05/30/07
Sean Taylor is a thug, both on and off the field. Yes, it would be frightening for opposing teams to see B-Dawk and Taylor on the field side by side, but when its anything other than hitting people hard, Taylor is a liability.
PE20BRS34 05/29/07
who voted TO, their a **** and should get outta this fan group, why not pick santana moss, hes fast and a good receiver
Can't believe T.O. would come to this fan group and vote for himself, what a d1ck.
llBIGGll 05/29/07
E A G L E S EAGLES funny who would i add to the eagles demarcus ware nah he is a cowboy and I aint adding a cowboy so my only other option old man strahan nah no giants ok really add other.
spider33 05/29/07
who voted T.O?!?
PE20BRS34 05/27/07
Show a little philly pride
Nathan 05/26/07
Mcnabb is a eagle! I dont know anybody that can run a west coast offense better than Mcnabb. Also, I don't know anybody that can be as greedy as Lance Briggs.
Metswin1 05/26/07
all the bears fans are saying that they want the trade, as they should. they just have no idea how unrealistic it is. however one bears fan said he does not want donovan b/c he is a thug??????? are u kidding? mcnabb does bring some controversy to the table, but not the thug-like controversy a guy on that fans own team, Tank Johnson. Stupid Bears fans.
PE20BRS34 05/25/07
I know the reality of this rumor started somewhere in philly with a Mcnabb hater.
spider33 05/25/07
The most ridiculous part of this rumor is that the Eagles just traded for Takeo Spikes to play the same position Briggs does.

See, now on NFL Live today, this rumor was repeated and talked about. This is a perfect example of how one guy with nothing else to write about (that's you, McKee) can throw something incendiary out there, have it snowball, and watch it turn into an actual issue. Stupid stuff like this can, when repeated, make a trade, even if it's not THIS trade, seem more reasonable and make an issue metastasize right out of thin air.
FMWarner 05/22/07
McNabb is the franchise QB, theres no way the Eagles will trade him away. The back up QBs are not good and do not have enough experience. Those trade rumors are a bunch of BS
Notoriousj2n 05/22/07
it has to be, why would the Eagles trade Mcnab, hes one of their best if not the best. but i have to admit when i saw that for the first time i was scared, until i read it was just some guy suggesting it
Precisely. To me, that article was based simply on possibility, not factual information.
PE20BRS34 05/21/07
I think I liked the old truth&rumors format when only somewhat believable rumors where presented. This one with McNabb going to the Bears....just a waste of space.
Hortag 05/21/07
This latest McNabb/Bears rumor is just irresponsible. Surprise, surprise, the local media invented a story to stir things up. Don McKee was bored, and decided to play "What if?". A journalist reports the news and if he's a columnist, offers his opinion. But he never makes stuff up and throws it against the wall to see what sticks. The fans are trying to run McNabb out of town, and the media is helping. It keeps people calling WIP and watching the news, so I guess that makes it okay.
FMWarner 05/21/07
what a load of s**** this rumor is. McNabb to the Bears? Why? We do not need Lance Briggs. He plays the WILL, we have T-K-O. This is a team ready to go to the Super Bowl NOW, why trade McNAbb and put that in jeopardy. You will have a very hard time convincing me that A.J. Feeley, Kelly Holcomb, or KEvin Kolb is going to do a better job at QB than Donovan. That idea is obsurd.
PE20BRS34 05/20/07
steelers can **** balls
dolan1212 05/18/07
the steelers dont dominate, they didnt make the playoffs last year and they wont this year
Wow, the Steelers must be the first team ever to dominate the NFL without making the playoffs.
FMWarner 05/17/07
IRISH-DOC 05/17/07
i think that the eagles will win the NFC next year for a few reasons. the bears offense is to bad and there defense will not carry them to the superbowl again, the saints had a magical year last year, but this year they are without Joe Horn, and i dont think they can repreat what they did last year. tony romo has been figured out by NFL teams and will not be nearly as good as he was at the begining of his starts, and other then that there is no other serius competition. and if westbrook stays healthy, reggie brown plays like he did at the end of last year, mcnab comes back healthy, and we stop the run and the pass we will win the NFC.
its competition. Also, yes our linebackers are getting older, but there is plenty of talent waiting to fill in. Gocong is young at SAM and Gaither is going to push Trotter this year. T-K-O still has good years left. I've heard nothing but good things about Kolb at mini camp. I am actually really looking forward to the preseason games to see all of these young players. I am excited about this team.
PE20BRS34 05/16/07
I do no think the eagles should have drafted Kolb with their first pick in the draft. our linebackers are getting older year by year and we need a better run stopping line. our need was not at quater back, and why draft one when andy reid already promised AJ Feely the second string spot.
hoops4lifeMJ23 05/16/07
I was shocked and maybe a little upset when the Eagles picked Kolb, but I'm tired of fans calling for the team to draft receivers, especially stiffs like Dwayne Jarrett. Listening to Eagles fans call for receivers is like listening to Flyers fans call for goalies. The Eagles' system spreads the ball around...a star #1 type receiver would be a waste of money on this team. All that said, I would have preferred a safety on draft day, but with Nelson and Meriweather gone, what can you do?
FMWarner 05/14/07
drafting Kold will hurt them in the future. especially when Dwayne Jarrett was still on the board. just another Eagles offseason fluke
willie mo pena 05/13/07
They had a chance to grab a few reciever s and maybe a safety but Kolb? They could have got Troy Smith or maybe Chris Leak. Mcnabb is good for AT LEAST 2 more years. They had a bad draft considering they had chances to pick up some reciever s and some defensive help which could have really helped. They blew it.
Metswin1 05/13/07
Kolb is not a good fit for the West Coast system. They drafted him because they look at the best rated player on their chart at the time of the pick and he was it. If they had ranked a kicker higher than Kolb they would have picked a kicker and everyone would be wondering if they were looking to replace Akers. These guys don't think of players feelings when they make picks. They run the business their way and thats it. Reid and Heckert realized they could not move up to a higher pick and therefore would not be able to draft an immediate impact player. Plan B was to obviously to pick the best possible based on their ratings and then plan to either develop that talent or market it for a future trade/pick. We are too quick to assume mal intent. They LOVE McNabb and if they didn't Garcia would still be an Eagle and fighting McNabb for the starting position.
Fox 05/12/07
This Kolb stuff is getting out of control, good for the eagles to look to the future and draft a QB, why not draft a guy you really like now let him learn for the next 3 years and if McNabb is done by then you already have his successor on the team with three years in the system instead of now having to panic and draft a QB and rush him into the starting position, like so many bad teams end up doing.
llBIGGll 05/11/07
The Eagles chose Kolb because he would fit nicely into the Reid Coast Offense, and also because he is savvy, a coach's kid who knows the game well. Is anyone else sick of the dirt and gossip the area media is kicking up?
Oso Famoso 05/11/07
i dont think he has to hold down the fort for mcnabb b/c if all goes as planned, and as mcnabb says, he'll be back for the 2nd pre-season game
PE20BRS34 05/10/07
kolb will be a decent backupbut he will just have to hold down the fort until McNabb is good to go
Gregory 05/10/07
I agree. McNabb is my man. It'll be interesting though to see how good Kolb is after the other Houston flops, but I really like him.
DJTG_2010 05/10/07
Some had him as the second best QB in the draft. Personally, I like my chances with QBs from smaller football programs, based on history. For right now, thought, McNabb is the man and it is his job until HE loses it.
PE20BRS34 05/09/07
What does everyone think about Kolb?
DJTG_2010 05/09/07
Yeah the cowboys are on a comeup, they come up short on field-goals and common sense. Just like their fans.
Phillykid81 05/08/07
Your Cowboys are not going anywhere. New coach, young QB, self-important WR that could explode at any moment, and a bad O line.
PE20BRS34 05/07/07
Mustang, go away. The Cowboys are coming up like yesterday's lunch. Their OL still blows like a hurricane and their secondary is still suspect at best. They'll have an end of year collapse again.
Oso Famoso 05/07/07
Listen up the eagles suck ya'll know the cowboys are coming up baby!!!!!
mustang09 05/07/07
Who do you think the Eagles will take in the 1st Round?
Oso Famoso 04/26/07

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