Bayern Munich Fans

want to start a new one jeevs? im sure we could get some people
cavman5 09/06/08
i think this group is dead
jeevs BS 08/18/08
did you guys watch the supercup. bayern lost 2-1. it was a good game.
cavman5 08/03/08
how about they sign tim howard. hes better than both of them. theres plenty of americans in germany, so hed fit in.
cavman5 07/24/08
Rensing in goal, forget Boruc.
sithomeandrot 06/02/08
4-0 to Zenit

what happened?
jeevs BS 05/03/08
well, we are prolly the EPL champs now. We'll see which club is the greatest in the CL next season. Lets hope we can beat Barca though. Bayern back in the CL is what Europe needs.
jeevs BS 04/14/08
I see Rensing getting more and more time lately. With Kahn retiring Rensing is the natural fill in until a suitable, permanent keeper can be found. Boruc would be a neat choice since Poldi and Klose both speak Polish. Maybe the Polish coach wants Boruc there to lure Klose and Poldi to play for Poland. :)
FCB82 04/14/08
Boruc just signed a 3 year extension with Celtic in January, but theres a lot of speculation that he's unhappy there and still wants out. Munich are on fire right now and Im sure it's a tempting oppritunity for Boruc
Stauff Nation 04/12/08
Boruc would be an interesting pick up. He's done well with Poland and Celtic and enjoyed marginal success at the last WC.

Rensing has been groomed for some time now but he's still back up status. I dunno where that could go.
FCB82 03/25/08
I saw in the German press today that Klinsmann is looking at signing Artur Boruc. Michael Rensing must be pissed!
Bayern 4life 03/20/08
Hey are you gunna start bloggin on here soon? Can I?
Stauff Nation 03/04/08
Celtic may be my favorite team, but I gotta give love to Munchen.
Stauff Nation 03/03/08
I love Oliver Kahn. He is by far the best goalie Bayern has ever had--sorry Sepp. Unfortunately he has a bit of a temper and mean streak. He also seems to be a blunder with the German media who closely observe and comment on every move of "der Gorilla". HOWEVER, I side with coach Hitzfeld 100% by fining and benching Kahn in the upcoming game against Berlin. His comments about the poor play of newly acquired Ribery and Toni is unacceptable. Bayern has enjoyed a brilliant start to the season but has begun to burn out. Attacking the play and class of fellow players does not help. I hope Kahn learns his lesson but I know he won't. That's just the type of player he is.
FCB82 12/12/07

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