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First day of the CHARGERS seasons and lookin' for a WIN...GO CHARGERS!
SOCALGAL 09/11/11
CHARGERS one of two teams that are a front runner to move to L.A. the other being the Jags...GO L.A. that is. :)
SOCALGAL 07/01/11
HEY-OH!!! Any Charger fans still around here?? 8 months since anyone's talked it up??? C'mon, CHARGER FOOTBALL IS COMING!!!!! Wakey Wakey, get out of that offseason hibernating cave!!!
ChargerPete 08/02/10
CHARGERS made a great charge in the latter half of the season, overcoming a 3 1/2 game lead by the broncos. RUMOURS: CHARGERS one of 5 possible teams that might end up in L.A. I would luv it as they were in L.A. their very first season. GO the super bowl and back to L.A.!
SOCALGAL 12/30/09
CHARGERS off to a mediocre start. LT needs to get back to his old form. Announcers say he is over the hill. Sproles is great sporadically, but cannot carry the ball for a whole game, much less for a whole season.
If they get to the SB, it would be a big surprise, but ima hopin'
SOCALGAL 10/27/09
playoffs, yea
tomlinson hurt again, boo
home game, yea
colts, boo
SOCALGAL 12/30/08
why are we 3-4? I know, Norv Turner
TebowsKryptonite 10/19/08
SCREW DENVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TebowsKryptonite 09/14/08
hate to say this, but merriman should have gotten his operation ASAP and then try to come back. he will get hurt in the middle of the season and that will be very depressing.
SOCALGAL 08/28/08
TebowsKryptonite 07/30/08
is bellichick the biggest jerk in the NFL? chech out my throwdown
TebowsKryptonite 06/24/08
this crazy cat is comparing Elway to cutler and comparing rivers to a 50% pass rating QB.
TheCro31 01/01/08
time to beat up on the raiders
SOCALGAL 12/25/07
Rivers is O.K. Get rid of the coach!
SOCALGAL 11/27/07
How about the win over the Colts!! That was a good game but l still think that we need to find a replacement for Phillip Rivers
Thomas 12 11/12/07
nothing like beating up on the raiders to make a CHARGERS fan feel good!
SOCALGAL 10/10/07
Chargers will blow-out the Raiders and will make some noise for the rest of the season and into the playoffs.
Thomas 12 10/07/07
back to the drawing board...
SOCALGAL 09/18/07
hi all, daddy brainwashed me into being a CHARGERS fan. he is an original LOS ANGELES CHARGERS fan since he went to their very first exhibition game against the "then" new york TITANS...paul lowe took the opening kickoff and ran 103 yds for a TD. anyways, i watch the games with him so...GO CHARGERS (shakin' my pom poms...giggles)
SOCALGAL 08/02/07
What's up fellas? What do you guys think of the new uniforms? I just got the new LT in white, (authentic of course) it's tight!!!!!
ScubaSquad 07/20/07
Help me out in thius TD about LT And his greatness
Gator4Life 06/22/07
What's the Chargers weeak link??
Vote for oour TD.
BigPoppaPack31 06/21/07
Hey, check out this throwdown:

It is about the Chargers winning the AFC West!
Big Ben68 06/18/07
help me out here!im in a rundown with a guy who thinks gore is better that LJ and im down some votes! Please!
Chargers Fan 41 06/15/07
Chargers won't will go at least 7-1 at home next year.
Vote on our throwdown:
BigPoppaPack31 06/14/07
hey guys, i am a huge chargers fan, born and raised, NOT A BANDWAGGONNER, i watched them through the good and the bad, and i think this year will be a part of the good, with all of our talent, i think we can go all the way
imachargersfan 05/21/07
What is up fellow BOLT fans. I just joined the group and I would like to add that the Chargers will not only win the AFC West but they will be AFC Champs and SUPERBOWL CHAMPS as well in this up coming 2007 season. This team will come back in top form, maybe not a 14-2 record but we will dominate the NFL again.
I hate the Broncos. My throwdown is
"Chargers will win the AFC West"
All the broncos fans are voting against me, help me out!
BigPoppaPack31 05/19/07
Hey! Come vote for the Chargers in a throwdown about who will win the division!
mmBuckshot 05/17/07
i think SD would of won against the pats if they had a better coach wit a better playoff record
LiL'J 05/16/07
He if u like Tomlinson come join my Tomlinson group
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 05/12/07
come join my charger group
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 05/11/07
Whoever that Pats fan is needs to shut their pie hole. NE did not beat SD, SD tripped themselves up. I'm tired of hearing how great NE is already when all of these new players haven't taken the field together, I'd be more scared of teams that stayed fairly well intact like Indy or SD
Open Ike Night 05/10/07
the bolts have gotten like no attention this offseason. I think they deserve more attention. They are the best and the best deserves attention.
SanDiego kid 05/08/07
light em up like you guys did last time? haha I dont think so
#12 05/08/07
cool site...lets go chargers! im ready now to play them sissy patriots ,in their yard and light THEM UP!
ritchfl 05/08/07
does anybody else have the new jersey? its AWsome...
bolthed88 05/04/07
For selfish reasons I want to hear about the Chargers on ESPN and the like, but maybe it's a good thing I don't. The Broncos are getting headlines for drafting a drug addict in the 4th round and the Pats grab headlines for drafting a punk in Meriweather and trading for a has-been malcontent in Moss. What do the Chargers do? Just have another solid draft courtesy of AJ and Buddy Nix. GO BOLTS!
Bolex 05/04/07
Everyone still underestimates the Chargers every year. Everyone focuses on the Patriots and the Broncos but this is the Chargers year. We picked up a fast wr and also a versatile db in Weddle. AJ also seems to find the talent that everyone overlooks. With our offense back and a defense that wasnt too bad i expect the Chargers to be back in the superbowl this year
MTC Ryan Leaf!! 05/04/07
AJ did it again! C. Davis was only a few catches behind Dwayne Bowe. His statistics are nearly the same. Trust in AJ! C. Davis could be just what the doctor ordered.

Go Bolts!
YouCantTouchThis 05/04/07
I had never heard of Craig Davis until draft day but I am excited about the pick. Apparently he can stretch a defense with his speed. Maybe now they can run a proper sweep ala the Chiefs.
Bolex 05/04/07
I don't want Meriweather. I'd rather see us trade up with Turner to go after Nelson or even Landry if we could get that high.
chilli311 04/27/07
Who should the Chargers Draft?

I love to see them get Brandon Meriweather
Xengi 04/27/07
Hey Charger fans! We're on our way! -Go Chargers!
go-chargers 12/11/06

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