San Francisco 49er Faithful Group

Well..its been forever, but darn it we are getting this group fired up again...NINER FANS...WHERE ARE YA!
needtodelete 06/02/09
Please support John Brodie's placement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Visit
to support this movement to get John nominated. Thank you.
luv_football 01/15/08
49ers with a win!!!!!
Jessica Marie 12/19/07
Please give a Pro Bowl Vote to a great person and great all-around Defensive player. ** Bryant Young **
The last member of the 1994 Super Bowl Team.
Go to to vote
49er SF Giants 10/27/07
The Putrid Rankings...where does your sorry excuse for a team rank? Find out here:
So whats up faithful? What are your predictions for this upcoming game against seattle? I predict VICTORY! Frank Gore should be running with a chip on his shoulder. I really expect the offense to try to open it up this week...
needtodelete 09/29/07
Sorry... Maybe next year you'll go 3-0.... FEEL THE STEEL!!!!!
IRISH-DOC 09/24/07
People say pittsburgh are going to destroy the Niners this Sunday. If our defense stops the run, and our offense picks up, the Niners could pull off a big road win.
J-Mack(sssc) 09/20/07
needtodelete 09/18/07
Im going to the MNF game on Monday, Bill Walsh memorial at the half, throwbacks on the field...WE WIN!
needtodelete 09/05/07
Hey guys, I just started a Throwdown for Niners vs. Seahawks in 07, let the truth be heard!
Fungushnitzel 06/16/07
I love what the niners are doing, but the O-line worries me. Not in terms of this year, but next year. Larry Allen will be gone after this year, and odds are so will Jonas Jennings, that smells awfully bad where I'm sitting. Although we had a fantastic draft this year, I really hope we focus more on the O-line in 08, and perhaps continue to snag great veterans to shore it up.

It wasn't the loss of our great skill players that heralded the demise of the niners fantastic offense. It was the loss of Barton/Deese/injuries to Newberry IMHO that brought us down to mediocrity.
Fungushnitzel 06/15/07
I agree faithful vanstar...CLASS cant buy that...
needtodelete 05/24/07
Can anyone tell me what "digit offense" is? I quote Hostler speaking of Jimmy Raye from ???Not only from teaching me but also helping me along, I probably owe him the most,??? said Hostler. ???He???s a great man and was the first coach I had ever been around who had been in both systems, the digit system and the west coast so he knows both systems very well which is extremely rare. Usually guys in one system stay in it. He???s been able to do both.???
StatCraze 05/22/07
I'm so excited for this 2007 team. They have classy players that work hard and play the game right. I just hope we can sweep Arizona this year.
vanstar 05/16/07
The Champadamus prediction, you heard it hear first:

The 49ers will win the NFC West at 10-6, but will not win in the post season, until the following season, where they will go to the NFC Championship game
needtodelete 05/14/07
The niners draft was great. Patrick willis is a great player and the rest of their draft picks should make a pretty good impact as it is.
Snake 05/01/07
The Niners had a great draft. I think Lewis will be a beast for years to come. I cant wait for Staley to come in a replace Kwame Harris
needtodelete 04/29/07
If the niners move to Santa Clara that will hurt my heart....I think we should do what we can to keep em here...petition the team or the SOMETHING....cmon! who is with me?!
needtodelete 04/28/07
Norv Bolted to the bolts! I hope that Alex Smith can continue his excellent progress without Turner as his mentor
needtodelete 04/27/07

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