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hey were are all u guys im scared
Captain Video 02/18/08
Great forum, check it out,
Mr. Met 08/31/07
Hey boys, if you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate if you'd back me up in a TD I've got going down with this Dodger fan. I'm supporting Jake Peavy's right to start the all-star game over Brad Penny, and your backup would be most helpful.
Ebenezer 07/02/07
At this point: Kouz or Branyan? Who do you want as the starter at third base. I want to say send Kouz down to Portland right now, and give Branyan the chance. But maybe it's too early for that? What do you think?
EastCoastKeith 05/09/07
the pads better step it up if they want to win the div this year. Kev has to start to hit, and mikes not helping either.
SanDiego kid 05/08/07
Did you see Brian Giles miss catching that home run ball by the Marlins. He didn't even jump and the ball was only 6 inches over his glove. Sad effort! Catching that ball could have saved the game.
Bolex 05/05/07
I wouldn't say Hoff is done just yet. 3 to 5 blown saves a year is about par for him. I think he's still got another 2 or 3 seasons.

As for Kouz, they definitely need to send him down to get his swing going.
chilli311 05/04/07
He's definitely nearing the end. Batters are getting used to that 75 mph change. I don't get to see a lot of the Pads as I'm a fan from connecticut. Just when they play, mets, braves and the occ. sunday night game
alan 05/04/07
Send Kouzmanoff down to the minors please. He needs to regain some confidence. I cringe whenever I see him at the plate. I think the kid will be a fine player someday, he just isn't ready yet.
Bolex 05/04/07
Hate to even contemplate this, but is Hoffman done. He seems to be missing with location consistently and is getting hit hard. The change-up isn't what it used to be when his fastball some nights only reaches 83mph. A hitter can sit on the change-up and adjust to the "fastball". What do you think? Am I wrong. I sure hope so.
Bolex 05/04/07

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