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fantasy draft tournament 3
Joe Dew 09/10/09
welcome back everyone
Joe Dew 08/10/09
were going to get this started again soon in the next couple of weeks.
Joe Dew 07/12/09
well this died...
travis31 05/10/09
wanna start Nba Picks tommorow?
Ravii 03/20/09
has everyone been polled on the new poll
Joe Dew 03/04/09
What can be done to make the group more fun?

* More Blogs 7%
* More TD tourneys 42%
* Members 0%
* games 0%
* Bring back NBA Picks 50%
* Other, list in locker talk 0%
Joe Dew 02/28/09
do you want in on the 2nd nba fanz draft tournament, if so sign up here:
Joe Dew 02/28/09
its fine dont have to start because I just came back

I would like to but I think we should take our time

how have you been?
Ravii 02/27/09
Ravii welcome back, where you been?
Joe Dew 02/23/09
alrighty, i need to bring back NBA Picks it looks like. I will get on that in the next 24 hours
Joe Dew 02/23/09

hi...I just came back to FN

anyone remember me???
Ravii 02/22/09
Who is a worse GM Steve Kerr, Micheal Jordan or Isiah Thomas?
smartestmanalive 02/14/09
i dont know how i am losing this td when my opponent just makes 1 sentence arguments
Joe Dew 02/10/09
Need blogging rights please!
Sportswizard24 01/20/09
Hey guys.
Sportswizard24 01/20/09
hey i was going to do a kind of rreveiw of each nba team so far. just want to know what the group thinks about it
husky pride 01/19/09
ok NY, thought you had them
Joe Dew 01/16/09
quick link for fantasy draft
Joe Dew 01/16/09
It couldnt hurt giving me bloggin privs...
NYFAN07 01/08/09
if i can i have a little bit of work to do and stuff like that but yeah i definetly will
husky pride 01/07/09
do one on Bryon Russel, that could be fun. MJ pushes off...
Joe Dew 01/07/09
i will be giving on a spotlight on an nba player at least 3 times a week if you have an nba player you think deserves respect and i will give this group a detailed article on that player. tell me if you like it. also my who's better column will be back.
husky pride 01/06/09
i saw the bobcats play the knicks. gerald wallace really can play so give him an all star bid
husky pride 01/04/09
NBA Live 09: Does anyone know if you can create a career with one player?
Ok i updated blogging rights for yoda, longhorns and a couple others, thanks guys. enjoy
Joe Dew 12/23/08
This Friday I will try to write the Rookie Report for week 8.
Nope I will do that even though I never check my own Group Mail.
is that your site dwade
Joe Dew 12/18/08
hey southern have you sent it out in groupmail to fannation. just something i do. my views are down this week too.
Joe Dew 12/18/08
Come check out this website:
How come I only have 5 views on my latest blog?
my week 4 power rankings are about 2000 views shy of where they usually are at this time. Maybe its turkey
Joe Dew 11/28/08
last poll

Will the Finals Champion come from the East or West? We will ask what team later.

* East Wins 0%
* West Wins 80%
* 20%
Joe Dew 11/20/08
Nice job on the blogs baltimore brigade, enjoy them
Joe Dew 11/14/08
sorry for the blog i had to go some where
husky pride 11/13/08
Cats won!
If you wanna blog let me know
Joe Dew 11/03/08
If you wanna blog let me know
Joe Dew 11/03/08
We are going to start NBA picks very soon, just havent had time to get it going
Joe Dew 10/29/08
More Dominant
Which was more dominant

* Team USA Mens 66%
* Team USA Womens 33%
Joe Dew 09/19/08

come vote for the fannation NBA All stars
Joe Dew 09/19/08
Come vote for the 1st ever FANNATION ALL STAR TEAM
Joe Dew 09/03/08
here is my 1 year fannation bday blog
Joe Dew 09/02/08
if you want to blog on anything and cant right now sign up in the locker room thread.
Joe Dew 08/07/08
check this classic on the western conference.
Joe Dew 08/06/08
Poll results: Will the Celtics Repeat:
14% yes
85% no
How far should the Rockets go with Artest?
Biggest NBA draft bust...
Joe Dew 07/23/08
thanks pitt panther, got a td i would like everyone to check out
Joe Dew 07/15/08
i like that trade Joe Drinks Dew
check out this deal that makes sense for both teams
Joe Dew 07/14/08
i like the deal mh7king just dont know why the bulls would want derek fisher and banks behind rose, but it could work, sweet idea.
Joe Dew 07/14/08
What do you guys think of this trade?
MH7KiNG (5-0) 07/13/08
Maggette signed with the Warriors
How does Elton Brand look like an idiot? He's going to a team that will make the playoffs.
About Maggette I say San Antonio as well.
honestly, does elton brand really have to leave LA RIGHT after the signing of Baron Davis. I mean cant you give a playoff berth a slight decision. Right now Elton looks like an idiot on the face of the NBA. And the 76ers?? Why Philidelphia. Of all places cant he pick somewhere else. Or just stay in LA to create an AMAZGIN one-two dou with him and Baron Davis.
I would have thought Boston or San Antonio for sure, the Golden State Move came as a surprise.
Joe Dew 07/11/08
San Antonio
Celticsfan57638 07/07/08
where does everyone thing Maggette will end up?
Joe Dew 07/07/08
yes they will now they have strength
ahung 07/06/08
Clippers will go far this year with that 1-2 punch now.
Might not get to it until Wednesday.
(Cincy) 06/27/08
Ok,I'll write my overview of the first ten picks here.
(Cincy) 06/27/08

Prediction of the year.
Ok that was a strange post LarBal, coming into the group and telling us how to run it.
Joe Dew 06/18/08
Wondering why there aren't many Laker fans in this group? Maybe it has something to do with the Paul Pierce photo placed at the doorway. Here are what some other people think:
I'm a hater.
LarBal 06/17/08
Can some basketball fans that understand the FIBA rules look at this.
Joe Dew 06/16/08
Da Masta 06/04/08
Search engine made for Lakers's fans which uses Google infrastructure
this is the special search engine for Lakers fans
lakers20082 05/13/08

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