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Who does Michigan play against in there first football game?
MichiganFan 05/29/08
What???? This dude is whack, sayin' Michigan won't even have 7 wins! Check it out.......
Any news on Pryor?
Unfortunately I did....lets just hope for cycles.............
MICHIFAN64 01/20/08
Nope. But i would hate it if I did.
Did anyone see Iowa put a whoopin' on Michigan? LOL!
Did anyone see Pryor at the Mich, Iowa B-Ball game, Hope we get him...............
MICHIFAN64 01/19/08
The Appy State game won the poll with 83%.
Ditto, he's from Texarkana, my guess would be the Hogs.
MICHIFAN64 01/12/08
Tennessee didn't hire Debord so I doubt UT is the option. Texas Tech is an interesting choice but I really believe it's going to be Arkansas. Who's ahead of him at Arkansas? No one.
718 01/12/08
I heard that mallett was going to Tennessee, UCLA, or Texas Tech
Goblue10: 01/12/08
About the bigger upset poll at the time Oregon over Michigan was a minor upset, according to the AP and coaches poll Michigan over Fla. was an upset but we all found out Michigan can play with anyone as long as they open up the playbook. App. St. over Michigan like J. Hova said HUUUGE UPSET!!!!!!!
MICHIFAN64 01/10/08
SI.com reported Arrington to the NFL and Mallett will transfer.
MICHIFAN64 01/09/08
The poll question is ridiculous. There is only one true upset up there and that was the Appalachian State game.
718 01/09/08
Word is that Mallet's gone. The AP is reporting that he might go to Tennesee if Mike Debord is hired by the Volunteers.
718 01/09/08
Michigan... i thank them for the bowl win, but outside of bowl season I can't stand em. at all. Why couldn't Hart fumble twice against PSU????
"Coe join this group"??

Michigan fans...
Escobar Caesar 01/08/08
Has anyone heard anything about our recruits.
MICHIFAN64 01/08/08
Pryor MVP of All American Bowl, runs for a TD and throws for another..............
MICHIFAN64 01/05/08
Come join this group: http://www.fannation.com/groups/show/29206
That's true. invite anyone who you think would be interested.
Good. We'll need him with Hart leaving. Minor is no premier back...
I haven't heard anything on Pryor other than were on his list. If you get a chance check out Mcguffie on YouTube "WOW" he's AWEEEESOME.................
MICHIFAN64 01/02/08
What about Prior?
I know, but it's about Michigan.
And for the poll, it's obviously App State...

But I still think Stanford over USC was worse...
Any news on Prior?
Michigan getting Sam McGuffie to verballu commit was awesome!

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